Protest against Rudd’s soft touch on border protection

Over forty boats with at least 1,800 people have arrived since August last year as a direct response to Rudd’s weakening of Australia’s border protection.

The alleged “refugees” themselves have said that they were attracted by Rudd’s weak stance on border protection and the appeal of making it to the promised land of the big Centerlink.

The Rudd government is currently planning to refurbish two defence force bases into “refugee” hotels, expanding the Christmas Island facility to cope with the expected influx.

We really do not know who these alleged refugees are. There is a good chance of there being terrorists and terrorist sympathisers amongst the them. They have already threatened to blow up a boat with 250 men, woman and children on board and we have seen it happen before at the Ashmore Reef boat fire.

All of the survivors of the Ashmore Reef explosion have been given permanent residency with some having received first-class medical treatment for their self-inflicted injuries at the expense of the Australian taxpayer.

The Rudd government, with the assistance of some Liberal MP’s have voted in favour of not billing “refugees” for their detention. So not only do they get free accommodation and “culturally appropriate” food, they also get “pocket money” and the only thing the Australian voter gets is more taxes to pay for it all.

Its clear that the Rudd government cannot be trusted on border protection and that the Labor party does not have the best interests of Australians at heart. Join the Protectionist Party and help win back Australia from Rudd and his wreckers.

Where: Cenotaph, Martin Place, Sydney.

When: Monday, 16th of November from 12:30pm.

Join the resistance! Join the Protectionist Party!


  1. John Smith says

    Can't we start up an Australian Defence League?
    Just like they have in the U.K. which is of course English Defence League.
    You would only need about 20 people to be very active as well as other
    National groups doing their own thing.

  2. Refugees?! read the lnk below

  3. What gets me Lyn is how we are all supposed to be 'Australian' yet have so many differnet government departments (that WE pay for) for all different ethnic groups…except Anglo Saxons!
    We are literally paying for our own destruction!

    • Mike – I just read on the immigration department website that any cultural group can ask for special funding to promote their group. I think it's time we apply – don't you?

  4. I hope the Australian Protectionist member rallies are measured and calm – your detractors are just salivating at the chance to tear you to shreds with screams of racist! They managed to paint Hanson as a loon – so please please please don't fall for the trap. The Australian Protectionist Party should take some guiding tips from the BNP. We should make it clear that we not against controlled appropriate immigration into this country. What we are vehemently against is ILLEGAL entry into this country via people smugglers. We should call for a capping of the population, as Australia is already hard pressed to support those already here. And we should call for an END to political correctness, and insidious pandering to multi-culturalism, where we uplift everybody else's culture while downplaying (literally destroying) our own. The Australian Protectionist Party will do well if it can attract highly educated people who can deliver a credible message. No hysteria………just deal in facts& numbers…..and media evidence, especially photograpic , and eye witness evidence. Our left wing ghouls cannot refute clear evidence. People are not fools…..they will connect the dots and make their decision.

    • And we need to get out of the United Nations too! They are the main ones demanding we take in these scum!
      Not suprising though when one looks whose running it behind the scenes eg, that man-woman Helen Clark who ruined NZ is now working there as well as the fat woman who used to run immigration during Howard years and who bought us these lovely Africans over to enrich us!
      Like the one I had to call the police 3x in one night next door to me, playing his anti-white racist gangster rapp 'music' with dance hall speakers at 2,30 am during working days. Obviously he himself did not have to work.

  5. How did the rally in Sydney go? and are there any planned for VIC ?

    • I hope the Australian Protectionist member rallies are measured and calm – your detractors are just salivating at the chance to tear you to shreds with screams of racist! They managed to pain Hanson as a loon – so please please please don't fall for the trap. The Australian Protectionist Party should take some guiding tips from the BNP. We should make it clear that we not against controlled appropriate immigration into this country. What we are vehemently against is ILLEGAL entry into this country via people smugglers. We should call for a capping of population as Australia is already hard pressed to support those already here. And we should call for an END to political correctness, and insidious pandering to multi-culturalism, where we uplift everybody else's culture while downplaying (literally destroying) our own. The Australian Protectionist Party will do well if it can attract highly educated people who can deliver a credible message. No hysteria………just deal in facts& numbers…..and media evidence, especially photograpic , and eye witness evidence. Our left wing ghouls cannot refute clear evidence. People are not fools…..they will connect the dots and make their decision.

  6. There's a youtube video somewhere of an American, explaining that – among other things – Mexico doesn't allow any foreigners to own some classes of property in Mexico. Plus a whole list of other things being foisted on the USA but which Mexico doesn't permit.

    • I am not surprised. Mexico is probably not the only country that has such restrictions. I thought we had some kind of restriction here too but maybe it has been abolished by our Rudd Labor government. The real problem is that Australia is addicted to Mammon so everything is up for sale, even our soul.

  7. There's a youtube video somewhere of an American, explaining that – among other things – Mexico doesn't allow any foreigners to own some classes of property in Mexico. Plus a whole list of other things being foisted on the USA but which Mexico doesn't permit.

  8. I was watching Channel 7 tonight and I heard that Today Tonight is going to do a story on how foreigners can now buy Australian homes. It is going to be on tonight, Friday 18/11/09 at 6:30PM.

  9. PP, select one electorate and put all of your resources into it. Have a good local member or a high profile candidate who is genuinely passionate about your cause and who is well known and liked by the electorate. Don't attempt to have a candidate in every state or attempt to have candidates all over the place as you will likely not have the resources to fund an effective campaign and your efforts will be so fragmented that you will not win a seat in parliament. Just concentrate on getting one seat and you can grow from there.

  10. Have you heard today, 19th Nov. that Rudd's Labor mate Mike Kaiser is to be paid $450,000 in a position on Rudd's NBN Company. That's $100,000 more than the PM's income. The CEO of the NBN company is getting $1.95 million per annum also and the company isn't even making money yet. Even part time board members are paid $90,000 per annum. This is taxpayers money being paid to them by every working Australian. This needs to be stopped.

