What a rort! Billions for corrupt regimes

Mark Henderson writes –

Burma and Bangladesh are the two countries most vulnerable to climate change, according to a report on ABC news this morning.

The report was published on the side-lines of the Copenhagen meeting – and presumably the meeting will push for those countries and their ilk to be given big cash handouts to help combat climate change.

Left-wing organisations like Friends of the Earth are already pushing for poor and “vulnerable” nations to be given huge handouts.


One of the major problems with this approach is that nations like Australia – read taxpayers – would be handing over billions of dollars to the most corrupt regimes in the world.

Bangladesh ranks 139 out of 180 nations and Burma 178 out of 180 on an international corruption index.

So we are expected to hand over our billions to corrupt dictators and despots, with little likelihood the money will ever be properly accounted for.

What a rort.

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  1. This international global warming bull is just another way western government use there non-rights organisations to control and divide. The ultimate betrayle to every human. All of this is to unify the world, a little deal a little deal there. Meanwhile we believe all ther rhetoric slapstick. Media fed statistics that never reveal the truth. They have divided the races and now the sexes to cause disruption to our evryday life. Maliscious in there ways to give themselves more money, more power and more pensions. Pretending to help the innocent but it is just another cover up. Has any government cared to mention the fact that all this diving of people, stopping us from being close is why there is more global warming. It is a joke. Check out Angry Harry, then you will see sense. We have to stop this left-winged bull before it is too late. Communist or Civil war or stop them sooner remove the vile laws and the corruption. It's our choice not theres. It's our money and they abuse it, no matter who is in top spot.

  2. This political agenda of left wing government is as corrupt as you can get. Constatly abusing the system and our rights. Accusing people of all sorts of things from discrimination, racism, sexism. All that is not true. Feminism ruling our earth but has it done but cause so much unrest, yes, how government get bigger, have more power and ultimately steal our money more then ever before.

  3. I say if we are going to help anyone else besides ourselves concerning climate change and global warming we should support our Pacific island neighbors, Samoa, Tonga, The Maldives etc etc and NOT anyone else.

  4. I discovered Professor James Lovelock some time back – he has just finished his book called the Final Warning, the vanishing face of Gaia – a follow up to his other books The Gaia Effect, and Revenge of Gaia. I have come to respect this man emensely. He was born in 1919.

    He studied chemistry at evening classes before winning a scholarship to Manchester University. Since then, he has racked up an impressive range of careers: photographer's assistant, ecologist, inventor, designer of spacecraft instruments, creator of Gaia, MI6 quartermaster and now, finally, his greatest role: prophet of doom for planet Earth.


    If you want a book in your Christmas stocking, you won't be sorry to get this.

  5. The Copenhagen treaty is really about creating one wolrd government.

    Disturbing report:

    http://2gb.com.au/index2.php?option=com_newsmanag… The science behind global warming has collapsed, C02 only causes one sixth of the warming that you UN had thought. Source: http://2gb.com.au/index2.php?option=com_newsmanag

    • Catty, you can read in the Australian today, 16th Dec. how Abbott is describing the ETS as a "Transfer of Wealth". Typical of Labor to take the wealth of our nation and give it to poorer nations. I would think that there would also be some international regulator which will also skim a lump of profit from that too. Then, if we go over our target, I would also think there would be an international regulator which issues us with a massive fine for breaking our target. It's not an environmental policy, it's a tax policy disguised as an environmental policy. Even worse, it's a tax where our government doesn't even take most of the revenue but an offshore body. Even the Greens have condemned it.

  6. OK, let's have a system where those in favour of supporting krudd and his cronies who believe in the scary GW give their money to these corrupt, greedy countries and those not in favour keep their money. How much will krudd be paying from his personal wealth, he should go run their country.
    I thought krudd was Prime Minister of Australia not GOD as he seems to think he is. How can we get rid of this idiot????

    • We will vote him out in March 2010. See what people say about it on http://www.activeopinion.org

    • I genuinely think that Western governments were trying to keep a lid on this & hide it from their constituants. They all know that this will cause a tumultious pouring of outrage inside their respective countries. In fact I think they were hoping this would fall under the radar and they could just sign off on another (undetected) UN deal. It's the same as the multi-cultural crap – no one ever asked US if we wanted to be swamped with uneducated third worlders at unsustainable rates!

  7. There seems to be a cold spell in Europe (well, my corner anyway) and I'm hoping Copenhagen will get ten foot snowdrifts, with 'global warming' limos caught in them.

  8. Rudd does not have the intelligence to be Prime Minister, he is a showy, whiney voiced, celebrity hugging, photo opportunist who is showing signs of panicking now that the public is slowly waking up to the fact he got into power by only by appearing on such programmes as that awful 'Sunrise' with David Koch and that giggling halfwit co-anchor.
    As always, plastic ,melts under heat and we will see Rudd going into meltdown very soon.
    By the way, did anyone watch the news, 10th December? A 'Who's who' of Liebor attended a birthday bash for Bob Hawke, they had a stripper who donned a mask of John Howard whilst she 'performed'.
    Such classy people the white far left, and how refreshing to see our taxes spent in such a sweet, wholesome way.

    • Yeah Rudd reminds me of Peter Beattie in many ways, who we Queenslanders had to put up with for far too long. Both media tarts who know how to say things the right way, regardless of whether there's any substance behind it or not (and mostly there's not). Sad thing is too many people fall for it, the same sort of people who think whatever they hear on the news is gospel and don't question anything. Ie the vast majority of us, unfortunately.

      • Barry – I heard a horrible rumour – Beattie may make a comeback after they have sunk the knives into Anna! Please tell me I am hearing things…..:(

    • Bob Hawke can rot as far I am concerned – he and his botox pumped crone Blanche are a groteque double act. Partying up a strom as poor Hazel withers away in aged care facility suffering Altzeimers disease. Hazel was always a classy act, even when Hawke was sozzled in booze! Without her he wouldn't have achieved the political heights that he did.

      • Beattie again? No way! I can't stand the guy!

        As for Hawke, he's making his millions in China right now. I know a guy doing business in Shanghai who has met him out and about. Like most pollies after they retire, he's using his connections to rake in the dough. Nothing wrong with that in principle, but it makes you wonder how many of those connections were active while he was still in politics. They're all in bed with big business.

  9. This is one of the reasons Rudd has been very quiet lately. He’s refused on several occasions to have a debate with Abbott. He’s refused to go on several ABC programs to explain the details of the scheme and he’s refused to publish any worthwhile literature on the specifics of how it will work and how the Australian people will benefit from it. For goodness sake, even the IMF said that it would be destructive for Australia to take it on when we produce 1.5% of global emissions. Then Tim Flannery, a leading environmentalist has condemned Labor’s destructive piece of legislation also. We have seen very few facts being put forward. All we really see is the sensationalism of a scorched earth and Islands going under water and masses dying. Sensational but not real.

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