Swan Valley (WA) Mosque development knocked back.

From The Australian:

PLANS to build a mosque for the Bosnian Muslim community of Perth’s Swan Valley have been almost unanimously rejected by the local council on the grounds it would not fit in with the area’s rural character.

The proposal for the two-storey mosque with a 21m-high minaret had been strongly opposed by the community, with the City of Swan receiving 139 objections from 143 submissions during a public comment period last year.

Opposition to the building also drew support from the anti-immigrant Australian Protectionist Party. Eleven out of 12 councillors present at a meeting on Wednesday night voted against the development.

“It’s a fairly large building, with two storeys, and a minaret at 21m on a small block. It would have stood out,” Mr Zannino said. “The people living around it had problems with traffic.”

Congratulations to the W.A Protectionists for getting out there and working with the community to preserve the Australian way of life.


  1. Its bad enough that the muslins want to set a mosque in the Valley, try being an Australian born and bread, parents born and bread in Australia and because the 21 year boy cant get his parents birth certificate for a Passport, he has to apply to become an Australian Citizen!!!!!!!! My daughters boyfriend is 21 years old born at St. John of God subiaco in 1986 his Mother born in subiaco WA his father born in Tasmania Australia, and yet he has to become an Australian citizen to get an Australian passport, we have just argued with them, saying this is unreal, the boy is AUSTRALIAN, we had to stand at the Immigration department like a foreigner in your own country applying for a citizenship, WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE AN AUSTRALIAN??????????????

  2. Fantastic news, keep the swan Valley the way it is, this type of building has no place in the Valley.

  3. Neanderthalsout says

    We need an underground "Star Chamber" to put the wind up the likes of the Hawks, Keatings, Rudds, Browns and their ilk because nothing else will stop these traitors from allowing muslim VOTE people onto our shores. No need to go to the extremes, just a little bit of muslim style persuasion to put them in between a rock and a hard place….they'll soon get the message…fear is a good persuader, its number one in the muslim arsinal and it works.

  4. I remember when Howard was being pushed by the Liberals to retire before the last election and for Costello to take his place, it was obvious that Howard didn't want Costello to take the leadership, especially when he offered the job to Jeff Kennett, who turned it down. Given that Costello is now working for krudd perhaps Howard knew in advance what he was like and what he really stood for?
    I would have like Kennett to have had a go, couldn't have gotten any worse than the psyco we have in power now.
    As for turncoat Turnball, what a plonker.

  5. Reni – I am well aware of the facts you state above in regards to Islam.BUT, we have them here right now under OUR political system. A system they know how to manipulate to their advantage. Under OUR system they have EQUAL rights – and as such it is hard to ban their mosques & schools – in fact under OUR rules they have every right to erect their minarets – even
    the call to prayer if they really pushed for it. The only tool we have to restrict their deliberate hegemony is through our weak planning & noise pollution laws. So, unless we CEASE all muslim immigration into this country right now, we will (in time) see ourselves in the same predicament as the Brits & Euros. Let’s be honest with ourselves – the liberals & certainly not Labour are going to halt the influx. The Liberals might slow it down – but that is not enough, given their high birth rates (at OUR expense with the baby bonus!). I don’t see a good future for this country unless a BNP stlye government becomes a reality. By then it will be too late…..:(

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmm – so this is probably the reason why the NAB Bank was pushing Sharia compliant muslim loans. I wonder what ‘damage’ this guy can do to Australia Post?


  7. Have a look on the latest BNP website on black on white racism, God help us here in Australia with this lunatic importing hundreds and thousands of them. I have an Asian friend who went to visit his nephew in jail (drugs) he told me already our jails are full with Africans…but you won't hear that in the media

  8. It seems that 'The Australian' is playing the race card game. They don't mind sprouting off that Islam is creeping across Australia, yet will call the BNP and Nick Griffin 'Neo Nazis' rather strange, especially when the white far left are more like Nazis than the far right these days.
    But obviously with the likes of Phillip Adams who is employed by 'The Australian' and has his loathsome page on their Saturday magazine spewing his hatred for white Australians (one has to wonder why he'd put his own family in danger not to mention his own race of people) that they employ not only traitors, but psycopaths as well.
    Watch next weeks border patrol on television where a black African plays the race card game to gain entery into Australia, these are the scum that 'The Australian' and Phillip Adams want into our country

  9. Dont forget that the best defence in all of this is a good offence.
    If you believe in the freedom of Australians to determine their own future.
    If you believe that you should have the right to individuality.
    If you believe in what our forefathers created.
    If you believe that burying your head in the sand is counterproductive.
    If you are a Protectionist, dont stop talking to people, or dropping off a few leaflets to people, dont stop opening peoples eyes up to what is happening to our country, and believing that YOU can make a difference. You, yourself really can, you just have to have belief in yourself.