    • John, I remember Mike Kaiser, a former MP in QLD. He was forced to resign in 2001 due to having a part in the "Shepherdson Inquiry" into electoral fraud. I can't believe he's now being paid $450,000 by the taxpayer to work in Rudd's broadband network company. It is cronyism at it's best. Actually, fraud and corruption at its best too. Senator Conroy should also be ashamed at this blatant behaviour. This is rotton.

  11. Got a thought on a tee-shirt or sticker idea; how about KRudd's face on it (yuck) with a word balloon stating; 'If you don't like me turning Australia into a 3rd world s***hole (or Islamic country) why not vote for the Australian Protectionist Party?
    Then underneath have the website address.
    KRudd's used us why not replay the favour?
    Buy the way, just seen the nes, Labour has lifted all restricitions on Internationals buying Australian property even if they don't live here which will make the cost of housing soar. BASTARD!
    And on the yahoo interenet news there is terrible fighting between Abos and Samoans (who have ruined NZ) in a Queensland town. One Abo lady said that the gov is giving more to the immigrants than to them and they are pissed. Welcome to our world!

  12. APP, there are some excellent vidoes on the BNP website, perhaps the party could put a different one up each week? The one showing the true face of immigration would be a good start 'Spot the white person'. This would serve as a warning of what is to come to newcomers to the site who are unsure about the party.
    Sorry about my spelling, I get up at 4 am for work and am pretty tired when I get home.

  13. It's cool to see more people on this site, although the likes of David Saunders comments should be deleted immediantly. We all know the left winged psycos are in our midst we are here to support each other and don't need any self loathing wankers spewing out their hatred for us, we have a long battle ahead and don't need the site to be contaminated with their vomit, we see enough of it in the media, entertainment and politicans.
    Otherwise it'll just be a pathetic name calling crap fest like facebook or UTube. Incedently some of the most racist, vile rubbish I've ever read comes from the likes of facebook on all sides of the ethnic equator.

  14. Hi Euro! Nice to hear from you, I tell people at work about the site and I would like to (at my own expense) to start posting information on the party, even if it's only 20 letters per week its someting only I need something legal, professional and something the APP would approve of to post.
    There are so many Anglos here in Perth really unhappy what is happening as a lot of immigrants have decended on Perth in the last 2 years. My area alone has gone from Asain and white to African and Muslim, very confronting and rather lonely I must admit.

    • Hi Mike. Good idea, and the videos too. APP should listen.
      I think, posting the links on various blogs is very effective and free. (Without hijacking the blogs, of course. E.g. to make a post to some blog only if we have something to say really + add the link.) Some blogs do not allow web links included – you can avoid this by providing '' without www.
      I can hardly see what I write too – just finished 12 hour day. Good night.

  15. continued.
    I have made 2 observations.
    1. Look at the APP site stats – more then 2000 hits in 2 weeks- 2.66% of hits occured in 1.7% of time since the site was launched. This is a rise in absolute fugures.
    2. I have read through the posts whatever earliest available. Actually, the last two weeks was a signifacnt shift in the mode of blogging.
    Previously, posts were in a form of short adversarial statements – in other words, rude short burst(e.g. you are arseholes – not you are ).
    In the last 2 weeks the posts became 'argumentative discussions.' (e.g. you are an arsehole but I will explain why and try to reference my opinion.)
    This is a breakthrough for APP. (If they listen/ read the blog very carefully and make some minor adjustments to wording of policies) The membership should surge.

  16. continued.

    The polls there represent not only public opinion but political activism of people as well. I presume, people who have strong opinion on offered issues tend to send links of the polling site to their friends, who they think have similar opinion.
    What do you think?

  17. Hi Mike, Black Knight and Lyn – I like your posts. I feel that things are happening and not everything lost.
    I would like you ro have a look at the polling site.
    There are 3 questions there:
    1.There are 230,000 to 270,000 people migrate to Australia each year. Levels of immigration should: increase, reduce, 1 in-one out
    2. Persons who are permanent residents of Australia (non-citizens) must be mandatory deported if convicted of any violent crime: agree/disagree
    3 Sould Australia continue to be a subject to UN jurisdiction on matters of immigration, including who should be accepted as refugees? agree/ disagree
    see results.

  18. No I didn't vote in the last election because there were no parties that represented my views, until this one appeared! And YES I hold Howard responisble for bringing the Africans over.
    As for Blacks attacking whites, I would like to see the department of immigration sued the next time it happens. Maybe the APP can look into this, after all, these 'government officials' state they are 'experts' to hold such a lofty position!
    An interesting comment was made to me by an Aboriginal co-worker; "We are not going to survive this, your mob and mine. They'll get rid of your mob first (thie whites) then they'll come after us."
    Even THEY know what is going to happen, what a bloody shame, if there was a time in OZ's history for Abos and whites to come together, this is it, but of course the media will ensure there is still an underlying hatred between us, because like the far left, that's how they make their money.

  19. I hold BOTH of the two main political parties responisble for the mess that we are in! That's why I'm on this site and good to see more people commenting on here too! Hope the membership numbers get high enough to become a mainstream party very soon. With a bit of good publicity and sticking to facts and ignoring left winged hysteria this party can acheive what ONE NATION didn't.

    • Too right, Mike!

      I can only hope that APP avoids the mistakes that One Nation made. I was a member of One Nation for almost five years but I joined after Pauline Hanson had left and by then the rot had set in. I eventually left because I thought the party was drifting too far to the right. Positioning itself to the right of the Liberal party didn't make much sense as there are few votes there. Also I think the party was infiltrated by groups like the League of Rights and the La Rouche mob. The same thing could happen to the APP if it is not careful.

