APP achieves numbers for federal registration as a political party

The Australian Protectionist Party is pleased to announce that we have achieved the numbers necessary for federal registration as a political party.

We thank all our members and supporters who have worked so hard to gain us this milestone.

The federal registration of the Australian Protectionist Party bodes well for the future of the Australian people as we face ongoing dangers to our nation from an increasing refugee influx, Third World immigration, foreign ownership of our economic assets, and Islamic extremism.

In the face of the totalitarian nature of multiculturalism, as promoted by the Liberal and Labor parties, the Australian Protectionist Party intends to provide a third force in Australian politics and bring proper democracy back to the people.

APP National Committee


  1. danielbatman says

    Reply to Jack check out canterbury youll find I think that is a place where you will see the highest concentration of blacks in Sydney watch the children leaving those schools theyre all black almost not that I think blacks are necessarilly bad but do we want to move to be an almost all black society as we are so rapidly becoming

  2. I do not know do I have to be a member or just sporter to be in able to coment I tray to contact the parson from CROYDON unfortunatly no resspond before I join I like to se the people on some sort of meating to se beter view

  3. They are here already Dig.

    5 of them just went to gaol. There are still many, many more out there.

  4. i'd like to see them in kevin Rudd's neighbourhood or Bob Brown-nose's.

  5. My congratulations, finally we have another option to vote for besides the Green, Lib, Lab con. I look forward to the day when we can call Australia ours again.

    • I watched that video of the Muslims cutting someones head off. What made it extremely evil was the insane chanting going on in the background…..Is that what the people of this country want in their neighbourhoods??
      God help us all.

  6. Hi guys, I found this site the other day. I'm sure you all don't need extra justification to support the Australian Protectionist party but this site is worth a look. Please send this link to everyone you know but please be aware the videos are very graphic and don't let minors see them please!
    I would be interested in your comments about the mostly muslium thugs voiolence all in the name of Islam. Take care brothers and sisters.

  7. Time to update the webpage now, you guys needs too update the header since you have the 500 Members, would like to know who is running in the next election?

  8. Time to update the webpage now, you guys needs too update the header since you have the 500 Members, would like to know who is running in the next election?

  9. Many thanks to all those who have expressed support for and best wishes to APP here.

    It is no small feat to have reached this milestone within 18 months of concerted effort with minimal resources and I would like to congratulate all the organisers and activists who worked tirelessly to make this happen.

    Also sincere thanks to all those who have put their faith and trust in the party organisers and signed up, without you this could not have worked at all. Likewise all those members who have started sending in donations, I am well aware some of you are experiencing lean times, yet still care enough to help us financially-it is greatly appreciated!

    In response to those who have expressed concern about candidates, the Party is already looking at prospective candidates and to be honest, we are most encouraged by the quality and backgrounds of some who have had the guts to come forward. Naturally the fight will be hard to get someone up first time, although if a double dissolution election is called, it’s certainly not out of the question provided we run a decent campaign. Anything is possible, although we must not get our hopes up too high. This election is one of foundation building, upon which we can reinforce future efforts.

    In response to Tony, many of us have a long involvement in politics (some just don’t know when to quit!) and we are well aware of the dirty tricks used by Murdoch and Co. We have former candidates in the party, people who are aware of the pitfalls through either personal experience or watching those who have been downed before. Experience is something that money just can’t buy, provided we learn from it.

    By all means, please continue to maintain contact with our party on issues of like concern-such as tariffs and foreign investment. it is always welcomed. Another good site to visit is “” which posts interesting info about the progress of so called “free trade agreements” etc.

    Thanks again to all those who have placed faith in APP-with your help we can get there!

  10. I just stumbled across this site and would like to join a party willing to standup for australia, australians and our way of life. The worst thing to happen to australia in the last 3 or 4 decades was allow the multicultural lobby to take control of our institutions. I dont agree with all your comments of course, and like hearing the voices of moderates, like many of you. I think most of the time when we say hurtful racist things it is out of anger and frsutration atbeing denied a voice. Good luck, i know where my vote is goinf next election. Even just one seat in the senate could change australias future.

  11. Jack Richards says

    Mike. I can’t find “the West” on Yahoo – do you have a link?

    The blacks in the USA are right out of control. They really are the scum of the earth. If you’ve ever watched “Cops” or “The First 48 Hours” , those reality TV shows on patrol with American Cops, at least 90% of the criminals arrested are blacks – but they’re only 12% of the population.

    Since 1965, blacks have murdered more than 70,000 white Americans. That’s almost as many as the Korean and Vietnam Wars combined! That’s more than Australia lost in World War 1! The number of blacks killed by other blacks is even greater!

    Since 1965, more than 1,350,000 white women have been raped by blacks in the USA.

    But you won’t see that mentioned on Oprah either. But she has mentioned the 2,600 blacks lynched between 1865 and 1955 and bemoaned those terrible Racist crimes. The fact that they were lynched for the rape and murder of whites isn’t mentioned, of course. Apparently they were all innocent. She also failed to mention the 1,400 whites lynched over the same period – but they must have been guilty.

  12. Jack Richards says

    Latest news from Perth


    POLICE have charged a 22-year-old Indian student with murder after a fight over money in Morley early this morning ended with two other Indian students dead.

  13. To see something truely sickening go to ‘The West’ online at yahoo, there you will see American blacks attacking a single white female, whilst security officers do absolutly nothing, and these are the savages that complain how ‘waycist’ whites are.
    Bet Oprah won’t be showing THIS example on her black supermist programme!

  14. Jack Richards says

    Nicholas. The enemy is not the “communists” nor the “socialists” nor anything that really has a handy “label” from the past. Their is no stated set of objectives, no identifiable ideology to draw our sights on. There seems to be a very powerful and diffuse group that just want to destroy the remaining structure of traditional society in Australia and across the Western World – and replace it with … nothing.

