Tony Abbott: Meet new boss, same as old boss

After the defeat of the Howard government, the newly installed Rudd government managed to co-opt the gutted liberal party then lead by Brendan Nelson. Who could forget the “sorry day” farce where we saw Kevin Rudd and Brendan Nelson with a fatuous grin on his face walking together holding some piece of bark ? We say it was farcical because part of the reason for sorry day was to apologise for the so-called ‘stolen generation’, yet while it was in play children were being removed from the Aboriginal tent embassy by social welfare officials. However the co-option of Nelson did not end there, he ended up resigning from parliament to take up a diplomatic post offered to him by Rudd, thus he was effectively sidelined by Rudd.

Nelson was soon ditched and Malcolm Turnbull was handed the poison chalice of liberal leadership. Turnbull had at one stage considered joining the Labor party, no doubt believing it to be the quickest way to get his snout in the trough. He was shoe-horned into to a safe liberal seat which was his springboard to the liberal leadership. Turnbull, as apposed to Nelson didn’t need to be ‘co-opted’ by Rudd. Turnbull managed to turn the Liberal party into Labor-lite all on his own and had even threatened to ‘cross the floor’ to vote in favor of the Rudd’s ETS (and is still threatening to do so) given the opposition to it from his own rank and file, particularly the Nationals. It was an issue that put enormous strain on the Liberal-National coalition at the time.

Aside from Turnbull’s fumbling through the ‘ute-gate’ affair, his amateurish attacks on Rudd over the refugee issue also failed to land any blows, indeed it attracted criticism from other senior liberals such as Petro Georgeio. Turnbull attracted Geogeio’s ire by suggesting that a coalition government would re-introduced TPVs (temporary protection visas) . Georgio, who has lead a long running campaign within liberal party ranks over the issues of refugees said he found TPVs to be inhumane. Its interesting to note that there has been no comment from Georgio on Abbots recent ramblings about refugees.

Out of the dissension arose Tony Abbott. He was hailed as a conservative hero, many conservative pundits lauded him as a savior, somebody who would reviltalise a more traditional conservatism and as a consequence, a revitalised Liberal party. However as previously pointed out, there is less than meets the eye in Abbott. Abbott rose on the back of his anti-ETS stance which many people misunderstood as Abbott being against the pseudo science behind the global warming hysteria. In time Abbott will reveal his own version of the ETS to burden the Australian family with, in this he is agreement with Rudd, only the implementation will differ.

So in the days leading up to Australia day celebrations we find Abbott being in agreement with Rudd on immigration. Both of them want to radically increase Australia’s population via high immigration. Unlike Howard who used the refugee issue as a smokescreen to cover the size of his legal migration program which ultimately cost him his seat, Abbott is trying to talk out both sides of his mouth at once in an attempt to placate both sides of the debate. Howard used the MV Tampa affair with great aplomb, stating that “We will decide who comes into Australia” but ultimately everyone of the MV Tampa pirates ended up in Australia as did the pirates of the Oceanic Viking with the promises of free housing and other goodies.

According to a recent Galaxy poll an overwhelming majority of Australians want immigration capped. Australians do not want Australia to turn into some vast crime ridden ethnic ghetto by Rudd or Abbott. The only winner will be big business and of course the government. The government wins by having a broader tax base and big business will win by having and ever increasing consumer class and a large and cheap pool of labor.

The Australian public will not be fooled by Abbott, he has been exposed as just another Establishment stooge. Once again Australians are deprived of a real democratic choice as once again as was the case with the implementation of multiculturalism, there is bipartisan consensus to take Australia in a direction that the majority simply do not want go in. The Protectionist Party’s goal is to give Australians a real democratic choice in what is becoming a one-party state of affairs in Australia. If you to play a part in the future of this country, then join the resistance! Join the Australian Protectionist Party and help us win back Australia!


  1. CyrilCusak says

    Too right. Tony Abbot is our only hope. I'm sick of people crushing our rights. Carbon Tax. The mining Tax. GST was an remains a complete bastardisation of our constintutional rights. And GAY MARRIAGE. People should have the right to do what ever they want and this Labor communist party should support our rights.

  2. Gary White says

    I'm Gay, and I vote and I'm mad as hell about what's happening to this country. Aussie boys are the best, most sensitive lovers, but I've found Indians to be lazy, and Europeans just to behave like pigs. I don't agree with everything Tony says, but he's right about immigrants of all kinds.

    proud to be Aussie, Gary

  3. William says

    Islam frequently threatens and ostracizes people who try to leave Islam, and periodically kills apostates. The death penalty for apostasy from Islam is supported by all the schools of Islamic law, and is based on numerous statements made by Muhammad in the hadiths (traditions) considered most canonical by mainstream Muslim scholars. For example, in Sahih Bukhari, the most canonical of hadith collections, Muhammad said, "Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him." See

  4. Jack Richards says

    After this was exposed in an Estimates hearing, the ADF has reversed the decision and the fabric will now be made in Australia by Bruck in Wangaratta.

  5. Jack,

    What i said was correct, as in “almost”.

    Considering that ADF has the 13th largest budget for any armed forces in the world today, the sheer quantity of items they use or sheer quantity of stores and ordinance used means that some is made off-shore. Even the US MIlitary uses things made out-side of the US of A.

    The only high-tech part of the material in uniforms are the chemical treatments used for insect repellent, water-proofing and anti-luminesence, apart from that the material is relatively common and the cam pattern is even relatively well known so there is no secrecy issue.

    Again, it has nothng to do with the topic at hand.



  6. Jack Richards says


    On 28 January you said “You also seam to forget that almost everything used by the ADF is actually made here in Australia.”

    Well, in todays Daily Telegraph the following appears

    AUSTRALIAN soldiers will be sent to war wearing uniforms with camouflage material made in China under a new round of Defence cost cutting.

    The decision could put at risk the jobs of up to 400 textile workers and has raised national security concerns.

    The hi-tech material for the uniforms, which are also worn by SAS troops, is currently made in Wangaratta in Victoria by Bruck Textiles.</em

    So another 400 jobs sold to China. I'm sure our diggers will be proud to pull on their camouflage suits and see the label "Fabrique en Chine" hanging out.

  7. Russel & Jack,

    And your point is?

    Not exactly sure what it has to do with either Tony A or multiculturalism or Australia's genitic diversity or multiculturalism either.

    As i have pointed out previous, the average wage in Australia is now over $1,000 a week, even the minimum wage is well above the labour rates in China. So of-course companies are going to go to where they can be more profitiable and of-course people are going to buy what is cheapest and governments are no exception.

    Do you think the situation would be any different with Tony A in charge or anyone else? Do you think even the APP could justify the expense for expense sake to parliment? Do you think the APP could tackle the 20,000 personel strong procurement department?


    The ADF also uses MANPADs made in Sweden, UAVs made in Israel and many other items made in places all over the word (everywhere except Russia) and uniforms will only add another item of foreign sourced items to the list.

  8. Jim,

    I could not disagree with you more on the notion that Australia’s early population was Saxon-Nordic, that would literally equate to most of our early migrants coming from the Baltic Region, an that certainly isn’t the case.

    Most migrants and convicts who came to Australia were either Anglo-Celt or Anglo-Saxon with perhaps some viking era blood lines included.

    As i said, Nord is not all encompassing, far from it.


    As i said, genetics determin race, not geography or anything else. The idea of Nation is in one sense purely geographical or natural sense, this is certainly the case for Aboriginal People. Seconly, the United States of America is founded as a nation on the principle of shared ideal and not race or culture.

    There is not one single notion of nation or national identity, it could also be argued that much of Australia’s national identity is geographical and our relationship with the geography as oposed to some sense of a single racial or cultural identity.



  9. Crimsom, whether Australia has Chinese, Anglo, Celtic, Russian does not mean we are not a race. Basically, you are saying, Australia is not a country, or has an identity. I would say most people would disagree with you. Since nearly every other country has different nationalities do you consider them not to have a culture or race. If by what is saying is true then every person is not racist. You have a very weird mind.

  10. Jack Richards says

    Fellow Australians and Crimson

    Here is not the place to have a lengthy discussion on the history and contemporary problems of India. Neither is it a place to get bogged down in pointless arguments about the DNA of “true Australians”. Who cares? Harking back to my dog analogy, a Labrador is a Labrador, even though 10% of its genes come from wolfs. And an Australian is an Australian.

    Australians should indeed be focusing on the pressing issues and not be worrying about checking people against a colour chart or investigating their ancient ancestral DNA.

    The pressing issues, as I seem them, are these (not necessarily in order of importance):

    1. Australia should get out of the UN imposed “refugee” acceptance requirements. I don’t see any reason why Australia should accept any more 3rd world refugees. It would be better for the UN to fix the problems in the country of origin rather than insist that the West (and only the West it seems) keep taking the world’s flotsam and jetsam.

    2. Immigration should be suspended until every able-bodied and work-ready Australian has a full-time job. That is, a “true” unemployment level of about 3%. Then we can think about immigration on a “skilled” basis only.

    3. Australian primary and secondary industry must be protected so that there really is a level playing field. We should refuse imports from countries that allow child labour, waged slavery, and female exploitation.

    4. The student visa rort and the fraudulent “vocational schools” should be closed down immediately.

    5. Australian families should be encouraged to have more children and this should include a baby bonus, free education from pre-school to end of TAFE or 1st University degree; free childcare for working mothers; free medical and dental treatment; and a school uniform and equipment allowance for every child.

    6. Cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane should be “closed” and industries encouraged to relocate to regional areas.

    7. The entire legal system should be overhauled and all contracts, laws, and legal documents written in “Plain English”. That is, if they cannot be readily understood by an average person with an average High School Education, then they need to be redrafted. Legal fees also need to be set by an independent body so that they reflect the actual “time” and “order of difficulty” involved i.e. just like any other worker!

    8. The Family Law Act needs a complete re-think. I am very much in favour of bringing back “fault” divorces and treating the party “at fault” in the same way one would treat a commercial contract defaulter. The way it is now is just so wrong in the way many “not at fault” parents are treated – mostly men.

    9. Homelessness must be addressed. There is no reason why, in a rich country like this, fellow Australians are sleeping rough. Many of the homeless are suffering from severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia. Years ago, they were treated in Asylums but “do-gooders” (and cheap State Governments) decided they should be “integrated” into society and closed the asylums. We should re-open the Asylums and see to it that the mentally ill are properly cared for – instead of wandering around the streets mumbling to themselves.

    10. There should be one K-12 education system, and TAFE system, across the Nation. It is an absurdity to have 8 different systems with 9 bureaucracies running them. What a monumental waste!

    11. Similarly, the Health System needs to be brought under a single National administration – and that includes the registration of doctors and other providers. The AMA and the “quota” system they impose also needs to be vigorously revised.

    12. Careers in the Defence Forces should be made much more attractive and the size of the ADF should be doubled at a minimum.

    13. We should invest in nuclear technology for power generation and should develop our own nuclear deterrent defence capability. Our near neighbours, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea et al have refused to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty and are nuclear armed. There was a time when we could rely on the USA and UK’s nuclear arsenal as deterrence, and our treaties with them, but one would wonder just how committed they would be to our salvation if push came to shove. The first thing they’ll look at is the “cost-benefit” analysis. We should never forget the lessons of 1942 when all that stood between Japanese invasion and us was the poorly trained and ill-equipped Australian Militia.

    14. The taxation system should be overhauled and the top-end of town made to pay their fair share. All those loopholes like the Swiss Bank accounts, family trusts and Cayman Island registered companies should be choked off.

    15. Australia’s natural resources belong to the Australian people and should never be sold off to multi-national companies – at any price. Similarly, they should be exploited by Australians for the benefit of Australians.

    16. Foreign owned industries operating in Australia should be made to have a majority Australian ownership – as happens in China.

    17. The rape of Australia’s finest agricultural land must be stopped. For example, the tax-evasion dodge of Managed Investment Schemes that bought up prime grazing and cropping land and replanted them to pines and blue gums, amongst other things, for the Japanese paper industry. Once good land has been planted to pines, it’s buggered for centuries. We have a much greater future need for beef cattle and fat lambs than we do for blue-gum chopsticks.

    18. The great cartels in retailing, wholesaling, packaging, transport, and retail floor-space need to be broken up. Why is it that, whenever you go into a shopping centre, 95% of the stores are fingers of the hands of either Woolworths or Coles? The shopping centres all seem to be owned by either Westfield or Centro and this needs normalising as well.

