Mayor Ron Clarke needs a lesson in Democracy

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New South Wales Spokesman Mr. Darrin Hodges today condemned the Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke for his extraordinary remarks that denigrated Australia’s proud Christian and Democratic heritage in relation to objections raised about a proposed Islamic school in Carrara.

“I was stunned to read the reports of what Mayor Ron Clarke said to his constituents” Mr. Hodges said “For an elected representative to call residents ‘bigots’, to state the school would proceed ‘no matter what’ and that ‘it would teach Christians a lesson’ makes a complete mockery of our democratic processes”.

Councilors like Ron Clarke are why the Australian Protectionist Party would institute Citizens Initiated Referenda (CIR), a process that puts democracy back into the hands of the people. The Australian Protectionist Party would also like see amendments to the Town Planning laws that allow for residents to submit a cultural or social impact statement, to allow Australians to have more say on what goes on in their local communities.

“Mayor Ron Clarke was recently quoted in an Arab newspaper in Dubai (now the ‘sister city to the Gold Coast’) claiming the Islamic school development in Carrara was ‘polluted by bigots’ – that’s rich, crying “bigotry” in a region where religious bigotry is a popular past-time, try building a Christian school in Dubai.”

“Ron Clarke has also organised a $15,000 ratepayer-funded junket for one of his councilors to attend an Arab health conference in Dubai. Mr. Clarke has spent a lot of time, money and effort cultivating business opportunities in Dubai, one wonders if his focus in the Middle East affects his judgment on local issues.

“Its clear that Mayor Clarke needs a lesson in democracy; the Australian Protectionist Party will distribute leaflets and campaign against Mayor Ron Clarke at the next Gold Coast council elections, if he wants to retain his seat, he’ll listen to his constituents, rather than to Muslim interests.” Mr. Hodges concluded.

Statement issued by Mr. Darrin Hodges, Australian Protectionist Party
PO Box 1281 Sutherland NSW 1499

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