BNP: No Surprises as 48 Third World Commonwealth Countries Support “Climate Change” Payouts — to Themselves

It was no surprise at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) when 48 Third World nations enthusiastically agreed to the First World paying them out billions for so-called “climate change” damage.

The $10 billion fund — taken directly from taxpayers in First World nations — is supposed to allow these Third World nations to “build defences against flooding” and to “reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.”

The CHOGM also unanimously agreed to seek a legally binding international agreement for this ongoing swindle and called for what they described as the “strongest possible outcome” at next month’s climate change summit in Copenhagen.

It was announced at the CHOGM meeting that the quite-mistakenly called “global fund” (it is not “global,” but First World only) fund is aimed at distributing “money from rich countries to the developing countries to help them adapt and pay for low-carbon alternatives.”

In other words, it is little more than yet another First World guilt trip, this time imposed by interest groups whose scientific premise is increasingly being challenged by large numbers of dissenting scientists and specialists from across the globe.

A partial list of these scientists and their conclusions follows:

* Timothy F. Ball, former Professor of Geography, University of Winnipeg, has produced research which says that “[The world’s climate] warmed from 1680 up to 1940, but since 1940 it’s been cooling down. The evidence for warming is because of distorted records. The satellite data, for example, shows cooling.

“Temperatures declined from 1940 to 1980 and in the early 1970’s global cooling became the consensus. … By the 1990’s temperatures appeared to have reversed and Global Warming became the consensus. It appears I’ll witness another cycle before retiring, as the major mechanisms and the global temperature trends now indicate a cooling.”

* Robert M. Carter, geologist, researcher at the Marine Geophysical Laboratory at James Cook University in Australia: “the accepted global average temperature statistics used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change show that no ground-based warming has occurred since 1998 … there is every doubt whether any global warming at all is occurring at the moment, let alone human-caused warming.”

* Vincent R. Gray, coal chemist, founder of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition: “The two main ’scientific’ claims of the IPCC are the claim that ‘the globe is warming’ and ‘Increases in carbon dioxide emissions are responsible’. Evidence for both of these claims is fatally flawed.”

* Antonino Zichichi, emeritus professor of nuclear physics at the University of Bologna and president of the World Federation of Scientists: “Models used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are incoherent and invalid from a scientific point of view”. He has also said, “It is not possible to exclude that the observed phenomena may have natural causes. It may be that man has little or nothing to do with it.”

* Khabibullo Abdusamatov, mathematician and astronomer at Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences: “Global warming results not from the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but from an unusually high level of solar radiation and a lengthy – almost throughout the last century – growth in its intensity. Ascribing ’greenhouse’ effect properties to the Earth’s atmosphere is not scientifically substantiated…Heated greenhouse gases, which become lighter as a result of expansion, ascend to the atmosphere only to give the absorbed heat away.”

* Sallie Baliunas, astronomer, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics: “[T]he recent warming trend in the surface temperature record cannot be caused by the increase of human-made greenhouse gases in the air.”

* George V. Chilingar, Professor of Civil and Petroleum Engineering at the University of Southern California: “The authors identify and describe the following global forces of nature driving the Earth’s climate: (1) solar radiation …, (2) outgassing as a major supplier of gases to the World Ocean and the atmosphere, and, possibly, (3) microbial activities … . The writers provide quantitative estimates of the scope and extent of their corresponding effects on the Earth’s climate [and] show that the human-induced climatic changes are negligible.”

* Ian Clark, hydrogeologist, professor, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Ottawa: “That portion of the scientific community that attributes climate warming to CO2 relies on the hypothesis that increasing CO2, which is in fact a minor greenhouse gas, triggers a much larger water vapour response to warm the atmosphere. This mechanism has never been tested scientifically beyond the mathematical models that predict extensive warming, and are confounded by the complexity of cloud formation – which has a cooling effect. … We know that [the sun] was responsible for climate change in the past, and so is clearly going to play the lead role in present and future climate change. And interestingly… solar activity has recently begun a downward cycle.”

* David Douglass, solid-state physicist, professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Rochester: “The observed pattern of warming, comparing surface and atmospheric temperature trends, does not show the characteristic fingerprint associated with greenhouse warming. The inescapable conclusion is that the human contribution is not significant and that observed increases in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases make only a negligible contribution to climate warming.”

* William M. Gray, Professor Emeritus and head of The Tropical Meteorology Project, Department of Atmospheric Science, Colorado State University: “This small warming is likely a result of the natural alterations in global ocean currents which are driven by ocean salinity variations. Ocean circulation variations are as yet little understood. Human kind has little or nothing to do with the recent temperature changes. We are not that influential.

“I am of the opinion that [global warming] is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people. So many people have a vested interest in this global-warming thing—all these big labs and research and stuff. The idea is to frighten the public, to get money to study it more.”

These and a range of additional referenced comments and conclusions can be seen here.

Despite this, and the recent leaking of a large number of documents which show that climate change proponents in Britain falsified data to prove their case, the great handout of taxpayers’ cash to the Third World seems set to continue at the Copenhagen Summit next month.

Fortunately, there will be at least one voice of sanity at the Copenhagen Conference: British National Party leader Nick Griffin will be attending as part of the EU delegation.

“Those who warn of the consequences of climate change had reached an Orwellian consensus not based on scientific agreement, but on bullying, censorship and fraudulent statistics,” Mr Griffin said in a speech in the EU parliament last week.

“The anti-western intellectual cranks of the left suffered a collective breakdown when communism collapsed. Climate change is their new theology… But the heretics will have a voice in Copenhagen and the truth will out. Climate change is being used to impose an anti-human utopia as deadly as anything conceived by Stalin or Mao.”