    19. The level of bureaucracy on small businesses and sole traders needs to be reduced by about 95%. It really is absurd how many Government agencies impose regulations about bloody everything. To give you an example, when I owned my little country Pub, some of the young people asked me to put on a New Year’s Eve dance. It sounded like a good idea so I contacted a local live-band Karaoke business. Well… For starters, I had to get a “live entertainment” licence from the Council wherein I had to specify the number of patrons expected to attend. If I said “100”, then I also had to provide an extra two dunnies on top of the 6 already at the Pub. I also had to employ a minimum of 2 “approved” security guards. Then I had to have the Health Inspector “inspect” the kitchen and the toilets – all at a fee of course. Then I had to notify the local Police sergeant in writing in case he had any objections. Then I had to notify the Licensing sergeant in Albury and apply to the Department of Liquour and Gaming for an “extension to trading hours” so that I could trade past midnight. Then I had to prove that the musicians had the “right” to play any “copyright” song and pay APRA a royalty as well. Then, of course, I had to get additional “one off” insurance cover because the proposed event was outside normal trading hours. Then I had to notify, in writing, everyone who lived within 300 metres of the Pub, and give them an opportunity to object. Needless to say, I didn’t bother.

    20. Completely overhaul the banking and finance sector. I find it amazing that an industry, that arguably produces nothing, can make such outrageous profits, pay such huge and obscene salaries and bonuses to the elite, while mercilessly screwing their own workers and their customers. While small business was progressively regulated in everything, drowned in bureaucracy, and forced out of business, these skunks got de-regulated and licensed to do whatever they damned well like.

    21. Media ownership in this country is a joke. A “flag of convenience” foreigner, Rupert Murdoch, makes and breaks governments at will and dictates policy at every level; not just here, but in the USA and UK as well. Similarly, the Fairfax and Packer inheritors, like Murdoch, determine what we read, hear and see in all forms of media. It’s time these cartels were busted up as well and we turned off the bulls*** taps.

    22. Progressive withdrawal of state aid to non-government schools. Why should I contribute to Islamic, Jewish, Catholic, Anglican, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist, Lutheran, Hare Krishna, or Exclusive Brethren Schools? And have no say at all in what is taught or how it is taught! For example, a lot of these schools teach “creationism”, “Noah’s Ark and the Flood” and “intelligent design” as Science! They also, of course, promote sectarianism, elitism, cliquism, old-school-tie-ism, and fundamentalist fanaticism. In my view, all schools should be secular and state run. Science should be just that, not Bronze Age myth.

    That’s just a start on what I see as the pressing issues. What’s the bet that not a single one of these issues is on the ALP/LP election Policy Statements in the coming election. They’ll be focused on gay marriage, climate change, whaling, apologising to some other minority group about something that happened last century, teenage sexuality, and their “economic records” (that is, how much of the family farm they sold off to foreigners and how much they borrowed from the Chinese).

    Of course, we’ll also get to see both bum boys piously attending Church and pressing the flesh with old women in CWA Halls and ethnics in produce markets. They’ll knit their brows thoughtfully and pretend to take seriously comments made by the commoners and promise to “take it on board”. There’ll be the televised debate about things totally inconsequential and they’ll both tell their versions of the same lies and deceits. And then they’ll wait, like anxious pregnant fathers, for Rupert and his mates at the Club to decide who gets to move into the Lodge and keep his Parliamentary Pension.

  11. Crimson, I don’t think Australians are as stupid as what you give them credit for. I’m sure most Australians who are concerned about these issues have a solid understanding of the Australia of 100 years ago. I’m sure you would agree that the overwhelming majority of our population back then was vastly Saxon/ Nordic. There were certainly a very small minority of the Italian/ Greek/ Mediterranean type people with the Arabic bloodlines though it was very small. I’m sure these bloodlines also made up the Romans. In your term, Anglo- Roman. A bloodline which I’m sure was infiltrated with the Arabic people. I’m not sure that the history of the Saxon/ Nordic people was a myth produced by Hitler as it’s history goes back thousands of years and was understood and passed down by the descendants of these people. Hitler is pretty insignificant to this history as his reign was only within the last century. I also don’t know what could be more pressing than knowing where we come from and knowing where our society is going. Is there something more important than that?

  12. Jim,

    Nord is not an all encompassing race, much of what people think of Nord/Norse today stems from the Aryan myth perpetuated by Hitler. The commonality of this myth is the fair skin, fair hair and blue eyes, which of-course really isn’t true to Nord or Scandanavian (Viking) people. Red hair is a traditional Nord/Norse Viking trait, it is entirely possible that it was the settlements of Vikings along both Irish Sea coasts that lead to people of the British Isles gaining such a trait.

    As for Australians wanting to keep Australia as it was 100 years ago, most Australians today would not even have the slightest inclination what Australia was like 100 years ago. Even then, there were quite distinct population groups in the country even then, ranging from people from the Med Basin, North Africa and many other places.

    Australia and Australians should be focusing on fixing more pressing problems than worrying about re-inventing something that may never really exissted.



  13. Jack,

    Truely the truth is often lost on some people, the Indians are not different. I even commented on the Australian Identity Forum (before being banned for speaking the truth) that Indians are racist, this is nothing new, there is more than 50 years of racial, religious and class violence and intolerence as proof of this.

    Genetics determine race or groupings there-of, so what i said about Australians not being one singular race is absolutely correct. Even our British fore-fathers are quite different racially as well, from being Anglo-Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Celt, Anglo-Nord and Celt-Nord and possibly some Celt still remain. They are also quite different from the people of the Mediteranean Basin as well who also share a diverse genitic back-ground thanks to over 3,000 years of mingling with other peoples. Same as people from Western Europe are also remarkably different, ranging from Franco-Gaul to Slav.

    All of these people represent a great bulk of Australia’s people and that is a reality, as much as the differing cultures they represent also make up how we idenify ourself as Australian today.



  14. Jack Richards says

    Dave. Feel free to print anything I have written and give it to anyone you like.

    Needless to say, my comment on this topic wasn’t published. But he did publish this comment (Can you beleive it????):

    I truly believe that Tony Abbott is exactly what Australia needs right now. As much as I believe I have a contribution to make to my country. As much as I believe I have my head around the issues. I feel very confident that this man is substantially in front of myself in ability and scope of knowledge, even accounting for pride. For the first time in a long time I am happy to place my country in the hands of another without complaint. I doubt he is or will be perfect, but he is I believe a man of principle and integrity. I for one will be supporting him.

    RMS of Syd (Reply)

  15. Jack do you have any objection to my printing youre post to the Sydney daily telegraph as Iwould like to show it to the boys down at TYEMAN here in melbourne who have been pushed sideways by import chinease labour , not to mention numerous other people I know who are not happy with what is going on , what you say puts it all into very tight nutshell that most working class aussies will grasp , Im doing a bit of on the ground research ,ie in my street as to how many muzzies there are & the way they are using the baby bonus , I know someone who works at one of the northern hospitals in melb , every other sprog is mohammed [baby bonus going on here] & or a student getting thier indemic problems fixed , they get sent a bill for something thier insurance doesnt cover they just reply sue me . Its going on everywhere ,media mention anything about all this ,no not on youre nellie .dave

  16. Crimson, of course “Australian” is not a race. Australia ‘can’ be predominantly a Saxon and Nordic race though if we uphold that as of fundamental importance. “Australia” or “Australian” only refers to the continent or someone born here (in some opinions also ones who are naturalized). If you go back say 100 years, Australia had an overwhelming majority of Saxon/ Nordic people, being from many parts of Europe, England, Russia and elsewhere. The vision of many in this forum I believe is to keep this specific line of people in our nation. In summary, I have the feeling that many “Australian” people of Saxon/ Nordic origins want to stop any more people which are not from these origins from settling in Australia. They simply want to be as we were 100 years ago in a social sense. Do you understand this vision? Do you know that Saxons and Nords are a race? Do you think a native, traditional Chinese born man or woman with yellow skin and straight black hair is a Saxon or a Nord (with utmost respect for these lovely people)?

  17. the ringer from the west says

    I se Barnaby Joyce has joined the abbey a good man gone bad. i suppose every man has his price.

    • Ringer from the west, why would you say that Barnaby Joyce has gone bad? Despite his crazyness, he's one of the last ones which actually speaks his mind. If you think he's bad, I'd like to know what you think of the others. How has he gone bad? He has spoken out on so many issues throughout his political career despite the criticism he has received from the media and public. Would you prefer that he just sit on his arse and enjoy the gravy train like the Labor mob? Maybe that's what you expect of a politician.

  18. My apologies for being quiet,

    I was busy elsewhere experiencing the finer points of how not to respect the freedom of speech.

    I was reading much of this and there is so much worthy of reply, however, i'll just make this short.

    Australian is not a race, white Australian isn't a race either, claimng as such is completely ignorant of both history and genetics. Secondly, as for the white Australia Policy, perhaps that was lost on the African-American an Jamiacan arrested during the Eureka Stockade or the many other strictly non-white Europeans who were present. Or the contribution of the Chinese or even the small but noticable number of Muslims who came to Australia from British Territories in North Africa an the Far East.

    As for the Maronite Christians, i'm sure the families of the people they massacred in the refugee camps sympathise with their plight even though they have to live under a Maronite Head of State in Lebanon.

    History is a wonderfull thing.

    "Homogeneous Society" is a myth.



  19. Jack Richards says

    “Australian is not a race, white Australian isn’t a race either, claimng as such is completely ignorant of both history and genetics. ”

    Crimson, perhaps you can tell this to the Indian media, and the Indian Government, who seem to think you are wrong. We are, apparently, genetically criminals and all carry convict DNA which explains our propensity for lying, violence, theft, laziness, envy of Indians and rapacious greed.

    There are many comments in the Times of India that are suggesting that Jaspreet Singh, and those other Indians who murdered the other Singh, are being set-up and framed by the racist Australian police. These strident Indian supremacist are talking about the Indian military “intervening” to protect their nationals in Australia.

    Isn’t that exactly what the Nazis claimed in 1938 and 1939 against Czechoslovakia and Poland? As you say “History is a wonderfull thing.”

    It’s still a free country, so you can believe what you want.

  20. the ringer from the west says

    And what can i say abount the mad munk.

  21. I would like to know were all of our super has gone in last twenty years or so.

    {please explain{ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    And they say they are broke. bull s***.

  22. Jack Richards says

    I see in today’s paper that poor Jaspreet Singh, the victim of a heinous racist crime i.e. he was set upon by 4 white racists in Melbourne, beaten, had his car torched, and was himself doused in petrol and set on fire – has been charged with “making a false report to the Police” and “criminal damage with a view to gaining financial advantage”.

    It seems that he torched his own car to claim $11,000 in insurance, but the fumes in his clothing caught fire and he was accidentally burned.

    Given that he blamed “white racists” for the attack, I wonder if he’ll also be charged with “racial vilification”. Let’s face it, if I did the same thing, got world-wide coverage of it, and falsely accused four Aborigines, you can bet I’d get charged with “racial vilification” as well.

    It will be interesting to see if the “Times of India” and “India Today” will have this screaming from the front page. I’ll bet it doesn’t even get mentioned.

    This is the 3rd “racist crime” in just the last year which has actually been an attempted insurance fraud carried out by Indians against their own property. I notice that the Indian media has been very silent about the Indian murdered near Griffith by other Indians – even though it made front page news before the perpetrators were discovered.

    And they have the hide to call us “racists”!

    • RomanGoddess says

      And THAT will open the floodgates to MORE stupid minorities rorting the system & blaming "white racists"…

      "Please, Mr Policeman, a nasty white person stole my brand new BMW which my brother-in-law stole from another nast white person…"

    • I also wonder if that white traitor John Birmingham will write an apology regarding his article on cops bashing white racists to stop the race hate crimes against indians…yeah right!

  23. Crimsons gone quite

  24. How to make Australians racist

  25. Jack Richards says

    The magazine “Outlook India” has a ten page spread on “racism” in Australia. It includes an ariticle by that patriot, VAN THANH RUDD, leader of the Revolutionary Socialist Party and nephew of our cream-puff PM, Kevin Rudd.

    The link is attached, it’s worth a look ( but not if you have high blood pressure)

  26. the ringer from the west says

    watch the swan the goose on the press club on ABC.

  27. Jack Richards says

    As Jim said, having pride in your own culture does not equal disrespecting the cultures of others. I have great respect for the Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indians etc – even for the Arabic contribution to the world during their 800 years of glory.

    I also have no problem, in general, with the Aborigines (Hell, my grandchildren are about 1/32 Aborigine) – but I do have a problem with their welfare and “entitlement” mentality – which is fully supported by Noel Pearson and most sensible black-fellas!

    But that doesn’t mean I want any of them living in my house or next door. Just like the Chinese, Indians, and the Japanese don’t want 5 million Euro- Aussies turning up on their doorsteps with their hands out and with fundamentalist preachers bringing up the rear, hunting for converts, and condemning the infidel, and claiming special privileges.

    I can’t say I have any respect for sub-Saharan Africans though. I can’t think of a single redeeming feature in any of those races. It seems to me that, in two million years in the most fertile and resource rich continent on earth, they never managed to invent a written language, build anything more complicated than a mud-hut, develop any sort of philosophy, invent one thing of use, or work out any sort of governance other than that based on the tribal strong-man.

    Of course, in the USA during “Black History” month (there is, of course, no “white history” month) they claim credit for ancient Egypt and the building of the pyramids, the discovery of copper, bronze and iron, the steam engine, sailing ships, radio etc. And this sort of rubbish is actually taught in schools – as truth!

