Body Cavity Bombs: The Latest Threat from Islamist Terror Groups

Article from the BNP:

Radical Islam’s worldwide war against the West has taken a frightening turn with the first reported occurrence of a suicide bomber using his body cavity to transport a bomb past metal detectors.

The advent of “body cavity bombs” marks a frightening development which can, quite literally, cause a complete halt to air traffic and public events while new methods of detection are developed.

The “body cavity bomb” technique was used for the first time last month when a bomber blew himself up in a failed assassination attack on Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, head of Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism operations inside the Royal Saudi palace.

The bomber, named as Abdullah Asieri, one of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted men, managed to avoid detection even though he went through two sets of airport security including metal detectors, and also palace security. He spent 30 hours in the close company of the prince’s own secret service agents without raising any suspicion, it is reported.

The blast left the prince slightly wounded, but the method used to bring the bomb to the intended victim has shaken security experts worldwide. It was smuggled in inside a container containing a pound of explosives and a detonator inserted into Asieri’s rectum.

Security experts have warned of a “total shutdown” in air traffic and other public events if counter measures are not quickly developed. Currently, the only way to detect such devices would be to x-ray a person or subject them to a physical body cavity search.

Both possibilities are impossible to execute on large numbers of people at say airports, train or bus terminals. Experts have also pointed out that female Muslim suicide bombers — of which there have already been many — could avoid x-ray checks by claiming to be pregnant. It would in any event not be possible to x-ray commuters on an urban train service each time they travelled.

The bombing mission in Saudi Arabia has been put online by al-Qaeda in the form of an animated film showing the meeting between the bomber and the prince. In the video, Asieri told the prince that more senior al-Qaeda figures wanted to surrender and convinced him to talk to these people on a mobile phone.

In the conversation, recorded by al-Qaeda, a beep is heard in the middle of two identical phrases that are repeated by the bomber and his handler. Explosives experts say that beep was most likely a text message activating the bomb concealed inside Asieri.

The al-Qaeda video says it will share its new technique via the Internet for other bombers to use in their holy war against the West.

The security experts have warned that when these devices become widespread, they could only be combated by naked body searches of everyone at places where large numbers of people gather. The only other alternative is for Western nations to come to an understanding of the cause of terrorism in the world today and act upon it.

The causes — mass Third World immigration and a foreign policy which provides Islamists with propaganda to radicalise even more Islamics across the globe — need to be speedily addressed.

Until mass Third World immigration into Britain and other First World countries is halted — and reversed — Islamists will have a large pool of potential recruits from which to draw. Secondly, the foreign policies of First World nations need to be adjusted to stop interfering with the internal politics of Islamic nations.

Once these two issues are addressed, the primary causes of terrorism will have been abated, although the West must always be on guard. Islam’s history over the last 1,300 years has shown that it has launched violent attempt after attempt to seize all of Europe for Mohammed, and there is no reason to think that this process is yet at an end.

British National Party.


  1. Unfortunately it would take a major bombing in Australia but then again look at England and all other European countries, they still let them in and it obviously wasn't enough when the Bali bombing took our sports figures. I don't think anyone will learn, only the effected and the ones who know but shut there trap for fear of racism. The ones who do speak out are silenced and the ones who fight back are called racist attacks so maybe nuking a whole city might wake them up.

  2. It was bound to happen. How are the authorities going to screen for this without “unfairly targeting” arabs? Are we all going to be subjected to rectal cavity searches at the airport just so everyone is treated equally?

    Think I’ll be avoiding air travel if that’s the case.

  3. Shockadelic says

    Wouldn’t it be “haram” to stick a bomb up your arse?

  4. Tony Ryan says

    The reason why so many Brits do not join the British National Party is not that they are apathetic, or that they support the Labour or Conservative agendas; it is because of myopic and ignorant utterances like the above, which people of average intelligence can see do not address the real issues. The BNP is seen as just another form of political extremism.

    The reality is Islam did not seek to invade Europe; it was Europe that invaded Islam; beginning with the Christian crusaders who slaughtered so many Palestinian men, women and children that mounted soldiers waded through blood up to their horse’s stirrups. This was their own description of events I might add.

    When Saladin eventually drove the Christians out, he could well have slaughtered his defeated enemy, but being the civilised man that he was, he magnanimously let them walk free.

    Since then, led by the British, but since 1946 increasingly by the US, the West has invaded Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and a host of other countries. Is this not what most reasonable people would call extreme provocation?

    Would we Aussies sit back and allow invaders to take over our country?
    Don’t even bother to answer that. Most Aussies have spinelessly allowed foreign powers to steal our resources, our land, our jobs, our political freedom, our culture, and even to place their global weapons on our soil. But these same ignorant wankers will be cheering Australian sports warriors at tonight’s grand finals. Great priorities! How to divert our own shame.

    Well, Arabs, Persians. Pashtuns and other peoples of the Middle East are not quite so gutless. Many are getting up to fight back. That they lose their life in the process is an act for which we used to award the Victoria Cross, when it was our soldiers fighting invaders and those who would steal our freedom and resources.

    Let their be no misunderstanding here. If a boy has witnessed his sister raped, his father tortured and shot, and many of his siblings killed in bomb and rocket attacks, he can be expected to want justice for his family and destruction of his enemy. When he becomes a man he will be dangerous indeed. I would do the same.

    That many Middle Eastern people have sought to unify opposition to the invaders and stealers of their oil, was always the most obvious move to make; and Islam was the obvious rallying call. To then accuse these freedom fighters of being fascists and terrorists is the most outrageous overturning of logic it is possible to make; enabled, no doubt, by the very people who shine at such insanity… Zionists and Christians.

    A glance at real history draws one inexorably to the conclusion that the world would be better off without these two warmongering scourges.

    So, how to end terrorism?

    Well first of all, we need to accept the meaning of the word, terrorist. By definition, any person who is defending his country and family against a military invader and occupier cannot be described as a terrorist; not can his actions be described as war crimes (as the hypocritical, apartheid and fascist Israelis are so fond of claiming; to counter their own well-documented crimes against humanity). The Palestinians are defending their homeland against pathological liars who claim to do the same, yet almost no Ashkenazim, European or Russian Jew has even a shred of Semitic DNA in their bodies. In other words, all their claims are bulls***.

    Israel has a stranglehold on the American, British, Australian and German Governments, even though in Australia, around 85% of the electorate do not support Israel.

    To end the Middle East wars, in which the West is always the aggressor, we need to do two things:

    (1) get rid of our own corrupt government; and
    (2) Withdraw our support for the warring aggressors and instead, become loud in our opposition.

    The simple act of Australia opposing invasions and occupations of the Middle East (and any other victim nations) would be intensely demoralising to the US, Brittain and France, and this would provide support for the 70% of European people who also oppose these interventions.

    Moreover, there is no possible other path to world peace, because neither Israel nor the US wants an end to war. Megalomania has their leaders by the throat.

  5. Regretably it will probably take a major bombing in Australia for the majority of people to wake up to the fact that Muslim Islamics aren’t simply misunderstood victims. With every Islamic going through the immigration turnstyle there’s the potential for another arse bomber.

    • That's what I have been saying all along, Aussies are just not bothered at the moment until it hits them. I lost a friend in the 9/11 attacks (Australian Andrew Knox) and after watching the filth celebrate now know what they have in store for us. Also the Muslim filth that were taped by the police during the Melbourne bush fires, celebrating over so many 'white' deaths.

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