*The full list of Commonwealth countries who welcomed the cash handouts are as follows:

Antigua and Barbuda; Bahamas; Bangladesh; Barbados; Belize; Botswana; Brunei; Cameroon; Dominica; Gambia; Ghana; Grenada; Guyana; India; Jamaica; Kenya;

Kiribati; Lesotho; Malawi; Malaysia; Maldives; Malta; Mauritius; Mozambique; Namibia; Nauru; Nigeria; Pakistan; Papua New Guinea; Rwanda; Saint Kitts and Nevis; Saint Lucia; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines; Samoa; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; Singapore; Solomon Islands; South Africa; Sri Lanka; Swaziland; Tanzania;

Tonga; Trinidad and Tobago; Tuvalu; Uganda; Vanuatu; and Zambia.

* It will be noted that Mozambique is also a Commonwealth nation member, despite never having been a British colony.

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  1. geronimo says

    carbon tax anyone?

  2. little white kids picked up and swung around smashing their heads open in Africa by blacks…isn't this the kind of thing the Nazis did to the Jews in WW2 (strange how we on this site are being called Nazis by the Marxist white far left such as Phillip Adams and co, yet refuse to do a report on these kinds of atrocities in Africa!)

  3. go to and look at the constant genocide of whites in Africa and the horrific crimes being comitted, even against small white kids. Of course la la Phillip Adams and co are to busy rabitting on over 'whtie genocide' that apparently they witnessed over two hundred years ago to bother with what's happening today. And of course kevin rudd is sending billions to black africans to complete their mission too, bob brown too no doubt, wholeheartedly agrees with the slaughter.

  4. I would prefer to send over food and shelter and teachings, not money. That is a threat to our humman race. They will never accept our people helping them in the form of food, buildings and the like but as soon as money is mentioned, there hands go out like eager little gold diggers. Be warned Rudd, we are not happy and when we elect an new government body and then reject this treaty you have signed, i guess world war 3 will begin.

    You Dickhead rudd, you dickhead

  5. Do Australian men who have been hammered into stopping violence adhere to these men coming to our country and being violent.

    I don't think so.

  6. Protectionist party
    Australia First party
    Family First
    Non custodial parents party
    Pauline Hanson
    One Nation
    Democratic Labour party
    Christian Democratic party
    Senator online
    Shooters party
    Fishing and Liesure party
    Enviro partys
    Nuclear partys
    Then all other parties in descending order until the lowestparty is the current governemnts in control and any other party that only promotes inequality.

  7. Selling us out to another government rule KRUDD is treason.

  8. You all only listen tostatistics when it suits you but when scientists who have way more knowledge then you do on these matters express thier concern, you shut them out like yesterdays trash. You should be ashamed of yourself. You fansify statistic to fool the public because of your own self serving agenda.

    You can't even use your nitwit brain or your sloppy guts to express our concerns to a corrupt UN about signing there treaty. We know there agenda is about world rule, we are not blind like you are. Must be about time for a new set of glasses.

  9. It goes without saying that the previous governments have done nothing but cause mayhem. Parties we believed to be in the best interests of us all and parties that only promote one sex or gender are discriminative.

    Parties above maybe portrayed as racists but while looking at why this is so, it stands to reason because previous governments have been racist to us Citizens born to this land. Naturalised and adhered to our culture. All others have not resttrained themselves from violence and discrimination to us. Why is it that when women deserve equality do these hypocrite governments insist on inviting muslim and islamic people who still in our own country degrade women. Promote violence and then are made out to be saints. As Australians, we have been very welcoming of other cultures until they disrupted our lives with there selfish ideologies. Equality is equality, freedom is freedom. That is our western culture. If they can not adopt that then they must be sent home. There religion maybe ther religion but do Australian women accept a man who has nine wives and dresses his wives in tents while she is made to believe him.

  10. Tell me KRUDD how do third world per capitor produce more carbon then 1st world countries? It maybe because of older cars or whatever, but do you really believe that they use anymore considering they most likely produce less industry and drive less.

    Australia with such a vast continent and apparent wealth which most of us never see, would produce far more carbon per capitor, with our vast area. You are ignorant, so are you ignorant about giving up your farcial title of prime minister. It is coming KRUDD, for once we want true voice and equality. Not the rot of previous dictators, trained in the art of salesman or is that woman with the current political incorrect s*** that poisons our minds. Most of us do not give a darn about words because most of us have no intent in our words and i thought it was freedom of expression, not to mention speech, and evry other apparent farcial freedom.

  11. If you use our money Krudd and sign some agreement without our approval, you are gone. Got it? Fired, Sacked, Retrenched or whatever bulls*** polically incorrect jargon you want to use. When are you government going to learn that this is all our country and all our money. It isn't yours to use how you see fit. Evicted KRUDD for heinous crimes against Australian human beings.

  12. Having been a part of the Online Universal Work Marketing team for 4 months now, I’m thankful for my fellow team members who have patiently shown me the ropes along the way and made me feel welcome


  13. You'd think this draft treaty that Rudd has worked on would at least give us a say over how our billions are spent. But no. UN bodies are already notoriously hard for any one nation to supervise or restrain.

    Even the United States, the biggest donor of all, could not stop the corruption at UNESCO two decades ago, and was forced to walk out in protest. Nor could it stop dictatorships such as Libya and Cuba from later holding key roles in the UN's human rights bodies.

    And with this new global warming body, the vote of the paying West will be overruled even more decisively by the spending rest.

    Under this draft treaty, the new board's biggest spending arm – the "adaptation fund" – will be managed by a "governing board comprising three members from the five United Nations regional groups, two members from small island developing nations and two members from the least developed countries".

    That formula means the industrialised nations which pay most could hold just one of the nine seats on the body which will then spend their cash. Our cash.

    That's the treaty being prepared for the Copenhagen meeting. That's the billions we risk having to hand over. That's the power we risk losing over our own affairs.

    Now ask: why hasn't this been the subject of furious debate? Where's the Government? Where's the Opposition?

    Well, here's Rudd's one response to this threat, given only this week: "At this stage there's no global agreement as to what long-term financing arrangements should underpin a deal at Copenhagen."

