Ironbark social club – people smuggling

The Ironbark Club is a friendly monthly get together where Conservatives, Nationalists, Constitutionalists, Anthropogenic climate change sceptics and Australians concerned about where this country is headed can discuss issues of concern in a PC free environment. It’s a good way of meeting like-minded people and forming new social networks. We will have guest speakers on various subjects and from time to time be entertained with recitals of Australia poetry and short stories.

This month’s Ironback Club will be held on Saturday, the 27th of February, starting from 3PM in Sydney. In light of the current situation of the Rudd government’s red carpet treatment of the pirates who took over the government vessel the Oceanic Viking and the possible entry into Australia of terrorists in the guise of refugees, the theme will be illegal immigration,people smuggling and the problems of multiculturalism. Our guest speaker this month will be Greg Clancy, author of “The Conspiracies of Multiculturalism -The Betrayal that Divided Australia” and “The People Smugglers – The People Smuggling Industry and the Secret Cost to Australia” of which signed copies will be available for purchase.

Entry is by donation and food and beverage will be complimentary, so come along, invite your friends!

Where: Sydney

Time: 3pm Saturday, 27th of February 2010.

Parking: The venue has parking  in adjoining streets.

Contact Details: RSVP Nick Folkes on 0417-679972 or Darrin Hodges on 0431-739260.


  1. Thanks to Darrin, Nick, and Simon for the Organisation of a great afternoon! I would also like to thank the gentleman who allowed us the use of the venue. I cannot remember your name sir, but thank you so very much.

    It was a lot of fun, informative and great to meet members and feel the team spirit and belief in this Nation.


  2. Aussie digger says

    I would like to see more effort put into finding alternative fuel sources so that we can free ourselves from being held to ransom by opec (run by muslims) every time they find themselves being ignored they threaten to drop the production of oil to force prices up. How much of the money used to purchase this oil from the middle east goes to terrorist groups, taliban, hamas, hezbolla, fatah etc?

    The father of an ex girlfriend worked for BP in Brisbane and told me matter of fact, the making of unleaded fuel causes cancer agents to be released into the atmosphere. Australia can be an absolutly fabulous country, if we get more manufacturing here, keeping imports down, exports up, stop the forcing of cheap labour from overseas off our shores.

  3. Read the today tonight article on reverse racism

  4. Dave Tierney says

    If multiculturism is so good, why does it have to be propped up by draconian, PC legislation that stifles fair and open comment on the policy?

  5. the ringer from the west says

    I would like to know how more people use less WATER

    Kev will know ?if the royal mail was up him?

  6. While Im a spectick about the cliemate change reports out in the media now,.. I cant deny the simple fact that more people uses more resources produces more waste. Casue and effect.

    Hwoever the information out there currently is a crock.

  7. I am proud to say that yesterday I sent off my completed application and joining fee to be a member of APP. Now I only hope that others will do the same and get the ball rolling to change things in OUR great country before it is too late. To all those of you who will say it is already too late, don't be so negative, while there is hope it is never too late.

  8. Nicholas Folkes says


    pls. go to

    Plenty of worthwhile information on this site to increase your knowledge on this issue.

  9. The only way we will stop climate change is if we can stop selfish business such as oil companies.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Sandon, there is no such thing as anthropogenic (man made) climate change. Fossil fuels are fine and the cheapest source of energy. Australia has cheap energy compared to other developed nations but if Labor and the Greens get their way we will be paying triple the price for energy. Do you want to pay more TAX? Aren't enough Aussies finding it difficult to survive in the current economic environment? As I said to "pale face" don't believe a thing the Fabians say. there's plenty of good info. on the web.

      • Of course Nick, i know climate change is just another scheme for more TAX and a world governing body. Of course, i have heard the scientists apposed to the summit etc. What i am saying though is if they want to fix it, then there are much simpler ways with our own country, which puts a big dint in there scheme. If they were serious about there claims, then some ideas like i have said would be the option, wouldn't you think?

        Also, the carbon emmisions are not good for our health due to the monoxide component. Trees can countre this though and over populating the areas where rain forests once were is not doing us any good.

        On the topic though, i just stated some far simpler, better plans if they were serious. We know they are not serious, they just want to rule us all and take all that we have. They will use anything to do it. It usually involves something of the heart, they use against us. Eg, being family, Our nature etc.

  10. Less Multi culture, well maybe our natural flora will have more of a chance instead of being destroy for populus growth. Maybe if they want a higher population, families in tact and better off financially can contribute to this population and on the upside for this, will mean more people in one home, less urbanisation. If global trade has better tarrifs, then people in the country areas will want to stay and take over the farm, more jobs in those areas to reduce the populations in the cities, lower water use. But hang on i am a nobody. My arguments do not make sense.

    How about trying to redirect sewage and storm water inland anfd then let the natural flow of the earth take it through the water system, cleaning it and maybe that will help the drought areas. Flora may flourish and trees can absorb carbon.

  11. Climate change will be fixed when the likes of APP, Family First and NON-Custodial parents party and Free Australia have more of a say. Put it this way, just by helping families be able to cope and stay in tact will see less cars on the road. Better tax system will see one parent be able to stay home, etc. That is just one idea. I believe less foreign trade where it is sent over then returned will reduce shipping carbon. More home based ideas, more affordable such as solar and wind turbines. The climate change they are speaking is utter SH*t.

    More use of water splitting in engines. More money for the people will see less people having to drive 100's of km's to work. Cheaper housing instead of the blowout that stops most of us owning a home and it isn't because we haven't tried.

    We know super is a crock so how can our bank interest see us get ahead.

    Affordability, is the key. People claim Multi-culturalism and overseas trade will make it cheaper for us all but hang on, why isn't it cheaper and we spend more also make less?

  12. people smuggling?Compliance of K rud and the indonesian navy.

  13. i must admit i dont find aussies thats racsict

  14. Oh for a P.C. environment! How I miss those days!
    By the way, anyone see krudd's nephews dressed in Klu Klux clan outfits on Australia day screaming out that white Australians are 'waycist' on the news? How sickening that family is. Typical univeristy-styled, left winged, traitor crap

  15. so whats everyones view on climate change ?

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      The climate changes every day mate. The Fabian Marxist swine who currently run the show use 'climate change' as a smokescreen to sign over Australian soverreignty to the UN and increase TAXES on us, the slaves. Anthropogenic climate change is a lie, an absolute lie.

      The IPCC is full of crooks, swimdlers and Marxist prostitutes. Their is no debate, there is no real consensus amongst Scientists about Co2 increasing temperatures. Co2 is increasing and it is completely natural, the climate is controlled by God not man.

      Co2 is odourless, colourless and not a pollutant. After all you breathe out Co2 while breathing in Oxygen. How can C02 be a pollutant then?

      Pale Face, this is just another example of Labor trying to impose more TAXES on us. They forced multiculturalism, immigration and globalisation down our throats. Don't be fooled by Govt. and their demonic ways.

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