Australian youth targeted by police

Australian Protectionist Party officials have been advised of comments by a NSW police spokesman in a radio interview, where it was stated that police would “crack down” upon any Australian youths attacking foreigners on ANZAC Day. Whilst it is quite correct for the police to take appropriate action against anyone committing assault, it appears that in this instance Australian youth are being targeted.

The police should be “cracking down” on anyone who initiates an assault, but what about cracking down on those Lebanese gang thugs who have threatened to attack Australians? Anti-Australian comments from police representatives indicate a mindset of pre-judging situations. For example, if Australian youth are caught fighting Lebanese gang thugs (in self-defence), will it be the situation that the Australians are prosecuted whilst the perpetrators are let off?

This situation is reminiscent of the Cronulla Troubles, where Australians were arrested even just for carrying sticks, whilst Lebanese thugs were allowed to publicly gather in a Sydney park, then head off in car convoys and rampage through several suburbs, bashing and stabbing Australians – and the police had been told not to intervene.

It sounds as if there is a political motivation behind this. Political multiculturalism dictates that Australians are to be discriminated against: to suffer anti-white racism under the guise of “affirmative action”, to suffer anti-Australian propaganda dressed up as “multicultural education”, and to suffer the loss of their freedom of speech under “political correctness”.

The APP plans to expose any anti-Australian behaviour from government bodies, especially those prompted by political machinations from the anti-Australian politicians in the current Labor government.


  1. Peter Dodd says

    I support your ideas 100% but must add that there is a deeper issue.
    Our problem is spiritual as we have turned away from Jesus Christ.
    God has said in the Bible if we do this he says “I will fill your land with people who will shout against you”
    Moslems will do this very well. Hindus and Buddhists dont do this but still have influence.
    He does this to drive us back to Himself because He does not want us to lost in a Christless eternity.
    Our heritage, after the pagan Druids, is Protestant Christian from the Celtic-Anglo-Saxon days of Wesley and Welsh revivals etc

  2. Sally Woods says

    Nicole, there is a website “F… Off, we’re full! We have all joined it.
    May be David and Gan nath can both F…off to where they came from originally.
    Of course, these multi-cultis enjoy our lifestyle without any of their stupid
    ethnic Families spilling any blood for our freedoms!! They are such Cowards!!
    Always Following the Anglo/Saxon/Celtic man living off him!!

  3. Sally Woods says

    I see where old David is still surfing our websites. He is such a serial stalker,
    always complains about spelling mistakes Nicole. What do you expect with th
    COMMUNIST EDUCATION WE RECEIVED. Our Schools were taken over by
    the Communist Creeps in the 70’s when they gained a lot of money and power
    from Communist Gough Whitlam. He really went out of his way to destroy

  4. gan nath says

    To all you illiterate yobos running the so called “Australian protectionist party” who do u think u are kidding? The only people who can claim Australia as their own are the natives who have lived here for around 40,000 years. People who were sent here as convicts or for that matter anyone else cant make any such claim. All of you are immigrants too & there is no such thing as The Australian way of life, its such a figment of your imagination. If any of you are interested you can go back to England or from whatever part of Europe you came from & there is no way you will be given the status of a political party. The only option for all you jokers is to get used to living in a multi cultural Australia or to get out.

  5. I highly doubt that Anglo-Saxon Australian’s are the ones who bear the brunt of racism, despite the Cronulla riots and the like, you rarely hear of Anglo-Saxon Australians getting bashed and stabbed because of their skin colour and race. I rather think that it’s the migrants who come over to our country that get assaulted and bashed more often than not. Also if you complain about people who can’t speak and understand English, you should start with your own before you laud your own skills, its citizen, not citizin.

  6. About time someone stood up for our rights and took notice of the fact that anglo-saxon australians, particularly, or australian citizins of a few generations are the miniority that are the fore front of racism and bare it and become victims in our own country and the perps get away with it by saying they dont understand or dont speak english.

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