When is racism acceptable?

In the politically correct atmosphere of current politics and journalism, “racism” (real or imagined) is normally deemed unacceptable; except, of course, for racism against people of European descent.

Murdoch University lecturer Dr. Anne Pedersen was recently quoted in the media as saying “walk down the streets, we’re not a white city anymore and thank god we’re not”. This was quoted without any criticism or condemnation, unlike the usual journalistic treatment of patriots, whose views are commonly attacked by biased journalists either directly, or by trotting out a fellow-traveller to mount an indirect attack instead.

What if Dr. Pedersen had said of an outback area, “walk down the streets, this is not an Aboriginal town anymore and thank god it’s not”? The cries of outrage from self-righteous politicians and media propagandists would be deafening. No effort would have been spared by the media to vilify and harass her, and to have her sacked. But attacking white people in the media is deemed “acceptable”. The minions of political correctness are quite happy to ignore, and even encourage, anti-white racism.

We must face the fact that political correctness and multiculturalism are political ideologies that are both racist and fascist in nature, encouraging anti-white racism and anti-western propaganda, whilst simultaneously promoting laws to fine or jail political opponents.

Dr. Pedersen is apparently in favour of the immigration-driven genocide of the Australian people. Such a genocide is not as bloody as the more violent forms of “ethnic cleansing”, but the result is the same – the disappearance of a people. Multiculturalists often pay lip-service to the idea of diversity of peoples and cultures, but in reality are dedicated to ridding the world of western peoples and cultures, in favour of those from Asia, Africa, the Middle East, etc.

Multiculturalism should be exposed for the undemocratic and racist anti-western ideology that it is. We call upon all Australians to oppose all forms of anti-Australian and anti-western propaganda and racism in the media and schools – join or support the Australian Protectionist Party to make a difference. It is up to all of us to protect the future of our nation so that coming generations of Australians will still have their own heritage and culture.

Racist Facebook group targets Aussie immigrants, WA Today, 10 June 2009. Age, SMH

25th June 2009


  1. You white folks have a nerve, you treated blacks ,indians aborginals as dirty, you made people work for you in their own lands ,now your crying mass migration, nobody invited you to Australia or Africa its your own greedness,the only things you taught us was alcohol consumtion which killed us, stop crying its payback time.PEACE

    • Who's "us"? Are you an Aboriginal?

    • 'Payback Time' huh? And what nasty genocide do YOU have for me? Do we whites want to comitt genocide against the Japs for enslaving US only 60 yrs ago? No, so stop harping on about the past. Strangley enough it was whites who invented the computor on which you throw your hatred towards us, as we have also invented just about everything else on this planet. Name me just two inventions that Africans have invented that has benefited mankind, and please don't mention gangster rapp!

  2. Dave Tierney says

    I see that Canada has granted a white South African man refugee status on the grounds he was being continually attacked by black South Africans and was scared of being returned there when his working visa expired. Now the South African government is up in arms and wants the decision overturned because they claim it is ‘Racist’ The mind boggles. Obviously the black majority South African government can’t cope with the thought that white people can be the subject of racism in their country.

    • They probably want to kill him for telling the truth. I saw on the news tonight that Indian students are being stabbed etc, and it said that Australians were racist, yet the film footage clearly showed that the attackers were not white. Once agains, we are being blamed for other races racism

  3. to be honest white people being pricks and domonating is what gave us the moden age – less sick people – less hunger – technologies that people hadn’t even dreamed of.
    the problem now is that weak have become too weak and to afraid of what the 3rd world and they races think, its a slippery slop thats going to take everyone down with it.

  4. Australians are being fooled into believing that the “fair go” means allowing anyone to come here from anywhere in the world, working for less money than what is acceptable to an Australian, letting them buy education that unemployed Australians can’t even afford, thereby taking our jobs and accomodation, and finally gaining more influence so that they can insidiously deracinate and rip the guts out of our european based culture all the while calling us racist. This makes me sick.

