NSW government implements Protectionist policy

It is reported that the NSW government will put a ban on Chinese made goods for government services in the next budget. The Australian Protectionist Party is pleased to see one of its policies being taken to save not only Australian jobs, but to foster and nurture Australian manufacturing. Rarely does a Labor government actually do something to defend the interests of their traditional constituency, the Australian worker. In this instance, the APP are pleased to commend the Labor government for following our protectionist and pro Australian policies.

    The Daily Telegraph can reveal that all NSW Government departments and agencies will be forced to protect Australian jobs by giving preference to locally made products.
    This would include stationery, uniforms, cars and even trains and building contracts. And to make local bids more competitive, a 20 per cent discount will be applied to Australian products when comparing the cost with overseas bidders.

This will no doubt upset Simon Crean who has been traveling throughout South East Asia signing Australia up to what amounts to one way “free trade” agreements. That is, they have full access to Australian markets but we do not have full access to theirs – they are sensible enough to protect their own industries. We wonder what part of ‘free trade’ Simon doesn’t understand? Economic extremist Ross Garnaut will also be upset at this protectionism, since he believes that even bilateral free trade agreements are a form of protectionism.

Free trade is a disaster for Australian manufacturing, you cannot have free trade with countries that exploit their workers, deny them union representation and pay them very low wages. No doubt the Rees government will come under fire from federal Labor, but for once we support the position of the NSW state labor party.

[1] NSW to buy Aussie-made products to save jobs, Daily Telegraph, 15 June 2009

Australia lauds trade deal with South-East Asia, Earth Times, 26 February 2009


  1. Nicholas Folkes says

    Another last minute attempt by NSW Labor to save face. The Labor party whether it be federal or state has not encouraged ‘buy Australian’ but instead has focused on their globalist agenda by signing free trade pacts with Asian countries. This is economic suicide to sign open market access to Asian countries as their low wages, low conditions, low safety, poor quality and preferential treatment has and will continue to destroty Australian jobs. The APP is the only political party in Australia advocating the anti-globalist message and the re-industrialisation of Australia. We can not continue to import more than we export, our foreign debt has continued to go through the roof. Australia’s foreign debt stands in excess of $800,000,000,000 and growing. Liberal and Labor are both vile anti-Australian parties with a gloablist agenda of decline and low wages.

    NSW Labor signed away Australian jobs when they outsourced manufacturing of Sydney’s trains to China, we must be getting the old ‘red rattlers’ back with squat toilets. A total of 626 trains which used to be made in Newcastle are now foreign made – totally disgusting and un Australian. Also I have noticed all these new Mitsubishi Polics cars, another example of putting foreign goods before Australian goods. These polics cars should be Fords or Holdens and ‘made in Australia’.

    In the mid 70’s we had nearly 30% of the workforce in manufacturing and it has declined spectacularly to less than 9% today, another record – the lowest in the OECD group of nations. More success from successive Liberal and Labor govts.

  2. Good to see a government buying Australian made.

    Even better if we buy goods that are both Australian made and Australian owned.

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