    That's a "trust me", with no bottom line. In fact, Rudd is already reaching into his – your – wallet: "Australia, once a global agreement is shaped, would always be prepared to put forward its fair
    share."But how much? Seven billion dollars a year? Five? Three? Hello?

    As for Turnbull … well, it's tragic.

    Badgered by Alan Jones on 2GB on Monday on this very point, he said: "Of course the poorest countries are going to need assistance …. (But) there is no way that anything like this would be accepted without extensive debate."

    So where is that debate, Malcolm? Why aren't you screaming from the rooftops for reassurances that our wealth won't be squandered and our powers handed over?

    Just this week the European Union said it would pay its share of an $82 billion cheque to this new body if countries such as ours come on board, too – so who's applying the brakes?

    Not our politicians, for sure.

    So if you oppose this surrender of our billions and our freedom, better start saying so now, before it's all too late.

    and as an article in the Telegraph warned last week, handing over these ENORMOUS sums to the many corrupt and/or incompetent third world governments will be EXTREMELY dangerous because there will be no way of controlling where the money goes or what it is spent on – 5m pairs of shoes for the same fancy woman? Nuclear weapons? 100,000 AK47s?


  14. You’re dead right BK, family is very important and friends too. I value them very much and that is what drives me. I have set myself a time schedule of 2 years to sell my business and if it has not sold, I will simply sell the real estate with no business attached. I will still do alright, and then it is time for my family to have my time. It has been a tough journey though it will all be very much worth it when I can spend most of my time with my family. I have enjoyed my journey and will look back with fond memories. Take care BK. Keep writing too. Andrew.

  15. Hello Andrew – Thanks for your thoughtful and candid reply. It would seem that you are well aware of your situation. I hope you think that it is all worth it. Remember, at the end of the day the only thing that counts is friends and family.

  16. Jacka, small business owners have generally always had it tough. I own a small business and work about 70 hours a week. I make about $250,000 a year clear. Mate, I'm stuck in the rotton thing. I can't even sell it. It is extremely tough and really mate, I'd rather work there as an employee and settle for $50,000 a year if I could. Jacka, the problem is that if Australia doesn't give small business a fair go then there will be a lot more Australians unemployed. Jacka, often I do wear a suit but that doesn't make me an overpaid person. I value my employees very much and they are also my best friends. I give them bonuses when I can and they always go the extra mile for me. It's them and my family that keeps me going. Be kind to small business mate.

    • Andrew – What are you complaining about? You must be a multimillionaire. You've chosen this lifestyle for yourself and you want us to be sorry for you even tho you're laughing all the way to the bank? If you really don't like your business then just shut it down.

      • BK, I am a wealthy man and I've done very well financially over the last 15 years. I took risks and it seems to most people that I'm living on a gravy train. BK, money isn't everything mate. Sure, you may see me as a greedy business man and I'm comfortable with that because most people think the same even though they don't know me. I am responsible for the situation I'm in and I acknowledge that but there's a lot of sacrifices to be made when one goes into business for themselves. You see my situation as a millionnaire as grounds to put me down or insinuate that I'm just on the gravy train. Do you think that wealthy business owners have a simple role to laugh on their way to the bank? I have considered just shutting it down but I have staff to think about, loan repayments and the list goes on.

  17. Jacka, mate, Workchoices is mild compared to what we are witnessing on Rudd's political stage. I was not too keen on Workchoices either but I am far more disappointed in what I have seen since the election in Nov. 2007. Do you really think that Workchoices compares to the threats Australia is facing today? Mass immigration programs with Rudd's "Big Australia" policy, the ETS tax which will add 30% to your power bills and at least 10% to your groceries. Then there's $43 billion for a broadband network which hasn't even had an economic evaluation. Billions of dollars being wasted. Mate, you need to get over Workchoices. It's gone mate. It never even got off the ground.

    • Andrew – Unfortunately Work Choices did get off the ground and that is surely a major reason that Howard lost the last election. Perhaps you thought that Work Choices was "mild" but many working Australians did not think it fair when their wages were cut and their working conditions worsened.

      You say, let's move on. Fine. My only real beef with Kevin Rudd is his mass immigration programme but, in fairness, nobody saw that coming. Where were you when Howard had his mass immigration programme, which up to then was the most expansive in the nation's history? Voting Liberal, no doubt.

      • BK, fair point. Yes, I do vote Liberal. I know that they have their fair share of problems too. I even voted for Liberal when I was a worker. I think it is often a misconception that because one is a worker, then Labor is automatically the best choice. I think that is not always correct. While workers are often focusing on more pay, often it is a distraction from other things which need to be addressed also. I think one needs to take a keen interest in all areas such as pay and work conditions, economic credentials, responsible immigration, healthy public transport systems, border protection, moral issues such as abortion, looking after the environment and more. I liked Bob Hawke very much BK. He always had a clear message.

  18. I have just skimmed through the Third World counties named in the above article and was stunned to see places like Singapore, Brunei, Malta, The Bahamas and others there. Have I been asleep without knowing, when did Sigapore become a "Third World" country. Help please, someone, give me the correct or should that be politically correct (this seems to apply to everything today) explanation of what "Third World" means. I am thinking of joining this Party (APP) but cannot understand why the Electrol Office needs to know what political party I follow. Isn't casting your vote private? I seem to have so much to learn.

    • In the words of Allan Jones: "If Rudd signs up to a treaty that funnels billions of Australian tax dollars to the third world, he is finished!" 0.7% of GDP equates to 7 billion a year………that is EVERY year to the countries you have listed. We need that money to do GOOD for this nation. Our citizens earned it, payed their taxes and they have the RIGHT to expect their government to provide infrastructure & services for the country & their families!! This is nothing but a cynical ploy to shift First world wealth to the Third world. Apparently it wasn't enough that we exported our companies and jobs to these wasters, they want what we have earned & saved for ourselves as well !!!!!!!!!!