    They’re much more “anti” everything than they are “for” anything. They are “anti-nationalism” and thus, by default, pro multi-culturalism. They are anti-capitalist, but all for globalisation; anti-industrialism and pro-greenyism but support the transfer of wealth to the 3rd World; anti-religion but pro-Islamic terrorism; pro family while being pro choice and pro homosexuality; want individual “freedom” via a one-world Government dictatorship; freedom of speech for themselves and no-one else. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

    The London Daily Mail has had some interesting articles the past few days about how Blair’s NuLabour “secretly” decided to flood Britain with millions of 3rd world immigrants so that they could stack electorates with “grateful” labour voters and, basically, stay in power forever. There was no thought about what was good for Britain and the British people, the only motive was to stay in power – that’s all that mattered, that’s all there was.

    It was also interesting to read that the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) in Britain have been “instructed” never to write anything that is “uncritical” of the BNP, it’s leadership, or its members. Essentially, an order for Britain’s journalist to blacken the BNP at every opportunity – or get sacked and vilified as a “racist”.

    It’s not hard to see where Rudd, Abbot and Co got their ideas. It’s also quite obvious that the tactics of the NUJ operate here as well.

    I am trying to work out what their, (the faceless enemy’s) long-term “vision” is. The world is awash with politically correct New-speak and double-think. It seems possible to believe that everyone can have all the material things in this world without capitalist industrialisation; that the world can feed itself without commercial farms; that freedom will come from a one-world Government dictatorship; that multi-culturalism will work despite the fact that it’s failed everywhere it’s ever been tried for the past 2000 years; that womens’ rights and gay rights will bloom under Sharia law; that the great majority of victims of racism (whites) are actually the perpetrators; that communism was a really good thing, except how it was practiced by Lenin, Stalin, Khruschev, Mao, Ho, Castro and Kim Il Sung.

    They talk in tongues all the time – this endless stream of meaningless babble full of contradictions and verbal legerdemain. There’s no plan, no set of values, no vision, no light on the hill – just an endless sniffing out of heretics.

    People want something to believe in; something to strive towards; a unity of purpose; a sense of belonging; a vision for the future. The major parties offer nothing other than endless statistics about the “economy” and the quarterly balance sheet and care only about staying in power. They deliver bread and circuses and endless distractions about who slept with Paris Hilton or who won American idol. And, of course, they keep people on the edge of fear and, thus, too cowed to express an heretical thought.

    It’s a vapid, banal, aimless, valueless and tasteless world – and the current ruling class want to keep it that way. It’s no wonder that so many people are being recruited into extreme fundamentalist religious sects in Christianity, Islam and Hinduism. People desperately want to believe in something – and the great global warming scam is a prime example.

    For a Nationalist party like the APP to succeed it needs a platform that sets out a vision for the future, an ideal that is attainable and that promotes unity and a sense of belonging for all Australians. In short, we need our Dream.

    • Well put. It would be a mistake to set OUR DREAM, as you put it, as a thing from the past. Everyone gets nostalgic, but we have to move forward. The thing is our civilisaton, our people, our culture has been SOOO successful, but we seem to be doomed to giving way to the most barbarian and uncultured societies. We cant fall into the trap of denying the socail rights that evolved in our society. Its tricky.

  15. Nicholas Folkes says


    I agree and understand your concern in choosing “clean skins” as Candidates to stand for the APP at the next Federal election. Honestly Jack it is not APP members who are the emotional fruitcakes as this title belongs to the Left. Don’t the Left make wild anti-Australian racists claims against any Australian willing to stand up and speak out against the real racists? The media is biased, partial and basically a left wing apparatus controlled by the Fabian filth and most are aware of this, in their books we’d only get positive coverage if we moved to Ashmore Reef and embraced every illegal that enters our territory.

    AARD, FDB, Austrolabe and Slackbastard are all racist anti Australian sites and organisations. These useless indoctrinated children are all morally and culturally bankrupt and apply the anti-Western process of ‘critical thought’. Wouldn’t it be better if these indoctrinated children with low IQ spent time producing solutions for today’s problems? Instead they are the problem and are committed to undermining our culture, people and economy.

    I can cruise the net and find thousands of anti-Australian comments all coming from the likes of extreme left wing Nazis in the Greens. Liberal and Labor aren’t much better as they are destructive and committed Globalists; preferring to forward the goals of others while neglecting Australian concerns. We are here to stop this altruistic madness.

    Look at Nick Griffin, do you think the intimidation, insults, and name calling from the BBC, Labor, Tories and UAF against him are valid? Nationalists, Conservatives and Patriots will always receive continual ridicule by the Left. In turn we should play their game by using reverse psychology! Make no mistake the Left are out to destroy anything and everything that is Australian. Their ideals are regressive, covered in Communist slime wishing to usher in a new era of nation-less nations. They will not be happy until anarchy rules.

    People do change as they grow in age. The extreme right is a reaction to the actions of the extreme Left. Many who were in Australia First came to the realisation that Jim’s divisive and counterproductive agenda wasn’t about Australian nationalism at all but a twisted version of revisionist history. We are only human and make mistakes in our lives, personally I do not know any infallible person as we all are imperfect but many have grown in wisdom and accept the only way to progress the Australian cause is by going mainstream. We are ‘ordinary Aussies’ genuinely concerned about our nation’s future. I will never apologise or be ashamed to stand for Australian Nationalism and Conservative values.

  16. Just a side note:

    Now is the time to really get in there and spread the word about the APP. Not saying anyone would sit back and think the fight has been half won, it is only just begining.