    A “fair go” should not mean giving non-citizens an unfair advantage over us citizens. Citizenship means having preferential, yes preferential, treatment over non-citizens. That’s the whole point of citizenship. We are a nation of people, not an “anything goes” shopping mall for the rest of the world. It is the most degenerate, deluded and dangerous elements of Australia, such as Pedersen ( a typical self-hating Australian ) that try to make everyone else overlook this fact. It is precisely this particular strain of multicultural extremists (which by the way, are alarmingly common today), that seem to find an emotional need to portray a normal healthy white heterosexual Australian ( let alone a street full of them ), as somehow inherently stupid, lazy and oh yes… racist, much to the delight of many (not all) immigrants and multicultural extremists.

    Secondly, Australian citizenship should not be granted as lightly as it is nowadays irrespective of what imaginary benefits easy citizenship on a massive scale brings to our economy. I do not like to be a scaremonger, but I also agree that if this country one day stupidly reinvents itself into a nation of primarily Asian heritage, there will be no “peaceful rise to power” as some idiots like to claim. I have no doubts that whites will be ruthlessly persecuted and disenfranchised by the Asian majority with the rest of Asia to back them up. Just look how Burma and China totally crush their minorities. And, although not Asian, what about Zimbabwe? In a global context, one can already hear the patronizing language India and China use towards Australia. In the case of India, they call us a racist country without checking their facts, and in the case of China, well…. for anyone who’s seen the news recently, need I say more?

    Can you believe that more Australians are becoming homeless, while our government is planning to possibly build accommodation for illegal immigrants on Christmas island? Why the hell don’t they use that money instead to build government housing for our homeless!?

    I do not say all this because I am a racist who hates foreigners. I am a humanitarian who believes that we all have the right to pursue our happiness, etc. etc., but what I simply don’t get is why, when we are the clear majority, aren’t we more aggressively pursuing our own interests, such as a more balanced and controlled immigration policy, and protection of employment and housing for Australian Citizens first. Why is it that we are brainwashed by a bunch of traitors who have a completely misguided and superfluous sense of piety, and in love with furthering immigrants’ interests over the interests of their fellow countrymen. Why don’t we instead ensure that our interests are served before anyone else’s as they should be and that we get a fair go and put the likes of Pedersen on a dog leash where she belongs?

  5. How can you call Anne Pederson a racsit when the policies of the APP revolve around the fear and hatred of another race. It can so clearly be seen that through out history white people have been one of the least discriminated races. have we been enslaved to the same extent and treated so brutally? NO
    The policies that the APP put forward breed generations of hate. Why then, if you believe so much in the traditon of Christianity do you seek to hate those of a different colour and culture. Also Jesus was from the Middle East, He would have had dark skin, not light skin. How can you call yourselves Christians when you have so much hatred and ill wishes towards others?

  6. To Bruce Seymour, Can you explain why you want an apology from the government. Why do you need an apology?

  7. AllowMe... says

    Hey AJ, if racial and cultural diversity within a nation are such great things then shouldn’t the aboriginies and the american indians be over the moon right now? They had very little diversity before white settlers came and then later on asians and africans. You’d think they’d be singing for joy right now, and yet they aren’t. I suppose that all whitey’s fault though, isn’t it?

  8. Nicholas Folkes says

    To “AJ” the racist,

    Anne Pedersen’s comments are racist, she spoke about the change in demographics and being grateful for seeing less “white people” in the street. Would she prefer more blacks so our streets look like Harare, or more muslims so our streets look like Baghdad or more asians so our streets look more like Rangoon?

    “aboriginals have, and to some extent, still are, a much vilified race. White people have a history of dominance and superiority achieved through power and aggression – worldwide’……..who is vilifying aborigines? I have worked in Aboriginal communities on Cape York and believe me, the biggest enemy of the aboriginal people is their own dysfunctional elders. Urban white do-gooders like yourself have presssured the Govt. to act on native title and what a disaster it has become. The ‘land councils’ own and control the land while the average aborigine is now dispossessed by their own. These elders drive around in the newest Landcruisers while their people live in squalor, reminds me of Mugabe and his mistreatment of his people. ATSIC was disbanded for all the right reasons, do you want this corrupt organisation to misrepresent the Kooris?