    • aus1st – I am no expert but being a member of a political party and who you vote for are two separate questions. As far as I know you can only belong to one registered political party. The Electoral Commission needs your personal details so they can confirm that. But, as for whom you vote that is your business. Just because you are a member of a political party does not mean than you have to vote for its candidates.

  19. This would have to be the most cynical manipulative piece of reporting I have seen in ages !!! Rather than Climate Change, this is a direct cause of irresponsible nations harvesting seals and taking everything else out of the Canadian sea lanes for PROFIT! They have plundered the region and left the bears nothing to eat!

    • In my view Canadians are just as bad as the Japanese when it comes to seal clubbing and whale/dolphin slaughter. they all deserve a bullet.

    • Catty – You seem to have missed the point of the article, or are you just wilfully denying it? The scientists are saying that the bears are cannibalizing, not because the seals are not there, but because Global Warming is hindering the formation of sea ice from which the bears hunt seal. Those scientists would have factored in any missing seals due to hunting before they claimed that Global warming was responsible for the bears plight, don't you think?

  20. On the subject of unranium waste I remember seeing a programme that to my shame did not pay much attention to, it was stated that nuclear waste can be re-used and made harmless again, sorry but I can't remember more than that, still promising though.
    Great to see more people on this site with some good discussions going, well done to our 'family'
    Keep up the good work

    • Thanks Mike. Yes, I'm not against nuclear power either. Apparently the Chinese are working on a new type of reactor that won't blow up. It could be just what the world needs.

      • Cheers mate, personally still think there is always that risk for human error no matter how many safe guards are in place.

        • Well, from what I saw on TV that Chinese reactor just couldn't explode.

          • thats all well and good but there is always a degree for human error no matter how many safeguards and how well trained the workers are.

          • Don't be so pessimistic. Look on the bright side. If there is another Chernobyl the area around it will become unfit for human habitation however, in that "exclusion zone", animal and plant life with flourish. One could say that every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.

          • still mate i would not like to have a possible Chernobyl in my back yard thanks.

          • Jack – The reactors of today are far superior to those of Chernobyl – Black Night is right – we cannot ignore the technology while most of the modern world is building them (nuclear power plants) as fast as possible. I am more inclined to worry about people like Kim il Jong and that little poisoned dwarf, Ahmadenejad sitting in Tehran! Plus Pakistan, with it nuclear arsenal just waiting to be hijacked by Taliban meatheads! Personally I don't have a problem with having a nuclear plant near my home – as long as there are competent people running them.

          • Have you noticed the trend in Australia while something is government run it is usually well run but like most things it will get privatized and they will cut corners to increase profits.

            WA – buses were government run now privatized now the pay is s*** they have to deal with vandalism and violent people buses that are poorly maintained.

  21. Business will just go offshore…..and take YOUR jobs with them. Just like Pacific Brands and countless thousands of other manufacturing firms have done in recent times……….your jobs will go straight into the arms of those third world countries willing to work for a song. This is what Paul Keating's LEVEL PLAYING FIELD was all about. I helped my daughter do her university thesis on World Globalisation and it's coming impact on the West. Krudd and his Labour TOOLS knew all about this years ago. The Labour movement and the Union hacks have taken the worker for a ride…………..straight into the Lodge! Just like Anna Bligh LIED to the people of Qld…..they have LIED to their own blue collar working class voting base.

    • Sorry, Catty, but what's your point? Politicians lied. That's nothing unusual. Surely you're not suggesting that the workers of Australia are better off under the Liberals.

      • I never the workers were better off – what work choices did was to give businesses the tools of flexibility in order to employ MORE people – which is why under Howard, the unemployment levels were falling. They allowed companies to employ people temporarily, casual, part-time or permanent. For many women this suited them fine, because of child rearing committments. Of course I wouldn't want a US style employment model to ever emerge in this country…….I definately wouldn't want to see $4 an hour rates!


          • Jack – before work choices it was the other way around – an employer literally couldn't get rid of a bone lazy unproductive worker. I will admit that Howard's Work Choices went a little too far – clearly there needs to be a balance between the rights of an employer to shed such staff and the right of the worker to be given a fair go – especially young workers that don'r know their rights.

          • No he/she could, if they did something wrong 3 times then they were out. How far back are you thinking ?

        • Catty – Of course, you've got to remember too that the world economy was going gang-busters at the time and our mining industry too. No wonder unemployment levels were falling.

          • I still believe in flexiblity in the workplace – in many cases it suits both employer and employee to come to a mutual agreement.

          • if that employee has something to negotiate. but what you must realize is that the bulk of the workforce in Australia is unskilled or semi skilled what hope of they got of negotiating with their employer.

  22. The workers united will never be defeated, the workers united will never be defeated

    Businesses will learn the hard way what happens when they push people too far.

    So what should the Australian public have done ? Voted the Liberals back in and had a 2nd wave of work choices i don't think so.

  23. We need to revert back to true democracy . People are sick of electing overpaid dickheads in suits who don't care what the people think but are only in it for the monster pay packet.

    • If I have to witness another overseas junket by Mr and Mrs Krudd before the end of the year I think I will throw up! Doesn't the word CARBON FOOTPRINT mean anything to that smirking chimp? Or hasn't he ever heard of the word VIDEO CONFERENCING!!

      • Couldn't agree more my love, didn't even know the bastard was out of the country until it was announced on the news that he was flying back. Then again, when is he ever here? Saw on a newspaper front page the idiot has a plane on standby to meet his black mate Obama in Copenhagen, once again VIDEO CONFRENCING!!!
        The far left are the worst eletist's I have ever witnessed in my lifetime, yet the way they rave on about the far right it's as if we were evil incarnate. Truely sickening.
        Today a friend of mine took me out to lunch for my Christmas present, on the way we saw an African unzip his pants on the sidewalk and urinate against the wall of a shop in full view of lunching families, truely disgusting.

