Corrupting history: Howard Zinn and Robert Manne

Merv Bendle writes at Quadrant Online:

The past week has seen the death of the influential radical American historian Howard Zinn, and the call for Robert Manne to stand down pending an independent inquiry into his influential but highly controversial claims about Australian government support in the 1930s for a policy of “breeding out the colour” amongst the ‘Stolen Generations’. These two events highlight how important it is that influential academics observe at least minimum standards of objectivity in their research and writing, especially when they are dealing with extremely sensitive areas of national history.

While Zinn shares many characteristics with Manne, there is one essential difference. Zinn believes he is a champion of ‘the American people’, however much he sees them as dupes of a never-ending series of complex conspiracies orchestrated by an omnipotent capitalist ruling class. Not so with Manne, or with the many other Australian historians who follow his lead. They make no attempt to champion the Australian people or recognise their efforts to build a nation. Instead, Australians emerge from their historical writings as unrepentant and non-reflective racists who support ignorant, oppressive, and racist policies, and deserve nothing but the unrelenting contempt of morally superior intellectuals like Manne and his colleagues –a contempt they are happy to provide.

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  1. Paul Toohey says

    I find this article deeply disturbing, as in the respect, that over the past 2 decades Australians have made concerted efforts to reconcile with indigenous peoples of our country. But it seems to be under minded by individuals that create hype and conjecture in their goal to be recognised as accepted intellectuals in our society.

  2. Jack Richards says

    This whole “Stolen Generation” thing is getting is getting more and more like a comedy from the Theartre of the Absurd.

    Below are a few paragraphs from Andrew Bolt’s article in today Herald Sun. Can this be true? Can this really be happening?

    BUT of course someone in Stolen Generations Victoria blew almost $100,000 in “inappropriate spending”.

    The question is why the Brumby Government is so surprised that it’s now dumped the SGV board, frozen its $330,000 a year in funding and called in the police.

    You see, this outfit had to spend our cash “inappropriately” if it were to spend it at all. And for that you must blame this Government entirely.

    The taskforce actually had good news: not only did it conclude that “Victoria had no formal policy for removing children” just for being black, nor could it find a single Victorian who was a victim of such a policy.

    The closest examples of the “stolen generations” it had tracked down were just children who’d been saved from harm, abandoned or raised by grandparents who lived white. Oh, and one man claimed he’d been “stolen” because his parents had sent him to a boarding school, causing him to lose touch with his Aboriginal side.

    YET despite this failure to find any stolen children, and despite the existence already of 36 organisations in Victoria to help any who might one day turn up, the Government decided this report proved we needed a 37th.

    • Darrin Hodges says

      Thanks for that Jack, I hope these parasites are made to pay back the money, I suspect however its a forlorn hope though.

  3. Australia for the Aborigines!!!

  4. Jack Richards says

    Even when I was studying History at Uni in the 1970’s everyone knew that there was a “correct view” and an “incorrect view” and that, if you wanted to pass, you toed the Party line and waved a reddish flag.

    One need only look at what happened to Geoffrey Blainey, Andrew Fraser and Keith Windschuttle to see what can happen if one has a “revisionist” view of Australian History.

    Of course, the same is true of any scientist who challenges the current orthodoxy about climate change.

    Academics want tenure and grants, so they inevitably come up with the “correct” findings to please the great gloablists’ views of “reality” and “truth”.

  5. While I regard Manne as a traitor to Australia, and a betrayer of academic integrity in the now-abandoned search for truth, this opinion will not cost him a wink of sleep because virtually all academics and social scientists think as he does.

    How did this happen?

    Since David Rockefeller established his vast and powerful Trilateral Commission in 1970, and by sponsoring media mogul Rupert Murdoch's US citizenship, he multiplied his own already global influence further by using the United Nations to convert the values and ethics of all universities to his globalist cause.

    Those who consider such a proposition outrageous would be unaware that the UN HQ is built on Rockefeller land, that the UN was launched by John Rockefeller through FDR and Winnie Churchill, and was actually designed by Nelson Rockefeller around 1934. At its core, the UN is a shop front for the international banks (operating through the World Bank and IMF), but its organisational goal is the winding down of national sovereignty in every country, preparatory to establishing global governance.

    To achieve this objective, all cultural elements that maintain social cohesion and nationalistic fervour must be eroded into non-existence: principles of justice, egalitarian distribution of wealth, family, unions, freedom of speech, and majority culture; all must go.

    Universities were particularly targeted because these are the means of controlling teacher training and, therefore, education of the young. By 1971, teachers were taught to sever the generational transfer of values, and 1980s parents would recall their horror when children began threatening their parents with reports to welfare over family discipline, and castigating their parents for disdaining homosexuals, radical feminists, or migrants who placed their culture over that of host Australians. Further undermining parents, teenagers were made legally free to make life-making decisions by age sixteen. The judiciary, for its part, abandoned restitution, justice and protection of the public, and turned spirited kids into recidivist criminals.

    And for those who can recall the vilification of One Nation, it was universities that led the repression of freedom of speech and imposed political correctness. Academics and social scientists are the front line of the globalist attack on the community; destroying pride in culture, family and national history.

    This places Robert Manne's misrepresentations, libels and lies in motivational context. He is, and will be, well rewarded for his destructive influence on Australia's reputation, and on national pride.

    Along with scientists who were willing to sell the truth of climate change in exchange for lucrative research grants, or preferential shares in carbon tax investments, these are the modern equivalent of spies who sell the whereabouts of critical infrastructure to the enemy in time of war.

    What can we do about it?

    In former times we reported spies and saboteurs to the government, but with our government complicit in the betrayal, we are left with direct action. We can write letters to the papers. We can find out where traitors drink, socialise and relax, and loudly castigate them and generally make their lives hell.

    But we also need to publicly condemn the entire academic and scientific sector for working against the people of Australia. Never underestimate the power of peer pressure; it is why the phrase 'sent to Coventry, was coined in the first place.

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