    Of course, my kids were subjected to the same sort of rubbish in Primary school as well back in the 80’s and 90’s. Australian History was about the “invasion” and subsequent “genocide”, massacres, and enslavement of the Aborigines – and then the “stolen generation” crap as well. I did, of course, challenge the school to prove any of it, – but got no response other than being called a racist and the Parent-teacher meeting when I raised it. I set my kids right about it though, and told them it was right up there with Santa and the Easter Bunny as far as bulls*** is concerned.

    I was once at a dinner party and sat next to a bloke who was an elder of the Ngunnawal – the tribe traditionally around the Eden-Monaro ACT area. As he said, there was no way Australia wasn’t going to be colonised in the 18th/19th Century – and that he was so glad it was the British rather than the Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese or, horror of horrors, the Japanese.

    He also said how he hated how the “Professional Black-fellas”, most of whom were more Irish or Scots (Nigel Mansell) than they were Aborigine, and gave the impression that all Australia’s Aborigines were one-and-the-same race. As Arnold pointed out, the Kooris in the NT and WA were as different from his Ngunnawal people as the Turks are from the Finns – and further apart geographically. There is also a significant “caste” structure amongst the Kooris as well. The first thing they’ll ask each other is; “What’s your skin?” And this determines their “rank” like being a Brahmin or an untouchable in India. All these things are, of course, ignored by the professional Black-fellas and those Anglophobic white leeches who support them.

    Arnold did tell me, with some pride, that one of his grand-fathers was a Welshman from the Rhonda Valley. Then he said, “Maybe I’ll go over and visit the relatives one day”. To which I replied; “Jeeezus mate, you’ll give them a fright’. Arnold is married to a white woman of English descent.

    Islamist Anthony Mundine is a Professional Black-fella as well – even though his father is 1/2 caste and his mother is white – which makes him 1/4 Aborigine and 3/4 Irish – but you won’t find that on any biography about him. Rather than “choc” he should be known as “blarney”.

  28. Crimson, how about you leave the Australian aboriginal out of your debate mate. When one talks about a Saxon/ Nordic Australia, most people still respect the aboriginal as part of the land. They deserve their solitude and to live in their simple tribal way. Maybe long gone now but people against a multicultural Australia also recognize that aboriginals belong here. They are not to be alienated from their native land. Haven’t you seen enough of multi-culturalism to persuade yourself that it doesn’t work? There are many examples. Look at history when the Africans hacked up the Arabs, women and children mainly. I think it was in about the mid 80’s if I remember, maybe a little off. The French Foreign Legion had to go in and push the Africans back out of Arab territory. Look at the precedents of multiculturalism Crimson. Look for the truth and try not to immerse yourself in the detail or you will never see the truth. Be humble in your search and as Becky said, get off your pedestal. Your seperiority complex is blinding you from the Truth.

  29. Jack Richards, you are spot on mate. Respect all cultures and preserve your own. I have also enjoyed my travels internationally and loved the Japanese culture, the French culture, Belgium, German, British, Canadian, Greek, Pacific Islands and so on. Each culture is unique and needs to be preserved. We also need to recognize our unique culture and not allow it to be watered down. I don’t believe that by preserving our own culture and people that we are degrading any other culture or people. It is just that we want to preserve what is dear to us. It is one thing I admire about the Japanese. They have preserved their people and have a very respectful and disciplined culture and are very accommodating of visitors to their country. I found my travels throughout Japan an absolute pleasure and it is very endearing that they accommodate visitors while still preserving their culture and race. It was a lovely experience and one I will cherish always. I have learnt from this that you can still preserve your own people without being disrespectful of others.

  30. the ringer from the west says

    I seen rud this morning same old rud full of s***.

  31. Jack Richards says

    For those people, like Crimson, who think it’s only right wing cranks like me who know the world is rapidly turning to s*** thanks to multi-culturalism in the service of multi-national corporations, have a look at the attached link.

    Joe Bageant is a life-long American Lefty who wrote the recent best-seller “Deer Hunting with Jesus”. In this article he comments on the mulatto messiah, Barack Obama’s recent “State of the Union” address.

    Joe and I might have very different views on certain matters – but not on the root cause of the decline of Western civilisation and the epidemic of frustration and unhappiness sweeping the world.

  32. Jack Richards says


    If today’s multi-culturalism is taken to its logical conclusion around the world, the only possible outcome is for every country to have the same Halal McCoca-Cola culture, speak the same language, pray at the same mosque, and all be a darkish brown in colour. Maybe that’s what you want – but it sure isn’t what I want.

    If I go overseas, I want to see Japs being Japs, Greeks being Greek, and Frogs being French. Just as visitors here want to see Aussies being Aussies. All different nations practicing different cultures. Australia has its own culture, much as you deny it. Spend a few weeks in the US or Europe and you will quickly notice just how different it is from those very similar places.

    If I go to Greece I want to sit in a Greek Taverna, drink Retsina, and eat Greek olives and Greek Cheese on Greek bread. The Greeks are very fearful that they are losing “their culture” and “national identity” to an invasion by stealth from the arabic countries and south asians on the one hand, and to McCoca-Cola Americanism on the other. I have a girlfriend who is of Greek Ancestry and, when she returned from a recent visit, she said, “Athens is becoming like Bankstown/Lakemba. Full of Muslim Wogs who can’t speak Greek or English.” Incidentally, she was born here of Greek parents, but she is a fervent anti multi-culturalist – particularly when it comes to Turks and other Islamists.

    The French have a Ministry devoted solely to preserving the French culture and the French language. And rightly so! Really, who wants to go to France and stay in a Multi-National Chain Hotel room that looks exactly like the one in Sydney; eat at McDonalds; and see exactly what you would see in Melbourne or Los Angeles? Again, when I go there I want to sit in a French Restaurant, drink French wine and eat French food and hear French music.

    Multi-culturalism and globalisation destroys everything unique and distinctive. In countries where it is practiced it leads only to schisms, enclaves, gangs, crime, riots and pogroms.

    When migrants arrive in a new country, they should leave behind their old world and adopt their new country’s language and cultural mores – as my girlfriend Mia, and her family, and millions of other migrants from Christian Europe, have done. It was fairly easy for them; the change just wasn’t that great. But it is for the migrants we are getting today who are from a totally different racial background, linguistic background, religious background and cultural background.

    If I gathered together all my extended family from the past 7 generations (I’d have to dig a lot up), as they were when they arrived in Australia, along with my children and grand-children, nieces and nephews, and put them all in the one hall you’d have: Ulster Irish, Southern Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Yorkies, Lancs, Lowland Scots and Highland Scots, London Cockneys, Breton French, Dutch, Belgians, Danes, Bavarians, Prussians, Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Baltic Russians, a Jew, a Maronite Lebanese, some Americans (Anglo/German) and an Aborigine. If I’d married Mia, instead of the Scots/German bitch that I did, there’d be some Greeks as well.

    They all had one thing in common: with one exception, they came here for a new life and left all the old bigotries behind. Almost without exception, they all quickly became agnostics or atheists and never practiced religion to any great extent. Similarly, they never moved into a Polish, Welsh or Lithuanian enclave or carried on any of the traditions of those homelands.

    They rapidly became Australians and helped develop a unique Australian culture and their own version of the English language. The same story is true for just about every other white Australian family. From many roots (no pun intended) starting in 1798 with one bloke, amongst many, clanking ashore in chains, a new race arose. There wasn’t a single “ethnic lobby” to help any of them, no “racial vilification law” to appeal to when they were called Pommy Bastards, Polacks, or Micks. They just got on with the job and pioneered western NSW, South Australia, the Hunter Valley and other places across this land.

    While they were doing it, plenty of them donned a rough woolen uniform, with the word “Australia” on the shoulders, and a rising sun badge on a felt slouch hat. They stormed ashore at Gallipoli, fought at Pozieres and Bullecourt, Polygon Wood and Lagnicourt, took Mont St Quentin, fought again in the Western Desert, got captured in Singapore and shot down over New Guinea. I can count over 50 direct relatives on the Roll of Honour at the Australian War Memorial – they’re the ones still there: buried in Gallipoli, in France and Belgium and in Malaya, Guadalcanal and Thailand. They fought, and died, for a White and secular Australia – not for multi-national corporations or the africanisation, arabisation, indianisation and islamification of Australia.

    If we return to that imaginary hall with all my relatives, who have contributed genes to my grandchildren and their cousins, you will find convicts, coppers, athletes, dopes and deadhs***s, eccentrics, scientists, writers, lawyers, judges, storekeepers and farmers, publicans and public servants, doctors and nurses, one Catholic Nun, tea-totalers and alcoholics – two Order of Australia winners, one Knight of Malta, and winners of the DCM, DSO, DFC, MM, MC, a French Croix de Guerre, and a very long list of campaign medals. Just an ordinary Australian family.

    About the only virulent racist in my family is my Maronite Lebanese Uncle, the father of my first cousins. He was born in Sydney in 1924 to a Maronite Christian family who had fled Lebanon to escape the genocide against Christians carried out by the Muslims. He is always at pains to point out that he is not “Lebanese” but is descended from the French/German Crusaders who established colonies in Lebanon in the 11th Century. It would be hard to describe the white-heat of his hatred for “Lebs”, Arabs, Muslims and South Asians generally. He is completely and rabidly an “Australian Nationalist” as are his children – they assimilated here, something that did not happen in 900 years in Lebanon.

    Crimson, if you want to know what “multi-culturalism” is like, ask my Uncle Lou to tell you what happened to the Maronites in multi-cultural Lebanon.

    Please don’t be so arrogant as to preach to me about the benefits of today’s idea of multi-culturalism – which means mostly Islamic middle-eastern, African and south and east asian bludgers, whingers and fanatics. If you wanted to turn the clock back about 50 years and promote multi-European migration of nominally Judaic/Christians in just enough numbers to maintain slow growth in the present population, you’ll get no argument from me.

    Our Founding fathers had it absolutely right when they insisted on the White Australia Policy. I and my children and grandchildren are living testimony to its wisdom – being, as we are, part of a unique Australian race and culture derived from, in my case, more than 20 different ethnically white origins.

    Let’s bloody-well keep it that way.


  33. the ringer from the west says

    NEWS FLASH Leader of the greens

    Bob brown is pregnant.We are not shaw who the farther will be but my bet abbott the mad monk or rud the dud the rat ? Well we can look on the bright side of it CRIMSON will have a baby brother or sister.

    just hope he does not have twins.

  34. Crimson, you think our economy is the work of Rudd’s genius economic strategy? From $50 billion of cash in the bank under Howard to $200 billion of debt in under 3 years under Rudd. Do you think that because of the financial collapse it was automatically a trigger for Rudd and Labor to borrow money and throw it around like Paris Hilton on steroids? Look at Queensland and NSW also. QLD had zero debt under Bjlke-Petersen and the Nationals in the mid 80’s and now under 20 years of Labor we are $85 billion in debt. The Labor government has done similar to NSW and these two economies were ruined long before the financial crisis was even heard of. Now QLD is selling off most of its assets under the direction of Bligh and with Rudd looking on like an intellectual lemming. Crimson, you have been sucked in by the ALP media spin machine.

  35. Crimson, hop off your pedestal mate. I haven't the time to cross-reference your arguments in this forum though in my opinion, you are off the mark. You portray yourself as the Einstein on every subject though I think you are compensating for a deeper handicap. Are you sure you are not an advocate of the left? I'm not sure where you get your arguments from and why do you rub everyone's face and thoughts in the dirt while you put yourself on the throne? Do you receive some reward for attempting to look wise and endeavouring to make everyone else look stupid? Do you value 'freedom of speech' or are you an advocate of the 'left elite' where no-one else's opinion matters? Do you have a wife or has she cleared out because of your self-righteous attitude? I suspect you have no love in your life Crimson and I think you need to find a girl.

  36. Give the race wagon a brake and stick to the economy or what is left off it.


  37. Jack Richards…..There are forces at work who seek to "diasporise" all cultures and races before the introduction of a global government….A certain "religion" has specifically enunciated such intent and need to be named then confronted head on…..The agenda is necessarily achieved via stealthful means because the perpetrators of it know that no people or race would willingly participate in their own engineered destruction…I name them regularly and receive visits to my home and the offices of my employer from repesentatives of their "state" apparatus.

    An awareness needs to be built that does not pay homage to the precious sensibilities of those with intent to do harm to the existence of others. All races are targetted by this memetically defined entity…Only an alliance of disparate and separte peoples will counter it…. Multiculturalism needs to end…..To identify the perpetrators…..see who whines "racist" the loudest when the plan is publicly opposed.

  38. If we didn't have a culture Crimson then explain how other countries refer us to the bronzed bodied people or you Aussies are so laid back or that tuff Aussie or the Australian slang. Or a sporting nation. Or generous. Etc. Is that not a culture Crimson such as walking through the streets of Bali haggling for a watch. You always have to try twist things around when you don't get your own way. Are you trying to say Australian do not have an identity because if we don't then why are we here trying to defend it. As someone said, if you have to question what Australian culture is then you aren't Australian because it is inside you.