    • Jacka – you are right. I think that it is becoming more and more evident that Australia is not a true democratic country. Australia is controlled by elites who are entrenched in both the Liberal and Labor parties. If we vote Liberal or Labor we still get the same elites with the same policies of mass immigration and multiculturalism. It is time for something different.

      • I couldn't agree more BK – it's bloody depressing. 🙁

        • Hello Catty. Today I watched all six episodes of Question Time which featured Nick Griffin of the BNP. You can find all six episodes on You Tube. Here's a link to episode 1:

          Griffin makes reference to the elites. Also a BBC audience looks a lot like an ABC audience, only worse. And it's interesting that it takes a black man to state the obvious that it is the British Labour Party which is responsible for the rise of the BNP since it has failed (perhaps a better expression would be "not even attempted") to come to grips with the immigration issue.

          • i don't know why nick even bothered to go on question time, surely he knew he wouldn't get a fair chance to state his view.

          • I suppose he thought you've got to take whatever opportunity for publicity that you can get. If you watched the episodes, for a while there, I actually feared for his life. One Muslim guy was just radiating hostility and I was frightened that he or others might rush the stage and stab Griffin to death (no doubt to the cheers of that audience!).

          • I thought he should have gone on the attack a bit more, he sat and wore it a bit too much I thought. Sure, he didn't want to come across as too aggro I suppose.

            But more than anything I thought it so clearly illustrated where the major parties in the UK stand – totally leftist, not even close to centre, and clearly not in the best interests of the average white Brit. And that was one of the positives to come out of it I thought – I get the feeling things in Britain are finally starting to change, albeit slowly at the moment.

          • Apparently Griffin had been criticised for his performance on Question Time by BNP members. Unfortunately he's got "a past" and they thought that he hadn't handled questions about it very well. I can see their point. Nevertheless it often looked like one man against the lynch mob and perhaps the white British public would give him extra marks for his courage.

            Yes, you are right about the parties. That Muslim woman on the panel was enough to show how compromised the Tories are. But there seems like there's a long way to go before there's any real change in Britain, that is if it happens at all.

          • The whole thing was a set-up from beginning to end. The panel was stacked and so was the audience. So much for balance – it reminded me of a grubby Spanish Inquistion – minus the torture rack. Clearly he was overwelmed and flustered by the assault. But everybody here knows we have seen this before – they did the same thing to Pauline Hanson. In my view Nick should step aside for a hard boiled headkicker who won't stand for this crap.

          • possibly but you should give Griffin credit he has transformed the BNP for the better

          • I don't think Griffin should stand aside so easily as he has been the most effective leader the BNP has ever had. Something seems to be working and he seems to be responsible for it. To him I would say, keep up the good work. There were hard boiled head kickers in the party before, but thankfully they have left to join the NF or the BPP. Their approach has not worked till now.

  24. [youtube cOVzXYEU3Bk&feature=channel


  25. Australia is in a great position to pioneer the mainstream use of clean energy technologies such as solar, wind, hydro electricity and geothermal energy. Personally think we should invest money in these technologies now so that this planet will survive for future generations.

    • Still – all that you have listed above will not be enough to meet Australia's base load engery requirements. That will only be met with NUCLEAR ENERGY power plants. We have the uranium, we have the space to store the waste – and we have the scientists to make it all happen. Dr Ziggy Switkowski is a nuclear physicist and here is what he says about Australia:

      An Interview with 4BC radio jock Greg Carey

      • With the the energies we have in Australia it would be more than enough to satisfy our energy needs. Going Nuclear is not the answer and do you have a solution to what we do with the nuclear waste ? Personally i would not want a ticking Chernobyl sitting in my back yard thanks.

        • Sorry Jack – I cannot agree with you. Chernobyl happened 30 years ago and nuclear energy technology has advanced in leaps and bounds since those years. The new generation of nuclear plants are safer than my pot bellied stove. On the question of storeage – Australia has some of the most geologically isolated landscape on earth. It is perfect for nuclear waste storeage – in fact we should store all the world's nuclear waste in the remote outback. We sell the uranium to the world, so I don't see why we shouldn't offer to store it's by products here as an overall package at the point of sale.

          • Continu:ed:

            Also if our wonderboy Krudd brings in another 15 million people by 2040 we WILL need something more in the way of base load power – our industries will require it too….unless we see them fleeing off shore to those countries that won't embrace carbon emmissions reduction. And for the record…….China is set to build 100 nuclear plants, as is India and Europe. Britain is set to build another 10…..the US is firing up again too. You have to realise that Australia cannot remain neutral in all this – and Krudd is about to find that out too. The governments of the northern hemiphere will DEMAND that we change our backwards thinking on nuclear power.

          • The way i see it you get the maximum potential out of clean renewable green energy sources then you use other non renewable sources to make up the rest.

            And as for selling uranium that is the stupidest idea from our government yet. We are probably going to get it back in the form of nuclear warheads. And another thing Australia is not a dumping ground for nuclear waste. If they want to buy our uranium they can deal with the waste.

            The governments of the northern hemisphere can go f*** off. Australia should bow to no one this is our country not theirs.

          • Jack – I love this country as much as you do,ok? But we have to be realistic in the wider scheme of things. We only make up 22 million of a planet seething with 7 billion people. Australia is NOT the only country with uranium – we do have one of the world's largest deposits though. Most countries that are buidling nuclear weapons by stealth are not using Australian uranium, ok? If we refused to sell uranium to energy hungry nations like China things could get decidedly nasty. Krudd is a FOOL not to sell it to India. After all, they are a signatory to the International Atomic Commission and have proven to be a responsible nation in handling their weapons systems. I have more concern over Pakistan, Iran and North Korea – all who are obtaining their materials through other sources.