    • The BNP view is that both Conservative and Labour are equally responsible for mass immigration into Britain. The original Act of Parliament permitting any Commonwealth person to come to Britain I think for two years was passed in something like 1948; Race Relations Acts were passed during the 1960s and later; Cabinet discussions about 'coloureds' were kept secret until recently; immigrants working in health for some reason were favoured; and so on. There was never any popular mandate, and the few manifesto mentions of control over numbers were ignored when the parties were in power. It was recently revealed that in 2000/2001 (Labout got in in 1997) a secret decision was made to flood more in.

      Incidentally throughout this period there was state and union and probably 'intelligence' funding for thugs and screamers – if you watch old news film of e.g. London dockers being shouted at, the screamers were never identified or interviewed. This applied also to thugs who opposed free speech in things like IQ.

      The BNP do their best to take votes from Conservative and Labour; as their website increasingly allows people to read about them without being filtered by state media, this seems certain to continue.

  20. Mike – I hope you are proud of your Maori heritage – I had a Maori friend when I was nursing (I am a retired RN) she and her family were beautiful people. Every welcoming and just the best damn hosts going when they entertain. Unfortunately, like most indigenous people, many of them are lost to unemployment and alcohol. But those that have learned to 'make it' in a Anglo dominated culture , they are thriving. Lovely people, great attitude if you give them respect. If things get too hot being identified as white, you can always get a T shirt printed up saying you ain't !! lol lol Sh*t, why am I laughing………..that might not be too far off the future ! : – {

  21. The trouble with KRudd is that he had to be 'more important' than his rich wife and now thinks he is a movie star or celebrity which shows more his intellect and character than anything else. He was in Perth not so long ago, signing autographs (but only a gaggle of immigrants were asking for it!) Truely sickening, I cannot even look at his face on the t.v.
    But to give u some inkling to the people that vote for him, an English lady i know, (a professor in medicine who laments on the destrution of her own homeland) voted for KRudd. Incrediously I asked her why when the English Labour government went and commited genocide against their own race and this is her answer; "Oh he's like a breath of fresh air! AND he said sorry to the Aboriginals.' She then went on in typical university fashion to lambast Howard "Horrible little man'
    So these are the kind of morons voting for him, the champange socialists who may be 'academics' in their chosen field of employment, but are very stupid and ignorant when it comes to worldy affiars.

    • Yes, Mike, but have you considered that it was the Howard government that gave Australia African immigration. It was Andrew Robb who was given the task of bringing these Africans here. If you voted for Howard in 2004 you probably voted for your own bashing.

      • Even worse Knight – It was the Catholic Church thru their Aid and Development arm, Caritas that organised their immigration here. Between the Government and the Catholic charity they house and provide welfare payments to them. I have seen this myself when I was recently in Melbourne. Already Melbourne is experiencing black crime in the form of rapes and bashings. The government forcibly dumped hundreds of them onto the hapless people of Toowoomba, who clearly stated they didn't want. But got them they did…….with no choice, or consultation. They are even having seious fights with the local Aborigines. Black on Black racism!! Surely not? : – 0

        • Oh and I forgot – many of these young Africans are former CHILD SOLDIERS !!! Imagine the horrific things they saw and done……….and they foist these mini killers (who they claim are re-habilitated) onto mainstream Australia !!

          • Well, I didn't know that! You seem to have your finger on the pulse, Lyn. Well done. Perhaps one day one of these child soldiers will kill an Aussie kid. It looks like it is on the cards. Will the Catholic Church take responsibility for that? No doubt there willl be a lot of hand wringing.

        • The Catholic Church, eh? Well, now maybe the Church would like to pay for the trouble these people have caused and pay to fly them back to Africa. I am all for Christian charity but it would be better to send the money off to them in Africa than have them come here and get into trouble.
          Your description of the situation in Melbourne is just what I expected. The people who are or were running this country must be idiots. You've only got to look at Britain to see the trouble they've got with Blacks to realize that you would not want the same situation here. But unfortunately people don't hold their politicians responsible, they keep voting for them no matter what they serve up.
          As for Toowoomba I saw on TV what was happening there. The Howard government's strategy seems to have been to sprinkle these Africans around the country hoping that no one would notice. Of course, it wasn't so easy to cover up the Black crime. And now the Aborigines are being attacked? Terrible!

          • Knight – The Catholic Church have their own agenda.

            And here it is:



            The Catholic Church is dying in Europe, but growing rapidly in the third world. Especially in Asia & Africa. So where do you think they going to concentrate their efforts in building & spreading their flock?? I never thought I would see the day when I would start comparing the Catholics to the Muslims! But from where I am sitting they are both as bad as one another in their agressive proselytizing of the global masses to their respective religions!!

          • Hmm, looks like I'll have to go to mass more often to boost the numbers.

          • Catholics in the USA (in the shape mostly of Mexicans) have invaded to the trune of about 70 million, I believe. About one third of Mexicans are now claimed to live in the USA! The comparison with Catholics and Muslims is quite close – and in fact can be useful as a control experiment. In both cases the breeding rate is high, the results are what might be called a low grade superstitious and uneducated group, and the hierarchical structure means there's a mass of poverty sttricken underdogs, and the rate of violence is high.

  22. I myself am not Anglo, I have a Maori father, but inherited the Anglo look genes so I live my life as one. I also get called a white dog, white c**t and have been bashed by both Aboriginies and Africans (who wasted no time in telling me 'This is OUR country now white boy) so I identify with the Anglo race more than what I would have had my father's genes taken.
    And I can see why whites get pissed off!
    As for those white traitors that go on and on about how Africans and Muslims bring such 'enrichment' to the West, all I say to them is 'name me five inventions that have benefited the human race that THEY have invented.
    The blank look on their faces as their miniscule brains try to come up with something other than Kebabs and gangster rapp music is halirious, try it sometime when you are called racist again!

