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In the last few weeks there have been several boat loads of illegal immigrants arriving in Australian waters, no doubt encouraged by the Rudd government’s softening of immigration policy1. These policies didn’t spring out of thin air, they are the accumulation of political hubris by those who no longer even pretend to represent the interests of Australians.

Liberal MP Petro Georgiou2 is of course a long standing supporter of what we term ‘open borders’ immigration and has been agitating for some years in order to weaken Australia’s sovereignty and give it up to the people smugglers and their third-world cargo. However, Georgiou is not the only Liberal MP to side with the Rudd government over the issue. In June this year3, Member for Cook Dana Vale decided to ‘reserve the right’ to cross the floor when the Rudd government put forward a bill to abolish detention debt for illegal immigrants and thereby shifting the burden back to the Australian taxpayer. She wasn’t alone of course, Senators Steve Fielding and Senator Nick Xenophone as well as The Greens all supported the government’s bill.

It’s ironic then that Dana Vale would vote for a bill that makes it easier for illegals to enter Australia (and doubly so when most of the illegals are Muslims) in the wake of her statements in early 20044 where she asserted that Muslims will ‘out breed’ us. At the time she was referring to the introduction of the controversial RU486 abortion pill and how Australians were “aborting ourselves out of existence” and as a result Australia would become a Muslim nation in 50 years’ time. How could she have in all good conscience voted for a measure that will simply encourage more of those ‘fast breeding’ Muslims to come to Australia? Perhaps she was to timid to outright speak against abortion so she used the Muslim demographics argument as a smoke-screen.

Of course a few weeks later she profusely apologised5 for the ‘slur’ and business went on as usual. That our parliament is full of those who have not the slightest shred of decency, conviction or integrity would be no surprise to the Australia public anymore – but the machinations of the likes of Malcolm Turnbull6 (who thought joining the Labor party would be a quicker way to get his snout in the trough) and Brendan Nelson7 (who suddenly resigned from the Liberal party only to take up a diplomatic post for Rudd) to those who would vote against the interests of Australians is almost comical if it weren’t for the fact that those same political harlequins are in control of our children’s destiny.

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  1. The most salient feature of the great Aussie sell-out is that by voting for candidates preselected by the banker alliance, we will never have the opportunity to vote on any real issues.

    The only alternative is for the entire electorate to get behind a single popular idea, and to demand that Government comply with an absolute electoral majority, or openly admit it has buried genuine democracy forever.

    Naturally, Government will try to ignore this pressure; which is the perfect moment for a Declaration of No Confidence in the Rudd Government to be distributed and signed nationally, and for a Caretaker Government to be sworn in.

    In fact, former politicians and senior public servants are available to form such a re-democratisation. All that is needed is for the numbers to start the ball rolling.

    A survey to be commenced next month will provide a good guide as to likely rates of participation in the electorate.

    Wet blankets will whine that the Murdoch media will kill the campaign, but dozens of foreign journalists and authors have promised to raise merry hell in the international media, enough to force national media to acknowledge the movement.

    It all comes down to the first fifty participants.

  2. Another boat has been intercepted (23-09-2009), this time with 100 people on it.

    AN Australian navy patrol vessel has intercepted a boat carrying 98 suspected asylum-seekers off Australia’s north-west coast.

    The very same article mentions that this is the 26th boat this year.

    More than 1400 people have arrived on 26 unauthorised boats so far this year, with the latest arrival taking the number of boat arrivals in the past two weeks to seven.

    Sources of both quotes:,00.html

    This needs to stop.

  3. it’s a dirty word racists, used to often now days, to label those that would like to stand up against things that they disagree with.

    I am not a racist, but proudly say i am Australian and I believe in Australian values/ history / culture….

    Culturist would be more of a better term of what I am. i don’t care where your from. but while you are in australia, I expect you to follow it’s law’s, beliefs and values. Australia has it’s own culture that has made it what it is today,
    (having traveled and lived all over the world) there is no other place I would like to be…..
    If you don’t agree, i’m sure somebody can point you in the direction of the exit…..

  4. Everyday is “invasion day” and Australia inexorably advances to become just like Britain or Europe. The cult of political correctness and the “white guilt” the media has pushed down our collective throats has us frightened to make a protest lest we be classified as racists.

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