Swiss referendum exposes hypocrisy of official Multiculturalism

Many readers have probably heard the results of Switzerland’s recent referendum proposing the banning of future construction of minarets on mosques in the country.

The referendum proposal, pushed by the Swiss People’s Party was passed through a vote of 57.5% in favour of the proposal over 42.5 against and supported by 22 out of 26 cantons (states).

As one could expect from internationalist media outlets, the campaign of vitriol and hysteria following the results was swift and relied upon the tried and proven emotional slogans and mealy mouthed platitudes (hell, if you repeat the same lie often enough it becomes truth in the minds of an unthinking populace).

Reports of small numbers of liberal Swiss protesting outside parliament with placards “This is not my Switzerland” and “Swiss passport for sale” and interviews with Moslem community representatives declaring it to be “a sad day for religious freedom” with claims “Muslims indeed will not feel safe anymore” are examples of the petulance displayed by the liberal left when things do not go their way.

When one considers the reality of the proposal, it really covers little more than the area of planning regulations. The four mosques currently in existence with minarets will remain. There is no restriction on the moslems in Swiss territory opening new mosques, no restriction on them educating their offspring in the ways of their culture or their faith. We will not see bulldozers ripping through mosques nor mass repatriation of moslems living in Switzerland.

Pretty tame really….

However, supporters of the global village never let the facts get in the way of a healthy dose of propaganda. Labelling Switzerland’s reportedly largest party (Advertiser, 1st Dec 2009) “the far right” Swiss People’s Party one can see the panic entering into the minds of these people. Across the world, people are awakening to the reality of globalisation and showing their reticence to accept the mindless, self destructive swill often served up for consumption by a media with little concern for the issues of national interest, freedom of speech or sovereignty.

Amnesty International has labeled the vote “a violation of freedom of religion” and declared the decision of the Swiss people in their own territory would “probably be overturned by the Swiss Supreme Court or the European Court of Human Rights”.

So much for democracy and national sovereignty in the eyes of narrow minded globalists.

The issue of the European Court should be a lesson to those of us whose nations have not yet been absorbed into “regional bodies”. The European Court and Euro Parliament in Brussels have interfered with the internal affairs of European nations, violating their sovereignty since their inception. Considering PM Rudd has made his desire for an Asia Pacific Union quite plain for all to see, the developments in Europe and the destruction of freedom should be a lesson to all of us.

It is interesting to note how interested Moslems become in the idea of religious freedom when Europe tries to curb their naturally expansionist instincts. Omar Al-Rawi of the Islamic Denomination of Austria declared the vote as indicating “the Swiss have failed to give a clear signal for diversity, freedom of religion and human rights” while Mohammed Sharfiq of Britain’s Ramadhan Foundation youth organisation lamented that “It’s a sad day for freedom of religion” and “A constitutional amendment that’s targeted towards one religious community is discriminatory and abhorrent”.

No doubt Sharfiq will soon be campaigning to have the exclusion zone around Mecca denying entry into the region by non moslems removed. Likewise, he will also be condemning the burning of churches in moslem nations, fighting for the rights of non moslems to worship and educate freely in moslem nations? Of course, he will obviously leave the relative comfort and safety of Britain to lead this campaign at the coal face in Saudi Arabia…….

Sharfiq has conveniently overlooked the Islamic protests in his host nation. Protests showing participants holding placards calling for those who defy Islam to be beheaded and declaring that Europe’s “9/11 is on the way”.

Taner Hatipoglu of the Federation of Islamic Organisations has expressed concern that the construction and planning decision will make moslems feel “no longer safe”. Is that so? Maybe Australians should make sure they have armed security when their local council refuses them permission to build a shed on their property – dark days indeed…..

Perhaps if these representatives really wish to know what it is to lack feelings of security, they should talk to the many victims of pack rape by moslem youths around Europe, the women raped by African immigrants, the families who have had to move from their streets due to intimidation by the very people to whom their governments gave sanctuary and freedom.


  1. I have just written a short note of my support to SVP of Switzerland for their stand on building minarets. Please, could everyone write a short note to them. They are our outpost in Europe after all and in need of a tap on a shoulder (… )
    Merry Christmas (down with winterval)

    • Down with Winterval (lol) That's nearly as bad as Happy Holidays – another PC import from our socialist/marxist left wing turds in America!

    • I am replying to myself (funny).
      Just received reply from SVP:

      "Dear Mr. Smith,
      Thank you very much for your E-Mail.

      We were very exited about it.

      Thank you!

      Generalsekretariat der SVP Schweiz

      Jacqueline Merian-Lang
      🙂 end of quote

  2. Institutionalised multiculturalism is indeed a dark ideology and I am encouraged by those of you who declare now is the time to act.

