Videos of the Australian Identity Discussion Forum

Videos from the Australian Identity Discussion Forum, held on Saturday 21st of February 2009, have been placed on the APP YouTube channel

“You are the Law” – Dr. John Wilson
Dr. John Wilson’s talk was about our rights in Common Law. The main thrust of his talk was about the right to trial by jury and that, without that inalienable right, we are not free men and women.

“Anglo-Celtic history & cultural events” – Brenda Povey
Brenda Povey’s presentation covered the background of the Celts and their presence in Australia, as well as giving details of various events held regularly during the year.

“Anglo-Saxon Identity Politics” – Prof. Andrew Fraser
Professor Andrew Fraser put forward his view that Australia is no longer an Anglo-Saxon country and that, like the USA, it has become an aggregation of racial and ethnic groups, each seeking to advance its own interests.

“APP and the new Australian Nationalism” – Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson gave a talk about the Australian Protectionist Party (APP); he spoke about the motivation for its creation, what it has achieved so far, explained what the APP wants to do in the future, and how it seeks to help create a movement that is dynamic and not purely a “party”.

The videos listed above are extracts from the speeches of the speakers; however, a DVD of the forum should be available soon.

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