ABC campaigning for asylum seekers

Mark Henderson writes:

Nothing is guaranteed to bring out the ABC’s true colours more than a row over asylum seekers.

The ABC has thrown away any semblance of objectivity and impartiality in its coverage of the Sri Lankan boat people intercepted trying to leave Indonesia for Australia.

The Government and Opposition are characterised not as championing Australia’s border security and the integrity of immigration laws but as politicians “presenting a hard face” who are “locked in a tough talk bidding war”.

Refugee advocates get support for their spin that there isn’t really a problem because 1,800 asylum seekers is only a tiny fraction of the 278,000 immigrants who come to Australia each year.

And the 7.30 Report’s political editor Chris Uhlmann is even allowed the luxury of a little editorial, encouraging Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to risk some of his high approval rating to soften his stance.

“There’s another number the Prime Minister might ponder: 71 per cent. It’s his approval rating. A leader with that kind of stratospheric standing might choose to start a different conversation with the Australian people and not assume that the old arguments always prevail. It wouldn’t be easy but Kevin Rudd could try it because he has a bucketload of political capital. But he clearly isn’t going to spend it here.”

The ABC is in full campaign mode.

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  1. Black Knight says

    Thanks for the pat on the back, Dave. I appreciate it. If you want to know more about the crusades a good place to start is Robert Spencer’s book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades”. As for the Spanish Inquisition there was a documentary on TV once (SBS?) that demonstrated that the Inquisition actually killed very few people.

  2. Good on yer Black Knight, sure there has been some dark periods in christian history but for the best part has moved on a bit since the days of the spanish inquisition .Some have not ,just their weapons have got abit more serious.&have been responsible 14285 deaths since 9/11.Yep its the religion of peace allright.Maybe another 500 years of evolution may help because shoving democracy down their throat doesnt seem to be doing the trick Davo

  3. You are right, Michael. Boycott is a very powerful weapon. But it will be awhile before people will use it.

    Unfortunately, Murdoch and Rockefeller (and earlier, Kerry Packer) realised that deity religion (opiate of the people) was no longer effective, and so promoted sports heroes and elite teams as a replacement.

    Reality TV, spurious social and environmental campaigns, and phony current events programmes keep those who are still awake distracted.

    The cheering aspect of this is that it has had its greatest effect on the most weak-minded and spineless element of our population. The rest have been too genuinely busy with family survival to keep up with current issues, but as their jobs become threatened, and then lost, they will look towards fighting back.

    In the meantime, only the very old and the very young are angry enough to think. But they have no knowledge base from which to launch action.

    The over-sixties are 90% of Internet news and current events readers, all the rest using the net for entertainment or socialising, with 35 being the mean age for facebook activity. Over sixties are not going to do anything but talk.

    What armchair revolutionaries hope for is that students will rise up as they did in the 1960s. The truth is this is somewhat of a myth. While it is true that many students were in protest marches, this was the pop fashion of the times; driven under the banner of music. A student who did not grow his hair and join the protest marches was celebate. And few of those students could offer a coherent reason for being there. Universities were in fact the nurturing enclaves for the future elite. Nothing has changed, before or since.

    The 60s anti-war movement was organised by a hard core of working class revolutionaries… trotskyists, hardline marxists, anarchists, and in between there were hard and smart young workers who played along for the obviously desirable cause of ending the Vietnam war. In Australia and the US, conscription was the driving force. People just did not want to be killed.

    Only NZ did not have conscription, and its antiwar movement was a purely moral one. And the most successful, withdrawing from Vietnam a year before anyone else.

    What we do not have here is the fear of death. And the trotskyists and commos are on the other side. So what do we have to energise our cause?

    We have an army of youth who are angry they have no jobs, no future; not even any youthful dreams. How do we communicate with them? Music. But it has to be their music.

    For this reason the site will soon come on line, a site dedicated to genuine Australian music, and also promoting a series of youth music events to be known as the Eureka Concerts, which will have a distinctly revolutionary flavour. Songs that tune youth into the reasons why they have been marginalised by the elite will be written by some of Oz’s top songwriters and musicians; who are already a part of this organisation.

    Behind angry youth, will follow the rest of the new generation; driven by common music and peer pressure. As the grandparents gradually realise this is not dissolute youth, but in fact the vanguard of change towards national sovereignty and democracy, and egalitarian prosperity, they too will chip away at the common enemy… the current parent generation.

    Let’s see Murdoch try and blocade this one.