    • You certainly have had a rough trot in life, Mike. Things must be really rough in WA. You live in Perth, don't you? I don't think that I have been physically attacked since high school, and I don't want to be now either.

  23. It would be cool if the APP could team with another like minded party and be a force to contend with. Othrewise it'll just be a finge party for a long time until the apathetic Australian race wakes up and them it will be too late, it nearly already is now. My area alone is now almost African, Asian and Muslim here in Perth. Turely horrible as they get very aggrogant and aggressive the more their numbers increase. But of course the likes of Bob Brown and Kevin Rudd and his family will never have to deal with these groups, all safely tucked away in their nice little houses secured with the best security money can buy…courtesy of us.

    • Good idea Mike. No, great idea. What about people at ? They seem to be very good at what they do

      • Damn straight they are Euro …:) I post here myself. The writers for are mostly intellectuals & people committed to exposing Islam and it's agenda in the West. These people are very savvy. Many used to contribute to Peter Faris QC blog. The intrepid Queens Council had to close down his blog because of death threats from members the 'religion of peace'. It's a shame he caved in…which is why Islammonitor was set up. Don't worry, they have tried to have that shut down too…..but they didn't succeed. There are other groups around, but the Islammonitor does a LOT of research into what our muzzie friends are up to…..and they are not afraid to EXPOSE the politicans who are helping the Islamic cause to the detriment of this nation.

        • Thank you, Lyn. Evidently, the contributors to Islamwatch are very well educated intellectuals. I have not seen a single post that would expose the author to any defamation or vilification related legal risks. All articles are well referenced and fact based. (There is no legal risk of defamation for stating some already known established fact) Articles at islammonitor are not racist, not anti-anything except something that is evidently violent and against principles of Western democracy.
          How do they survive? Did they receive death threats as Peter Faris QC did? Is it really dangerous to state facts in our modern civilized society? If yes, how could we allow this to happen to us? Are we too busy paying off morgages, buying plasma screens and holidaying? (Thank you, Black Knight for bringing up this point in one of your posts)

          • Euro – They tried to sabotage the site and crash it – it worked for a while. But the guys got the site up and running again. I think they might have backed up all their information and contacts as a safe guard against this sort of thing. Peter Faris was getting intimidating phone calls….which is why he no longer takes comments on his blog anymore.

            In fact I think his blog no longer exists : – O
            I tried to find it and it is no longer there!!!

        • I wouldn't blame Peter Faris for closing his blog due to death threats. Threats from Muslims should be taken seriously and he's probably got his family to protect. Hopefully he is still voicing his opinions in private to those who are prepared to listen.

          So, Lyn who are these politicians who are helping the Islamic cause? Can you name names?

      • True Aussie says

        Just been having a browse, good site. Does anybody know if it wold be possible for this site and the APP site to support links on their web pages for each other?

        • Good to see more people commenting on this site, the APP is only a baby party and will make mistakes as did the BNP, hopefully they will learn from them and become mainstream. Anglo Australians need a voice too, and at the moment all they have is guilt, slavery and violence thrown at them.

  24. Well then, if that is the case maybe the Australian Protectionist Party should take a few tips from the BNP (British National Party) or the EDL.(English Defence League)

    The last thing you want is to come across as a pack of rabid frothing at the mouth idiots. You have to remain calm and know your facts. HECKERS should be replied with calm curteousy – that way they have nowhere to go. Heckers deliberately goad protestors into giving a adverse reaction….and from what you are saying, they succeded spendidly.

  25. True Aussie says

    How did the protest go? Did many people show up?

    • Full marks for attending. I hope the leadership of APP takes note of your observations.

      • Protest attendee says

        Looks like the administrator did not approve of my opinion on the march yesterday. It was, as said in my previous post, attended by around 20 people. The cause itself, was undermined by personal and lewd responses by one of the organisers to two hecklers. That, added to the "DEPORT RUDD" placards, made the protest look quite silly. Thankyou Black Knight for repecting my observations. Obviously it was too close to the truth for the administrators, as my comments were removed by them. Maybe it was one of the administrators who was holding the microphone??

        • Your comments have been noted and the events of the day are under internal review.

          • Dear Admin – Protest Attendee was only calling it as he saw it. Whatever you do, don't play into the hands of your detractors. Remaining calm and well measured can gain you many members over time. Pauline Hanson had the gall to tell the truth – but her uneducated and unpolished demeanor worked against her. Her enemies had a field day tearing her to peices. Don't fall into the same trap.

            If you stick to the facts and have the material to back it up, they cannot refute you. This is why I like The Australian Islamist Monitor. They now write letters to members of Parliament presenting them with photograpic & written evidence of what is going on inside this country. Evidence that cannot be denied. They are always careful to list their research – especially when it comes to the Koran and the beliefs these muslims hold. The APP may be only a baby party……..but always remember, from small acorns, mighty oaks grow.

        • No thanks are necessary, sir. Well done for turning up, and airing your opinions. I actually wasn't that surprised that your comments had been deleted as I'm getting the idea that APP can be somewhat censorious. Far better to hear some criticism and move on than to kill the messenger, eh what?

          • well said Black Knight, agree.
            To APP: as an ex-soldier, I can tell you- first encounters with the enemy in a hostile territory are rarely look graceful and go smoothly. However, these incidents pave the roads for victories. There could not have been 1945 without despare of 1941.
            I am not your suppoter guys (at least not yet), but I feel that you are good people and partiots. Good luck and , please, listen to those who sincerely wish you well – those are your support base with or withous membership cards. I suggest that it will be a policy that only posts that contain incitements of violence be removed.

          • Protest attendee says

            Thankyou both Black Knight and Euro. My comments were never intended to be a criticism of the core purpose of the protest, or discount the passion held by those involved. However, sometimes protestations can be somewhat diminished in value, if points are not presented credibly. I am certainly interested in staying informed about future events, and will monitor this site for information regarding same.