    Pedersen is just like you AJ, another vile anti-Australian racist so I’m not surprised that you think otherwise. I would prefer “Copper Kettle and all meals involved chops” over the cosmic soup of today. Do you prefer a kebab with a stab in the chest? or maybe a pork roll with Hep.A? Give me the good old days over today’s declining standard of living.

    “And for the record, I don’t think it unreasonable to expect that people who choose to come to Australia can speak English and are prepared to assimilate. Refugees, on the other hand, don’t have the privilege of choice – they can learn when they arrive, after they’ve narrowly escaped a dangerous regime”…………you are pathetic AJ – you’ve had the wool pulled over your eyes.

    People will not assimilate when the Govt. is pushing multiculturalism. Do you understand what multiculturalism is? In the good old days when European migrants came here they were called ‘new Australians’ but these days the migrant mix has changed and these new arrivals just call themselves, ‘muslims, lebs, chinese and indian’…….no need to assimilate and contribute to Australia instead they suck this nation dry.

    These refugees arriving from Afghanisatan, Iraq, Sri Lanka are sent by well organised criminal gangs. Ever noticed why these boats are usually full of dysfunctional men? Where are the kids and women? Are they all gay? The truth is that these queue jumpers are criminals and have paid other criminals to get quick access to Australia. They are well aware that our Great Mandarin has changed the laws regarding asylum seekers an we are now a soft target.

    “Privilege of choice” ………do you mean they can’t are too stupid to decide whether Australia is a good destination or not? There are over 40 million refugees in the world, do you want all these troublemakers in your backyard? Maybe we should have a two-tier taxation system; one for the true blue Aussie with low taxation and no benefits for the foreign bludgers and another for the cry baby lefty Marxist trash wih high taxaion so your money can go to these bogus refugees.

    AJ….you are on the wrong site, maybe try Socialist Resistance or even That’s Life.

  9. To “AJ”.

    Dr. Anne Pedersen’s comments are racist.
    It’s just that you are so blinded by anti-white attitudes that you can’t see racism when it’s directed against white people.

    You show your ignorance and prejudice when you say “you’re unable to celebrate diversity” and “srike up a conversation with someone who recently arrived from another country”. Do you think APP supporters have never talked to new arrivals? As I said, you’re showing your prejudice.

    Do you think all nationalists are “dumb rednecks” from the backblocks? Aside from the fact that there’s nothing wrong with anyone being from the back of Bourke, many nationalists have travelled overseas, including some who have spent years living in Asia.

    I have known recent migrants myself, I can tell you that some are good and some are not so good (that seems obvious to me, it’s just like everywhere else in the world). The point here is whether my people have a right to survive as a distinct entity.

    To use a parallel, to put it in terms that some multiculturalists seem to understand better: Do the Kooris have a right to survive as a distinct entity? In an Asianised Australia of 50 million plus, I doubt their chances.

    I have experienced diversity; I have appreciated the interesting aspects of other cultures and not appreciated the less savoury aspects of other cultures. However, I appreciate my own culture even more.

    I recognise that lumping all cultures in together in one big stew means that eventually all those cultures will disappear, to be replaced by one big combining culture, with all of the previous diversity gone.

    The fact is that the end result of multiculturalism is no diversity.

  10. Steven R says

    I noted first mention of the Australian Protectionist Party in the Sydney Morning Herald last week [9-Jul-09] in its article headed: ‘Right-wing genie comes out of the bottle’.

    So I am making my own direct enquiries to form judgment.

    I then read your article on your website ‘When is racism acceptable?’ and contribute the following feedback:

    * National protection needs to have no association to racism to achieve national protectionist ends; indeed it has more likelihood of attracting mainstream acceptance by rejecting any form of racism.

    * If the lessons of One Nation’s failure to reject racism are not learnt then a nationalist party condoning racist sentiments will attract the same demise.

    * A definition of racism (www.dictionary.com) is:

    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    * So when your article poses the question: ‘When is racism acceptable?’ how can you expect Australians or any nationality to accept this proposition given the above definition condones prejudice and hatred on the basis of the colour a person’s skin? Indigenous Australian’s have a different coloured skin to those Australians like me from British colonist ancestry. How can the latter have more nationalist righst over the former? Would this policy apply to a non-white molecular biologist for instance?
    Should not the protectionist focus be about quantity not colour? If so you would have a hundred fold support base. Go to the OPT website.