          • And Jack – if we refused to sell to nations desperate for energy, there is nothing to stop them from taking it. This country is virtually defenceless. Our standing forces have 58,000 personel and enough ammo for a fortnight. Just thought I would let you in on that unplatable fact. China on the other hand has an army of 2 million. Kinda puts things in perspective, don't it….:(

          • we shouldn't sell it to anyone full stop we should use it to arm ourselves with nukes for strategic deterrence. India may be responsible with handling its weapons but terrorism is on the increase in India i would not rust them one bit.

          • That will never happen – unfortunately we are a signatory to the Non Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. Another brilliant Labour initiative……and yes, terrorisism is on the rise (rapidly), but India would only ever use them if Pakistan launched hers. It's rather ironic that Russia and the US are downsizing…..and rouge governments are taking up the slack. So much for getting a good nights rest thinking you are safe!

          • Still i think we should.

        • Jack – DID you listen to the interview??

  26. America and China being the worlds biggest polluters, China 6.7 billion tonnes and the USA 5.7 tonnes respectively should be fronting the most of the cost. not countries like Australia which quit frankly are a small part fo the problem.

    • But but but but – according to Saint Kevin the Rudd-er-less, little Australia is going to save the world single-handedly and show everybody what a good little boy he is! Does SuperKev have a crystal fortress in Antartica where he communes with his dead father Jor-El??

    • Jacka – It is true that other countries are bigger polluters than Australia in absolute terms. But given that we only have 21 million people here we're up there with "the best". Surely Australia needs to get its own house in order before it can tell other countries what to do.

      • How is Australia telling other countries what to do ? All Rudd is trying to do is lead by example from what i see.

        • Well, leading by example is good too, isn't it?

        • Well, no he's not Jack. He's making a bloody fool of himself – you don't take a wreaking ball to the Australian economy before you know what the rest of the world (particulary the northern hemisphere) is going to do. It's best for world economies to move in sync with one another (especially our trading partners) so there won't be any unintended problems down the track. Stability is highly essentual – especially in countries like China. Besides, if you value your job you will (at the very least) listen to what Tony Abbott has planned as an alternative before the next sitting of the Senate. That is in February next year……8 to 10 weeks isn't going to make any difference to the planet. But Tony's plan just save your job and those of your families. At least give the man a FAIR hearing.

  27. Geraldo – that ain't funny !!! 🙁

  28. These handouts are an excellent idea! in a few more years Australia will qualify.

  29. If KRudd would sort out the immigration mess I wouldn't mind him so much, but unfortunately it seems to be worse under Labor. It continues to baffle me as to why both major parties seem to want to f*** over their own race of people as well as the Abos, as this will effect them too when say the Muslim population gets high enough for them to start their own political party.
    If there were to be a government that concentrated on white and abo issues they'd probably remain in power for a very very long time. That's how I'd run a poltical party anyway. And that's why i'm on this site hopefully as word increases and the APP hopefully shows its worth this can be a party to vote for in the near future before Anglo's loose control completely then it will be over for both Anglo's and Aboriginies…all thanks to the far left.
    Enjoy your weekend everyone, Mike

  30. Rudd is a f***ing idiot but he did do something good he got rid of Liberal's Work Choices

    • Krudd just delayed the inevitable – in the coming decades people will be back to signing contracts. World globalisation will see to that. That is why I hate this bastard – he played workers like a fiddle and used them to get into power. Kevin is for one person only – HIMSELF, and what he can get out of it at the end of his political life in Oz……….a big fat job at his beloved UN!

      • Catty – Your attack on Rudd is very personal – and cynical. You seem to think that you know Rudd better than Terese. You don't. By getting rid of Work Choices he has helped to shield Australian workers from the worst effects of globalization. Good on him! But God help us with Abbott.

        • Come on BK – you and I both know that isn't true. My husband has been working for 40 years for the same company. He is in effect on a personel contract. As a member of staff he doesn't belong to a union, and is literally employed on a day to day basis and can be sacked at any time. The reason why he is gainfully employed is because he does the job that is required of him. For his efforts he is paid a healthy salary and earns extra bonus's when he meets benchmark requirements. They pay our Private Hospital coverage and supply a company doctor to give him the once over every year. This applies to ALL people employed by this company. And for the record – KRudd has not totally gotten rid of work choices – which is why the union hacks are so pissed off at him. Also by brother -in -law is laughing all the way to the bank on contact at the local Port Authority – as is my brother, who is making serious dough in Western Australia.

          • It is true my Nan had been working for a company for over 20 years and then they sacked her under the bulls*** excuse that they were introducing a new computer system and that because of her age they didn't think she would be able to handle it.

            If you have a skill or experience that you can negotiate with your employer then thats fine but for unskilled and semi skilled employees work choices was completely unfair. And what is wrong with three written warnings and then your out ? personally i don't see anything wrong with that that makes it fair.

            These contracts should not be forced on anyone. If someone feels they have something they can negotiate with an employer for extra pay or better conditions then so be it but it should not be compulsory.

          • Three written warnings sounds excessive. I have no sympathy for bad or lazy workers. They should be given the sack if the boss thinks it's warrented. But of course, workers should be compensated in other areas.

          • 3 warnings and your out that is the way it was before work choices and that is the way it should stay

          • That may have been the way it was before Work Choices but I just bet that rule was introduced under Paul Keating. From what I can gather Keating introduced measures which went too far to the "benefit" of workers; this upset the balance, which then led to the massive reaction of Work Choices. Our system is based on the buying and selling of labour and it seems reasonable that the economy will be most efficient when that is allowed to happen.

          • How is 3 warnings unfair, i agree that in certain situations it would warrant instant dismissal, such as stealing from that company. But 3 warnings is a fair system.

          • It is not fair to the boss. Employing people is not a charity. If an employer wants to get rid of people who are not performing he should be allowed to.

          • Like i said depending on the situation instant dismissal may be warranted. But what people need to realize without the workers people would not have their businesses.

          • Then we agree. Good! Let's not forget that although capital needs labour, labour also needs capital.