          • Don't worry about me. I never doubted your sincerity or belief in the cause. Like you, I am just a visitor here looking for a credible solution to Australia's problems. Perhaps APP is the party that Australia so desperately needs.

          • Darrin Hodges says

            We will have some guidelines in place for future activities, for many of us it was the first time out, we don't have the extensive experience that the left generally have, who probably protest in their sleep!

          • Thanks Euro, well said.

  26. Thanks to Krudd & Co, we might as well hoist up the flag of surrender right now. We are on the verge of losing this country to third world masses flooding into the place. What did our Diggers die for? Nothin` that's what. The very people that built this country up over two centuries are about to be sidelined and overun – ending up a minority. We are about to find out what it's like being an Aborigine in the land of our birth. How ironic is that?

  27. Rudd has our border protection at huge risk. We see the coalition putting up some good debates only to be shut down and discredited by Labor. Wilson Tuckey, Sharman Stone and Malcolm Turnbull have confirmed the need for strong border protection and even John Howard came out of retirement, bewildered at Labors shocking border protection policies and huge debt and economic mis-manangement. At least Australians knew where Howard's government stood on important issues. Rudd is all over the place and I don't think even he knows what is going on. To think our national debt was zero when Rudd took over and now we are edging $200 billion. It didn't take long. I can't believe Rudd's approval rating is so high when he is making such a mess.

    • Julia, your words are interesting. I actually voted for Labor at the last election thinking that they would honour their election promises and continue to keep the economy strong, which they promised to do. When I saw John Howard's election defeat speech I was deeply moved as I reflected upon his time as PM. Although I didn't agree with everything he did, I respected the man for his honesty, and as you say, Australians knew where he stood. Within twelve months, I became very disgruntled with this government. There's been billions of dollars of borrowed money so poorly mis-directed. Labor claim to fight for the workers but how can they claim that when it's the workers who will have to work to pay off the debt. Also, I'm not sure where you live but in Queensland Labor are now selling off our rail system, ports, forestry and motorways. I just can't believe it. They will always be last on my ballot paper.

      • Sorry Jonathon but I shed no tears for Howard when he went. He used to be called Honest John but that was a long time ago. I reckon that during his time in office he told more blatant lies than any other PM. Remember "Children Overboard"? How could he not know the truth about that? If Reith knew, I reckon Howard knew, and I hate being lied to in such a bald-faced manner.

        As for the economy, I think that Labor has done a good job. They kept us out of recession whilst many countries have gone into recession. Things are bad overseas. We don't know how lucky we are. Iceland went broke and there are big problems in Ireland and Britain. The latest financial crash is the worst economic disaster since 1929 and yet we in Australia are sitting pretty. How good is that?

        • I understand your sentiments Black Night, but I think you are somewhat misinformed if you find the suggestion of a lying politician offensive.

          Secondly you stated that "I think that Labor has done a good job. They kept us out of recession whilst many countries have gone into recession"
          John Howard's administration is the reason why many Australians have maintained their jobs. Without their surplus that Costello developed over his terms, we would be in a serious recession like many other nations. If one looks at the stimulus packages established under Rudd, you may actually appreciate how significantly irresponsible the measures are and furthermore how they are not the most effective strategies to reduce the impact of the GFC.

          I'd like to see labor try to forward motions that John Howard proposed. If only they put aside politics and looked towards Australian interests, policies like the One Australia politics would have been enacted if they agreed with John Howard.

          An end to multiculturalism, reduced immigration and also opposed further treaties with Aboriginal Australians.

          • I suppose I expect too much of our politicians but I do believe that on certain important issues they should just tell the truth. Lying is akin to cowardice and I don't like either.

            Well, I wouldn't want to take away from the Howard government any of its achievements. It was certainly good that the surplus was there but it had to be spent and I am not in a position to quibble over the wisdom of each individual project that received government funding.

            Yes, it is too bad that Labor did not get behind Howard's One Australia. I am sure we would all be a lot better off now. But Howard should have persued the policy when he was in power instead of flooding the country with Asians and attacking workers' pay, rights and conditions. The Howard years were a missed opportunity.

        • Black Knight, in 2006, Australia's national debt was zero (ABS). The $96 billion which Howard inherited in 1996 was gone. On top of that there was $42 billion in surplus in the future fund (ABS). My friend, be careful of union bosses and Labor's spin. We are not sitting pretty. Also, "Children Overboard" is very mild compared to what we are witnessing today. Have a look at Queensland Labor where we have just come out of a ten year mining boom and the Labor government had a solid ten years of abundant cash flows. They have now run our state into a $70 billion debt and are selling off all of our assets. Black Knight, I very much respect you putting your views forward though remember to read between the lines my friend. A nation in debt is a nation with no power. It puts our control offshore.

          • Hello Jonathan. It would seem that we have different ideas as to what constitutes the national debt. Do you have a link to the relevant ABS document? I will stand to be corrected.

            Why should I be careful of union bosses? You're not anti-union, are you?

            Well, I won't be defending the Queensland Labor government. Selling off government assets is not on. It is after all a bourgeois Labor government. But who is to say that the National-Liberals wouldn't do the same thing? They certainly have everywhere else.

            Hmmm, I am not sure whether I agree with your "nation in debt" thesis. If Australia borrows money from a foreign country then that country will be in trouble if we can't pay it back, not Australia.

          • Black Knight, We have borrowed billions of dollars from the World Bank. What do you think happens when we can't pay back money to the world bank? The World Bank sells our assets for us to regain the debt. Yes you may be right, the LNP may be forced to sell off the assets too because of Labor's huge debt burden. The federal Labor government is also selling many defence bases. Liberal/ National government asset sales are insignificant compared to what Labor has planned.

          • Are you sure Australia has been borrowing money from the World bank? I thought the Australian government was selling bonds on the bond market to raise the money.