  39. Jack you could always send that direct to thier emails .All of the a/holes ,fresh from the APP ,Just a thought stick it to erm .Dave ,multiculti melb

  40. Government had this scheme where they were going to give mums money to have children, well everyone kicked up a stink and rightly so because it was only a stunt to rip off more fathers of children and ridiculous amounts of child support but if government had the scheme for family to do that, our population would have really started booming now and we would not have the hassles of today.

    Government only divide and rule to self serve because they want to take over us all and lead us like sheep and work us like ants.

    • Yeah but they've been trying to do that in many countries for ages! When I was born (in Europe) my parents received, in today's money, about 2-3 thousand dollars as a baby bonus! This was back in the 70s. You can argue the reasons, but reality is westerners are just not interested in big families any more, and it's too easy imo to just say 'We'll give them financial incentive to have more kids', I think there are more underlying factors that need to be looked at. Besides, I would count myself more in the camp against a big population – naturally I'd be 100 times more in favour of the existing population having kids rather than importing them, but I don't want to live in an overcrowded, overpolluted Australia either way.

  41. I trully think this immigration and economy is rubbish, because it is costing us a fortune and how can we supoport big business, if we are poor? You say it is passing money around which is the true term of diversity.

    That is where it is failing. For instance, lets say 100 000 people earn $75 000 per year but now immigrants and all other minorities must be subsidised. That $75 000 becomes $50 000 and the minorities earn $35 000. This is a blunt far out senario but see my point. The businesses claiming immigration boosts the economy, now have this. People not earning enough money to support themj or buy from them. They raise there pricing and then it becomes further out of reach, so now the stupidity is to move more in when it is doing nothing but making people poor and businesses suffer. However in the beginning, those businesses had 100 000 supporting there business.

    • It does not make sense to me all this crap about economy. The only thing immigration does is this. Transfer money from one to another and government then have 2 people to get tax from, it is higher tax all round rather then one person because the way the tax system is set up. For instance, on $75000 pay $20 000 tax, On $50 000 pay $15 000 tax on $20 000 pay $6500 tax, therefore over the total of that $75000 for one person is $20 000 tax and the same amount for 2 is $21 500 tax. The only thing any of this is benefitting is government.

      • The word economy is a smoke screen because if people had more to spend and support big business and also had more of a chance to make more money themselves, EG start there own business or make there money work for them, they would then in the end give more tax to government, businesses would flourish and the economy would be better then giving to the rich stealing from the poor just so this image of great economy is seen by the rest of the world. I believe it would be much better and people would be much happier, not starving and would most likely top this economy that is supposed to be so great.

        Think about it Barry, before the government went hellbent on Multi-culturalism, not saying any multi-culture but just boatloads and boatloads of recent, it has seen us less and less able to do or buy anything. Before though, we could buy things and support businesses etc.

  42. Take a look at SARAH MAID OF ALBION . particularly you crimsom ,educate yourself . Good luck with the Sydney tele Jack ,im not holding my breath . The BNP have been given 2 weeks to adjust thier policy re criteria for entrance to the party ,if at the end of it they get banned then it will be the setting of the fuse . Still to some it will just be down to the BNP otherwise its a good example of the multiculti nirvana . California in the us is a good example of how it works , back in the 70s 80s thier economy [as1state in amerca ] was nearly as big as Germanys ,in those days they had demographics of 8% latino ,negro, mexican .At the moment they are bancrupt & in no small part to the fact that the demography is now 40+% of the aformentioned . Why is this multiculti crap all one way ,allways into european & or english speaking countries ,the japs ,chinese ,koreans ,arabs dont allow it , no one screams racist at them . END OF RANT WAKE UP AUSTALIA

  43. Jack Richards says


    I really find some of your assertions and claims just astonishing. So, you say “race equalling culture or race equating to “nationalism” when in reality nothing could be further from the truth”.

    Where did you read that – what comic was that in? So, by your logic, the Chinese Race does equal Chinese Culture or Chinese nationalism? We could extend that to the Japanese, Koreans, Russians, Germans and French.

    So you think that Australians do not have a “culture” or a “race” because we are made up mostly (90+%) of descendants of British and Western European migrants. They were all clans of the one tribe and mostly from the only two linguistic groups of Western Europe (i.e. Germanic and Romance). They were all white and shared a common “Christian” heritage. Did not French, Italian, German and English Knights all fight on the one side in the Crusades?

    To use the analogy of dogs. Wolves, dingos, boxers and corgis are all dogs – but quite plainly they are different “breeds” with very different abilities, intelligence, and body shapes. I own a yellow Labrador. Labradors are the world’s most popular breed of dog becase they are gentle, intelligent, easy to train, loyal and loving. One hundred and fifty years ago there were no “labradors”. They didn’t exist. They were created by the interbreeding of English Mastiffs and Newfoundlands. Today everyone recognises that a Labrador is a Labrador – and they are a pure breed.

    So why do you think that the same thing doesn’t happen in homo-sapiens? For a whole host of reasons including convict transportation, selective immigration, and natural selection an “Australian Race” exists just as surely as do Labradors as a breed separate from boxers, corgis and dingos.

    Not many people keep dingos or wolves as pets – because they know that it is in their genes to be agressive, savage and to kill. The crime stats from the USA show quite clearly that the African Negro is a genetic savage with very poor impulse control – just like a dingo around sheep. Study after study, from the first Stanford-Binet IQ test in 1910, have shown that Africans have an average IQ of 65 compared with an average White IQ of 100. The American negro, all of whom have a bit of white/indian blood score a bit better – around 75.

    Different races do not mix on any appreciable scale – even when they have lived together for more than 100 years. Like attracts like. A classic example of this is the Sikh community in Woolgoogla in NSW. They have been there since the 1880’s and yet, have not inter-married at all. The speak with broad Australian accents – but still practice the Sikh religion, wear turbans and saris, and live as Sikhs. They still practice arranged marriages and even 4th generation Woolgoolgla Sikhs still go back to the Punjab to get a wife.

    Need I say more.

    • I said race does not equate to culture or nationalism, if you're going to quote me, quote me correctly.

      In Australia's case race does not equate to culture or nationalism because we as a 'people' aren't one race nor are we representative as one culture. The cultures of the people who've settled this country over the past 222 years and the culture of the many different aboriginal peoples who've settled this country for over 200,000 years are all unique. They are all different in terms of race, Chinese have lived in Australia since the early 1800s and many other ethniciities were also represented during this time. For example, of the people arrested over the Eureka Stockade only one was born in Australia.

      To think of Australian as a race of people as Nationalists often do is obsurd and simply not in any way representative of the reality of the Australian Experience as a nation. The many diffrerent peoples who settled Australia did not magically create a new race of people, so how could race equate to either culture or nationalism?


      • The notion that all people who come from the British Isles are the same ethnically is again fancifull, the difference between Celt, Anglo-Celt, Ango-Saxon and Anglo-Nord/Celt-Nord is gentically identifiable so who does these people being among the first to settle Australia equate to the creation of one identifiable race?

        The Scots, Irish, English, Greek, Italian, German, Chinese, Dutch, French, Serbian, Croatian, Polish, Russian, Argentinian, Danish and so on and so forth are not only different culturally but different ethnically as well, so how did the blend of all the people become a uniform Australian Race?

        Then there is culture.

        How could an Australian Culture that is inherantly constructed from inumerable different cultures be in any way threatened by any additional culture? Seeing how Australian Cutlure in itself has changed even in the past three decades the notion that a transitory culture constructed from other cultures isn't going to change is obsurd.


        • That is why culture does not equate to Nationalism especally in the Australian Context, primarily for two reasons, one is the above changing nature of our culture and two Australia is allready multicultured. The Aboriginal People have their own culture, as do the Italian, Greek, Lithuanian, Croation, Serbian and so one and so forth communities that live in Australia and call themselves Australian.

          Nationalism is a connection with country, it isn't confined to race or culture for if that were true the United States of America simply wouldn't exist and no-one would call Americans anything other than Nationalists.

          Racial difference is a fact of the Australian Experience, from the mixed races of Western Europe, Mediteranean Basin, Asia, South East Asia, Pacific Rim, Middle East, North Africa, South America, Central America, North America, Eastern Europe, Central Africa, The Sub-Continent, Southern Africa, North Africa, Scandanavia and Aboriginal People from this Continent we have one country not one race.



        • because it is. All the counrties you have identified from past have adopted the Australian way of life, where it is the Australian culture, different to all other cultures, the current influx of Cultures from other countries over the past 20 years has definately caused a stir and we see this with gangs and violence and racism tags and all sorts of crap, which you so adamantly approve off by not seeing it and only seeing it how you like.

  44. Jack Richards says


    There was no “Australian Army” as such before 1914 when the AIF was first formed. The States had had their own Militias with a few permanent Officers. I think it was around 1910 that a British General, whose name now escapes me, was invited to standardise and organise an Australian Army. From memory, he also established the Officer Training School at Duntroon.

    Insofar as your claim that “Apart from that, the 71 operational F/A-18 Hornets flown by the RAAF were produced by the CAC in Melbourne. ”

    But the RAAF contradicts that and tells us that:

    “The Royal Australian Air Force PURCHASED 57 F/A-18A fighters and 18 F/A-18B two-seat trainers. The first two aircraft were PRODUCED in the US, with the remainder ASSEMBLED in Australia at GAF.”

    As I said about the Eurocopter, they opened the containers and followed the “assembly instruction book” – just like putting together a Chinese bicycle.

    Incidentally, both CAC and GAF were sold off and now belong to Boeing.

    So the USA is a “successful” multi-cultural country is it? No doubt you’ve measured that by the crime rate. Just for your edification, here are some interesting statistics:

    • According to the latest US Department of Justice survey of crime victims, more than 6.6 million violent crimes (murder, rape, assault and robbery) are committed in the US each year, of which about 20 per cent, or 1.3 million, are inter-racial crimes.

    • Most victims of race crime—about 90 per cent—are white, according to the survey “Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims”, published in 1993.

    • Almost 1 million white Americans were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by black Americans in 1992, compared with about 132,000 blacks who were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites, according to the same survey.

    • Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent inter-racial crimes than whites even though the black population is only one-seventh the size of the white population. When these figures are adjusted on a per capita basis, they reveal an extraordinary disparity: blacks are committing more than 50 times the number of violent racial crimes of whites.

    • According to the latest annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most inter-racial murders involve black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

    These breathtaking disparities began to emerge in the mid-1960’s, when there was a sharp increase in black crime against whites, an upsurge which, not coincidentally, corresponds exactly with the beginning of the modern civil rights movement.

    Over time, the cumulative effect has been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent inter-racial crimes were committed, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in inter-racial murders. By comparisons 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean war.

    When non-violent crimes (burglary, larceny, car theft and personal theft) are included, the cumulative totals become prodigious. The Bureau of Justice Statistics says 27 million non-violent crimes were committed in the US in 1992, and the survey found that 31 per cent of the robberies involved black offenders and white victims (while only 2 per cent in the reverse).

    That’s multi-cultural success for you. When your daughter gets pack-raped by a gang of Lebs, Indians or Somalis no doubt you’ll blame it on their deprived childhoods and systemic racism by the White Majority.

    “Further, Australia as a nation would not exist without an economy, the very way we love our lives is determined by the strength of our economy.”

    Is that right? What exactly do you mean? Are you saying that if we rid ourselves of multi-national corporations and non-white ethnics, the whole country would grind to a stop? Would there suddenly be no food on the supermarket shelves, all the sheep, cattle and pigs would die, and we’d all just sit on our arses in the dust under a tree with our hands out as our Aboriginal brethren do?

    Before we had this globalised “economy”, which really started taking off after 1945, we White Australians did just fine. There has never been a famine here and we’ve never suffered any of the afflictions that we suffer today.

    You really have been bitten by the consumer bug, haven’t you? Economic growth, growth, growth – and to hell with all those things that make live worth living. People are far less happy and content with life today than they have ever been. Why is that? There is no sense of community anymore; no loyalty – just an endless shopping spree on borrowed money. Corporations who think of nothing other than the next quarterly report and drive people to achieve higher and higher outcomes with less and less resources.

    • Jack, while I agree with you re this 'growth at all costs' situation we're in, I'm really not sure there's an easy solution. In a sense it's almost cheating – you increase the number of consumers so of course you get a kind of economic growth, even though the wealth is simply spread out across more people. But it's something particularly of late we (well the whole western world) are absolutely addicted to. Take that away and I don' t think there's any avoiding the fact that we're going to go through a period of hardship. Not just because plumbers and sparkies etc will no longer be able to command the crazy 6-figure salaries they have of late (at least where I'm from), or keep real estate agents like the 25 y.o. slimy reptilian piece of s*** my parents have just been dealing with in a job at all, but also the pensioners, hospital systems etc being reliant on workers paying into the system at a greater ratio to retirees finding themselves dependant on the system (not sure about Oz but I know in Europe for instance, for things to continue as they have been, this is required at a factor of 3 workers for every 1 pensioner, they have very generous pensions but still, can't imagine it's too much different in Australia).

