BNP Victory in Europe Day 2009


Yorkshire: 9.8% ELECTED (Andrew Brons)

North West: 8% ELECTED (Nick Griffin)

North East: 8.9%

South East: 4.4%

South West: 3.9%

Eastern: 6.1%

West Midlands: 8.6%

East Midlands: 8.6%

London: 5.5%

Wales: 5.4%

Well done to all our candidates, activists, supporters and members that made this historic victory possible.


Long Live the British People!

source: British National Party (BNP) newsletter.


  1. Nicholas Folkes says

    “Long Live the British people”. This is just the beginning for better results in the future. As globalisation grinds along stripping suburbs and communities of their livelihoods and pride more people in Britian, Australia and Western nations will vote for proud and pro political parties of their nations. We are supposed to be live in a democracy so we need representation to protect our rights and existence.

  2. Excellant comment re the BNP and the mirrored images we now see in Australia. The success of the BNP is most encouraging and it is great to know they will be fighting for British rights in the EU. The UK has lost a great deal of sovereignty since joining the EU and they need a voice to fight for regional rights before it is too late!

    It is disappointing (though of no surprise) to see the violence and intolerance committed by the extreme left outside Westminster. Britain was the shining example of democracy in the world and now the violent and fanatical left are using unacceptable behaviour to try to silence representatives of ordinary Britons.

    Full credit to Philip Williams of the ABC for his fair and measured reporting of the attempts to silence Mssrs Griffin and Brons and for showing the world the intolerance of the far Left. Well done!

    One can only hope there are professional journos here in Australia who will follow his example when reporting on Australian patriotic politics and the unsavoury tactics used by our opponents.

  3. Craig Ronald Hall says

    Congratulations Vic. As in the UK, today we are having a troubling problem with mainly Indian males in Melbourne. On the news recently it was reported that Indian (Bogus students with fat wallets) were forming vigilante groups to protect them from the threat of racism. Apparently they are afraid, so now they are rejecting the rule of law,

    As a white male in my own city, I am being painted as a monster by transient foreigners. As citizens – born here – we are being targeted by temporary sojourners who opportunistically raise the race card. The escallation to mob violence, provocatively orchestrated by Indians and their non-Indian backers illustartes the failure of internationalist multcultural policy by successive govts.

    It reminds me of the story where after blinding their victim, the purpetrator blames the victim for the crime. We (white males) are the victim, vulnerable, precisely because we have no political protection. The perpetrator( Indians) are blaming the victim ( the race card)!!!

    It’s interesting that we are accused of violent racism, when the Indian sojourners are weilding the organised weapon of the real racist violence – in our own nation. Immigration-wise, we should have a net-zero policy towards the Indian sojourner.

  4. Vic Zurek says

    As an ex Yorkshire lad ( Bradford ) I have seen my city destroyed over the last 40 years, from my comfortable home in Melbourne. It was a mill town, famous for it’s worsted mills using Australian wool. In the 60s a huge level of immigrants flowed into our city, just as all the mills were closing due to cheap Chinese imports. I watched as the subsequent race riots tore the city apart. The mainly Pakistani and Indian workers were able to obtain most of the available jobs through their cheap labour (does this sound familiar)
    40 years later, and I am seeing a repeat in Australia, with the elite and arrogant political parties here ignoring peoples concern. 100,000 plus international students studying bogus subjects to gain residency, and paying for it by each working 20 hours a week plus. That is a lot of jobs for Australian families lost, in a time when we need them the most, it’s just a scam. Then ad to that the 300,000 immigration level, basically a city per year, and we stand no chance. My family came to Australia for the traditional Australian culture, we think it’s pretty good, and worth fighting for. The multi cultural experiment has failed in the UK, and other European countries, and Rudd/Turnbull would be wise to see that, but political correctness and media dictates their policies, not the concerns of the people. The BNP started to win many years ago, when governments ignored the plight of the British people, as Australian governments have done for many years now. Onwards and upwards for the our Australian Protectionist Party, the silent majority will have their say.

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