    On the upside, while it appears our nation is collectively standing on the gallows erected by the global village, it may hearten you to know that we are getting many new members every week, subscriptions to Destiny are also increasing rapidly and many new members are supplying other contacts of people who are sympathetic or asking for a batch of membership forms to be sent so they can sign up friends and family.

    This Party is growing and at quite a healthy pace, not to mention the fact we are attracting sensible and articulate members who are contributing to organisational and policy matters.

    If you know of people who can join or contribute in an area of policy development- get them to drop us a line!

  3. The ‘yes, ban minarets’ vote is 135% of the ‘no’ vote.
    35% is not a minor difference, and yet the Happylanders are immediately thinking ‘supreme court appeal’. Pathetic.
    Of course, if they would just bite the bullet and have a referendum to stop immigration, these indirect methods of cultural maintenence wouldn’t be necessary.
    To prevent the Happylanders having a coronary, such referendums could limit the time frame. Say, no immigration for 5 years.
    Then in five years, have another vote to extend for another five. That way, each time we can say “It’s only for five years baby, don’t have a heart attack!”.

    • An immigration FREEZE would at least allow us time to make sure those already here make a successful transition to Australian life. The current policy of open slather is going to kill this country in more ways than one. With Krudd in power I am becoming despondent with each passing day.

  4. I remember back in the 90's when French film actress Brigette Bardot made similar statements over immigration and was hounded by the media as a racist.
    If the Muslims had not been allowed into our countires in the first bloody place none of this would be happening now, they would have outbred themselves and eventually would have had to practice birth control within their own lands.
    Once again, the white far left have well and truely f*cked us, from immigration to education to law and order to sustainability, they have detroyed everything. Don't forget, these are the pigs that rolled around in mud, taking all kinds of hallucengentic drugs during the Woodstock era that now run our lives, it's not wonder we are in a mess.
    'The Reaper embraces me with his kiss' segment from "Ode to a dying race."

  5. Never forget it was the white far left who allowed them into our countries, maybe some one can send it the ABC or Alan Jones

  6. This is the terrifying reality we now all face – and our socialist left wing politicans ALLOWED it !! TRAITORS, every one of them! The fools don't realise they have sealed their own fate as well – and that of their children and grandchildren!!

    [youtube PliODvEGuxI&feature=player_embedded


    Make damn sure you spread this around!

  7. This from a poster at:… is finished. A country I lived in 20 years ago. And love. When calls to prayer in Oxford (Oxford!) are taken seriously, you know something is wrong. Labour is a sad joke and the Tories and not much better. That's why people are getting out. And voting for the BNP! __…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….__ Now I am depressed – because unless we do something soon we are headed in the same direction!

    • That is how I feel Catty. I know we are becoming latest victims of some very dark ideology closing on us. However, it seems like people do not give a damn and just do not want to talk about it. I spoke to some holocaust survivors and asked them why they did not run when Hitler was coming to power. They said- no one believed that what happened later was possible. People were laughed at for suggesting that Hitler was a problem. They were laughed in Enegland, France, USSR and Poland – up intil 1 September 1939. And then they stopped laughing. Please, do not be depressed. We are here. We are strong, intelligent and have real rottweilers amongst us (hello Mike). We should be better ORGANISED. I have been maiking some suggestions in this blog but nobody listens.TBC

    • Sorry Catty, but what article at AIM were we meant to refer to? Also, how long were you in England?

      • You weren't meant to refer to anything other than the poster's despair at the rapid demise of England as we remember it. On the other part of your question – I don't have to live in England to see the coming chaos ahead. But, since you asked, I have plenty of English friends (here and abroad) and I have my neice (who is a legal barrister) living and working in the heart of London. She was on the bus behind the blown bus that you see on 7/7 London bombing footage. She missed being killed by those twisted muslim kids by sheer luck. She was running late and grabbed the bus behind. It goes without saying her father was beside himself with anquish that day.

        • Catty, you are correct in saying England is on its way to rack and ruin.
          Please remember that there is hope however, they are called the BNP.
          As my mother is English and the fact that the English were the ones that established this great country, i became a member ( iam also a member of the APP).
          If you can afford it, help them out with donations or become a member; remember that they are our cousins and that we share many attributes bothe racially and customary etc.
          Do not despair, as the English are extraordinarily slow to act, but onece they do they act in an extraordinary way.
          The BNP have two MEPs and over 100 councillors across Britain. They also have a member on the GLA (Greater London Assembly). They are the fastest growing political party in Britain and it is our duty to sacrifice something to assist them in their hour of need.
          Forget about the last two World Wars, this is Britain's greatest challenge yet (multiculturalism, immigration, muslim invasion & Liebour gov's) we must all help them if we can.
          Dont despair – act!!

