The Ironbark Social Club – invitation

The Ironbark Social Club

The Ironbark Club is a friendly monthly get together where Conservatives, Nationalists, Constitutionalists and Anthropogenic climate change sceptics can discuss issues of concern in a PC free environment. It’s a good way of meeting like-minded people and forming new social networks. We will have guest speakers on various subjects and from time to time be entertained with recitals of Australia poetry and short stories.

The inaugural Ironbark Social Club will occur on the 12th of December, starting from 3 p.m. in Rozelle. The theme will be on the great global warming swindle, including two guest speakers who will talk about the “climate change” scam and the effects of Rudd’s ETS on Australia.  A well-known Australian poet will provide entertainment for the afternoon.

Food and beverage for this first get together is complimentary, so come along, invite your friends!

Where: Sydney.

Time: 3pm Saturday, 12th of December 2009

Contact Details: RSVP Nick Folkes on 0417-679972 or Darrin Hodges on 0431-739260.


  1. DAVE THE POM says

    Hi folks ,just had few days down around Warrnambool, everybody spoke English ,neat . Lorne seems to have copped a dose of the tar brush though . Have a look at this http://www.sodahead./united-states/bird -feeder yank but good analogy

  2. I am in Brisbane and I would definitely attend any such meeting here.

  3. Rottweiller says

    Need one here too in Perth please!!! WE are being overurn at an amazing rate, you'd be shocked!!

  4. Nicholas Folkes says

    Still early days for APP. As our member numbers increase we hope to organise social clubs for more locations. Passionate APP members can always contact the party and organise party meetings or social clubs in their local area.

  5. After Melbourne, how about Adelaide.

  6. Yes, something in Melbourne would be great.

  7. Sounds great, can we do a similar thing in Melbourne?

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