      So the question is, what to do? The way I see it the government is simply taking the path of least resistance, as it always does, in terms of keeping things somewhat stable in the short term and leaving mid to long-term consequences for someone else to deal with. A population freeze or even reduction would set us back a good 15-20 years and maybe more, I'd imagine, until we stabilize and reach a new equilibrium. I don't really see unemployment being that bad, but if what you say it's like out where you are is a precursor to what it's going to look like in major cities soon, maybe there is an easier way out of it than I imagine. But from what I see now, as I said earlier I don't think there's an easy solution.

      • Barry, you say that the economy relies upon population growth and as noted which we all believe is that this population growth does have a detrimental effect, maybe not now but in the future, which is what we are saying because we can see the beginnings of it.

        Before economy was thrown into the mix, We did have better lives. It is eating us now when we were told otherwise. Of course stopping immigration may have an effect where in 20 years the economy will subside, you say.

        An easy solution you ask for. Here is one suggestion. To save money spent on immigration, which is very costlt to the average person, why could we use those funds to support family and birth. Of course, being a family orientated scheme, not just to have childfren to be paid. This would build the population, the subsidies would be far less then supporting minorities and immigration. There would be less crime and racial tension, also reducing costs and when the new born are old enough to move out of home, it would keep the economy going, The new adults would breed etc, building a population slowly, so we have more time to sort out enviromental and housing road issues,

  45. lone ranger says

    what is the party view on nuclear power?

  46. Jack Richards says

    Fellow Australian Patriots

    Tony Abbot, the Mad Monk, runs a blog on the Sydney Daily Telegraph each Friday. Today it was about immigration and some comments he made last week that have been denounced as “racist”. as is my habit, I have posted a comment, which is reproduced below. It will be interesting to see if it passes the “moderator” and gets published.

    Tony, I can only draw the conclusion that you know next to nothing about what is happening in the suburbs and towns across Australia. You are so removed from reality it is laughable.

    I can not understand how you can defend a high level of immigration when it is painfully obvious that there is rampant unemployment and underemployment everywhere – particularly amongst Australia’s youth. To give you an example just from my own family. I have four children aged from 21 to 30. Three of them are University graduates – but not one of them has, or has ever had, a full-time job. Every job has been “casual” or “part-time”. They apply for every permanent job they can; but there are always hundred of applicants.

    The great migrant intake after WW2 consisted entirely of European Christians of whom half were British. Yes, the Italians, Greeks, Dutch, Yugoslavs and Balts merged in and disappeared – only the surnames remain. Do you really think the same thing is going to happen with Indian Hindus, Tamils, Lebanese Muslims or Sudanese Muslims? The Indians have never assimilated in East Africa, Malaysia, Fiji, or anywhere else. Do you really believe this: “A generation or two on, all of them have eventually become as Australian as everyone else”? Will it apply to Sub-Saharan Africans? Does it apply to the Sikh enclave in NSW where 3rd generation Australian born Sikhs still go back to the Punjab to get an arranged husband or wife? You live on a different planet.

    Can you name a single multi-ethnic nation, in the last 2000 years, that has succeeded? Let’s think of a few: Yugoslavia, Fiji, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Soviet Union, Turkey, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Czechoslovakia, British Indian Empire, Tibet. I’ll bet the Indigenous Australians wish they had had a much tougher immigration policy in 1788. Even the might Roman Empire collapsed when they made Roman citizenship cheap and opened the gates to a flood of migrants.

    What do you think is happening in Europe? In France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Britain, US, Canada – even Russia? Do you think the Arab and African Muslims in France will “eventually become as (Australian) French as everyone else”? Get real!

    “Are people too quick to discern racism in any discussion of immigration…” Don’t you mean the tax-payer funded ethnic lobbies and their thought police rather than “people”. Did you, and do you, condone the way Pauline Hanson was abused, set upon, vilified and eventually gaoled for daring to express views shared by millions of other Australians?

    You are supposed to be a representative of the people and express, in Parliament, their wishes. Why don’t you initiate a referendum on further immigration? You won’t do that because you and I already know the answer. It will be a resounding NO!

    All you pollies ever talk about is the bloody “economy”. This isn’t a NATION anymore, it is just an ECONOMY. The people and their wishes about their nation and culture don’t matter any more – what’s important is crawling to the multi-national corporations so that those of us who still have a job with a livable wage can wear cheap Chinese shirts and Brazilian shoes.

    We have Australian soldiers fighting to defend the trans-Afghanistan gas pipeline on behalf of the international oil cartels. And while they are doing that, they guard Afghanistan’s fields of cash-crops: opium.

    Due to high migration and globalisation this country is losing its identity, its character, it’s nationality – its soul.

    Being a Catholic, you should pay some attention to your Bible. Does it not say:

    “What does it benefit a man if he should gain the whole world, but lose his own soul.”

  47. Jack Richards says


    It’s late at night so I won’t bother to pick apart all your inane statements and benighted ravings, or prove that you’re a complete fool – that’s obvious anyway. So I’ll make just a few comments:

    You said: “Australia’s Economy the best in the world”, “the Australian Economy actually grew through the middle of the GFC”, “no economy stays the same forever”.

    Is Australia a “NATION” or is it an “economy”. You seem to think it’s an “economy” that has to compete in some sort of lucre counting olympics – and you take pride in announcing that it’s Gold, Gold, Gold for Australia. You know, I couldn’t give a damn about the “economy” and us making money for the swindlers and frauds running the multi-national cartels. I haven’t seen a penny of all these fantastic profits finding its way into the pockets of any workers around here – so where’s it all gone and whose pocket is it in?

    I’d rather be broke, barefoot and have the arse out of my pants than be a lick-spittle like you crawling up your master’s arse. I’ll bet y’all say “yessum Boss” with just the right touch of self-deprecating reverence.

    You said, “Secondly, evefry field weapon (rifle and machine gun) used by the ADF is made by Thales in Lithgow NSW and has been this way since prior the introduction of the .303 SMLE.”

    They say bulldust baffles brains, and this is pure bulldust.

    The Lithgow Arms Factory used to be publicly owned and had many names over many years. It’s last incarnation was ADI Lithgow. It was sold in the 1980’s (like everything else in Australia), to Thales – which is a multi-national arms company. When they took over, they sacked half the workforce.

    Do you know what a .303SMLE is? That would be the “Short Magazine Lee Enfield” rifle. There was also a .303LMLE and numerous other variations. The .303 Lee Enfield was developed in Britain in the 1890’s and was the standard infantry weapon throughout the British Empire in World Wars 1 and 2. It was manufactured at the Lithgow Small Arms Factory from about 1905. Australia used it until 1960 when it was replaced by the FN SLR. But, according to you, Thales have owned the factory “since prior the introduction of the .303 SMLE.” Really? Before 1905? You’re a good 80 years out there.

    So does Thales in Lithgow make the rifle sights with the Bible inscription on them? According to all the papers, they’re made in the USA. Wrong again.

    You also point out, quite correctly, that the CAC manufactured around 3,500 war-planes during WW2. My father was a pilot and flew CAC Wirraways, Boomerangs, and Beaufighters. So exactly how many war planes do we have now? I thought it was about 100. And how many were made in Australia – exactly none.

    And finally, you said “QANTAS is still an Australian Owned company” But hang on! When it was privatized in 1993 British Airways bought a 25% stake while other foreigners bought another 24%. So it’s actually a “multi-national” company now. In my view “Australian Owned” means 100%, not, maybe, 51%. More of your bulldust.

    • Actually Jack, every rifle used by the Australian Army since before Federation has been manufactured in Lithgow, Thales recently aquired the factory where it now produces all of the current Australian Army Rifles.

      Now if you had paid any attention to those media reports you would have learn that the "Bible Scopes are fitted to the M-4 Carbine issued only to the SAS and 2nd Commando. The F-88 Austyer uses a fixed sight which also doubles as a carry handle. (in-fact more Styer AUG rifles are produced and exported by Thales Australia than by Styer Austria)

      Further-more name a company in the world that is wholly owned nationally?

      Apart from that, the 71 operational F/A-18 Hornets flown by the RAAF were produced by the CAC in Melbourne.

      As for successfull multi-ethnic nations, try the United States of America…

      Further, Australia as a nation would not exist without an economy, the very way we love our lives is determined by the strength of our economy. If you haven't figured that out yet then may God help you. The very life-style we enjoy and see as being Australian is not possible without wealth.



  48. But sell it at the same price. Big business only want it the way they want it to hold the trump and erode any competitor out of the market. Once they do that they charge a fortune but the idiots can't see by doing it the way they do, the smaller people who have suffered will not be able to buy there products. Then they will fall. Look how many have fallen. I worked for one who went into receivership and it stuffed a lot of people. Also government bailed them out but of course bail the wrong ones out. If the government had bailed out the smaller people affected then the bigger business could have survive but no, government will always do things arse about face.

  49. On top of it, do you know what it is like to cry for your children everyday while you have to slave, it is pointless and endless, my sister is also one of those women on a pension supported by people like me. I haven't been able to afford super for the past 2 years and my super after 21 years is worth $25000 , tell me how i will make it as an elderly person when i will always pay rent, ahouse is out of reach and then ther is child support which of course is right but it is so very wrong too when, my job is in amongst children so what person has the right to steal my children MY being the operative word. Noit governments or some man bashing feminist,


  50. Just because the economy is so great doesn't mean it is. They take more to make it look good but on the back blocks are hundred of thousands of people suffering big time just to keep the image up. I am essentially unemployed because i make less then i pay out but i am not registered with the employment office because i am not doing a job i don't want to do. Muy kids have been stolen for nothing, absolutely nothing and this is approved, i am getting that way i want to kill some prick or 3. I have to sponge of my sister for the moment hoping things will look up. Anyone in a bigger business will always rip off the smaller people so they survive, well it time to stop and government are just one big business whenthey shouldn't be. They keep giving my money to selfish women stealing kids and other minorities while i sit here and rot after 21 years of hard labour, well f them all

  51. 2 years ago, i charge $35 for a lawn, i am having trouble now at $50, i hear of people charging $75. What person is going to pay that amount when rent and food is skyrocketting. What about fuel costs. Noone can afford a home anymore because of this greed. Doesn't matter how much you work. I employed 2 guys and didn't make a cent from them so my prices were low but the greed off this company wanted me to chargwew less that wouldn't have even covered there wages let alone expenses. All because they wanted to keep there ferraris and crap. Who can afford such crap. This ecomnomy maybe high but it is built on fake. Businesses who have to do it tough so they can keep up with big businesses bringing in cheap imports. What part don't you get?

  52. ee this is my point Crimson, you revert back to what China is paid. Do you think if we were to earn what China is paid that this country would be a fantastic country. Businesses from here use those slaves to profit. That is what global trading has done so now we have no choice but to slave. Yes it definately is a great thing to do Crimson. As long as the economy is great and the people suffer, that is ok. Look i am sick of fantastic percentages. They are crap. How many people are supported by people who work, how many work in crap jobs not suited to there expertise and how many work part time. Those statistics are rubbish. They are a whole heap of lies to fool everyone. Just like the rape statistics and all the other crap to divide and rule. That is all it amounts to.

  53. We have people fighting over costs of things and government claiming people rip them off, oh how ironic considering what those jerks do with us, imposing more and more laws, restrictions, fees and costs upon us as if they are some business in themselves. What they fail to see is we own them not the other way around. Until they get that through there thick skull, they will forever ruin this country and people like you, who are blind will always bow before them.

    yes sir no sir three bags full sir. They don't own any of us and one day that will be known. If we don't get them, they will get themselves with there own utter stupidity. When there is noone left to pay them, what will they do. I guess they already know this by the way they are bringing people into this country destroying it. People used to slave labour, people who will be there supporters when we throw our hands up in the air.

    The tides will turn Crimson.

    • I have never bowed before anyone and i am certainly no servent of government.

      I am merely honest and believe in the right change for the right reasons and not some of the backward steps espoused by the APP and certainly not for the misguiided racial sentiments espoused by the APP either.

      I am a true patriot and revolutionay, whilst keyboard Nationalist piss and moan about immigration and cultures they know nothing about taking away a culture they know nothing about some of us are actually out there trying to make a difference and risking time and life in doing so.



      • I would never consider myself a "Piss and Moan" Nationalist. My sentiments are not racial and I am a Returned Soldier who served in Vietnam "risking time and my life" in doing so…..yes buddy, really risking my life….I had several mates blown to bits by an enemy who was fanatical to say the least. I saw cigarette packets taken off dead VC bodies with "To our Comrades of the North Vietnamese Army..From Murdoch University"…..
        Yep mate, and now I see Australia becoming Australasia and it s***s me to tears.
        I would once again (at my old age) defend this land along with the APP if it meant getting our traditional way of life back….

        • Look around you Ex, do you think the APP or SCS or many other "nationalist" parties or organisations aren't attempting to play the race issue?