            No, who told you that the World Bank can sell our assets to regain the debt? I don't believe it!

            You seem to accept that a government might need to sell off the "silverware" to pay government debt. I don't. Running deficit budgets is all part of running a government. There is nothing necessarily wrong with it. The alternative is balancing the budget, and that can present problems of its own.

            Just remember, that for every debt that is paid off that money is taken out of circulation, money needed for the proper functioning of the economy. So, debt is not necessarily bad, it can in fact be a positive good.

          • Black Knight, I'm not against unions, I'm against union control. I also believe that a worker who works hard and has a high standard of work ethics should be paid more than a worker who sits on their bum or doesn't take pride in their work. I'm a bit confused on your interpretation of national debt also. Let me get back to you on the ABS figures. I'll have to research them once again. Around the time of the 2007 election they showed up in "The Australian" several times.

          • So, what's wrong with union control? Can't the workers have a say in how things are run? I would have to disagree with you in attempting to discriminate between workers. Lazy workers should be sacked. Period. But pay-discrimination, at the discretion of bosses? No.

            My apologies, it is not you who is confused in their understanding of national debt but I. I thought it referred to the debt of the whole country, but I was wrong. I have done some checking and it seems that the term "national debt" does indeed refer to just the debt of the federal government.

          • Black Knight, do you think that a union has the right to interfere with the individual? Do you think the individual deserves to be controlled by a union? Remember Mao Tse Tung? Look at the extreme of a union controlled regime. I know that we are not that extreme but union membership should be a choice. I don't believe in equality, I believe in fairness. If you owned a cafe' and one employee made 50 Cappuccino's a day and the other only made 25, don't you think the one who makes 50 deserves to be paid more?

          • Your question is loaded with inuendo. I will say a guarded, maybe. Controlled by a union? I am not sure. But members of unions should abide by union rules. But I believe in voluntary union membership if that's what you're getting at. Unions should compete for membership like other organizations.
            Your example of Mao is not relevant. One could hardly characterize Red China as controlled by unions. China was and is controlled by the Communist Party and the Communist Party of China controls the unions of China.
            As for the cafe, well no I don't believe that one worker should be paid more than the other. The underperforming worker should be just sacked and replaced by a worker who can do the job. Isn't that enough power for any employer? Because it should be. It is humiliating enough working for an employer without him cutting your pay because he thinks you're underperforming. Workers should be accorded some human dignity.

          • Just because one worker isn't producing as much doesn't mean he deserves to lose his job, it just means that he should not be paid as much as a high performer. Also, how does a small business sack a worker without the unions walking in and shutting the business down or making it very hard for the business owner? It's almost impossible to sack a worker regardless of their behaviour because unions will come in like communist dictators and throw their weight around.

          • Now you've shifted the scenario. Do you think that's valid? Before you were talking about a lazy worker in a cafe and now you're talking about piece work. Piece work's possible. It exists now I think. But as for the lazy cafe worker who made only half as many cappucinos as the other worker how could you halve their salary? Halving their salary would probably bring it below the minimum wage. How could they survive on that?
            Well, a small business should be able to sack a non-performing worker. As most cafe workers probably aren't members of a union they'd be sacked without union interference or even knowledge.
            Are you sure you're not anti-union? You characterize them as tho they were thugs. You might as well be anti-union because you seem to be no friend of the workers.

          • I didn't say the one who makes half the Cappuccino's was lazy. I said he was not as productive as the one who makes 50. He may be doing the best he can. He would still be on the minimum award wage though the high achiever would be on more than the minimum. Laziness was something I addressed earlier, unrelated to this one. You believe that union membership should be a choice but unfortunately the ALP doesn't.

          • Actually, no you didn't. Perhaps I could be convinced of what you are saying but I can't say that I particularly like the idea. I think that it would humiliate the underperforming worker especially if it were thru no fault of his own. Profits aren't everything, nor should they be.
            Are you sure the ALP doesn't believe in choice? Anyway, they've lost that battle, haven't they?

          • I think you need to do some study on Mao Tse Tung and his use of unions to gain power. Also, Black Knight, what happens when you can't keep paying your mortgage? The bank takes your house. What happens when a nation can't pay the debt back? The bank comes and takes your nation or sells your assets. I will say cheerio now. Thanks for the debate. We aren't going to change each other's minds. Also, Sam is my middle name so that's my reply down below.

          • It's the first I've heard that Mao gained power thru using the unions. I've never heard this before. His support base was among the peasantry. Do you have a source for your contention?
            LOL. Countries are not like you with your mortgage. Don't worry that won't happen. Australia's assets are safe unless we decide to sell them off ourselves. Somebody has been feeding you a lot of crap.
            What? You're going? Well, thanks for the debate. Our discussion has brought to my notice how much bourgeois thinking there is in the community that needs to be overcome.

    • Julia. I won't defend the Rudd government on border protection but I will defend them on economic management. When it comes to the economy they have done a pretty good job. Thanks to their efforts Australia has avoided recession. Things are far worse in other countries.

      Now, you say that the national debt was zero when Rudd took over. No it wasn't. You are confusing national debt with federal government debt. Howard did pay off the federal government debt but he certainly did not pay off the national debt. No country ever pays off its national debt otherwise it would go broke as it is through debt that new money enters the system.

      As for this $200 billion I don't think that it is that much. It is what the government needed to spend to keep our economy ticking over given that private spending was contracting. It is simple Keynesian economics.

      To learn more about money, debt and the economy I suggest you read "The Grip of Death" by Michael Rowbotham.

