Monckton says COP15 could set up the mechanism for a world government

Australian Conservative writes –

The big danger of Copenhagen is that there will be an agreement that will include the mechanisms of what could very easily become a world government, Lord Christopher Monckton said earlier this week.

Lord Monckton told Jacek Szkudlarek of and RBN about the larger agenda behind Copenhagen and how it will help to support the push for world government.

“What is going to happen is they’re not going to have a treaty. They’re going to have a ‘political agreement’ which will be long on rhetoric, long on aspirations, short on specific detail, because the West isn’t going to be willing to pay the kind of money that the third world countries are demanding in alleged reparations for climate debt. That was never going to be a flyer. All that sort of very extreme stuff was not going to happen.

“The danger I think is the one thing that is going to happen is there will be, or, if you like, there already has been, an agreement that the mechanisms of what could very easily become, powerful enough and wealthy enough to become, a world government are going to be set up.

“Every draft of the treaty I have seen, I’ve had to fight to get each one because they’re doing their best to keep it all secret, has shown that the beureucratic structure, several hundred interlocking bureaucracies, that they have set up, that is something they are planning to do, even if nothing else happens.

“And that, in itself, will cost the West a fortune. So that is the first thing that I think they will do out of all this.”

Lord Monckton said the delegation walkouts and the demonstrations have all been part of the “street theatre” to keep media interest running high.

“At the end of it they will pretend no agreement has been reached and they will begin to say no agreement can be reached.

“What they will do is say, ‘Right, we’ll bring it right up to the wire’.

“We’ll go into an all-night session after President Obama is here. So he takes the chair at the session, brings the parties together and then early in the morning, just in time for the main news stations around the world to pick it up, there will be an announcement from these people.

“They’ll come tottering out of the meeting with their ties around their eares, and the stubble on their faces, and the bags under the eyes and the wan smiles on their faces, as they say, ‘At the eleventh hour we’ve done it.’

“But all of this was in the script before this conference began,” Lord Monckton said.

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In Part 1, Lord Monckton tells Jacek Szkudlarek of and RBN about the larger agenda behind Copenhagen and how it will help to support the push for world government.

In Part 2, Lord Monckton explains how the current meeting in Copenhagen is a type of street theater designed to obscure the fact that the important decisions have already been made behind the scenes.


  1. SUBJECT: World Bank President Admits Agenda For Global Government

    Have a look at what these COMMUNISTS has planned for us:-

    Everybody has to fight against this EVIL!

  2. Tony Abbott's pledge to Australians. In my opinion, this man cares for the country he loves. I hope Australians respond in a positive way towards him. All the very best Mr. Abbott.

  3. Catty, I may be an eternal optimist. It's just within my nature. I would like to see small farming operations return and see families producing our nations food instead of the corporate agricultural sector. I believe that this way, farming and nature can coexist harmoniously for the benefit of each other. In Russia, the 'Dachniks', who are little cottage industry farmers who only own a couple of hectares each, produce 70% of Russia's food. This way families are producing great quality organic food and the profits are staying in Russia. The corporate agricultural sector only has a small market share. Children are also involved and are required to work on the little garden plots which gives them a healthy upbringing and teaches them the responsibility of work too. I think that looking after our natural habitat has nothing to do with a tax or a trading scheme. It has to do with having a respect for nature and managing it correctly. I think we can learn from the 'Dachniks'.

  4. John – Krudd does not work for Australia – he sold out long ago to his UN masters. It's no secret that once he is done screwing over this country he will be rewarded with a plumb job at UN headquarters!! You only have to see where half our ex pollies are now – in foreign lands on BIG fat salaries!!

    • Catty, Yes, I hear you and agree. I really think that the Liberals/ Nationals have some great environmental policies which are practical and very effective. I think that if the majority of voters looked at the policies in detail then they would also agree that they are damn good. I think often voters have a misconception that the Greens and Labor have better environmental policy but I believe this is not correct. I have never seen the Liberals as being hard "Capitalists" like so many think. If anything, they could have done more on infrastructure spending. One could hardly brand them as "Capitalists". Just because they want effective environmental policy without the tax burden doesn't mean that it's not good. People are already hurting financially, they don't need to hurt more. Look after nature without taking people's money.

      • Quote from John: "Look after nature without taking people's money".

        Do I detect an eternal optimist John? (smile) Since when have governments or business ever looked after nature? Already the 'carbon traders' are set for a killing in third world countries. They are snapping up large chunks of land covered in trees from clueless natives – that is going no right now in New Guinea. Abbott is RIGHT about this ETS (it's CRAP, his words not mine) and it's all about the rivers of gold the modernday carpetbaggers are going to make from it. We are up sh*t creek if this goes ahead……: – ( It's time people revolted and said ENOUGH!

  5. If Rudd wants to put a price on emissions then it should be governed by an internal national regulator, not an offshore regulator which transfers our wealth. If the big emitters are exceeding their limits, then we can have our own national entity which regulates and issues fines etc. This will raise revenue for our own government which can be spent nationally instead of going overseas and leaving our nation worse off. Australia can still put a price on carbon and work to reduce emissions but the financial revenue raised can stay within our nation instead of going offshore. One wonders who Rudd is working for if he is promoting an international agreement which Australia has no control over.

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