    I will not let my grandchildren suffer at the hands of Islam, and I can do it!

    This is why I, myself, am a Protectionist, it is why my partner is filling out the application to become a protectionist, it is why my 4 month old baby girl will be a protectionist. Because, we are Australian's.

  10. Help Please, I have just been sent an email with the names of the 114 Australian government members/assistants/hangerons/whatever that went to Coveruphargen and I really would like it if someone could explain to me why so many went so far to party and crap on when they do it all the time here. How much extra damage was done to the envirionment because of these clowns if they had to pay their own way how many would have gone. We are a small country yet so many went, how many went from the bigger countries. It would be interesting to know for comparison, who does krudd and his cronies think they are fooling?

    • The Krudd circus will be back home soon………to screw us over with an ETS that will do ZERO for global climate change!!! The bastard is going to re-introduce the legislation back into the Senate in the new year. Let's hope that Tony Abbott and his team can save us from this INSANITY!

      • I agree something needs to be done the solution is not an ETS the solution will be found in green energies such as solar, wind hydro electricity a few examples of which are being tested now and possibly nuclear power which i am a bit skeptical about but its an option nonetheless.
        Taxing us will not do anything to change the level of emissions Australia is producing what it will d is make the average plebeian's life that bit more stressful when it comes to making ends meet.

  11. From what i see the BNP is the only political party that is willing to stand up for the True British person unlike Gordon Brown who started this whole godawful mess.

  12. Christopher says

    The Australian in article; "Kevin Rudd attacked by 'leftie' BBC" (19/12/09) call BNP neo-Nazi : ….NICK Griffin, the United Kingdom's most controversial politician as head of the neo-Nazi British National Party, is a fierce sceptic about climate change but attended the Copenhagen summit as a representative of the European Parliament.. Should we protest?

    • Proof please that the BNP is a neo nazi group.

      • Christopher says

        It was "The Australian" not me who made this statement. We could demand explanation from publisher. I no need any proof that BNP is only hope for normal life in Britan like APP in Australia.
        But there is a danger if statement like this will be left without any response.

    • The BNP is the ONLY party that will stop the muslim tide sweeping across the entire British iles – dispite traitors like Rowan Williams and his ilk. Those bastards need to be lined up and shot for weakening the Christian faith – it's no wonder why the Church of England's devout are leaving in droves – straight to the Catholic Churches door. Rowan Williams has single handedly destroyed everything decent in that faith.

    • Dear Christopher, could you , please, give me the link to this article. I am going to initiate legal action against The Australian. My point is that no one should be called that horrible name- Nazi without substantial ground for that. It has nothing to do with Nick Griffin personally. Today, they call Nick Griffin a neo-Nazi, tomorrow they find the name for us. No media should be immune from the penalty for calling people names without any reasonable ground.

  13. My daughter lives in Caversham and she voted against this building in an area full of heritage and wine yards….just imagine, this building amongst all this Australiana…..yeah right.
    Excellent result, and thats why my wife and I are Protectionists.

  14. Catty, I accept the points you made regarding events following the fall of communist “Yugoslavia”. That is why I made the comment about it being a “nasty series of wars”. There were brutalities committed by all sides.

    However, the point I was making was the fact we cannot rely on the UN to have the best intentions regarding the welfare of the peoples of the “Christian” West. Not only were they happy to facilitate the expulsion of Serbs from their homes (this, after a ceasefire and “peace” had supposedly been declared), but they then supported the establishment of a Moslem republic on European lands…….

