Arsonist immigrants should be deported

Media release

The Australian Protectionist Party today condemned the recent declaration by the government of its plan to release into the community the illegal immigrants responsible for setting fire to their boat during their attempt to enter Australia illegally.

“It is ludicrous for the government to release these people into our community after the police have informed them the fire was deliberately lit-a fire which put the lives and safety of our servicemen at risk” National Chairman Mr. Andrew Phillips said “as a further insult to those who risk their lives to secure our borders, government spokesmen try to tell us that they will revoke the residency permits if the released “asylum seekers” are identified as being personally responsible”.

Australian Protectionists believe the government has a responsibility first and foremost to the citizens of this country. This includes securing our borders, thoroughly vetting any prospective immigrants and protecting the national interest.

“Does the government seriously expect Australians to believe these people won’t disappear into the general populace, protected by sympathizers and their fellow countrymen to escape detection, prosecution and possible deportation?” Mr. Phillips continued “Furthermore, these people have shown a complete disregard for the law and for the welfare of others yet the government deems them fit to walk amongst the defenceless and innocent in our community. How long until we have a repeat of the attack on young children by released illegal immigrants, as was reported a number of years ago in Murray Bridge, South Australia?”

“For too long, successive governments have displayed contempt for the concerns of many decent Australians in regards to issues of national sovereignty, public safety and immigration” Mr. Phillips said, “recent reports indicate polling shows 75% of Australians are extremely concerned about the issue of immigration and border control, yet our government tries to placate them with strong words but little action. At a time when jobs disappear overseas and people are beginning to realize our continent is already overpopulated, the time for government to listen and act on the concerns of Australians is well overdue”.


  1. When someone comes to your house as an unwanted guest, you are good heart to help them into the difficult time. But they break and burn you house. What do you do for the bad people?.

    I am a boat people, I came to Malaysia camp in 1982, the Malaysia government detained the refugee by the UN fund, all boat people had to wait for refugee process, it is the rules, the time is not limited, so some refugee had to stay in camp many years. In the camp, the accommodation was not good, the refugee had to use the waste timber to create the bed and food was not much. If I live in the refugee camp like Christmas, Coco island or the others inland, it is fantastic, thank, many thank for the tax pay of Australia and the mankind government. In Malaysia camp, everyone had to keep conduct, even stolen some fruit of coco palm, the Malaysia task force shaved the head and recorded into the personal file.

    The unwanted guests came to Australia, they could be refugee or asylum seeker, so the country needs to recognize them, actually the national security checks. The violence and burning the camp are not acceptable, but the unwanted guests did when outside there is someone called themselves the title" Refugee action group", possibly, who backed and excited the detainees inside to create the violence.

    I am refugee, I have never came back to where I escaped to find freedom while the ruthless regime is still powering there, I have 88 years old mother in Vietnam, but she couldn't come to Australia just visitor visa, because communist prevented, even my phone number being abused when I ring up to my family in Vietnam, the letter has never reach to my mother if my name appears at the envelop. However, there is so many Vietnamese refugee turned asylum seeker, they have came back safe to where they claimed in danger at the refugee camp, even doing business succeeds as Mrs CARINA HOANG OANH, a boat people, refugee claimed before. She revealed on the Vietnam. net, a website of Vietcong about the coming back safe from 1987, then since 1996 she had business, on June 16, 2005, she became member of Vietcong agent called the Business organization, she joined the Vietnamese overseas committee, a Vietcong agent has the mission oversea. On June 15, 2005, she attended a course for studying the mission 36 with Mr. Tran Quang Hoan, vice president of Vietnamese oversea committee ( this agent operates as intelligent offshore of Vietcong, they use the Vietnamese community overseas hidden. So the national security or Asio have to notify)

    Now Mrs. Carina Hoang Oanh lives in Australia, she wrote a book names" The Boat People". Her book has met the strong reaction world widely in Vietnamese community overseas, that considers as propaganda for Vietcong, she tries to cover the crime of the regime that she claimed cruel. ( everyone can open the search on internet, type on the title:" Carina Hoang Oanh" there is so many reaction by Vietnamese media and senior journalists). The Carina Hoang Oanh is not only, but plenty, it is just an example.

    I would like to show everyone about the terrible mistake and concern of UN and the western state about the asylum seeker who penetrate inside the refugee and after to be granted the resident status, the real face appears.

    There is no one could understand the refugee than refugee like me, I thank Australia helped, so I have to tell the truth. The silence means coverage up the wrong doing.

    Hoa Minh Truong.

    ( author of the Dark Journey & Good Evening Vietnam)

  2. Peter Sands says

    We must do some thing not just talk. Both labor and libs are so bloody ignorant to waht is happening

  3. Alan Jones says

    Hi Aussies

    I'm from the UK and you guys over their must stop the madness before wonderful Australia is turned in to a stinking s***hole like England is, its so bad these days in some parts of the country you actually feel like an outsider in another country as Muslims basically own the country.

    Hope Australia wont end up being called UK 2.


    • Peter Sands says

      Australia is allready hell from these muslims – The Emu (Gillard) and Dudd have no probs as they are helping the muslims to get into Aussie.

    • I agree Alan and I am aware of the situation that is destroying the great country of England. As a an Australian time for talks are over with not only Muslims but all third world immigrants who are destroying our country on so many levels, particularly socially. Time to rise up and kick these fools out of our glorious nation.

      Long live England and Australia!