    Getting the numbers for Federal registration is just one hurdle. We have many, many more. Tougher times are looming ahead for the brave souls who will stand up for the belief they have in this country and people. Make their job easier by talking to people about the APP and its values, rather then the first immpression people get from a self-loathing journalist.

    Talk. The ideals that the APP have are some of the easiest to explain to people (esspecially when the majority of people believe them too, even if they wont publicly admit it).

    The time for PC to die in the arse is nigh. YOU can help push it over the edge.

    On ya mates.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Nat, as you said,"Tougher times are looming ahead", this will come in the form of political and racial persecution but also economically speaking. We are living in anenvironment with a declining standard of living and this will help knock the complacency out of apathetic Australians. Australians are going to start to realise that their birthright is being sold underneath them just as Esau sold his. This will give us tremendous opportunity to spread the gospel about APP.

  17. Jack Richards says

    Mike. I really feel sorry for you.

    Early last year I took my daughter to Sydney for an interview. We stayed in Parramatta and walked down Church street to find a restaurant. Every single one of the 100’s were ethnic. We eventually went to a Meditteranean Restaurant, owned by an Algerian. He politely served us and then asked, “Are you from the country?” That is, it had been so long since he’d seen a white in Parramatta at night, he immediately, and correctly, assumed that we had to be “from the country”. Parramatta used to be a working class white area. I did my HSC there in 1974 and there were no Muslims or Asians – now there is nothing but.

    Where I now live, apart from a few Chinese running restaurants, it’s an anglo ethnic enclave. Crime here is just about unknown and no-one locks their doors or even takes the keys out of the cars.

    I am so glad I don’t live in any of the major cities any more.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Jack, so true and also so sad. This demographic decline is happening all over Sydney. Whites are moving to areas where they feel comfortable with other whites. If you could see non-whites bringing prosperity and assimilating into society most whites would be happy to co-exist but the opposite happens; high crime, welfare abuse, multicultural platform promoted, social and racial problems, why would white Australians want to live next door to this sort of rif raf?

  18. The far left say ‘we are all the same’, to them I say bulldust.
    There are different breeds of dogs, big cats, snakes etc, but not all of them get along, indeed some kill and eat others of their own species, although not generally their own particular ethnic groups. I feel humans are the same. I feel so lonely here in Perth and all I want to do is to run back to Cairns, but am stuck here for the time being unless I win some money in lotto or something,
    How did this happen?

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Mike, the left are "all the same" – total brainwashed dickheads.

      These filthy Marxists couldn't run a bath let alone a nation.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Mike, the left are "all the same" – total brainwashed dickheads.

      These filthy Marxists couldn't run a bath let alone a nation.

  19. Then if I’m feeling brave enough and can’t be bothered waiting one hour for the bus, I’ll make my way back to the train station where I am confronted by every ethnic group on the planet, the only whites I now see are from the lower soci-economic group, mainly drug users who yell out their orders on their mobile phones, some older whites with horrified faces huddle together for protection. I keep my eyes down and try not to make eye contact with the freaks I am forced to travel with. Arriving at the train station, I then try to walk up the stairs and have to ask the Africans sitting on them to move so I can get past, they look at me with contempt. I then arrive to my little bedsit which now costs over $200 per week to rent, (no bedroom, crappy kitchen and no laundry, and have been told to expect a big increase in my rent) I cannot afford to rent anywhere else as immigration has pushed up rents to unaffordable levels. I try to sit on the walkway, but am confronted with masses of Indians, Muslims and Africans walking past, they look at me like I am the intruder and I now feel like one. I then go inside and try to finish my novel i’m writing, but can’t concentrate because the Muslim next door is wailing and the foreign language distrubs me.
    So I turn on the tele and am confronted daily with some programme that deals with ‘white’ (only) racists, usually some crappy American or British show, so in anger I turn it off.
    I don’t want to go out anymore, all I see now are brown and black faces. My friend took me for my birthday to south perth, where it is still mostly white, it felt just so good being with my own kind, but given the expense of living there, grew quiet in dispear as I was driven home to my own area.
    I’ve had a gutful, and I can’t stand it anymore.

  20. This party can’t get into power soon enough for me. This is what I go through every single day…I get up at 4am to get to the train station, I now have to carry a knife for protection after being attacked twice now by Africans, I then arrive at work and am surrounded by Asians, the other two white guys have different breaks than me, so all I hear is foreign voices speaking in their own native tounges, it is very lonely. In addition to this I have an old Asian bothering me for sex, ‘I can’t get no pussy’ he complains, as he strokes my arm and back. I avoid him as much as possible, but he has taken to ringing me at home now. If I complain I know I will lose my job, so endure it, day after day. If I were to have sex with another guy, it would be a white one, not some ugly old chainsmoking Asian with rotton teeth and long white hairs hanging off his chin…

  21. RomanGoddess says

    And in case you've not heard the latest, a bunch of cyber-weasels (of Indian extraction) have been hacking into Melbourne businesses and ruining data – as 'revenge for attacks on Indian students'.

    WTF? Will someone please deport these people immediately, or get some really GOOD Australian hackers to trace down their origin and cyber-fry them back? HOW DARE THEY?

    and what are the good ol' constabulary & Government doing about THIS kind of crime? NOTHING of course – but if it had been WHITES attacking Indian businesses, they'd be onto them like leeches in a swamp! Sod political correctness, and sod "multiculturalism" – and especially sod the 'economy' until we get the human problems sorted first. As in rorters, cheats and the revocation of any NON-Australian to claim any benefits unless they've paid into the system as tax-payers first!

  22. Jack Richards says


    Jaspreet Singh, the scum-bag who torched his car and claimed he was attacked and set on fire by “four white racists” wasn’t a “student”. His wife is a “hair-dressing student” and he’s here on a “spouse visa”. Once she completes her “studies” she can claim permanent residence and then sponsor him as well.