    Yugoslavia is a classic example of what happens when you try to force people of different cultures to live together in an unnatural way. It could only exist under the iron fist of communism. Once communism began to lose it’s grip, the natural will of people to live within their own communities, have control of their own destiny and live according to their respective faiths (be it Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or bloody Islam) takes over. Unfortunately in this case, we also saw centuries of enmity also come to the fore, unsettled scores revisited and a scramble for territory.

    So much for the assurances of multiculturalists that once you make generations of different people live amongst each other, understanding develops and a new nation can be created…….

    For the sake of my children, I for one do not want to see the same events happen here. Our people should be able to have the same rights as those anywhere in the world, the right to their own territory, their own sovereignty, their own identity.

    That is why I am a Protectionist.

    • Thank you Andrew – Clearly I didn't like what I saw on TV regarding Serb behaviour. God knows I have no love for Islam and even less for the certain individuals in it. But I really draw the line when it comes to women & children caught between a war they have no control over. It's the defenceless and vunerable that suffer the most…….and that was something that the Islamic general Saladin always took into consideration when waging war on the medieval crusaders. A little it of honour wouldn't go astray these days….even if the other side doesn't think so.

      On your thoughts of multi-culturalism – you are right. The whole bloody experiment is going to end in tears.

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    Please watch


  16. Reasons why we should have ZERO MOSQUES in Australia

    1.) they don't fit in with our culture
    2.) they are a hornets nest for terrorism and extremism
    3.) Minarets are a sign of Islamic dominance and are not welcome here in Australia.
    4.) Islam in general is un Australian and condones abuse of gays and women.

    • I agree with your sentiments Jacka – but (unfortunately) we have them here, right now…..and because Australia practices freedom of religion, we have to afford them the same privledges. They know this full well, and they are USING our laws to aggressively entrench their faith. You and I both know that Liberal & Labour will protect their rights over ours…and they will do this because they know to do otherwise will invite a reaction (usually violent) from the muslim community. This country (and the entire West) have painted themselves into a corner with this religion. You only have to see the reaction over the Swiss to realise that OUR own socialist left will side with the muslims – Bob (bloody) Brown is a f*cking expert at it. What I am afraid of is this: Western governments will crack down on any desent coming from their own people over Muslim hegemony. So………where does that leave people like you and I who want to defend the country we know and love from slowly capitulating to Islam?

      • Freedom of religion should not apply to muslims because Islam is not a religion but a political ideology which aims to infiltrate every corner of the world for the sole purpose of exterminating anyone who is not muslim by means of mass immigration first followed by genocide. It's part of the muslim make up for each family to have at least 10 children, Osama bin laden was one of 53 children and he himself fathered 26. I don't see how these barbarians are managing to hide behind the guise of religion getting tax deductions on land, mosques and anything else they can get their hands on. In terms of the appeasement of muslims by Liberal/Labour and other party's to avoid reactions by the muslim community, it is precisely for this reason that we must stand up against the Islamisation of our nation–muslims almost always react in a non-democratic, violent and threatening reaction to our free speech. If they appear to be cooperating it is because their ideology tells them to deceive the host country until their population numbers are high enough to attack. Remember, there is no such thing as a moderate Islam, we must stop them now before history repeats itself yet again. Listen to Michael Savage (a great intellectual on the history of the world and an phenomenal individual):

        Michael Savage knows his history. The media won't teach you anything about the truth!

        • Well said mate.

          People often asked me why i am disrespectful to Islam.

          I respond by saying Islam is a totalitarian fascist ideology and is not a religion and is most definitely not peaceful. I tell them that Islam does not respect my culture beliefs etc so why should i respect it ? Its time we start being intolerant to an intolerant religion.

  17. Harry Callaghan says

    Fantastic! what a win! Go the APP! & if they don't like it? Go back to Bosnia.

    • Australians are normally very tolerant people. But when these people come into our countries and openly disrespect our culture,customs, values, laws, way of life…when they disrespect our women and gang-rape our women which only five out of over 20 were actually reported on television re news they are not worthy of tolerance or the privilege to live in Australia what they are worthy of is deportation. We are tolerant but when these people are intolerant to us and our beliefs, customs, values, laws and way of life can you blame us for taking to the streets ? About Cronulla did you notice that for some reason it was only white Australians who were to blame.