    * Political correctness sucks – because it is hollow

    *Multi-culturalism sucks because it says many cultures can co-exist together, but what happes to the minority when the majority outnumber? The British colonist invasion outnumber the Australian indigenous peoples and look what happened to them and their culture! If immigration allows other cultures to set up little Indias and little Englands and little Israels and little alternative cultures, what happens to the pre-existing culture but marginalisation?

    * Standing by the home rights of locals is one thing, but arguing for skin colour over another is illogical an a futile political experiement that has alwasy in the past failed

    * I support the aim of protecting the future of our nation so that coming generations of Australians will still have their own heritage and culture.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment. I am listening.

  11. It is disingenuous to read Dr. Anne Pedersen’s comment, “walk down the streets, we’re not a white city anymore and thank god we’re not,” as an attack on white people. The comparison to the same statement but with the word ‘aboriginal’ instead of ‘white’ is also misleading. You’re comparing apples with oranges – aboriginals have, and to some extent, still are, a much vilified race. White people have a history of dominance and superiority achieved through power and aggression – worldwide.

    Dr. Pedersen’s comment is hardly racist. It has more to do with celebrating the cultural palette. She’s probably an ageing baby boomer who grew up in an Australia where the coffee was Copper Kettle and all meals involved chops. If that’s the case then yes, thank God we’re not as white as we once were.

    I respect your right to voice your opinions but I actually feel sorry for you that you’re unable to celebrate diversity. Go and enjoy a gozleme or a Pho or some char siu. Strike up a conversation with someone who recently arrived from another country. Apart from an accent, they’re not much different in their needs, wants and thoughts.

    And for the record, I don’t think it unreasonable to expect that people who choose to come to Australia can speak English and are prepared to assimilate. Refugees, on the other hand, don’t have the privilege of choice – they can learn when they arrive, after they’ve narrowly escaped a dangerous regime.

  12. SusanMKonwles says

    Of course, your enemies in the mainstream media will try to stop you.
    But then they have had their day. Who buys newspapers nowadays!!
    Who watches T.V. when you have the likes of Comrade Kerry Stokes
    controlling his Communist PUPPETS!!
    There are plenty of jobs going in the armed forces for Comrade Stokes,
    but of course he is a COWARD!! who has never served his country!!

  13. Nicholas Folkes says

    Miss Ann Pedersen is a bitch, she must be related to Justice Sotomayor. It amazes me that so many white people are so blind to the fact that their betrayal will affect their children and future generations but in her little Marxist mind, we are all brothers and sisters in the cosmo melting pot of decay.

    I’m a proud member of APP and I am very thankful that we have a political party that is very pro and proud Aussie. Go APP!!

  14. >Dave Tierney

    I know what you mean Dave. The constant but subtle attacks on whites in the media, have made me think the same way. Why is everything the fault of whites? Why can’t these people take responsibility for their own lives?

    As far as I am concerned, I am a proud Australian and am just as proud of my European heritage. If people don’t like that, then tough luck!

  15. Dave Tierney says

    The recent talk about Australia becoming more racist has convinced me that I am a racist as I have the only qualification required to be one. That is, I am a proud white Australian of an Anglo Saxon cultural origin. I seem to remember that it was similar Australians that made this country a magnet for people of other cultures to flock to and now they complain about certain aspects of our culture, such as the right to free speech which is gradually being whittled away.

  16. >When will our elected representatives say “SORRY” to us, for what they have done.

    How can you apologize for treason?

  17. Bruce Seymour says

    Thank you for your article.I am proud of my heritage and cultural background.

    I am proud of being WHITE!!!

    Having always been part of the silent majority I thought it was time to speak up.

    When will our elected representatives say “SORRY” to us, for what they have done.

  18. Alasdair Morton says

    Oh yes,it is so good to see some one finally making sense.I;m some one who is so sick of having to apologise for being white.We have as much right to our own freedom as any other group.

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