  8. How sad that after our grandparents fought for our freedom in the last world war against an aggressive invading army, their grandchildren have to do the same again, but this time the enemy is already here. Courtsey of the traitors in our midst…the white far left, such as the loathsome Phillip Adams who sends out nasty letters to those who disagrees with his hateful statements, then collects those replies and makes a book out of them 'exposing the racists in Australia's society' without our permission, therefore making money out of his traitor 'profession' as a very vocal left winged journalist. (I have kept all the threatening e-mails and letters he sent to me, will come in very useful one day!)
    I'm surprised he's not commenting on this site, hiding behind his computer, vomiting his pioson at us

    • Another person I have lost respect for – actor Jack Thompson. Also, Cate Blanchett, David Marr. They are all in the same vein as Phillip Adams and his ilk. Extoling a high moral ground and pontificating to the lower escalons in their societies as if they are the guardians of the global Holy Grail. The Bob Geldofs, the Bono's and the Angelina Jollie's, the Germaine Greers. It make me wanna puke. The people I have respect for are the quiet achievers in our societies, those that don't seek publicity. Hell, I think I even have respect for a man like Bill Gates over the likes of the above. At least he is spending his squillions for the greater good with little commentary.

  9. I can't vote, still a kiwi citizen, but I WILL be lefleting all throughout the Christmas break around my area and posting to others like mad over here in Perth. We are being colonized at an amazing rate over here in WA, even the Asians are now complaining about the violence they are suffering at the hands of Africans.
    I fully support his party, but when I critized (by a Liebor voter) for not taking out citizenship i simply looked her in her eyes and said 'I don't want to live in a Muslim country and thanks to liebor that's were Australia is now headed'…that shut her up for a bit.

    • Hello Mike – You're not an Aussie citizen? I am surprised. Nevermind, someone's got to look out for New Zealand as I wouldn't want what's happening here to be wished on them. Cheers, mate.

  10. It's beyond me how politicians can encourage polarisation of communities. The poor old Brits have lost towns and cities to Indian and Pakistani migration. I can't belive that Gordon Brown, Kevin Rudd thank that this should be encouraged when ethnic Brits feel like foreigners in their own country. It's now happening in Australia at an alarming rate and it seems the Protectionist Party is the only 'legal' recourse we have to voice our opinion.

    • I am afraid, Len, that Brown and Rudd do believe that it should be encouraged. They think that diversity is good for us. Just the other night Steve Bracks was on Late Line telling us this. Also, there's the economic argument; a growing population means a growing economy. That's why the business community is an advocate of high immigration. But at what point do we say, enough is enough; we don't want any more money; no more filthy lucre? We want our society to stay just as it is!

      • Ok BK – If they want to shove diversity down our throats, let's make SURE that they are held responsible for the coming vicious race riots that will surely follow – they have already had them in Britain, France and the US. But take note WHO the authorities arrest when they occur. I will bet my last penny that those arrested will be anglos. That is exactly what they did during the Cronulla riots. The Lebs were the protected species, even during the so called revenge attacks, as they trashed cars, knifed innocent bystanders and attacked property. Past and present governments are slowly dismantling the anlgo identity, re-writting history and accomodating the new comers over the original inhabitants. Now……….let's ask ourselves, WHY?

        • RomanGoddess says

          I think we need to start some kind of 'insurrection', maybe pit Africans against Islams…we Aussies (including ALL immigrants who now claim this title, be they of any nationality, but with the great Aussie mentality!!) can sit back with a beer in hand, watch these monkeys kill each other off in 'reprisal attacks' and videotape it for everyone's enjoyment on youtube! And that way, NO 'whites' will be arrested !

  11. Good to see a few more new people on this site, word must be getting out slowly

  12. Excellent article. Well done, APP. Should be read by all, in full.

  13. English Oak says

    Disgusting state of affairs.
    I am appallled that successive Australian governments insist on inviting those that are completely incompatible with our way of life here.
    Just look at what is happening in Auburn at the moment (and i guess for the best part of the last 30 years!)
    Immigration of muslims is out of control and creating an enclaves – Auburn being a prize example!
    The situation in Auburn and surrounding areas can only be described as COLONISATION.
    To echo what Arthur Kemp has put forward lately: " A muslim minority in Auburn is immigration, when Aurburn becomes muslim town – that is COLONISATION!

    • And yet we had former Victorian premier Steve Bracks on Lateline last night arguing for mass immigration which will increase our "diversity". One has to wonder whether this is his revenge on us for the discrimination he suffered growing up in Anglo-Celtic Australia.

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