      • Black Knight, I'll go and bat for Julia on this one. Yes, Howard paid off the $96 billion federal debt. You are correct. That was the only debt that Howard was able to pay off as the other debt is the states' responsibility. So, while Howard was being economically prudent and eradicating debt, every other state, which was Labor, was racking up massive amounts of debt and borrowing recklessly. This is the sadness of it all my friend. The Wall to wall Labor governments let their state down and let their entire nation down by heavy spending and borrowing while the Howard government was putting money away for the future and eradicating debt. The gst, whether you like it or not, also gave state governments a huge cash boost and this is why every state Labor premier gave unanimous support for the gst, which they will deny. At the "Premiers Conference" Howard put a vote to all state premiers on the issue of the gst and every state Labor premier voted 'yes' to a gst. They saw the bucks rolling in but they wasted it and we still have road and rail systems which are lagging and dated. Howard got the blame for so many things which were the states responsibility.

        • Thanks Jonathon, but I think you are wrong. First of all there isn't just the debt of the states but there's also the National Debt which is something else again. Secondly, just because the states are in debt does not mean that they have necessarily been borrowing and spending recklessly. Having a debt is no necessary sign of imprudence. Thirdly, the states are on a budget themselves as most of their money comes from the Federal government. It is not hard to imagine that there might be a shortfall given the stingy nature of the Howard government and that they would have to turn to borrowing. Fourthly, Howard was able to pay off his debt because he had the resources of the whole of Australia at his disposal, with windfalls coming in from the mining boom. All in all I think it is a bit unfair to compare the performance of the Howard government with the Labor states.

          • Black Knight, If the Howard government can pay off debt and raise a surplus during a mining boom then why can't the states? The states always had their hand out asking for money from the federal government but why should the federal government give it to them when they had very healthy income streams? The states had a a large portion of the mining boom cash at their disposal also.

          • You raise a good question but in light of the fact that neither of us has the necessary data available to us it would be hard to give a definitive answer. I still think that one should not compare apples with oranges, besides, as I have written elsewhere debt is not necessarily such a bad thing, and is to be expected.

          • Black Knight, an amount of debt is healthy. Borrowing money to put into hard infrastructure such as rail, roads, bridges, ports is healthy debt. Borrowing money to give to people as a handout is detrimental. Most of it is spent at the big multinational retailers and goes offshore. It has a very brief and small impact as a stimulant to the economy. Rudd borrowing the money wasn't the main problem but how he is wasting it.

          • Yes, but Jonathan the money that Rudd actually gave out to people (like me I must admit) was not so large compared to the overall spending. And it seemed to have an effect too. The retail sector remained healthy thus keeping many Australians in jobs. Sure, some of it probably went overseas and that probably helped out our trading partners but we can't account for every dollar can we? That would be nitpicking. It was a serious situation and I think the government responded, more or less, appropriately.

          • With the amount of debt the NSW and QLD government has racked up, we should have some of the best infrastructure in the world. Instead we have poor road and rail systems which couldn't cope ten years ago let alone now. I don't know how comparing federal and state governments is comparing apples and oranges. They are very similar in function. Are you saying that John Howard would have been incapable of paying off the debt of QLD or NSW if he were Premier? I believe it's actually easier to pay off state debt.

          • Well, perhaps the NSW and QLD governments need to be in even more debt so as to fix up the infrastructure. I don't envy the state premiers. I think it would be difficult job. Perhaps Howard could get rid of the debt of these states. He'd do it the same way he got rid of Commonwealth debt – by selling off a whole lot of assets and neglecting infrastructure. But of course that it no way to run a state, let alone a country.

          • You are not making economic sense. You must either be a member of the ALP, a union boss or someone who just loves Labor so much that you have rose coloured glasses. Labor's own economic adviser Mr. Garnaut is not very happy with Rudd's reckless spending and former Labor Finance Minister Peter Walsh branded Rudd as an "economic illiterate". Paul Keating has also been scathing in his criticism of Rudd's economic credentials. Don't take my word for it though, research it. It's all available. I can't reason with you when you are infatuated with the ALP. You are a member aren't you? I think you are trying to curb votes to the ALP from this site.

          • What you've got to understand is that the economic system is essentially irrational. The whole system is funded by debt. Debt may be bad for you and I but for the economy as a whole some measure of debt is good. Check out: "The Grip of Death: a study of modern money, debt slavery and destructive economics" by Michael Rowbotham.
            Well, I wouldn't worry about those esteemed gentlemen too much. Perhaps they're not Keynsians. Peter Walsh went and wrote an autobiography entitled, "Confessions of a Failed Finance Minister". Say no more.
            Just for record, I am not an ALP member, or a union boss; and I'm not infatuated with the ALP or trying to "curb" votes to it. Hell, the ALP has probably already lost my vote at the next election! All that I am trying to do is to show that Labor's current economic record is not as bad as some people have been making out who seem intent on viewing it thru Liberal party eyes.

          • Rudd's economic advisor, Professor Ross Garnaut's own words, "This stimulus will be followed by hard times that the government has barely begun to contemplate."
            An amount of debt is ok. It doesn't mean that you borrow $20 billion and give it away to everybody, even international students and backpackers visiting Australia. You don't have to have Keynesian principles to run a strong economy. Also, don't judge a book by its cover or title. Better to actually read Walsh's autobiography. A system based on debt simply doesn't mean that splashing money around is good for the economy. There still needs to be economic prudence within those realizations. There is so much we can put back into the nation even though we are working with debt money. I'd rather borrow a billion dollars and build a freeway than give it away and watch it end up in China. I'd rather see state native forests being funded than see it given as a handout. It is more important how it is spent. We have only seen 14% of all the borrowed money put into infrastructure and that is sad for Australians. Think of how much employment could have been created. Thankyou for your reply.

