Just who does the National Farmers Federation represent?

Clearly not farmers, according to a report in The Australian1 under the misleading headling “Farmers reject Nationals on carbon scheme”. Apparently the NFF has demanded that the Nationals drop their opposition to carbon emissions trading. Barnaby Joyce claims that Rudd’s ETS is nothing more than a “tax that would destroy regional Australia”. Warren Truss, Nationals leader has described the ETS as a dog.  NSW National Senator Fiona Nash said that the views of the NFF are at odds with farmers, who she said “don’t want a bar of it”.  So whose interests is the NFF claiming to represent?

1. Farmers reject Nationals on carbon scheme


  1. The National Farmers Federation and every other farmers representative organisation, were globalised along with the rest of the country, over the past 20-25 years.

    They represent free traders and the WTO, and the objective is to terminate family farming, and promote giant agribusiness. Farmers are beginning to catch on (Agmates.com) but most rely on conventional sources of information, such the Murdoch media and programmes like Landline, which are the globalisation propaganda wings.

    It has also to be said that most farmers do not care how management of their industry is conducted and how it effect other Australians. Classic betrayal of Australian workers was the move to live export of livestock; costing 10,000 freezing workers and allied industry their jobs.

    Mulesing is another, cutting off part of the sheep’s rear to avoid paying shearers to do crutching and dagging. Then there is the old bogey about Aussies not wanting to do fruit and vegetable picking, implying they are lazy, and therefore justifying S457 foreign workers to undermine Australian worker’s pay and work conditions.

    The truth is, farmers pay incredibly low wages for such work and conditions are primitive. Few hard physical workers, for example, can survive more then two days picking ginger; yet they will average a take home pay of $35 after transport costs and meals. Queensland ginger farmers are worse than slavers.

    The real shocker was farmer’s reactions to public disquiet over GM crops. basically, even though European independent research shows the young of rats fed GE corn had undersized brain, liver and testicles; organs which later failed; farmers simply did not want to know about it and preferred to accept the assurances of such conscioncless scientists as Sue Meek.

    Yet farmers are the first people to dip into the taxpayer’s purse to subsidise their hard times.

    While it is true that tariff removal wiped out about 90% of Australia’s family farmers, we have to force ourselves to fight on their behalf. The truth is most farmers are selfish and irresponsible parasites who deserve what they get and worse. It is especially ironic that the political party they believe represents their interests, the Nationals, enthusiastically sold them out to the free traders.

    As the Nats posture about ETS, they will not oppose this insane tax, yet every day yet another dumb farmer writes to Barnaby Joyce thanking him for being their saviour and messiah.

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