    Once they both have their PRs they can apply for citizenship – and then sponsor 5,000 of their closest relatives. It’s called “chain migration” and was rorted mercilessly under the “family re-union” migration scheme that saw us receive about half a million non-English speaking, illiterate, unskilled 3rd worlders who headed straight for the Centrelink office to claim the dole, sickness benefits and aged pensions – towards which they had contributed nothing.

    The benefits to the “economy” of that scheme can be seen in the Lebanese gangs running the drugs, extortion, car re-birthing, home-invasion and arms businesses around Sydney, the rape gangs, and the bully-boy gangs who provoked the Cronulla Riot and shot up the Lakemba Police Station.

    But, as we know from the PC Media, the Cronulla Riot was caused by a bunch of ignorant red-neck white racists picking on law-abiding and timid migrants who just wanted to enjoy a peaceful day at the beach. After all, it was only the “white racists” who were made to undergo “cultrual sensitivity” training in the aftermath!

  23. Agree with you Jack!! There is a culture of ‘deny everything’ (smacks of an X-Files conspiracy, but lo & behold, THAT’s what we have here!) Misinformation, diversion, outright lies, and covering very pertinent facts which would prove people like us (who think “multiculturism” is the most epic FAIL in Australian history!) are dead on the money with our ‘accusations’

    For the record, that Indian who was “attacked” by Aussies is an INSURANCE SCAMMER. They arrested the prick for setting his car on fire to claim the insurance on it! I HOPE that his ‘cry wolf’ tactic has now made police open their eyes about our wonderful “Indian Students”…that little prick should be made to APOLOGISE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION in both India AND Australia for his lies, made to pay recompense (as in forfeiture of ALL his fees) and immediately return to India – AT HIS OWN EXPENSE – and in utter disgrace!

    But nooooo…what’s a bet that soft-cock KRudd will find a way to give HIM compensation – at OUR expense. Hell, he rewarded those Oceanic Viking pirates with free visas, accommodation, cash and the gods know what else! Criminals get better treatment than true victims. NOT ON MY WATCH THEY WON’T.

  24. Jack Richards says

    Tony Ryan – I too would like the results of your surveys as I know that the Government systemically lies about the real unemployment level – which I think must be 20-30%; and also the level of migration e.g. The Times of India, in another recent attack on Australia noted that our Foreign Minister had said

    “The foreign minister said Delhi was “in the front rank” of Australia’s international partnerships, with as many as 450,000 Indians living in Australia”

    Do the maths. That means Indians now make up about 2% of the population. That’s the equivalent, on a population basis, of India accepting over 20 Million immigrants!!! Or the USA taking 7.5 Million!! Yeah, right – but it’s good for the economy.

    One commenter on that article made the point that

    Indian,India,says:Its good to see that at least someone in the ozzie govt is honest unlike the other lying hypocrites. Still it doesn’t change a thing!!! The only way to regain any lost respect is by finding the criminals and punishing them extraordinarily hard to make an example of them for the rest of the hooligans to see. Also the ozzie govt should use the 15.4 billion USD to create new diverse jobs to instill confidence in the Indian students.

    That is, the Australian Government should create jobs for the INDIANS!

    I get so angry I could tear my own teeth out at times.

    Tony Ryan, are there statistics on crimes commited by racial background? This is one thing no Government here ever seems to keep numbers on – probably because it would be embarrassing. They do keep numbers in the Unites States though it’s only a matter of time before they stop doing that as well, given that they show that the black-on-white crime rate is horrendous. For example, in 2007 37,460 white women were raped by Blacks while the number of black women raped by Whites was statistically… zero (i.e. less than 10)!

    I’d like to know hiow many crimes have been commited by 3rd world migranst in the last 10 years – is that possible?


  25. Tony Ryan, I would be VERY INTERESTED in obtaining any such information about the true ‘public opinion’ – just my casual conversations with people turn up similar attitudes to the bovine excrement which is ‘multiculturalism’. And the KRuddmeister’s throwing taxpayers’ money away on illegal immigrants and REWARDING PIRACY with ‘asylum’ (read MORE money, housing, and the sort of freebies our own citizens are laughed at for requesting!) needs to be stopped immediately – as in the next election. If we can get the TRUTH to the Australian public, it might wake them out of their apathy and start taking an interest into just HOW our taxes are being wasted. I would also like more information about this new rort – EMISSIONS TRADING. Looks like another excuse to tax us yet again – like the bloody GST wasn’t enough!

  26. CONGRATULATIONS, to everyone that made this happen. The people who paid their fees, the people who organised it, the people who came up with the idea of this Party, those that supported them and every other little person that often gets overlooked.

  27. If APP is to optimise its electoral support, it will need to formulate well-researched and consistent policies, and this is work that must be done by the people who vet and orientate candidates. As an election could be called quite soon, there is simply no time to start from scratch.

    But there is a resource for those who want it. The Tariff Restoration Bloc is not a political party, but an umbrella group for all organisations who support protectionist policies for Australia. It was formed in 2007 as a parallel body to the Australian Independent's Alliance and both organisations share a three-yearly survey of the full Australian demographic to identify what Aussies really believe government should do.

    You may think… "Hell, there are tons of surveys and polls and they are all the same;" but ours are accurate and produce a radically different picture than the Morgan/Gallop/Age ventures.

    For example, when Howard claimed unemployment was 3.2%, we gauged it at 19%. The Age claimed 70% of Aussies supported multiculturalism, but we found that 86% were opposed.

    Overall, roughly 80% of Australians opposed 90% of Federal Government policies. So much for democracy. Anyway, if a candidate has accurate knowledge of what the electorate really thinks, it make him or her extremely confident, which impresses voters especially if the views parallel theirs.