  28. Barnaby Joyce had the right idea – send the boat back to Sri Lanka and tip them out on the beach!!!

    The High Commissioner for Sri Lanka on ABC Lateline told Lee Sales that Australia is being taken for a RIDE! If these people were genuine refugees they would only have to go 22k to India Tamil Nadu for complete safety!! Instead they chose to use people smugglers to get them to Australia for the better lifestyle. These people had serious money to PAY smugglers. They had mobile phones and spoke excellent English. They were getting their instructions from fellow Tamils in America & Canada how to screw the Australian government…..and f*cking Rudd fell for it. They KNOW how milk the system before they even get here !!!!

    • I am very disapointed in Kevin Rudd. He has buckled. I thought that he was made of stronger stuff than that. And now he's got the gall to lie about it.

    • Very good point. I used to be involved in refugee process. Everything you say is consistent with my observations.
      There is an active polling site to express your views – You can vote on various topics and also submit your questions for future polls.
      The results of the polls will be sent to politicians and they will be asked to comment on it. Their responses will be published on that site. We can press on for the issues we are concerned about there.

  29. Good job. Don't let Australia go the way of the UK, its a disaster here. My town is totally wrecked we can't even go out anyomre at night. People are being forced to move or emigrate. That's what Australia will look like in 20 years unless you do something. Get rid of your Tony Blair Kevin Rudd.

    • I suppose you can't tell us where you live, can you? Also, why can't people go out at night? What happens to them if they do?

      The problem is that even if we do get rid of Rudd the alternative, Malcolm Turnball and the Liberal party, are not so different. It was the Liberals who first started bringing the black Africans here. As if we don't have a Black problem as it is!

    • Sorry Andrew, but Australia is headed in the same way as the UK. Our PM is on a suicide mission and he's taking us all along for the ride. I suppose you can't tell us the name of your town. Perhaps we can at least commiserate with you.

  30. Good job. Don't let Australia go the way of the UK, its a disaster here. My town is totally wrecked we can't even go out anyomre at night. People are being forced to move or emigrate. That's what Australia will look like in 20 years unless you do something. Get rid of your Tony Blair Kevin Rudd.

  31. Hi guys. Cannot attend- the notice was too short.
    Please, consider dropping the "homosexual" agenda from the policy.
    Also, please, consider using the angle that APP is, actually good for immigrants because:
    1. lower immigration prevents formation of large dense ethnic communities
    2. such communities promote 'lazy assimilation' syndrome
    3. lazy assimilation means poorer health, lower educational and work status of migrants
    So, APP is the only party in Australia to address real issues of migrants and improve their lives.
    Declare that immigration is good for Australia. Immigrants are most welcome here. It is just the wrong policy (by lab and libs) prescribed 10 times higher number of migrants then reasonable.

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      APP do have a common sense immigration policy; 1 in 1 out basis, by that we mean net permanent depatures are equal to new arrivals. Currently about 65,000 to 70,000 people leave Australia permanently each year and the replacement rate will be the same but from traditional sources. It is crazy, unsustanable and not in the national interest to import more people from the third world. This year Australia will import over 270,000 people, mostly from the third world and many going on welfare. We want to improve the "lives" of Australians and not constantly be dictated to by foreign self interest lobby groups. Migrants are wlecome here but in "reasonable" numbers.

      Since WW2 Australia has welcomed 7,000,000 migrants and 750,000 refugees and most have assimilated but the past 30 years since the introduction of 'multiculturalism' it has been a complete failure. Since Gough and Fraser ushered in division through the Govt. policy of multiculturalism our nation has been on the decline on every level.

      APP has no homosexual agenda but we do not agree funds should be given to special interest groups whether they are gay, Chinese or muslim. When migrants migrate here they should assimilate and accept our decent and tolerant ways of Australians. When millions are given to the Mardi Gras while hospitals and schools are shortchanged that is wrong and unaccceptable.

      We believe that gays have a right to their lifestyle but it should be private, not paraded through the streets with taxpayers assistance. Can someone tell Bob Brown that under Sharia law he will be the first to go, he'll be stoned to death. Lets take that turd to lakemba and 'out him' at the local mosque and see what happens.

    • Furthermore one could suggest that transportation offered by Illegal Boat smugglers is exploitative of genuine asylum seekers, and moreover is often a dangerous and perilous journey where many perish. Combating such measures could therefore be seen as humanitarian and would reduce such fatalities whilst also being strong in ensuring our nations' sovereignty and border laws are recognized.

  32. Nicholas Folkes says

    We will be handing out leaflets on Rudd and his soft stance on border protection. We should not be giving priority to Tamil criminals. Kaptain Krudd is sending out all the wrong signals to would be bogus asylum seekers. There are over 3.5 billion people in Asia and most live in poverty, we do not have the resources to house these people. Our borders need to as tight as possible to deter these future welfare junkies.

  33. A good way to capitalise on the current disenchantment in the general community with the open border policy.

    I have one question however, the post states that the event is held on " Monday, 19th of November from 12:30pm."

    The 19th is in fact a Thursday, and hence the date is incorrect. Can you please confirm if it is on the Monday or Thursday since I would like to attend.

    Keep fighting the good fight!

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      Hi Xavier,

      Sorry about the typo. Rally will be held on the Monday, the 16th November 09. Come down and join the resistance against the evil establishment. The APP is the only alternative to the current mess Labor, Liberal and Greens have created. Join the RESISTANCE!!

      • Thanks for replying so quickly. I may be able to attend, depending if my previous engagement finishes on time.

        You're quite right, it seems that the mainstream parties are ignoring this issue, despite the communities awareness of the current demographic disaster.

        However I must note that in the past the Liberals were somewhat good in this respect, for example Howards' attempts to introduce policies like the one below.

  34. True Aussie says

    Good to see some positive activism occurring, the party is growing. Hopefully there will be plenty of Aussie flags and APP leaflets to hand out.

    • How is the membership drive going? Are we close to the 500 ?
      Epping VIC

    • Nicholas Folkes says

      You bet mate; plenty of Aussie flags, leaflets and placards too. The placards will definitely get the message across to Aussie workers and media too. Come down and join us!

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