    Any reader wanting to be a part of this can either stick daily to this site, or if you want to become more actively involved, go to or

  4. it’s disgusting that KRudd has Billions for foreign aid, refuguees, asylum seekers and now can pay Indonesia millions for processing boat people as well as giving them our military defence secrets…yet cannot ‘afford’ to give our struggling pensioners an extra $100 per week to survive.

    God how I hate the far left. They are comitting genocide against their own race of people, no wonder the Muslims call us ‘infidels’ when we vote in mongrels like these.

    But who is to blame? The immigrants or ourselves who keep voting the same two main loser parties back into power year after year?

    As for the media, unless they have the guts to acknowlede race hate crimes are being comitted against white australians (remember the Bill Rowe Bashing death in front of his family on Christmas Day in 2007 in WA? Not ONCE was the words race hate crime used, yet if it had been the other way around, the media would still be yakking on about it)…the answer is simple.
    DON’T buy their newspapers, magazines or watch their horrible racist rants on television. Let the true racists of australia whom they protect, keep them in employment. See how long they survive then.
    I myself refuse to buy ‘The West Australian’ until they grow up, although I do miss Dean Alston’s cartoons. Neither will I buy ‘The Australian’ whilst that horrible Phillip Adams continues to make his money by stirring up Aboriginal anger towards whites when we should be as one, especially as THEIR country is being ‘colonized’ again…something I believe is against the Geneva Convention (no indigenous race is to be ever colonized again) obviously this rule doesn’t apply when white left winged politicans are in power, they can bring in whoever they like en-mass.
    When Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to stand for a white person in America during the civil rights protest, black Americans refused to use the public transport which almost crippled the industry as they were the main people using it.
    If white people here in Australia were to stop paying the traitor Australian media by not purchasing their lies and anti-white racism, many outlets would go down the toilet very quickly.
    We have the power to change things so every one gets treated equally, but if we all just do nothing then we deserve our Holocaust. that is comming.

  5. A lot of non-Muslim minorities have lived in their midst all that time… which says everything. 10,000 Jews live in Iran, and I have read what they have to say about Zionists; nothing complimentary; and much the same as orthodox Jews everywhere.

    And Philippino Muslims are critical of Arabic interpretations of the Qoran that reflect Arabic culture, not the Qoran. Sunni are critical of Shiite, and so on. So there is no one Islam, any more than there is one Christianity.

    Now the history of Christianity since the Vatican takeover in the 9th century… now that is another story altogether. A history of ruthless repression of knowledge, of torture, genocide, intolerance, burning at the stake, repression of women, forced celebacy of the monks, creation of slave states and colonies; propagation of wars. Centuries of attack against Islam, commencing with the first crusade, cannot be turned around as a Muslim agenda. And the so-called Arabic invasion by el Cid was in fact Berbers and Jews, both of which settled in Spain, until mad Isabella killed them. They were in fact the source of civilisation of tribal Spain.

    In fact, today, the single most identifiable promoter of war on this planet is Christianity. The second is probably Hindu nationalists. Islam is a long way down the line, in fact Muslims are essentially objecting to their countries being invaded and raped. If anything, I would criticise them for a lack of unity and their capacity to be corrupted by Zionists. So I would be critical also of Arabic hierarchism, which lends itself to corruption; but then pro-democracy Muslims tend to think much the same. Then there are secular Muslims, democratic and otherwise. There is no coheisive agenda.

    Even more interestingly, all Haskala Jews agree with me… Sephardi, Mizrahim… in fact pretty much all the Jews carrying Semetic DNA. It is only the phony so-called Jews, the Khazars, Russians and Europeans, who have no genetic link with the ancient Judeans, who want to harm the Muslims. Them and their Christian Zionist supporters are as bad as each other.

    The agenda of Islam, ravings of the odd war-created radical aside, is peace.

    But all these arguments are old hat to me. As an 11 year old, I made myself very unpopular amongst the De la Salle brothers of the Catholic church, by stating that I did not believe the Russians were anything other than people like us, with families and jobs and schools. As kids, we were told by these evil hate-mongers that Communists were the servants of Satan, and the Russians were Communists.

    There are always proselytisers of hate and suspician, and always to further their power agenda. Time to get rid of them.

    • I don't know where you are getting your history from but I would dispute that there was a Vatican takeover of Christianity in the 9th Century. For centuries after the birth of Christ Christians looked to Rome for guidance and authority as that was the city where Saint Peter lived.

      No, the history of Christianity is not good but who says that it is not as good or better than the history of other religions and powers? After all, how many people did the Mongols kill? Lots more I'm sure. And what's this about the Catholic Church committing genocide? I'm skeptical of your claim, so can you produce an example?