    Our next survey commences in about three weeks and the results are free for whomever wants them.

    There are also some articles on democracy, terrorism, Aboriginal development and other peak issues that were the product of cold research and not opinion. And for those who want to understand more about globalisation and how this has been changing Australia for three decades or more, there is a paper that identifies all 17 elements of the globalist's programme.

    This and more is all free and obligation-free for anyone in the APP. Darrin has my e-mail address.

  28. Nicholas Folkes says

    Bobijara, would you prefer Australia to be colonised by Asians or Arabs? The murris of Australia are indeed fortunate that it was Europeans who arrrived here before before mentioned as the murri population would have been completely wiped out. The Japanese wiped out the Ainu in Hokkaido 200 years ago, the Han Chinese decimated the indigenous peoples of Formosa (Taiwan), indigenous groups in Malaysia and parts of Indonesia are treated worse than animals. Australia is for the murris but it is also for the Europeans who are now proud Australians and also live here.

  29. Yeah Bobi…go out and earn this country first, mate…get your people to stop filching off welfare and make something of themselves, gain some respect, dry out and DO something for this country. If ya want compo, ask the bloody Queen – HER mob took your land away, not mine.

  30. Australia for the Aborigines!!!

  31. Darrin Hodges says

    For those who missed the last Q and A, you can view it online ->

  32. Jack Richards says


    Tonight on the ABC’s Question and Answer Show 200 “Young Australians” fired questions at the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, in the Museum of Australian Democracy i.e. Old Parliament House.

    Needless to say, the Prime Minister was glib, suave, self-assured and generally as slick as s*** off an old shovel. He reminded me of that old poem, the name of which, and author of which, I can’t remember, but it went:

    Oozing charm from every pore
    He oiled his way across the floor.

    Having learned some lessons from the professional ethnics and professional victims, I kept a few notes during this show, and the results are a bit surprising – though I don’t claim any statistical significance – maybe it was just a coincidence.

    There were 24 questions asked of the PM. Of these, I counted the following:

    East Asian females asked 2 questions 8.3%
    East Asian males asked 2 questions 8.3%
    South Asian felames asked 3 questions 12.5%
    South Asian males asked 4 questions 16.7%
    African males asked 1 question 4.2%
    White females asked 5 questions 20.8%
    White males asked 7 questions 29.2%

    So, in a “representative group of 200 Young Australians” asking questions, 50% were non-whites.

    But hang on! According to the Census and the CIA facts book and everything else on the net, Australia is 92% White, 7% Asian and 1% Aboriginal !

    But non-whites asked 50% of the Questions on this show with a “representative sample of 200 Young Australians”. That is, they asked SEVEN [7] times more questions than their percentage of the population would have justified.

    If it had been “representative” one would have expected, on the basis of the population percentages, that Whites would have asked 22 of the 24 questions – not 12!

    I also noticed that when the camera panned the crowd, and focused in on an audience member, and this happened 16 times, only twice did it focus on whites, and they were both pretty white girls! The other 14 times it focused on East and South Asians and Africans!

    Another thing I noticed was that, of the 10 females who asked questions, 5 of them (i.e. 50%) were wearing Private School blazers!

    Hmmmm. Could the ABC be biased? Could they be trying to convince all us rednecks that we’re already in a minority? Could it be that Political Correctness dictates that in any “representative sample” of Australians, the non-whites get seven times more exposure than their numbers justify?

    The other thing that disturbed me a bit was that, of the 7 white males who asked a question, 4 of them looked to me like they’d never had their heads in a scrum or jumped in a ruck. They seemed to me to be a bit suspect in their sexual orientation – particularly the one in the pink shirt and the one with the cute lithp.

    Now, I know I’m being unfair, and I know the ABC would never, subtly, subliminally and deliberately, try to put into peoples’ minds that:

    * Of all the “young people” in this country clever enough to ask the PM a question, half are non-white, that is, they are 7 times smarter than whites;
    * Half of the pretty and clever girls, identifiably, go to private Schools;
    * All the non-white males are hetero-sexual; and
    * half the white males are probably homosexuals.

    Am I being harsh? We all know the ABC would never be racist, don’t we? Unless, of course, it’s racism against Whites by omission, under-representation, and nerdy stereotyping.

    One interesting comment Rudd did make was that his “son-in-law” is a Hong Kong Chinese. He probaly balances out the Vietnamese sister-in-law. Seems there’s an epidemic of “yellow fever” in the Rudd family!

    I’d be interested to know if anyone else saw Q & A and what they thought about it.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Krudd is such a turd. Is he pitching for the ethnic vote again by saying, his "son in law" is HK Chinese. Krudd's family dumpling should have assimilated and should now consider himself Australian. Krudd will continue to bring more sponges into Australia as most third world migrants are naturla born Socialists. Rudd would prefer to disown his own people for a crazed ideology; Republican Socilaism.

      Eventually Labor will replicate the dysfunctional naure of British Labor, white Australians will disown Labor soon and this will present us with an opportunity just like what has happened in the UK with BNP. I look forward to seeing Labor disintegrate and become the laughing stock of politics.

  33. Jack Richards says


    You’re my kinda girl. I’ll vote for you and hold down that effete little queer, Rudd, while you grind his nose in it.

    I wonder how many of those arse-holes attacking the cops and camera crews outside the court house were ever charged with anything? Also, I wonder why they weren’t at work? After all, our “economy” would collapse without all these taxi drivers, toilet cleaners, check-out operators, and dole bludgers.

  34. Oh yeah, and you can bet that ridiculous idea of MORE immigrants will be scrapped…they need to find more WATER supplies first before they even begin to think of expanding the population!!

