Trioli caught mocking Barnaby Joyce?

John Styles writes –

ABC2’s News Breakfast this morning ran the above grab of Nationals’ senate leader Barnaby Joyce just before crossing to Canberra reporter Hayden Cooper for comment on federal politics.

But, as you can see, program co-presenter Virginia Trioli was caught making a little gesture when the camera cut back to her.

Trioli, had interviewed the Queensland senator about an hour earlier.

Was Trioli making a statement about what she thought of Senator Joyce’s call for Climate Change Minister Penny Wong to resign if the Opposition’s ETS amendments are taken up by Labor?

Or was Trioli reacting to the quality of the clip? Joyce’s awkward use of the word “dictum” came across somewhat clumsily. A better selection could have been made (view the interview), but that assumes, of course, that the ABC would want to run a more effective grab of Barnaby Joyce on this issue.

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  1. Trioli was right. Barnaby is a bit of an idiot BUT, sometimes he does get the issues right (however I don't think he has on this one).

  2. I am presuming Paul Murray’s letter was copied from Punch, circa 1902.

    Gosh, they sure were a gullible lot in those days.

  3. Paul Murray says

    Thank you sincerely Mr Joyce! Keeper of he country’s sanity and it seems the only hope for our future. Unfortunately these other idiots only play politics and obviously have no real grasp of reality. What part of “our country is going to the dogs”don’t they understand? Is it only us out here that perceive the continuing decay of our moral and social fabric.
    Their is not a leader among them yet their greed, ignorance, apathy and jealousy will only hasten and ensure our downfall as a nation.” Illegetimi Non Carborundum ” Mr Joyce. It’s gratifying to us that u’ll maintain u’r integrity till the last regardless of their folly.
    BRAVO Sir”….

  4. So, Trioli is a fervent supporter of ETS and is disgusted that Joyce is not. She is wrong. Barnaby Joyce is a supporter of Barnaby Joyce. He does not oppose ETS, but wishes to use the issue to bolster his leadership ambitions. His fellow Nats activist on this issue, Ron Boswell, plays the same game. Neither will come out and say the obvious; that ETS is insanity and must be immediately abandoned.

    This is all political posturing… same ‘ol same ol’; and for Joyce and Boswell, at the expense of the farmers they claim to represent. Most farmers are simply too dumb to realise this.

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