          • I would give three warnings to a toddler – not a full grown adult that should know better. I would give one warning, and if I had to give a second, it would be an ultimatum! Shape up or ship out!

          • Well said Catty. This time I agree with you. Bosses shouldn't have to suffer bad workers.

          • Catty – Sorry! I don't know what's true? Please explicate. And what's all this guff about your husband? Luck him! You're not saying I'm alright, Jack, and stuff the rest of us, are you?

          • No BK – I saying that if you are a productive worker you are less likely to lose your job. It costs real money to a business to train people and get them up to speed with the business's aims. They don't like losing good staff – in fact many businesses give incentives and bonus's to keep them on side – such a worker is my husband. He has been with the company for 40 years, ever since he was 20. But I must admit he is with a mining giant – Rio Tinto.

          • Oh, thank goodness for that! Thanks for the clarification; for a moment there I thought you were being selfish.

          • thats all well and good your husband being on the mines that would be a skilled profession.

            Its people like bus drivers, child care workers, cleaners etc that suffered under work choices because they had no skills with which to negotiate with their employer.

            If an employee feels that they have something to negotiate with an employer then thats fine but it should not be compulsory and you should not have to trade off conditions for extra pay. No way man.

  31. Christopher says

    If anybody interested there is good article on background of climate change politic :

    • That's a publication put out by the LaRouchians. I would not rely on it too much. The last time I heard Lyndon LaRouche was still in gaol for tax evasion and of course protesting his innocence.

      • Christopher says

        This publication is an extract from polish national newspaper "Polityka" reprinted in 21 Century Science & Technology magazine.

  32. The problem with African males in Australia is that many of them come from terrible wartorn countries, and they were in fact, child soldiers. These people used terrible torture methods, rape, and hacked their victims with machettes. I don't blame the aboriginals for being resentful. After all, in many cases, these African Blacks are getting better benefits than they are – the Catholic Church gives a lot of aid to these people apon arrival.

  33. Mike – The white left wing traitors won't escape their fate either – in the words of the famous Winton Churchill : "An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodiles, hoping they will eat him last."

    In America there are those that can see the writing on the wall – and they are buying up big on serious guns….and ammo, lots of ammo!

  34. Oh well, at least the black monkey Grace Mugabe will be able to take a few more private plane trips to Paris to do some clothes shopping on our taxes, whilst having the last remaining white farmer families killed off. One has to wonder why we are importing these arrogent f**ks whilst white people in Africa are being slowly exterminated, wouldn't it make more sense to bring them out here instead? I never hated before, but after being bashed by three of the mongrels I do now. Have a Maori mate who got bashed by one in a nightclub in the weekend, he hates them too. Too aggressive, too dangerous and will destroy Australia as every other western country they have invaded, just as professor Andrew Fraser perdicted and was hounded for by the white left traitors.

  35. 'Jews are racist and should never be engaged in business or marrigage, they are unclean' Europe's propaganda media; cira late 1930's

    'Only white people are racist and are capable of racial evil'
    European media, Hollywood and entertainment (including Australia's) 2009
    "White people have caused climate change and therefore must pay billions to Africa everyear' 2009

    'Tell a lie often enough and the world will eventually believe you'
    Adolf Hitler.

    Guess where WE are heading for folks? Gas chambers? Digging our own pits so Muslims and Africans can shoot our children in their heads in a few years to come? Will our children's skins be turned into lampshades, books and vests for these invaders to wear?
    History has a funny and horrifc way of repeating itself, do nothing and pay the consequences.

  36. Nice site guys, have you signed up your 500 members yet?

  37. We won't survive this, your mob and mine. They'll get rid of you lot first then come after my people'

    Scott, Aboriginal co-worker.

  38. I think all Australian taxpayers should up and resign simultaneously! No tax income, no freebies for the welfare wastoids!!!

    WE can then all go on the dole, and the monkeys can support US for a change!

  39. There are increasingly fewer options open to those of us who prefer to retain the bulk of the benefits of our labour for our own family comitments. We must organise, through this party or any organisation that will give us a voice on any level. It is also time to get vocal and assertive with all the doubting Thomases and traitors among us.

  40. You have to remember that a fair few of the populace that make up Australia are yobbo's through and through. It takes a LOT to get information through thick skulls, and we have 30 years of conditioning to break through in just a few short years. Its going to be tough, but not immpossible. If I can convince my Y Gen wife I can convince anyone. But then again I give her sex in exchange for her saying "there is no climate change". 🙂

  41. Except that the welfare state has attracted more rubbish to our shores, the kids are indoctrinated at Pre-school and we have a moronic goat herder as PM. Rudd is such an embarassment.

    • Yeah. Australia really is turning into another England – heaven forbid we ever suffer what they're going through. I'd like to think Aussies would wake up sooner than the Brits, but nowadays I don't know anymore. So true what you say about kids being indoctrinated too – unbelievable the kind of left-wing crap my 8 year old niece parrots, just scary. I know she didn't get it from her parents.

      • Barry – What does your niece say?

        • Well things about the Aborigines and their issues relating to white people, and also about ethnic minorities in Australia, that as an 8 year old I am surprised she's aware of (read: been indoctrinated with). She can't quite put it all into words yet but it's obvious she has a grasp of the ideas.Knowing what her mum's like it's all the more surprising. I mean I guess thinking back I was taught a lot of this stuff too, maybe now that I'm more aware of these issues and see them in a different light I just notice it a lot more.

          • I know what you mean Barry, my six year old neice was made to stand up and read a 'sorry' speech to the entire school this year. Her mother got me to hear it before she read it out loud and I'm afraid to say I lost it completley, HOW DARE THEY INSTALL A SENSE OF GUILT IN MY SIX YEAR OLD NEICE, WHAT HAS SHE EVER DONE?
            On the way to work in the trains I pass schools that now have painted muruals with 'Diversity is good" slogans, brainwashing at an early age I see. When I was their age I was taught by my white teachers in the 60's to be PROUD of who I was, 'A child of the Empire' Christ nobody would DARE touch us back then, they knew the consequences. Now we whites walk around with a bullseye target on our foreheads. On the train going home I saw a white mother tell her kids who were getting off at another station 'Stay safe"
            WE ARE THE 'NEW JEWS'! Discriminated by the media and hounded by the p.c. nutters.

