Monckton & Plimer Tour Australia: Dates & Venues

There is no one quite like Christopher Monckton, with his background in Latin classics, journalism, work for the Thatcher government,  and dogged persistence to analyze the numbers. Last year he spoke in New York, Washington, Copenhagen, and across Canada (and that’s just the ones I know of, off the top of my head). Monckton is a gem of a man, and this is a rare opportunity to see him in action. He’s been storming the world for years now, a constant thorn in Al Gore’s side. Monckton challenged Gore to debate in March 2007. Al Gore claims “he want’s to convince the world”, but he’s had almost three years and still can’t find a single day to explain the “overwhelming” evidence on TV with Monckton present.

Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at The University of Adelaide, has made a huge impact around the globe with his book Heaven and Earth which has gone into its seventh print run. It will be an extraordinary double.

Dates and Details

Details are being finalized. This is the latest program; expect some changes. I’ll be making updates as they come in. Send your name to the contact so you can find out more. To prevent spam the @ symbol in the emails has been replaced with “AT”.

UPDATE: This is being organized by volunteers on the fly and there is no ticketing system as such. To cover costs, admission to Lord Monckton’s public lectures will be by way of a donation (of $20) at the door. Other donations are being collected at the moment.


Wednesday 27  January,

12:30, Luncheon, The Union Club

17:30 Public lecture, Sheraton on the Park

contact:   John Smeed, phone or SMS 0417 269 216


Thursday 28 January

12:30 Public lecture, Newcastle City Hall – Banquet Room

contact: Anthony Cox, 0412 474916,


Friday 29 January

12:00 – 2.00 Brisbane Institute luncheon Panel Debate   Brisbane Hilton – Grand Ballroom

Pre-registered and pre-paid event.

contact: Karyn Brinkley<>

15:00 Public Lecture Brisbane – Irish Club,  Tara Ballroom

$20 at the door, no pre-registration or booking required

contact: Tony Gomme <>


Saturday 30 January

2pm Public Lecture “The J”, Noosa Heads, Ian Runge (Brisbane Institute)/John McRobert

contact: Simon Gamble, Ian Runge (Brisbane Institute)/


February Monday 1

12:30 “Sandwich Luncheon”, 6/112 Millswyn St Ian Runge (Brisbane Institute)/ Max Rheese (Aust. Climate Science Coalition)/Des Moore  (Inst. For Private Enterprise)

17:30 Public Lecture, Sofitel Hotel Grand Ballroom

contact: Case Smit


Wednesday 3 February,

Organisers hope it will be at the National Press Club



Thursday4 February

19:30 Public lecture Intercontinental Hotel (formerly Hyatt)
North Terrace

contact: Damian Wyld,,  Ph 08 8379 0246


Monday 8 February

Luncheon Parmelia Hilton Hotel

17:30 Public Lecture Parmelia Hilton Hotel – Swan Room

contact: Daphne Dimitri for Gina Rinehart,

Both Monckton and Plimer  draw vitriolic ad hominem attacks, as if all their dozens of different scientific points can be debunked with a campaign of  smears.  Monckton especially attracts fire  “because he’s not a climate scientist”, but then, neither is Al Gore. The dogged focus on details from their pasts, and the pedantic focus on minor points, tells us just how effective both these men are.

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  4. Fulcanelli says

    Hobart Not important ? Noosa is ?

  5. Me and the missus will definately be there.

  6. Cant wait to hear Lord Monckton.__What an amazing opportunity!__It just goes to show how easily the wool can be pulled over our eyes at every turn!__This man is a liberator and i encourage all patriots to attend.

  7. Nicholas Folkes says

    Lord Mockton would be better off joining the BNP.

  8. Sounds interesting. This guy is a member of UKIP, right?

    • What guy is member of ukip , if you cant see where hes at ,& you think he is related to ukip .I dont think you know what you are talking about

  9. Lord Monckton is fighting against lairs and fraudsters who's collective Marxist aim is to rid all national sovereignties in their global plan to manifestly create a global citizen with a heiracy of elite. The people are doomed under such a plan and so is democracy. People need to wise up on a global scale before it can't be stopped. Take a look at media too because it is also supressing news. Here is just one example but do your own research guys. –

    More on the Global warming Scam can be found but if you understand that all these things fit together, you will realise that it is a world agenda. Agenda 21 through the Earth Summit will bring about sustainable development. As a major part of that agenda lies Tony Blair and his Faith and Globalisation Foundation through Yale University. – Do not believe your governments and continue to fight for nationalist government before you have no ability other than to pick up arms. It is Worldwide.

    • Expat brighton boy here ,thanks for that ,on the case ,BNP for me too ,they really need to get up , lead the way , or western civilisation as we know it is no more ,were watching you , people of a nationalist attitude in Australia should consider donating to the BNP & help them make a stand ,islam & mass immigration is coming like a frieght train in the UK ,but average joe blow is not on the case , hes got vaseline on his eyes , as have we here , research the muzzie agenda , as Catty has posted , there are 2 types , the millitant agressive ones & the patient ones who use our baby bonus to out bread us , wake up AUSTRALIA

  10. Nicholas Folkes says

    Dear Fellow Protectionists, pls. make some time and get to one of these venues in Australia. This is such an important opportunity to hear some truth over the continual barrage of anthropogenic lies. Not only will Lord Monckton debunk the lies about man made climate change but also highlight the Constituitonal dangers which involve Kyoto and Copenhagen. Liberal and Labor have already ceded vast amounts of Australian sovereignty to the devils of the UN. Come and join the Resistance.

    This guy is one of the best public Speakers ever. I've heard fools over the years say, "one person can not make any difference", here is evident they can.

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