    • Continued.

      As for the Crusades the Muslims brought that upon themselves. How? Muslims had been attacking the East Roman Empire for centuries until eventually the Emperor, Alexis I Comenus, was forced by circumstances to request help from Pope Urban II. As a result of that request Pope Urban lauched the first Crusade.

      Also, to say that the agenda of Islam is peace is quite naive. Haven't you heard of Jihad? That's what Muslims call "holy war".

      P.S. El Cid was not an Arab, he was a Spaniard who fought the Muslims

  6. Whoa Michael.

    Never get sucked in by the propaganda that Arabs or Africans or Muslims have any power there, or have any control over the UN. They are victims as much as we are. What you are seeing is very effective divide and rule tactics.

    The United Nations was designed by Nelson Rockefeller in 1934, but was not implemented until 1946, when John Rockefeller recruited FDR and Churchill to the programme in 1944. The UN HQ is built on Rockefeller land; not surprisingly.

    The UN was intended primarily as a shop front for the international bankers, led by Rothschild, Rockefeller et al. These are the World Bank, the IMF, and their propaganda machine, global lobbyist and prime negotiator is the World Trade Organisation. More recently they have been backed on global finance redevelopment by the Bank for International Settlements of Switzerland, but owned by the same banker cabal.

    The WHO is designed to reduce the world population, the H1N1 vaccine being its most recent tool, and UNESCO was created to take over education and parenting, and eliminate the family from society.

    Rothschild and Rockefeller and their banker mates are all Zionists, and they want to eliminate Islam because the Qoran forbids usury… charging of interest on loans, to you and me. This is how the Zionist bankers make their money, so they want us to hate Muslims; which is why they assist refugees to come here and piss us off.

    Now I want all these reffos rounded up and sent back home, unless they are prepared to accept our language and culture, but I also recognise they are pawns in the game.

    The truth is, we all are. All we ordinary people are victims. Only the corporate heads, bankers and their political and military stooges are the big-time criminals.

    • Tony, do you think the Islamic agenda is different now than what it was 1,400 years ago?

    • You're conspiracy theory makes me laugh. If WHO really were trying to reduce world population (a jolly good idea) thru swine flu then you'd think that they would have done a better job. Swine flu has hardly killed anybody.

      I don't know if Rothschild and Rockefeller were Zionists but if they wanted to eliminate Islam then that is fine by me. Judaism also forbids usury. If they eliminate Judaism too then I won't miss it.

      By the way, I am not a pawn, and I am not a victim, I am an Australian Nationalist and I fight back!

  7. michael monroe says

    Just announced through the freedom of information on channel nine that since 1990 asylum seekers cost the Australian tax payers $628 million dollars in WELFARE PAYMENTS ALONE. KRudd reckons his Labor government can’t ‘afford’ the billion dollars per year to increase the elderly pension, but he has plenty of our money to spend on these welfare, state housing grabbing, violent, demanding, child producing immigrants to take over this country.

    Perhaps if the Aboriginal ‘vicitm’ mentality, fostered and nurtered by the odious far left would vanish, these people could see this second colonization taking place to their country and maybe they could finally work together with white Australians in protecting THIER race as well. Because one thing is for sure, once the whites are exterminated, the Aboriginals will be next, it’s the land these invaders want. There are a LOT of Aboriginals who DON’T want to be ‘specially treated like babies’ I worked with these people in a mining company and they staffed our robotic section in our laboratory. They always turned up for work every day and worked bloody hard, even better than the whites, who when given a particular job they didn’t want to do, pulled sickies.
    But thanks to the white far left, have been learnt the easiest way to make a living is to play the race hate card, something the white far left have been very experianced in making profitable careers out of…by betraying their own race of people.
    The news report also stated that 4 out of 5 asylum seekers go straight to welfare, therefore are not geniune refugees, but come to milk the taxpayer for what they can get as well as being paid thousands of dollars for having multitudes of babies, something the average white family can no longer afford.
    This is why mulitculturalism is nothing more than a genocide of OUR people, approved by the Arab and African backed and controlled United Nations who want us erradicated from the planet.

    • agree.

    • If 4 out of 5 refugees goes straight to welfare it does not necessarily mean they are not genuine. They do afterall need some means of survival.

    • You believed a channel nine news report? They are just as biased as the ABC!