          It would make me proud to see "nationalists" actually being "nationalists" and i have come across many so called "nationalists" on sites and forums and in the street and i could count on m fingers the number who weren't in some fixated by the notion of race equalling culture or race equating to "nationalism" when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

          From a nation where 25% of the population weren't born here in Australia with 50% of all Australians born having at the least one migrant as a parent on average, there can be no notion of race equatng to culture because it is a myth that Australians are a race or a single culture, we never have been. Irish aren't Scotish nor are they Welsh or English and the same in the reverse and none of these are Aboriginal, Chinese, Greek Italian or Indian or anything else, from whom which we as a nation have as part of our single heritage.



          • Look around you crimson do you think minorities aren't playing the race issue or current government isn't either. Do you think they aren't playing the sexes issue?

          • Australian do have a culture which people like you are so desperate to take from us, whether we are japanese irish english who cares we still have an Australian culture, it has always been there but suppressed by the 25% of people not born here.

  54. Don't let him get to you Russell, He is just a left winged nut, possibly a troll trying to disrupt our cause. One thing i have noted with Crimson, is anything we say, he will always say an opposite and in some cases, goes against himself. Just typical left winged crap, that has no real cause. Will always claim the economy when over half the country are stuffed and statistics. You know the ones that make someone look bad but when sat down and worked out properly are actually in favour of the accused.

  55. I was going to say it sounds like Pauline all over. I guess the only thing left is war. Tis is what they do, just the same as how they play a husband and wife towards each other, all for money, i would love to see how all this greed will suit them when there is nothing left and they be squirming at our feet for food and we would just have to kick em' while they are down.

    I say slow and steady move along, get some other parties on side, allocate seats to each other for best position and move on up. Only use parties with relevance to reversing crap imposed by current nazi's. Ie Family parties, ETC

    All it will take it one crazed person who is sick and tired of all this. Who may have some brains to invent a virus, inject himself and walk out in the streets, shake the prime ministers hand, spread the virus and be the only one with the vaccine. This is not going to be just civil, it will be world.

  56. crimson did know the yanks will pay good money for your brain so way don,t you go over there. you are to smart for AUSTRALIA.

    • Now Russel, that is now way to talk to someone who was meerely pointing out the truth, if you don't like the reality of Australia and its many successes i suggest you migrate to Zimbabwe so you can experience what a true Trade Protectionist nation and economy look like.

      You can buy all of the Australian Made clothing you want when you're willing to pay textile workers AU$1,100 a week, which by the way is the average wage here in Australia and the very reason nothing cheap is ever made here.

      Either get used to it or take a pay cut, the choice is yours mate.



  57. crim you have not tolled me were i can buy my AUSTRALIAN made woolen jumper suit from WIZ.may be the Brisbane.

  58. wright on the money jack.Old phantom saying do as we say and not as we do.

  59. Jack Richards says

    Fellow Australian Patriots. This is completely off the topic of the Mad Monk and his insane revelations on the road to Canberra, so I hope you will give me a few moments of your time.

    Tomorrow, Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, is to front Court on charges brought against him by the British “Equalities and Human Rights Commission”. This “Commission” is headed by Trevor Phillips, a rabid British racist of African descent, who is intent on destroying the BNP, gaoling Griffin, and suffocating every squeak of opposition to the policies that are turning Britain into a third world ghetto.

    Griffin is being charged under the “Race Relations Act” because the BNP restricts membership to Britons of Caucasian descent. I read, some time ago in the London Times, that Griffin could be sentenced to up to eleven (11) years in prison. Almost certainly, tomorrow, he will see the inside of a cell for “contempt of court” because he has not changed the BNPs membership criteria. Griffin has pointed out that he has been unable to get legal advice from an expert in “race relations” because, essentially, no lawyer in Britain was game enough, had the guts or the spine, to face up to Phillips and his EHRC Gestapo and bully-boys.

    Strangely, sections 25 and 26 of the British Race Relations Act allow for exclusively ethnic organisations with a membership of fifty or more. So Pakistanis, Jamaicans, Argentineans, Algerians or Zambians can form an “exclusively ethnic organisation” in Britain, for whatever purpose, but “indigenous Caucasian and defined ethnic groups emanating from that Race” can not. In fact, as this absurd case demonstrates, it’s illegal for them to do so.

    Fairly obviously, Phillips’ plan is a classic double encirclement. On the first front, he can bankrupt Griffin and the BNP by instigating expensive and vexatious legal action against them – and then claim the EHRC’s costs if he wins. If he doesn’t, it doesn’t matter because it has already cost the BNP a small fortune. The EHRC, of course, has a bottomless bucket of British taxpayers money, and will lodge an immediate appeal to a higher court, and just keep bleeding them financially until they fold.

    One the second front, if the BNP escapes this trap and complies with the EHRC demands and opens membership to anyone, Phillips’ army of multi-cultural thugs will demand BNP membership, which could not be refused, stack the branches, and vote the BNP out of existence.

    Griffin has packed his soap-on-a-rope and a tooth-brush for tomorrow.

    How could this happen in the home of British Justice, the land of Magna Carta, that pillar of Western democracy, that wellspring of Liberal thought and philosophy that has evolved “individual freedoms” for the past thousand years?

    I remember that old song: “There’ll always be an England, and England shall be Free. If England means as much to you, As England means to me.

    Obviously it doesn’t mean much to Trevor Phillips and his gang.

    But, of course, it has already happened here. Was not Pauline Hanson gaoled for three years on trumped up charges? Of course, she was released after three months because a higher Court overturned her conviction as it was obvious that her only crime had been to rally Australian Patriots, give them a voice, and challenge the “two party system”.

    When Pauline polled over a million votes, it shook the “establishment” that really runs this country – those faceless men and women in the boardrooms around the world who have their hands up the ALP/LP puppets and call all the shots.

    They set their media dogs after Pauline and misrepresented, twisted and distorted, every word she uttered. They had their rent-a-crowd thugs at every meeting to intimidate and bash ordinary Australians. They abused Pauline, accused Pauline, scourged her, and then crucified her character.

    They taught us all a very effective lesson: don’t question anything, keep your mouth shut, your dirty hands in your pockets, and do as you’re bloody well told. If you don’t, we’ll destroy you! Just like we did to Pauline.

    At that time I was cowed. I had a mortgage and young kids and a good job – and I knew that if I expressed any sympathy for Pauline, or her beliefs, or turned up at a meeting, and my employers found out about it, I’d have been sacked. So I just voted for her in the privacy of the secret ballot and kept my mouth shut at work.

    I’m nearly 60 and I’m retired now. I’m just an average bloke with nothing to lose any more – and no-one is going to cow me or shut me up again.

    Keep and eye on what happens to Nick Griffin tomorrow. All Australian Patriots need to realise just how big and powerful, and world-wide, the enemy is.

    Advance Australia FAIR

  60. I think kevin rud is bob browns love child.

  61. Russell, yes i tried defending you because i saw the left coming out in Crimson but jack does it better.

  62. Well Jack if i could have put into words that is exactly what i would have said but i guess since, whites are so second class to everyone else, our schooling system didn't do too well with my grammar. I also have this problem of thinking too far ahead when i am thinking of a million things at once. I know what i mean though. You can be my translator ha ha

  63. Well Jack if i could have put into words that is exactly what i would have said but i guess since, whites are so second class to everyone else, our schooling system didn't do too well with my grammar. I also have this problem of thinking too far ahead when i am thinking of a million things at once. I know what i mean though. You can be my translator ha ha

  64. I went to the Australia day in Darwin and seen a nice young girl dresed to the max in her chinese dress and her chinese shoes and waving a Australian flag made in china.I was sick on the way home.

    good on you Jack

  65. Jack Richards says

    Crimson said: “Then there is the Eurocopter facility in Brisbane which will produce all new helicopters for the ADF,”

    But a quick internet search says

    In December 2001, Eurocopter was awarded the contract for the Australian Army’s “Air 87 Requirement”, which was for 22 helicopters of the Tiger ARH (Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter) version. The first Tiger ARH was scheduled to enter service in 2004. 18 of the 22 aircraft will BE ASSEMBLED at the Brisbane facility of Australian Aerospace, the local Eurocopter subsidiary in Australia.
    However, because of the delay in attaining operational capability, Australia’s Defence Materiel Organisation had to stop payment for the helicopters on 1 July 2007. By 2008 the main issues had been addressed and payments resumed

    Crimson, would you like fries with that?

  66. Jack Richards says

    Eurocopter is German/French – not Anglo/French as I said. A slight confsuion with Airbus

    • Jack, if you knew anything about the Australianisation Process for the Eurocopter you'd realise how off the mark you are, for a start, the entire sensor and weapons system is Australian Made to US Standard, it is in short a bastardised version of what is equiped to the AH-64 Apache. Not to mention the NH-90 Utility Helicopters will be built in the same facility.

      Second, Incat only supplies a WPC for the USN but there is another Australian Company looking to fill a 50+ vessel order for a LCP for the USN and the money made from these two projects alone make a mockery of the notion that the numbers of sheep Australia farms is important.



      • Of course i would expect a response such as that with a snob like yourself. Typical that our sheep industry means nothing to you but i guess it means a lot to thousands of people. And of course the mockery you talk of, money to government or a select few while thousands still suffer in poverty. Which government department do you belong to?

        Who exactly will be employed to manufacture these aircraft. Will it be the thousands laid off from Ford, all the car yards that have closed down, yes i really see how global trading boosts our economy. It only boosts greedy government economy and they still spend it like a spent newspaper. Our money, not governments to do as they please. Why do you keep defending there s*** when it has done nothing for us at all?

        • It is not snobby Sandon, it is reality, no economy stays the same forever, things change, Australia's Wool Industry has survived and still makes a lot of money, simply not as much money as other sectors of the economy.

          Simple Mathematic comparison, the F-35 Program is woth more to the Australian Economy than the entirety of the Wool Industry in its own right, in-fact the F-35 program will generate more high paying jobs than the wool industry ever has in its entire existence.

          That is why it is important. Australians won't work for a pittance as farm hands so we as a nation need to attract projects and industries that pay well and the now growing aircraft industry is providing exactly that, along with the growing ship building industry and the associated defence industries.



  67. Jack Richards says

    Crimson, it is you who is “wrong on a couple of fronts” and, it seems to me, you’ve completely missed the point.

    Let’s have a look at a couple of your assertions. You mention the “Australian Aircraft Industry” and then tell us about: Lockheed- Martin (American); Boeing (American); and Eurocopter (Anglo/French). You seem to take great pride in the fact that they have let a few crumbs fall from the table for us. So, we get to make “parts and components” for aircraft that were designed in the US, with all US avionics and armament systems, and will be assembled in the US and then SOLD to us at a tidy profit. Insofar as Eurocopter is concerned, isn’t it a fact that Australia’s role in this is to open the containers from Europe, and then follow the “Instruction Book” and attach Part A to Part B using Screw C? So that’s the “Australian Aircraft Industry” is it?

    You overlook the fact that there isn’t a single factory in this country that can make a jet engine, let alone a whole plane or helicopter.

    Incat, indeed, makes first-class catamarans and, after being financed by the Tasmanian State Government, did manage to get back into the black by supplying vessels to the USN, amongst others. But to call them “ships” is a very big stretch of the imagination. Exactly how many aircraft carriers, tankers, frigates, destroyers or submarines have they made and sold? Incat has proved that, with sufficient State support, Australians can design and build first class equipment. So why doesn’t this happen with everything else?

    Australia is still “one of the largest wool producers in the world”. It used to be “the largest” but our flock now is smaller than it was in 1916, and about a quarter of what it was in 1953. We used to have our own wool scouring, combing and carding plants; spinning and weaving mills; and factories that made everything from carpets to blankets to fashion suits. They’re all gone; all relocated to China and elsewhere, and all those Australian jobs with them. You might also be aware that loony-left European Animal Rights Activists have managed to have Australian Wool boycotted throughout the EU because of the practice of muelsing. Of course, not one of them has bothered to find out why that is done, nor have they seen a fly-blown sheep. They have their own erroneous and smug ideas about this, and they are right and no amount of contrary evidence will convince them otherwise. It’s a bit like saying that children should not be inoculated against tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough because the needle hurts and makes them cry. Choking to death with diphtheria hurts a lot more than the needle; in the same way that death from fly-strike hurts sheep a lot more than muelsing. But lets not let any facts get in the way of a good myth.

    Russell was making the point that Australia has been stripped of most of it’s primary and secondary industrial capability – which is obvious to anyone. Why don’t you take a holiday from your cloister and have a look around Newcastle, Wollongong, Whyalla, Albury, Bendigo, Ballarat, Geelong, Kurri-Kurri, Lithgow and everywhere else that used to have secondary industry and manufacturing – and which is now being left to rust away.

  68. You say that APP are racist or whatever but you just don't get it that we are sick of being sold out, housing being at high cost, paying extra to support these people our cities filled with violent crime more then ever and a lot of us losing our jobs because of slave labour. When does it end. The country is trouble and it is the people who should have the voice not the select few. I am all in for making money, i can assure you but getting there is the hardest part due to all the current ones ripping us off. I even tried but to purchase from China, i had to buy 500000 pieces which is a lot for a business just starting out. I have to do it the hard way and buy the more expensive stuff to get less.

