Patriotic candidates to support in the Queensland state election

The Australian Protectionist Party is recommending that people support Pauline Hanson and Perry Jewel in the upcoming Queensland state election on Saturday 21st March 2009.

As with all elections, whilst we may not agree 100% on every issue with the candidates, we believe that they are the best candidates for patriots to support at this election.

We would urge all members and supporters in Queensland to support, in whatever way they can, one or both of these candidates.

Pauline Hanson and Perry Jewel are offering the Queensland people an alternative to the globalist parties that got us into the mess we are currently in, and so we wish them all the best for the election.

Pauline Hanson: Independent candidate for Beaudesert
[Volunteer to help Pauline Hanson at the polling booths]

6th March 2009

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