  18. Part 2 :

    I don't like the why many of them behave, but that goes for many other people that we have here too….including some whites. I often go back to my childhood years growing up in the fifties and sixties and wonder where it all went wrong. In those days you could sleep with your windows and doors wide open and not be afraid. Now everybody is afraid…..of one another.

  19. Nicholas Folkes says

    Catty, I almost thought I was on the Socialist Left website when I saw your comments. The Kosovars declared independence from Serbia. Kosovo has always been Serb lands until unbridled Albanian muslims stole Serb lands and bred more human potatoes. What would you do if the muslims at Lakemba declared independence? You mention a few statistics which are true, war is a terrible thing but I was surprised to see that you only mentioned the Serbs as the perpetrators. What about the muslims? What about the thousands murdered, raped and dispossessed by the marauding muslims?

    Serbia has probably been won and lost more as a possession than any other nation in Europe. The past 500 years of Serbian culture has been one of constant wars and suffering at the hands of the Austrians and the Ottomans. The Ottomans were cruel, barbaric and evil in their drive to convert Serbs to Islam, forceful conversion. If they didn't convert they were murdered. The Ottomans in cruelty do not compare to Milosevic. Milosevic is a saint compared to the Ottomans. During the second world war the Ustashi and Nazis murdered 500,000 Serbs in concentration camps.

    The main problem with the former Yugoslavia was two pronged; one being that forced multiculturalism and communism would never work and also that muslims were involved in the federation. Go and talk to the Serbs, Montenegrins, Macedonians, Greeks, Armenians and Bulgarians and ask them how they were mistreated by the Ottomans. These are the true victims of Greco-Slavic lands not the muslims.

    I suggest you buy a few history books and immerse yourself in the history of these lands and you will realise that the perpetrators of atrocities were the muslims. Sure the Slavs rose up against the muslims, wouldn't you when you were treated like slaves, your women raped, young boys given to the local mosque and received extra layers of tax for being a Christian.

    Milosecic was a reaction to Muslim aggression. If the muslims would have assimilated and respected the rights of the Serbs this would never have happened. This also goes to show muslims can not co-exist with others as they have never respected the human rights of others.

    • You are right Nicholas – I don't know enough about the history of the region. Clearly you have a better understanding of the issues on this topic than I. All I know is that the Balkans have a nasty reputation/habit of causing major conflicts – especially WW1. And I don't think things have improved much since those days – the hatred runs too deep. But I must say I have a real problem with those that wage battle over 600 year old conflicts – and that was what Milosovic was revisiting. His vitriolic nationalistic speeches bought out the worst in Serbs….and even though we have issues with our meathead Muslims, I would hate to think that we resorted to similar tactics. I agree with you 100% that we must NOT pander to these people to the detriment of our own Australian identity. Fit in or F*ck off is my motto. If they can't do that then they should be incouraged to fly back to the medievil theifdoms they came come.

      • Nicholas Folkes says

        Hi Catty,

        Didn't mean to have a go at you. I have to control the passion. You are right to argue Milosevic was not a nice guy. Sure he did a lot of bad deeds towards the muslims but it was a reaction. Just like Cronulla was a reaction yet the poltically correct Labor party and mainstream media blamed the Aussies. Muslims bashed two lifeguards the week before the reaction, Aussie women were raped all over Sydney by muslims, Aussie men and women bashed for being white, having blonde hair and the muslims and Government wonder why most Australians despise muliculturalism and its divisive agenda. Australians are the perpetual taxpayers and victims in this failed experiment. Go APP!!

    • Darrin Hodges says

      Well said Nick!

    • I agree with Nicholas. Being native to the region in question (S-E Europe), I studied the history of the region and have heard stories from older people.

  20. I would allow them to build their two storey mosque – minus the minarets, They do not need them, as they are primarily used for the Friday call to prayer – once you allow muslims to use megaphones for the Friday call to prayer they will keep pushing the envelop – like insisting on Sharia Law. Most churches these days don't use their bells because of noise pollution Laws. Bells are only used on auspicious occasions. So the minarets are out…..if they are offfended, to bad, how sad. All muslims KNOW when they have to go to their mosques……anywhere in the world. As far as I am concerned this is just more muslim hegemony over us infidel Kaffirs.