  69. russell cullen says

    thank you Sandon.I think crimson must be in the public service.not in private business.

  70. I stayed home with my girl, i nurtured her, it broke my heart when she went psycho because she hadn't seen me in a few weeks. I also lived in my work van on the street at that stage, and still had to pay child support, didn't matter about me straving.

    You mention those other countries who are protectionists. Of what i ask they are individulous and scum fighting and violende. Australia is not like that and when it was more protected it ran much better then it does now. Economy only reflects government not everyone else and the way it is going with this bull, will see us like those countries, swinging machetties because of suppression

  71. Jack Richards says

    The effects of globalisation and the export of jobs from Australia over the past fifty years can be felt in every family across this country. For example, I have two daughters aged 21 and 22; they are both University Graduates – the elder has a Bachelor of Business, while the younger has a degree in Applied Science. They live in Albury/Wodonga, a city of about 130,000 people.

    In the 18 months since my eldest daughter graduated, the only job she’s managed to score is on the checkout at Coles – for 10 to 20 hours a week – despite having applied for at least 100 jobs everywhere from Sydney to Melbourne. She collects Centrelink payments even though, according to the Government, she is not “unemployed”.

    My youngest daughter is not unemployed either. The best she’s been able to get is serving breakfasts and dinners, anywhere from 4 to 15 hours a week, at a Hotel/Motel owned by a multi-national company. She collects Centrelink benefits as well – but isn’t counted as “unemployed”.

    Albury/Wodonga used to be a world-class manufacturing centre and distribution hub. They used to make gearboxes, bearings, white goods, rolling stock, car parts, clothing and footwear there. It’s all shut; all exported overseas. The only businesses that are thriving are the dole office and the “justice system”. If you get enough young men, with nothing to do and nowhere to go, with easy access to grog and “party drugs” and the time to use them, and a sense of frustrated hopelessness, they will turn on each other – and they do, regularly, in Albury. All that energy spent brawling with each other – when it could be used to make all the things that used to be made there.

    It’s a pattern repeated in every country town and every suburb of every city across this land. Yet, we’re still told that “unemployment” is around 5% and that we “need” another 150,000 third world migrants every year!

    It is just beyond my comprehension how the ALP/LP social engineers can deny something that is plain and obvious to anyone with eyes to see and a brain to think. It’s all too hard. They’d rather distract our attention with the Great Climate Change scam and the merits of sexual abstinence before marriage – rather than tackle the real problem of under-employment, unemployment, hopelessness, aimlessness and frustration. But to do that, they’d have to throw away all those sacred cows they’ve worshipped for the past 50 years: globalisation, creating a post-industrial service economy (i.e. my daughters’ jobs), multi-culturalism, consumerism, massive indebtedness, land rights, gay rights, selling off the farm and the family silver, producing endless “non-threatening, gender-inclusive, mission statements”, EEO, affirmative action, dumbing down the schools and educational system, dole queues that stretch to the crack of doom, and ever bigger fire-works displays to celebrate our “diversity”.

    How can anyone be so STUPID as to believe that high migration levels and multi-culturalism will bring about anything other than a rapid slide into utter chaos? Multi-culturalism has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried, from the Roman Empire through to Yugoslavia, Rwanda and Sri Lanka. But they desperately want to inflict that on us. How much hard evidence do they need? How stupid can they be?

    I wonder if any of these self-satisfied, smug, and self-righteous fools in the ALP/LP have ever wondered what will happen to this country when the bubbles burst in China, India and Japan – and they stop buying all the stuff so very-few of us dig out of the ground? Suddenly we don’t have any more worthless US Dollars to buy all our clothes, shoes, TVs and electrical appliances, aircraft, ships, cars, petrol, tools, cutlery, glassware and everything else you can find in the stores? What do we do then?

    The answer, of course, is obvious.

    We’d build our own factories and replace imports with Australian made goods and foodstuffs. But first, we’d have to find out how to do it and train skilled workers – and that is going to take years. Why don’t we just cut to the chase and do it NOW. But that would take a bit of guts, a bit of spine, and distract us from the important things like climate change, social diversity, multi-culturalism, unapologetically saying “Sorry” to everyone for everything, teenage virginity, and gay marriage.

    When the Japanese attacked us in early 1942, neither the US nor the British could supply us with fighter aircraft – and we had next-to-none here. So the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation set to work. Within 3 months the CAC Boomerang had not only been designed from scratch, but built, flown, and was in mass production with all Australian made parts. In the same time-frame, CAC also built Beaufighters and bombers from British designs.

    We do not have the machine tools, or the skills, to do that today. If we got cut-off again, like we did in 1942, we couldn’t supply our own boots in 3 months, let alone rifles, machine guns or jet fighters – or anyone who knew how to use them. We’d just have to stand behind the counter and ask the Japs, “Would you like fries with this country”.

    • The Australian Aircraft Industry in WW II completed only 3,500 aircraft in total and that total was a fraction of the aircraft used by the RAAF's 71 active squadrons during the war.

      Since then the CAC went on to produce the F-86 Sabre, the Mirage III and the F/A-18 Hornet and a few odd aircraft here and there.

      Secondly, evefry field weapon (rifle and machine gun) used by the ADF is made by Thales in Lithgow NSW and has been this way since prior the introduction of the .303 SMLE.

      You also seam to forget that almost everything used by the ADF is actually made here in Australia.



  72. russell cullen says

    sorry crimson you were wrong on few points there.ALL us military equipment MUST be built in the us.and were can i buy a Australian made jumper or suit made of australian growen wool.

    • I dare say your only hope would be national geographic.

    • Sorry Russel you are again wrong, the US Military use a great deal of foreign equipment and parts. An Australian Company just received a Lockheed-Martin contract to provide high-tech heat treatments of components for some 800 aircraft. There will be a great deal of money to be made from the 3,500 aircraft F-35 program by Australian Companies, over AU$19 billion in-fact.



  73. Actually Crimson, you really sound like you are a part of the current government because everything we are seeing and affraid of happening to us, you seem to approve of. Well if you are a part of the government, we will see you eventually go down with the rest of us. It will only be a select few who, make it to the top, if this communism keeps up and it won'yt be any minority group or department. They will be sheep like the rest of us. They are beingf used in the meantime, which is why they defend the very system that will be there destroyer.

    • RomanGoddess says

      Sandon, you are mistaken about this being 'communism' – COMMUNISTS were about taking care of WORKERS – THIS bunch of SOCIALISTS are rewarding the bludgers! And they're more interested in 'looking good for the UN" than in listening to the people of THIS country.

      What do you call a million politicians at the bottom of the ocean?

  74. Crimson, i don't think he is talking of the whole industry as a whole, the likes of Ansett bailed out by our hard earned money and then, gone into receivership. He isn't talking about the forces which are a tax subsidised system, being our point to start with. Only things that survive are government businesses. Until they rule us, is all the government care about.

    Quantas, once an Australian owned business, Same with Telstra. You name it is sold out from under us. Australia maybe one of the largest wool producers in the world but at what cost to our farmers. They keep going down like flies in a moretien bomb. Boeing being a manufacturer of aircraft worldwide, doesn't stop the likes of a Flight craft company from going down. They are the businesses that hold the trump card, Just like the oil companies.

    • QANTAS is still an Australian Owned company and now there are more Australian Owned and Operated Airlines in Australia then ever before. The Airline Industry in Australia is one of the most robust and profitible in the world, it is something Australia should be proud of.



      • Qantas is 55% Australian owned, they also own 60% of jetstar to compete with virgin blue, End of last year, government relaxed there foreign ownership laws to qantas. Just like The Howard government selling off Telstra to relieve our debt but of course we knew where that would lead, more tax for us because they would get us into debt once again, do i need to say more with the current idiot spending our money like a child in a lolly shop.

        Ansett are gone, who else is there, that is a big corporation?

        • Virgin Blue as an operation is Owned by an Australian Investment Group. QANTAS wholly own JetStar the only joint venture has been with JetStar throughout Asia. Plus there are other regional airlines that are Australian, however it is the QANTAS Virgin Blue duo that are making the most money, with QANTAS being very profitable indeed.

          Privatisation was not the smartest idea granted so i won't argue that. However, in terms of debt, the Australian Government will find it easier to pay AU$300 billion than the US of A will find it paying US$1.4 trillion… (that is this years deficit alone, US Governmental Debt many times that)

          Just think about that.



          • It isn't government debt it is our debt that government created. I am sure Qantas have the tax tricks up there sleeve just like all businesses do. It won't be them paying the bill, it will be the little men and women as usual.

            Although Branson retains complete ownership and control of the Virgin Brand, the commercial set-up of companies using it is varied and complex. Each of the companies operating under the Virgin brand is a separate entity, with Branson completely owning some and holding minority or majority stakes in others. Occasionally, he simply licenses the brand to a company that has purchased a division from him, such as Virgin Mobile USA, Virgin Mobile Australia, Virgin Radio and Virgin Music (now part of EMI).

  75. Yes it would. I am not classed as unemployed but i am facing bankruptcy due to a greedy businesss who ripped me off. Also having people whinge at me about price, when i have to charge the price i do just to get some food. Because of all the government s*** such as dump fees and fuel costs and tax. I am not making it and then a government department whinges at me for ripping them off when i would be flat out making $10 per hour off them, after expenses. Don't talk to me about bulldust statistics, they are a crock.

    I have to put off repayments due to a self serving corrupt organisation who used me for 8 years and people still want prices from 1998, that just can not be done with the inflation. This economy is stuffed, people are going down because everyone has had to raise cost enormously to keep going but it is giving

  76. Without the smaller person (small business, employees), there will be no bigger person (big business), then no government. Minorities have destroyed this country by believing in a self serving government, not realising, that us are the ones who support them, not the government. They are in for a rude shock, if this s*** keeps going. How many more businesseshave to lose before you realise what they are doing is rubbish. 5% unemployment. Was that a made up figure. How many people live on free welfare and how many, have part time work barely making ends meet. How many have gone bankrupt and how many are homeless. The real statistic would be how many people live below the poverty line, that would be atrue unemployment rate.

    They say the average wage is $1300 per week, well most of us never see it so i guess the top people earn absolute ridiculous amounts to make that assumption correct. Just another made up statistic to blind the truth.

    • The average wage in Australia is AU$1,100 a week with most minimum wages for full time employment being around half that. That is still a lot more than what the Chinese textile workers are paid in the sweat shops.

      The lowest unemployment rate in Australia was 4.5% or there abouts with Job Ads being more than the available work-force was capable of filling. Like any statistic, there are variations, the absolute unemployment rate may be higher if you added a couple of groups that aren't counted, however, it would not alter the % to such a degree to effect the out-come.



  77. The economy is stuffed Crimson, there have beenforclosure on thousands of houses, poverty businesses falling left right and centre, thousands losing jobs and 35000 bankrupts per year. I guess unless we keep the public service (communists) going the economy is great for you.

    As long as they waste our hard earned cash and spend it on s*** that is not necessary at this point in time, then you will be right Crimson, along with all the other hypocrites spinning lies to try fool the people, who rely on this corrupt government.

    • What on Earth do you mean the Economy is stuffed? Seriously?

      Australia didn't even suffer a recession, in-fact the Australian Economy actually grew through the middle of the GFC.

      How does that equate to a stuffed economy?

      Is it because most of the heavy industries in Australia fled the over-taxed states of NSW and Victoria for Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia?

      Or is it because in the space of 1 week two seperate companies each signed AU$50 billion export contracts?

      I'd like to hear your definition of a stuffed economy, seeing as the IMF and World Bank with investment firms the world over ranking Australia's Economy the best in the world.


  78. russell cullen says

    I have just made up a small list of some of industires that have closed in the 30 years or so. ship building
    footwear and the list goes on and on
    white goods
    woolen mills

    • Sorry Russel you're very wrong on a couple of fronts there.

      The Australian Aircraft Industry is now larger than it has every been in peace time, with almost every major Aircraft Manufacturing or Supplier now represented in Australia. Lockheed-Martin Australia will be sourcing numerous parts and airframe components for the entre F-35 build program of 3,500 aircraft from Australia. The list continues, Boeing Australia is also carrying out high-tech high-cost work for the RAAF including aircraft out-fitting sych as for the Wedgetail AEWACs aircraft for the RAAF. Then there is the Eurocopter facility in Brisbane which will produce all new helicopters for the ADF,

      Then there is Incat and others now supplying ships for the USN.

      And Australia is still one of the largest wool producers in the world.

      And so on and so on…



  79. we are being exterminated across the globe.

  80. Let’s hope Tweedledum and Tweedledee keep stupidly pushing the “Big Australia” message.
    Maybe people will wake the hell up and stop voting for them.
    Is it possible to shoot yourself in the foot while digging your own grave?

