APP close to registration

It gives the Australian Protectionist Party great pleasure to announce that due to a massive effort from APP organisers and activists, we are on track with the current rates of memberships coming in daily, to have the 500 members necessary to get federal registration in a few month’s time (although the target has not been reached yet, so keep sending in those membership forms). The APP would like to thank all those who have helped make this possible.

Make no mistake, the registration of a nationalist party set up from scratch just less than two years ago, by a small group of people who had a dream to create a sensible modern nationalist party in Australia, is a great achievement.

The New South Wales branch of the APP is on track to becoming registered in that state. Thanks to our members and supporters in NSW who have been working hard for the Protectionist cause.

The next stage of our development will be starting soon and that entails registration, planning our electoral strategy and organising candidates for the various states, etc.; we will now be able to offer the public a sensible alternative to the current Third World colonisation of our nation. Thank you again to all those people who have helped make this possible.


  1. To build some spirit into this campaign for registration, go to http://www.eureka centre .au.
    Once there click on the middle of the flag and watch the 4.12 minute video.
    Pay particular note to the REAL Australian Anthem at the end. Then get the spirit back!

    Another good allied website is http://www.selwyn johnston independant Selwyn recently won an award for best international political website.
    Hope the above info helps our cause. cheers.

  2. This is indeed good news. As to the best strategy for the Federal election my counsel is as follows. Deposits for Senate candidates are $700 a candidate, so for the first outing just showing the flag so to speak, a two-horse team will do for the Senate. The money thus saved be constructively deployed elsewhere.
    So far as the House of Reps goes, stick to those electorates where you’ve got a decent chance of getting 4% or better. Don’t make the mistake of trying to contest as many seats as possible; you’ll spread yourself too thinly, waste resources and be strong nowhere. You’ve got to learn to walk before you can run.
    For those activists in areas where there are no Lower House candidates and who want to do their bit on polling day, with a few reams of A4, a laser printer with a supply of ink cartridges and a couple of guillotines working full time, you’ll quickly and cheaply run off a supply of presentable A6 size Senate only how-to-vote cards.
    Just my two bobs worth.

  3. Great site and i hope the APP goes all the way to the top… pls check out the below link … hopefully this clip will make the APP grow tenfold!!

  4. Sandy White says

    KEEP GOING!!! Your website is banned at my Library, but the
    all the Librarians are “Far Lefties”. I have made a complaint,
    to my Council as I am a rate-payer. Of course you can get
    the website,
    It is time that we had a voice again, with the demise of
    One Nation we have been muted once again.
    Of course our enemies won’t want you to be registered.
    We better hang-on, it is going to get very bumpy with
    the “Far Left”!!

  5. Great to hear! Now we need to push even harder, best news I’ve heard all week. Cheers APP may the force continue to be with you. Your doing our country, people and heritage a great justice.

  6. AllowMe... says

    Keep at it lads and lasses, let’s get this party registered before 2010. If everyone can get a couple of friends signed up we’ll be there in no time.

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