  4. Great to see a year after this article made the news nothing has changed except Krudd now admits homegrown terrorism is a concern. So what does the whimp do about it?. Throw extra tax payer money at the problem and give ASIO extra powers. Maybe the idiots now realise multiculturalism wont work and never will. Shame the boats are still coming and even more suspect terrorists are making Australia home fulfilling Islams directive to take over the western world.If our border protection policies were kept as they were we wouldn't be in this predicament. Thanks Krudd. You wont get my vote!

    • Rudd is so scared of an uprise It is not Reported but That BlackHawk that flew into the 2009 NRL Grandfinal was Loaded and Armed I ask a wtf… It is Army friends who pointed this out to me at the game.

  5. Bessie James says

    Learn from the UK's mistakes, and get Rudd out before you end up like Britain.

  6. Bessie James says

    Good Luck to you all in Aussie, don't get like the UK and be swamped look after your own and get Rudd out learn from the UK's bad politicians

  7. You would think they would learn wouldn't you Len

    Here check out my group and its an actual group and we will hopefully be protesting in 2010.

    [youtube 23MEL7424aQ


  8. The big multi cuturism experiment has failed miserable I think we all know that. But why does this bloody left wing government not learn by the mistakes of others. Loot Fiji and the racial problems there where the Indians outnumber the indigenous population. As a Queenslander, I am horrified at the rate the Indians are now flooding into our area. Does this government not learn from the UK disasters where the Brits have lost towns and cities to the Indians and the poor old Brits who live either in these places or near them are made to feel like foreigner in their own country.

    The Protectionist Party (don't like that name) seems to be the only legal recourse we have to stop this flooding of our own towns and cities by 3rd world migrants.

    • I had problem with the name too Len, I would have preferred it to be called something similar to ONE NATION as the whole world would have known instantly what it was all about and the publicity alone would have ensured it would have become a federal party by now.
      I also find the website long-winded, Shame this and ONE NATION couldn't come together now and be a force to contend with, especially with tensions so high, people would be flocking to the site.
      As for Rudd flodding Australia, he is doing exactly what Tony Blair did, and was admitted by the English Labour party only recently; flood the country with 3rd world immigrants, thereby silencing any opposition by white conservatives so the Labour party remains in power.
      Even if it means comitting racial genocide against white and eventully Aboriginial Australians, (who incidently call the Africans over here in Perth 'invaders' although you won't hear that on the mainstream media.)
      The white far left are true psycopaths and are only interested in absolute power at any cost.

  9. Mate i have been campaigning for a while now.

    Please join if you have facebook

  10. Points taken jbuk13 – I think the APP is wise to the traps they set for Pauline Hanson. Personally I don't have any ill will towards any person who is non white. My beef lies with the creeping Islamisation of Australia…and when I last looked Islam was NOT a race. It is a insidious religion hell bent of converting the world by stealth at first – then by violent Jihad. Islam is a menace to the entire free thinking world. Btw – I love your Pat Condell, at least the man as a set….if you know what I mean….:)

    • People need to wake up to the Islamization of the Western World its happening in Europe, America, The UK and its happening in Australia too yet people are either too blind, too ignorant or simply don't care that it is happening. We need to take to the streets and DEMAND change from our governments.

  11. Dear Aussie Friends,

    (Oh, am I allowed to refer to you as Aussies in this PC age?)

    You and your beautiful country are in deep doggy-doo unless you break the mould of politics down-under! There is NOT ONE honest politician in ANY of the parties currently standing in any Australian election.

    I lived for seven glorious years in Bjelke-land in the 70s and can truthfully say they were the BEST years of my life. You lot down-under have a LOT to be proud of, so don't let the likes of Rudd sign it all away.

    Get your party up and running, get the TRUTH out to the people! Oh, better not say whites only can join though……… the BNP have had to concede on that score.

    Good luck!……… tell the people to WISE UP or LOSE OUT!

    • English Oak says

      Thank you for your support our English cousin.
      We never had a problem when the Greeks, Italians & Germans arrived to mix with the majority Anglo Saxon population. Its just been in the last 10-20 years we have had to put up with muslims, africans, sri lankans, indians and so forth. All they do is exploit the sysytem and get special treatment. The ones that have been arriving from sri lanka as supposed asylum seekers speak English and have mobile phones with which to call the media – can you believe it? Whats worse is that they are processed quick smart and jump the que!
      It is not up to us to feed, clothe and house 3rd Worlders; they need to stay put and make things better in their own countries. If things got bad here, Anglos and Europeans wouldnt flee and expect other countries to look after us; we would be resourceful (as all Western Europeans are) and MAKE it better!
      These people need to prosecuted and sent back after serving their time.

      • Too right mate. Its the same in Australia post WW2 immigrants ( Italians, Greeks, Macedonians etc ) never did what Muslims, Africans, Sri Lankans etc etc are doing. They integrated, learnt our language got work and worked bloody hard to get what they got mostly doing s*** jobs we wouldn't touch. Yet these people can come here mostly illegally not bother to learn the language or find meaningful employment and leech of the benefits system paid for by the loyal hard working taxpayer. Its absolutely ridiculous that our own governments would stab us in the back like this by forcing this multicultural – politically correct failure on us.

  12. Personally when i go to vote ill be ticking every box to signify that none of the candidates were good enough. i suggest people do the same.

  13. given what Liebor has done to Australia they'd make good left winged Australian politicans, or journalist's.

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