  21. Great work WA APP Members and the City of Swan. Now we need for others to have the balls to follow suit regarding things, people and situations we DON”T WANT in our way of life in this, OUR country.

  22. Well – from a different perspective, who can forget those scenes of millions of muslim Kosovars being forced out of their homes and made to survive with nothing but the clothes on their backs, carrying their sick and sometimes dying children and babies. The Serbs were not saints, their paramilitary raped young girls and murdered entire families inside their homes. Not to mention herding the men into concentration camps where they were filmed emaciated and starving. Also let's not forget the 8,000 muslim men and boys that were slaughtered either. It's easy to demonise 'the other' when we are committing terrible human rights offenses ourselves. Just keepin` it real…….Milosovic deserves to fry in Hell. He and his nationalist killers brought shame and derision to the entire Serbian people.

  23. Indeed, a fantastic result for our members in WA. A fitting reward for all their hard work letterboxing, newspaper ads and interviews.

    This shows what can be done when protectionists get involved in local issues of concern to fellow Australians, just as they have shown us in NSW and the members in Victoria likewise in their letterboxing activities.

    In regards to the betrayal of Serbs in the Balkans, that was a nasty series of wars, but who can forget the footage of UN troops lined up as Serbs carried what little of their personal possessions they could handle and left the homes in regions they’d inhabited for generations to the jeering of hundreds of Moslems?

    We were led to believe the NATO and UN forces were there to prevent ethnic cleansing of neighbourhoods yet were clearly there to enable it to be carried out, to the benefit of the Moslems.

    Do not let it happen here. This is your country!

  24. millstoneridge says

    Great work guys! I live near Gloucester in NSW, much rather have mines on the doorstep than this. Rudd needs to be charged with treason. Noticed that temps have dropped in NSW the last few days. Know why? Rudd has left the country and taken his hot air and empty rhetoric with him.

    • When is this prick EVER in the bloody country other than to have his photograph taken at some opportunistic moment?

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      I'll be in Gloucester in early Jan. I have some family who live just out of Town. I want to drop some APP leaflets in the area. Are u interested in meeting up?

  25. Nicholas Folkes says


    Even more disgusting is another little known fact that former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright was actually rescued by Serbs and kept hidden from the Nazis at the beginning of WW2. The Serbs gave her and her family passage to escape to the UK while the Sebs had the Allies turn a blind eye as Hitler's Croat ustashi ripped out people's eyes and murdered hundredes of thousands. Persecuted Orthodox Christians took Madeleine in and saved her life and the bitch repaid them with bombs. She eventually made her way to America like many other European Jewish refugees. To return her gratitude to the Serbian people she and Bill Clinton ordered the bombings of Serbs in Sebia and Kosovo. What a bitch!

    Well done to the Patriots in WA, a stellar result. We don't want these mosques of hate and terror in Australia.

  26. Fantastic result for W.A. Well done to all that had the guts to voice their concerns. I hope this gets the exposure around the country and over seas it deserves.

  27. It's horrific to hear the other side, on the BNP website former Yogoslavians wrote in to tell us before the war (which was caused by the Muslims outbreeding the Serbs) that Muslims would tie old age pensioners hands and feet to bumper bars on cars and then drive off in opposite directions…dismembering the old people alive!
    And all we heard in the controlled media was how hard done by were the Muslims!
    Truely barbaric race of scum.
    And of course WHO did America help? The Muslims of course.
    America, the land that gave the world white guilt, political correctness and of course that awful genocide of our people, Multiculturalism.

  28. Hopefully Aussies will be the ONE nation that does not let these scum control our beautiful land.

  29. It would indeed look out of place there. Most of the area is covered in grape vines, and a real strong Italian influence, they don't want these scum and neither do we.
    Still Perth is being flooded at an amazing rate, we need a strong APP precence over here, my street now has African gangs roaming around, nasty nasty people. Even the Asians hate them and they are NOT being screened for disease as told to me by one Indian doctor who had a run in with an African woman who nearly trashed his office because he did not have her aids medicine for her…and guess who is paying for that?
    My God rudd will pay for his treachory!

  30. Very good result. Great to get noticed as well.

    Well done WA mates!

    Keep up the fight!

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