  81. Jack Richards says

    Fellow Australians, we still have a reasonable chance of saving ourselves – but we have to organise and overcome our “she’ll be right” complacency. We can’t leave it till it’s too late. Those two effete bum-boys running the two major parties have to be confronted, as do their PC lackeys and the running dogs of the ethnic power-brokers.

    Maybe I live among, and mix with, a very insular group – but not one person I have asked is happy with the immigration policies of the last half-dozen Governments; the state of non-border protection, the kid-glove handling of invaders arriving by boat and plane daily; globalisation; the sell-off of every Australian industry and business; the immense and widening gap between rich and poor; the endless denigration and racism against “white Australians”; privatisation of public utilities; multi-culturalism, affirmative action; or “free trade”. Of course, not one of these things was ever on an ALP/LP “policy statement” and not one was ever put to a referendum. I wonder why?

    I used to own a little country Pub in a rural area near the snowy mountains. There are a lot of big farms around here that brought out exchange students to work during the harvests. They came from NZ, Canada, US, Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, South Africa and Scandinavia. Quite a few of them never went back and, after hearing their stories over a few beers, I can understand why. Incidentally, they were all white, somewhat Christian, and spoke English.

    Two very tough young New Zealanders are still here and have both married local girls. It would be hard to imagine two harder workers or two blokes so handy with any sort of machinery. When I asked them why they didn’t go back to NZ, they gave the simple answer: Maoris and Islanders. They told me that, where they came from, everywhere they went they were accosted by Maori/Islander gangs. Both of them had been beaten up. They want to bring their widowed mother over as she is now too frightened to go to town.

    Then there was the South African girl, a Boer, who could drive a harvester and had qualifications in cattle breeding and genetics. It took a few grogs to loosen her tongue because she feared being “denounced” to the Police for expressing “racial hatred”. She explained how, in South Africa, she lived with the daily fear of pack rape by marauding, armed blacks. How her family’s farm had been halved in size, without compensation of course, and given to blacks – who promptly turned it into a weed-infested rubbish dump where they grazed parasite infested and diseased cattle. Theft, threats, break-ins, and recurring terror is what her family live with on a daily basis. She didn’t want to go back, but was forced to because she wasn’t a “refugee in danger of persecution.”

    The Canadian boy from Alberta didn’t much want to go back either. As he explained, Calgary is a very dangerous place for a white man. On the one hand, there are the “aboriginal Canadians” i.e. Red Indians, who make careers out of receiving handouts, intimidating and bashing whites, and engaging in endless drunken brawls and melees in the streets. When they sober up enough they engage in theft, rape and vandalism. On the other hand, they’re being driven out by Negro, Mexican and central American street gangs, who also make careers out of ripping off the Canadian welfare system while engaging in the very profitable illegal drug and arms businesses.

    The young American bloke came from Wyoming. He had moved there as a child after his parents sold the family farm near Oklahoma City, which they had owned since the Civil War. And why did they move to Wyoming? As he said, to escape from the Negros, Hispanics and “Native Americans”. Wyoming is nearly all-white, and every one owns a gun – but they have the lowest crime rate in the USA. He was part of the great American white-flight.

    The French, British, Scandinavians and Germans all told similar stories. Cities over-run with Turks, Algerians, Pakistanis, Africans and every other 3rd world mongrel you can think of. Rampant crime, street gangs, drugs, bashings, rapes, vandalism. Islamic schools and mosques (all financed by the white tax payers, of course) and Islamic migrants “demanding” their “right” to practice their “culture” and shrilly screaming “RACIST” at anyone who objects. Endless laws criminalising “racial vilification”, that is, any white who dares to express any view not approved by the “Equality Commissions” and their PC Red Guards.

    Why is it that there seems to be a well organised lobby group for every ethnic group in this country, except one for White Anglo/European males? Why is it that my children can’t get Government housing – but the Tamils from the Oceanic Viking move straight on in. Why is it that there are no “identified” Public Service jobs for my white kids, but plenty for “indigenous Australians”? Why is it that there are “women only” gyms – but no gyms exclusively for aging, overweight, red-neck hill-billies like me? Why is it that every Australia Day the Government broadcasts TV ads of “typical Australians” where none of them is white? Why did Quentin Bryce, the GG, broadcast her “Australia Day” message from a school room in Parramatta that featured not one Anglo/European child, but plenty of kids in practice burkas, blacks and coloureds of every description? It nearly made me puke. Who voted for her anyway?

    Just to make my Australia Day even more vomitous, we then had Comrade Rudd’s half-breed nephew, and his Vietnamese-Australian mate parading around in KKK outfits vilifying me! But I’ll bet they’re not charged with “racial vilification”. But everyone knows their signs meant “white Anglo/Europeans”. If I was to paint myself black, pretend to have an IQ of 65, wear a dirty loin-cloth, tuck a water-melon under my arm, and wander around with a sign that read “Dat beez RACIS” – can you imagine the media coverage that would have got? It would be on CNN, every news service around the globe and the Indian Media would be positively frothing!

    I noticed that, in the news coverage of the “bashing” of two Indians by a “racist gang” last night that the news camera’s “lingered” on what appeared to be a shaven-headed white, but quickly moved away from the other members of the “gang” who seemed to be of East Asian ethnicity. I wonder why that was?

    I also notice that the Indian who was set upon by “four white racists” and set on fire, and had his car torched, has disappeared without a trace from the news. Why has there been no follow-up on this heinous “racist” crime? I’d like to know what has happened; what are those racist KKK Victorian cops doing?

    But I know we’ll be safe if Abbot wins the election. He really has his finger on the pulse of this country as evidenced by his commitment to teenage virginity while he tries to convince his kids to go to mass with him. Being a fundamentalist Catholic, I’m sure he’ll find lots of common ground with the Greens and their leader, Bob Brown. Really, what’s a bit of sodomy between consenting adults got to do with anything?

    Fellow Australians, get off your arses, get involved, help save this country!

    Advance Australia FAIR.

  82. Exactly right, Jack. Noone gives a rats about the mental illness we are suffering for being suppressed all the time about anything and everything. When we are wrong, we are wrong, when we are right, we are wrong. Thats left for you. I, today had a government department say i was too dear, and people rip off government etc. Well if government didn't rip us off so much, we wouldn't have to charge high prices. I didn't twist there arm to use my services and if i sat down and showed you what it looks like on paper, i would be making about $10 per hour, not including expenses, such as phone and superannuation. This country has gone to the dogs.

    You should get Crimsons view on this, i have said everything but Crimson will twist it around like i said it, when it was he or she who said it. It's all about big business apparently, making money, which i have no problems with but when it is at my and everyone else expense, then i do have a problem. Oh then these big business, whinge about what i have to charge to make ends meet, because i am not earning $2 per hour from them. Hypocrites. They want to be on top at the expense of people like me and want to ruin my business. Hypocrites.

    • Gday Sandon ,I dont know what it is you do but the reality is they dont want you there . GSTwas the first hit on small operators , many could not keep up with the paperwork & chucked thier arms up & went to work for the machine . A few years back I ran a refrigeration a/con business in Darwin & it gave us a reosonable income .Then came all the scaremongering about the ozone layer [ actually inittiated by dupont ,the manufacturers of the offending gases , well thier patent was due up ] .Resulting in the formation of a licencsing system that pushed another lot of small blokes sideways & cost the public $squillions . Then we got the over engineering of everything from a toaster to absolutely anything , electronics from one end to the other , the end game being ,if it fails out of wty you dump it or pay dearly to fix it ,just about wiping out the service industries.The old motor mechanic cant lay a spanner on modern cars . TBC

      • PT2 We used to go over to Kunnunurra a few years ago & stayed at a place called Kona park ,on lake kona ,top spot , family run & friendly . Last time we went it had been scooped up by a national chain ,all in thier uniforms . All the franchising that goes on ,jims mowing,antennas,cleaning etc etc etc . Thats who they look after ,multinational net working ,they dont give a stuff about the ordinary bloke . Massive chunks of the north being flogged off for its water harvesting potential yes we need to make a stand !!!!

  83. more like day time friends and nite time lovers.

  84. Top post Jack ,.Was a bit bemused by the statement made by Australian of the year, referance , the need to fast track asylum seekers into the community so they do not suffer mental illness etc ,I wonder whos community , I bet its not near his manor or kevis rellies , I bet hes about as popular as a pork chop in a mosque at the moment [ the nephew] . If kevi softens anything now we can ask if it has anything to do with his multiculti marxist rellies , good on him

  85. Jack Richards says

    The ALP and LP are the two cheeks of the one arse. They don’t care about Australia or Australians – they care only about obeying their international globalising masters. As you correctly point out, the only reason for this insane level of migration is to create an excess labour pool of consumers – beacuse that will be good for the “economy”.

    This isn’t a nation any longer – it’s now just an “economy” fighting for a place in the top 10 of the world’s economic “league table”.

    They both lie about unemployment and under-employment – the real figure is about 35% – not the much vaunted 5%. The middle class and working class has been mecahnised and computerised out of existance while nearly every factory in Australia has been closed down and moved to a third world country where they can get the same “productivity” for $5 a day.

    Young people in this country can’t have a “career” any more. That concept is gone: now they have a choice of working in a fast food outlet or for one of the two retail outlets in this country – and it’s all casual or part-time. None of them will ever be able to afford a home of their own – as they are always outbid by foreign investors and real-estate speculators.

    Every day we’re told about the stock-market movements, as if everyone is a day-trader. We’re constantly bombarded with the news that “the aussie dollar is now worth 89.2 cents”.

    Most of rural Australia has turned into sinks of unemployment and depression. Plant and machinery rusts away in paddocks while town infrastructures collapse. There is an atmosphere of hopelessness among the young. In the area in which I live there are once-thriving towns that have simply closed. The ones still idling over are dilapidated and rusting while the young people head for Sydney or Melbourne looking for any sort of work.

    The cities have turned into sewers of ethnic enclaves run by gangs of thugs who do what they do best: extortion, robbery, rape, home invasion, and drug dealing.

    If you want a vision of Australia in 50 years time, imagine a Vietnamese shoe factory located in a Bangladeshi/Kenyan slum as harmonious and multi-cultural as Compton in South-central Los Angeles. We’ll know what time it is becasue the Imam will call us all to prayer five times a day and we’ll thank Allah for being able to work a 60 hour week for $120. But it will be good for the “economy” – that is, the super-rich living in their walled, gated and heavilly armed communities.

    I am of course a bigotted, ethnocentric, racist and belong to the most hated race on earth – as I’ve often been told whenever I’ve humbly express a view about anything other than sport. I am a 7th generation Australian whose ancestors came to this country from everywhere between eastern Poland and western Ireland.

    My ancestors apparently carried out genocide on the Aborigines (who lived an idyllic, peaceful and harmonious life in a natural paradise) , drove them off the land and raped their women, and then stole the children of those who survived. My Grandfather served with that racist organisation, the First AIF, was shot twice on the Western Front defending ” British Imperialism” while my father was shot-down over New Guniea in 1945, in an Australian made Bommerang fighter, and thus aided the commission of the world’s greatest “war crime” i.e. the A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagaski.

    My children have much to be guilty of. They are, after all, white-skinned, blonde-haired, blue eyed, English speaking and secularly non-practising Christian. My daughters even have the depraved hide to show their faces in the street!

    Rightfully, Kevin Rudd’s half-breed Nephew, Van Thanh Rudd, demonstrated against people like me yesterday. I was so overcome with guilt I ran out, found the nearest “indigenous” person I could, and begged for forgiveness! I think I’ll volunteer to have a nice gang of Somali refugees move in next door.

    Seriously, it really is time for the founders and makers of this country, i.e. white europeans, to fight back. I feel the tension on the streets, the pressure building. It’s starting to happen in Europe, from Russia to Iceland, and in North America. We’ve had about as much bullying and berating as we can take – I certainly have. I’ll be sending in my APP application today.

    Advance Australia FAIR

    • Darrin Hodges says

      "The ALP and LP are the two cheeks of the one arse"

      Or more pointedly, the same s*** in different buckets.

    • Well said mate!

    • Best comment I have read so far, it should be printed in all the newspapers, opps, how stupid of me, only white racists in the media nowdays. Funny enough, I've never seen a white Australian in a Klu Klux clan robe until one of kev's half bred reli's had the hide to show his ugly face on t.v.!

    • Well said Jack Richards and I totally agree with you every line you wrote. I also joined APP recently and will do all I can to GET THE MOVEMENT MOVING! I am a WHITE Australian and I am sorry they cancelled the White Australia Policy. If not liking what is happening in this country because of the TRASH they have allowed in from the 3rd World countries makes me RACIST, so be it.

  86. Yes we hear you Jack, Over the past 2 years i just turned my tellie off! It is just too depressing, watching Violence against women, Australia says No, but violence against everyone else is ok, The job rate is down so why are there so many people suffering. These people and those people get paid but you whitey MAN, you do not. I just got sick of it. Woneder what they would say if we wore KKK outfits and went to slay Rudd, would we be racist still, most likely. Those outfits are USA anyhow just like the word ‘nigger’.

    It is going to be a war Jack, where do you all want to meet so we can get thias party started.

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