      I would like to see you flee a country from fear of persecution and then integrate into that community. We come from a prosperous country, it is only fair and right that we help others that are less fortunate. I don't hear you complaining about the 2.5 billion dollars that we will be giving in aid to Indonesia. Compared to other countries, our intake of refugees is minimal. Perhaps you should look at the figures. Europe, in particular Spain, Italy and Greece take on 20 times the amount of refugees.

      • Reugees have the right to go to the nearest safe country for help. What they DO not have the right to do is cross half way around the globe bypassing other more suitable, culturally similar countries to invade and re-produce en-mass in ours, thereby changing everything from our politics, our racial makeup, our way of life.
        As for your comments about ME fleeing my country, you obviously haven't heard of the term 'white flight'. Every race prefers the company of their own kind, even if they deny it and yes that includes whites, it's normal and biological and built into each race for the continued suvival of the species, but for some strange reason that is denied to us.

      • And look at the mess Europe and Spain is in now, do you think that was fair these people are being outbreed by other ethnic and more aggressive races? Have you ever been to these countries and seen the mess they are in?

      • Sorry to rave on, I mean you no disrespect on a personal level but here are MY experiances of the AFrican and Muslim 'cultures'

        Watching in horror as those poor gang-raped Sydney girls told the news how they were racially abused as they were being violated; "Do you like that you white pig?"

        Watching on the news as Muslims make fun of our old soldiers marching on ANZAC day..

        My friend Andrew Knox, killed in Tower One, on September 11th 2001, his last words on his mobile to his flatemate from the roof of Tower One, "I can't breathe anymore.."

        The next year two co-workers Killed in Bali bombings

        Myself, bashed and mugged by two Sudenese just over one year ago, and as I lay bleeding on the ground they gloated with the words; "This is OUR country now white boy!"

        So forgive me if I don't share your views on the Holocaust my race is facing which I am sure in a few more years, will become a very nasty reality

      • Abeja.

        That Channel Nine news report was apparently inaccurate (probably a beat up) but it does make you wonder just how much a burden to our country refugees are since we take in thousands and thousands each year.

        I can agree that we should help refugees as that's the Christian thing to do but I also prefer to help them get back to their countries of origin. The problem with these boat people is that they pass thru many countries that can and could offer them refuge. With this latest arrival of Tamils why isn't Malaysia good enough for them? In fact why don't they go to India where the whole state of Tamil Nadu is devoted to people just like them? Well, I know why but I won't insult your intelligence by spelling it out here.

      • Abeja. cont.

        As for Europe, yes, they are taking in large numbers of refugees but many of these countries are now on death-watch. In a few decades they'll have Muslim majorities and then the stage will be set for civil war. Do you want that? No reasonable person does. I feel particularly sorry for Greece. They've taken in Muslim refugees and already they're causing trouble. It is not the kind of thing that I want to happen here although, it is!

  8. True Aussie says

    278,000 a year! This is insanity.

  9. Actually ABC, yours is the old argument that won’t prevail.

  10. 278000 wtf, my god somebody please close the gate…….. the stock yards are full for god sakes.

  11. One of Australia’s enduring myths has been the objectivity of the ABC.

    Being a government information organ, this was never true. Nevertheless, formerly it was policy to permit the ABC to adopt a hard line with politicians on insignificant issues, but to conform to ‘the system’ on serious matters. But even public servants who work with ABC journalists eventually realise that one cannot be employed by the ABC unless one is identified as a Fabian socialist.

    There are firm policies on attitude. Government unemployment statistics for example, no matter how absurd, must not be questioned. One wonders how the likes of Kerry O’Brien swallow the humiliation of playing along with such frauds as Howard’s 3.2% unemployment, while knowing full well the real figure was 20%. Do Tony Jones and Jenny Brock weep alone in the cold, in bitter mortification at having sold their souls? On their pay, hell no. Not in Judasland.

    At Auntie, some topics have unilateral application. For example, the ABC has never in its existence sympathised with a white victim of Aboriginal violence or abuse. To ABC journalists such events are the outcome of centuries of racism, and so reprisals meted out to non-Aborigines are simply historical justice. Thus, whites can be racist to blacks, but blacks can never be racist to whites.

    So, as a faithful servant of The Club, Rudd will do the manly thing and state firmly that Australians Will Not Be Told What To Do… as he scuttles to the phone to direct all Christmas Island refugees be brought to the mainland for processing as new Aussies.

    Aussies better get out Granddad’s old Peter Sellers records and practice their new Aussie accent.

    • You make two big mistakes: 1) There is no myth about ABC objectivity. The ABC is openly left-wing biased. 2) To work at the ABC you don't have to be a Fabian socialist. You've got to be a Marxist.

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