          • The tragic fact is this: If we are not careful we will end up like the European Jews too! Not today…..but it is coming in future years if we don't defend ourselves. Also remember this: There were Jews actually helping the Nazi bastards to herd their people onto the trains….particulary in Warsaw.

          • I wouldn't be suprised to see the likes of Bob Brown and Phillip Adams doing the same thing in a few more years to come Catty

  42. Oh for heaven's sake! I might as well sit in the middle of a train track and be done with it !!! The scaremongering these twits are engaging in is out of control!

    • Dear Catty. Being at risk of being called a Commie, I will nevertheless quote Stalin (great bastard of USSR) in the first days of Nazi aggression: "Our cause is just, the victory will be ours". It was inscribed at the back of by grand father's and uncles' s Victory medals.

      We (patriots) should continue educating people. I have been busy entering into various blogs and leaving weblinks to drive people here and to other relevant sites. I do 3-5 a day.

      I know that shockadelic is doing leaflets, mike is doing the talking to whoever he can engage. Other good guys are doing the same , I presume. This is the way. We do not have much time before elections.
      Thank you for the poem.

      • Thanks Euro, I tell as many Aussie as I can, but they seem more interested in getting drunk etc. Although I'm quite sure when the first terror attacks start going they may awaken up to the fact there's more to life than Angelina and Brad Pitt and Ben Cousins.

      • Every little bit helps – I let people know about this site – and I have mentioned the Australian Islamist Monitor – they do excellent work in tracking what these muslims are doing inside Australia. The more people that come to this site the better – but the one thing we must be careful of, is to deal in facts only. Our multi-culti loving fiends will only be too willing to pounce – just like they did with BNP leader Nick Griffin on the BBC's Q&A – they tore him to shreds – just like they did with Pauline Hanson.

      • Every little bit helps – I let people know about this site – and I have mentioned the Australian Islamist Monitor – they do excellent work in tracking what these muslims are doing inside Australia. The more people that come to this site the better – but the one thing we must be careful of, is to deal in facts only. Our multi-culti loving fiends will only be too willing to pounce – just like they did with BNP leader Nick Griffin on the BBC's Q&A – they tore him to shreds – just like they did with Pauline Hanson.

    • Catty – Who says it's scaremongering. It sounds pretty reasonable to me. We're all in for a bumpy ride. So fasten your seat belt.

  43. 1906 Mmmmmmmmm…seems nothing much has changed in Oz all that much over the last 104 years!

  44. Continued:

    Core of my heart, my country!
    Her pitiless blue sky,
    When sick at heart around us
    We see the cattle die –
    But then the grey clouds gather
    And we can bless again
    The drumming of an army,
    The steady, soaking rain.

    Core of my heart, my country!
    Land of the Rainbow Gold,
    For flood and fire and famine,
    She pays us back threefold;
    Over the thirsty paddocks,
    Watch, after many days,
    The filmy veil of greenness
    That thickens as we gaze.

    An opal-hearted country,
    A wilful, lavish land –
    All you who have not loved her,
    You will not understand –
    Though Earth holds many splendours,
    Wherever I may die,
    I know to what brown Country
    My homing thoughts will fly.

  45. I Love A Sunburnt Country
    Written by Dorothea MacKellar ( written 1906)

    The love of field and coppice,
    Of green and shaded Lanes,
    Of ordered woods and gardens,
    Is running in your veins;
    Strong love of grey-blue distance,
    Brown streams and soft, dim skies –
    I know but cannot share it,
    My love is otherwise.

    I love a sunburnt country,
    A land of sweeping plains,
    Of ragged mountain ranges,
    Of drought and flooding rains,
    I love her far horizons,
    I love her jewel sea,
    Her beauty and her terror –
    The wide brown land for me.

    The tragic ring-barked forests
    Stark white beneath the moon,
    The sapphire-misted mountains,
    The hot gold hush of noon.
    Green tangle of the brushes
    Where lithe lianas coil,
    An orchids deck the tree-tops
    And ferns the crimson soil.

  46. Despite all the evidence against the hysteria of anthropogenic climate change many still many believe the lies that have been put forward by the IPCC and Socialist Govts. everywhere. The IPCC is a giant cocktail jig full of misfits pushing an agenda. Scientists of the fringe and third world Govt.s will push this lie of man made climate change as they will reap more aid striaght from our pockets.

    The African continent is a hopeless experiment gone wrong and a s case in point. Since independence the West notably Britain have forked out $500 billion in aid but this money has only worsened poverty. Corrupt Govt.s will reap a windfall while the poor black is left in perpetual poverty by their nepotistic and brutal Govts. Throwing money at financial quadriplegics like the third world will only create even more problems and also give dictatorial Totalitarian Leaders wealth to build more palaces. I can just see that black gorilla; Mugabe rubbing his hands in joy.

    There is no science behind an ETS except man made lies. When you consider that 'greenhouse gases' make up less than 3% of air and out of that 3% only 2% in Co2 and out of that small amount of Co2 only 3.5% is man made. The IPCC along with various Govts. have manipulated the data gone into 'climate models'.

  47. As I told BK in another thread – we are going to be hit twice with any introduced ETS. They will screw us over at the national level and again at the International level. How do you feel having to pay for your family, and again paying to third world governments – which will probably go straight into the coffers of the corrupt leaders of these countries instead of implementing a ETS scheme of their own??? Of course if KRUdd sees an advantage to his post PM career at UN headquarters he will sign off on it without CONSULTING you !!!!!

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