    (ps, I made a typo in that first comment – i meant “REPEAT” not “repear” as shown! sorry!!)

  35. Well, I might nominate – simply because I’m blonde, female and intelligent. And as a single working woman with no children, my number one priority is the smart use of the taxes that people like me pay! Economy be damned…it’s how the taxes are spent that has me concerned. Wasting OUR money on people who aren’t even our CITIZENS has me VERY concerned! And rewarding an act of PIRACY is the first thing that would be removed! Anyone caught commandeering an Australian Federal vessel should be treated as a PIRATE, and shuffled OFF said boat at gunpoint. ANY refusal to budge should have been met with a head-shot on the mouthpiece. Get rid of the spokesman, reload, and repear the order to disembark. Continue with this method until they get the message. Videotape and broadcast on Al Jazeera. No more problems, no more illegal boatloads. PERIOD.

    The current soft-c*** bleeding heart lets-look-good-for-the-UN’s-benefit of St KRudd is reneging on the election promises made to the AUSTRALIAN people. He’s wasting OUR money with impugnity. I’d get in there to rub his nose in his own s***, like a bad dog. And immediately start rearranging just HOW our tax dollars are spent. If they think MY generation is going to work longer so we will not be entitled to our RIGHTFUL PENSION after a lifetime of paying tax, they are wrong. Gen-Y will GO TO WORK and give back all they’re leeching from the system via long-term dole payments. And NO MORE BABY BONUS. Especially to those overbreeding islam infiltrators! If you really wanna see just how BADLY our taxes are being wasted AND BY WHOM, check this story out…

    says it all – this is why we need to stop the infiltrators NOW.

  36. Congratulations and thank you.

  37. you got my vote

  38. the ringer from the west says

    Well done

  39. I would consider parties such as Family first and Non custodial parents party. Free Australia. Maybe christian democratic labour party, one nation, pauline hanson. I did consider Australia First until i heard what they trully stood for.

    Of Course because of all the ants being led astray, APP will indeed cop some setbacks but i guess all parties have non-voters. I think the policies stand to reason and people should look at the policies rather then vilify APP as racists, when that is clearly not it's intent.

    This is about saving Australia from global destruction. At least APP have a foot in the door. I know the parties i will be voting for.

    Darrin maybe you should direct people like Rachael to the reports on People like Australia First so they understand more, as she seems to be on your side.

    Anyway congradulations, here's to all our future

  40. Jack Richards says

    Even though it’s well and truly jumping the gun as no election has been called and not a single APP candidate has been selected, it is in the APPs interest to chose it’s candidates very carefully. That is, they should be “clean skins” that cannot be connected with extremists and cranks that have, previously, been the subject of negative internet or media coverage.

    Unfortunately for you, Darrin, a very cursory Google of your name throws up the following comments:

    1. As regular readers will be aware, Austrolabe’s mascot is the pigeon-chested anti-Muslim campaigner Darrin Hodges.

    2. After watching Darrin Hodges’ gormless public efforts, we can only conclude that the gene pool for the master race is rapidly shrinking.

    3. One of the few good things about the neo-Nazi porn salesman Darrin Hodges— apart from his handsome face

    4. Darrin Hodges – nothing more then a racist, homophobic bigot

    5. Another candidate, Darrin Hodges, a former member of Australia First …. aimed at attracting the xenophobic vote

    6. Darrin Hodges, described Third World immigrants as sub-human…

    7. You can find exactly the same strategy employed by ex-Nazis like John Ray and Darrin Hodges.

    As I said in an earlier post, there is nothing that wont be used to discredit APP candidates and to “label” them with every emotive epithet the multi-cultruralists and globalists can find in their Slanderers Dictionary.

    Reading those comments above, and given most people’s propensity to believe anything in print, the terms that stick to you, Darrin, are: pigeon-chested, anti, gormless, master-race, neo-Nazi, former-member, porn salesman, racist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigot, ex-Nazi.

    It’s a fairly old-fashioned way of smearing – but it still works, and works well. Incidentally, in one my previous work-force incarnations I used to teach people how to do this sort of thing; but much more subtly most of the time.

    These days it is very easy to dig up the dirt on anyone – going back two or three generations! At one time I used to have dealing with the Australian Security Vetting Service (ASVS) and it is astonishing what they can find on people. Needless to say, ASVS reports sometime get leaked to the media – not that they need it, they have their own investigators and sources.

    To get to the point, it would be greatly in the APPs interests to check carefully into the background of any candidates, and not select anyone who has ever:

    1. served time in gaol for any felonious reason;
    2. been a member of any hate group – especially those who ponce around in swastika armbands flinging off Nazi salutes;
    3. stood for election before as a candidate for any party other than the APP;
    4. been declared bankrupt and remains undischarged;
    5. had a business go into receivership;
    6. been sacked for, or charged with, any form of harassment of a work colleague;
    7. been reported in local or national media for making idiotic and inflammatory statements; or
    8. ever been charged with a drug offence;

    This may seem harsh to some, particularly those who have done so much to get this party registered and may not meet all of those eight requirements, but there are very good reasons why I suggest these eight points as “essential” selection criteria for APP candidates. I will explain the “whys” in a later post.

    • Jack Richards is right on the nail about vetting prospective candidates to exclude those with unacceptable political or other skeletons in their closets. For the NSW Legislative Council and other elections where a certain minimum number of candidates are required to qualify for an above-the-line group voting square we could probably afford be a bit more lenient for 'ticket filler' candidates located near the bottom of the list; after all they are only there to help someone else get elected, but for State and Federal lower houses and the Federal Senate only cleanskins will do.

    • I see lot of us born here or come forty years ago we all see iligal imigration is the bigest financal burden on australian texpaer one iligal imigrant on cristmas island cost us S 1879 dollars a day
      therefore then we have big problem in ocialsecuriy some islamic man having ,or live with two or three
      wimen witch they call them on they religion my three wife some of them have up to 10 or 11 children
      there they recive up to 40.000 thousend dollars anualy so ofcorse they do not need to work at all

  41. Darrin Hodges says

    Rachel, would want to photographed in your local paper with the leader of Australia First (pictured here, 2nd from the right –… If not, why do you expect APP to do the same?

  42. Jack Richards says

    To Ic1 Male

    The origins of the term POM or POME is a bit unclear. There is one school of thought that believes it is an acronym for “Prisoner of Mother England” that was, supposedly, printed on the uniforms issued to convicts transported between 1788 and 1840.

    The other, and most likely, is that it comes from Cockney rhyming slang and the complexion of those newly arrived from Britain. That is, “immigrant” rhymes with “pomegranate”. A pomegranate has a pinkish rind that reminds one of the complexion of a blushing Briton before s/he’s had a chance to toughen up under the Bondi Beach sun.

    It is a term of both endearment and disaffection. Most Poms merge rapidly into Australian ways: learn to drink cold beer and hot pies and like them; discover that the sky isn’t always grey, overcast and bleak; that it is possible to enjoy a British summer all year round. They also learn that there isn’t much of a class structure here and no-one cares who your father was or what school you went to. Most working class and middle class Poms learn to relax and love this country very quickly.

    Then there’s the “whinging pommie bastard”. These are usually people who “aspire” to the upper middle-class in Britain, speak with a 1950’s BBC accent, and think they are on a mission to show all us uncouthed and ignorant colonials how not to piss into the wind. They think, for some strange reason, that because their great-great-uncle on their mother’s side went to Winchester with Winston Churchill’s second cousin, we should all genuflect and line up to kiss their arses. They complain about the weather, the food, the heat in summer, the cool in winter, the crowded cities and emptiness of the bush. They also expect to be given a top-paying job and an English style house in a cool and leafy suburb – without having worked for it, of course. After all, they are 45,951,123rd in line for the throne! They don’t last long. They go home and, about 70%, come back within two years, blush like a pomegranate, drop the pretensions, grab a cold can of beer and head for the beach.

    I always remember with amusement my maternal grand-parents, who came from Keighley West Yorkshire, saying back in the early 1960’s, with their thick Yorkshire accent; “Aye boy, if there’s one bluudy race we can’t stand, it’s the whingin’ Poms”.

  43. Jack Richards says

    Great news and I, too, am glad to have played a very small part in this by joining the APP.

    But WHAT IS TO BE DONE now?

    I think Rudd’s tacticians are seriously thinking about an early double dissolution before Abbot can make any impression on the electorate. Have you noticed how that slip of the tongue in his first Question Time, addressing the speaker as “Mr Policy”, has already, jocularly, hit the papers as being evidence of his “nervousness” , “insecurity” and “uncertainty” i.e. not who you’d want for a PM.

    Now that the APP is registered, you can bet the Ministry of Truth (i.e. the media, the ABC, and the ethnic lobbies) will be trawling websites like this searching for thought criminals, “racists”, loonies and economic cranks.

    Anyone who is game enough to stand for the APP should realise that he/she will be followed, investigated, and researched. The first place they’ll look will be criminal records, bankruptcy records, divorces, any civil actions any candidate’s ever been involved in, work records, businesses, family life, friends and relatives. There is no drawer in your life that they won’t pull out, turn onto the floor, trample on, and make into a public spectacle.

    If they can find anything to tar you with, they will. Now, if I was an aspiring young left-wing journalist with all that self-righteous smugness that’s mandatory in the selection process, and wanted to impress my boss, there’s no stone I’d leave unturned.

    Lets say, for example, there’s an APP candidate who is a 50 YO white male. I find out that, in 33 years of driving, he had been done DUI for blowing .052 in 1979 and had two other speeding fines, less than 10kph over the limit, during the 1980’s. Do you think I, the journalist, or my editors, are going to say, “It was all minor and a long time ago. Not worth pursuing”.

    Not bloody likely!

    They’re going to have a banner head-line reading “DRUNK-DRIVER SPEED HOON GETS PRE-SELECTION FOR RACIST APP”. This will be accompanied by the most unflattering photo they can take – even if they have to photo-shop it! Mud sticks.

    So, if you are thinking about standing, and there’s even the remotest chance that you’ll be elected, steel yourself for an onslaught intended to destroy you, your reputation and character, and your family. It is going to take a lot of guts.

    Having said that, I know there are a lot of Aussies out there who have had enough and are willing to stand up and fight it out. I reckon there are 2 million voters out there looking for a nationalist and protectionist party with a cohesive and united front. There are a another couple of million who are too frightened to stand up – but once they realise they don’t have to take it any more, they’ll flock to the colours as well.


    • Darrin Hodges says

      "They're going to have a banner head-line reading "DRUNK-DRIVER SPEED HOON GETS PRE-SELECTION FOR RACIST APP".

      At least we'd get the hoon vote! Seriously though, our candidates will know what to expect, we've got the valuable lessons from how the media treated One Nation. Interestingly though, I did an interview a while ago where the journalist expressed unhappiness at the way ON were treated, so they're not all bad.

  44. real british refugee says


  45. Fantastic effort guys!!
    Remember that the time is ripe for a revolution!
    Krudd and his cronies keep slipping up and proving time and time again that they are out of touch with ordinary Australians.
    It'd definitely time to seize this opportunity and strike while the iron is hot!
    Cant wait till we field some credible and sensible candidates.
    Lets hope this is the beginning of a long and prosperous journey to federal representation.

  46. Great stuff peoples!!
    I'm busy wearing my shirt and talking to people about us……Proud to be a founding member!

  47. Nicholas Folkes says

    Great news indeed! I popped a few corks the other night to celebrate the good news. This is the time for members and supporters to rev up their passion and involvement in the APP. The Lefty Fabian filth are always out to get us but do not be afraid of their intimidation and greasy hands. There are many ways of promoting the APP by dropping flyers, talking to friends and family about becoming members, donating to the Party or stepping up to the ultimate challenge and becoming a Candidate at the next Federal election. I am very proud to be part of an Australian political alternative.

    Nice to see many congratulations form members in Australia and also supporters in the UK. We are both facing elections this year and I wish all the best to the APP and also BNP.

  48. At last! Go get them tigers! And yes, it would be wonderful if all these splinter groups with the same objectives would sort out their petty differences and come together as one major political party that could fight the media and those white far left traitors. (and give KRudd's nephew a good kick up the ass!)

  49. Congratualtions, go get them tigers! Yes, it would be wonderful if all these splinter parties that have the same obectives would get over their differences and come together as one major serious contender. I’d love the far left to dissapear into what ever slime hell hole they crawled out from

  50. Congratulations, APP.

    Please take Lynn Henty's advice seriously. She sounds like she has real political nous. The easiest way for Murdoch to kill the APP will be to quote some maverick as speaking for the APP.

    The second is to be drawn into making a policy statement on an issue the complexity of which you have not become familiar. Aboriginal affairs is known as the kiss-of-death for this reason. It has killed the careers of every Minister of Aboriginal Affairs since 1975, and Pauline Hanson.

    Other minefields are economics, social welfare, health, and education.

    It only takes one mistake for these ruthless bastards to crucify you daily until the next election and beyond. Please take this seriously.

    The best insurance is to develop a discussion group around each portfolio issue, and discuss each point in question before issuing a statement.

    The second line of defence is to do interactive questionnaire surveys door to door, so that even if you make a slip, the public agree with you anyway.

    • Darrin Hodges says

      "It only takes one mistake for these ruthless bastards to crucify you daily until the next election and beyond. Please take this seriously."

      Nothing better than daily column inches in the major papers.

      • You are kidding. Murdoch controls news corp of course, but also the ABC and SBS, and forces Fairfax to genuflect. You think they will give you a fair go. I thought you were smarter than that.

        If you don't heed advice from the Lynn Henties and Jack Richards of this world, you have failed to understand the prime strength of democracy.

        And, I take it, you have given me the flick.

        Looks like unity was a bit of desperate hope then.

        • Darrin Hodges says

          I didn't say they would give us a fair go Tony, I said that daily column inches would be good. amazing how people can put words into ones mouth.

          As for Lynn's comments, we had already taken into consideration the lessons of One Nation and rogue "spokesmen", do you think we would ignore such things?

          And I will repeat – we will not having any "unity" with political terrorists like Jim Saleam and his nazis – we will not compromise on our principles – but by all means Tony, if you're happy to appear on the front page of your local paper with Jim, then go right ahead and join him –

          • I am in full agreement with Darrin on this issue – the last thing the APP wants to do is align itself with utter nutters like Jim Saleam and his howling jackals. If the APP is to reach out to ordinary citizens it needs to set out their concerns in a rational,calm, measured manner. Nationalist chest beating should be avoided at all costs. It only plays right into the hands multi-culturalism advocates like David Marr and his ilk. We want the APP to grow into a credible force that puts both major parties on notice that we are not going to roll over like dead parrots as they turn Australia into a dumping ground for third world refugees and immigrants.

          • I don't think Tony suggested joining with nazi's. This Saleam guy represents but one of many smaller groups out there. I am sure there are more moderate, decent ones that would be well worth working together with, and it would be in the interests of the APP to do so. Nobody is saying team up with Nazi's.

    • Spot on. It's important that the APP learn from the mistakes of the past. Like him or loathe him; one of John Howard's great strength's as a politician, was his capacity to learn form his mistakes, probably the the biggest single reason for his longevity in politics. We cannot entirely avoid mistakes, but we can learn from the mistakes made by others. As Nick Griffin said the trick is not to avoid mistakes, but to learn from them and not keep repeating them.

  51. Another party to add to the multitude of parties in Australia – all having the same objectives (with the exception of the major parties), all pulling in divided directions with their very limited financial resources. I wish APP very well as I do Australia First, One Nation, the Nationals – oh, if only these minor parties pulled together without their individual party egos for the benefit of all Australians in overcoming the adversities created and maintained by Liberal and Labor. Read the book "Aussies wanna KISS" at – only unit will overcome our adversities and Advance Australia Fairly! Rachel Emmes

  52. lynn henty says

    we should have a ban on any member talking to the media about us as the media will be out to ‘get’ us in the way they attacked all other nationalist partys

  53. congratulations to our fellow nationalist party of australia from here in UK

    Vernon…….Crawley BNP. UK

  54. well done oz wishing you all the best for the future

  55. Well done. APP for OZ, BNP for Britain.
    P.S where does the phrase 'pom' come from?

  56. Congratulations guys, this is good news indeed!

  57. Well Done to the APP Leadership, it's supporter, the activist's and esspecially those Proud Australian's who helped out by getting the APP seen by the people!

    Immagine if you will: An APP candidate in every ward, State and Federal Seat in the country!! 🙂

    Get the libs/lab/green mob scared and watch their true colours fly!!

    Well Done mates!!!

  58. Paul Toohey says

    Congratulations to APP and its Leadership. I am proud to be apart of this momentous occasion.

  59. millstoneridge says

    Congrats guys!

  60. Congratulations. Excellent news.

  61. Aaron Erskine says

    This is great news, and with new members and voter support, this party can restore pride to this nation.

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