APP begins mega membership drive: Free membership offer!

Campaign announced on Australia Day 2009:

The Australian Protectionist Party is on the way to registering as a political party to contest the next federal election. At this stage, we have not reached the 500 members required to register. As a sign of our determination to become registered, APP has declared that free memberships will be offered to enable national registration.

Time is running out for Australia and we do not have time to muck around. Our nation needs a federally registered political party to represent Australians, and this is what we intend to achieve.

Come on and join us – and help us win back Australia.


Join APP for free – and get free newsletters, bulletins, and a free e-copy of Destiny magazine.

We are not asking for money, we are asking you to help us save Australia, by helping us register a truly nationalist party for the federal elections.

The Australian Protectionist Party intends to run candidates in the next federal election. To do this effectively we must register as an official political party with the Australian Electoral Commission – this requires a membership of 500 people; at this stage we have not reached the 500 goal and to do so we need your help.

As a special effort, we are offering FREE lifetime memberships to all patriots, until we reach our goal of 500 members. These members will receive newsletters and bulletins by email (unless members indicate otherwise); they will also be entitled to a free electronic version of the latest issue of Destiny magazine.

Why register? Only candidates from registered parties have their party’s name listed on electoral ballot papers. Without this, candidates become virtual unknowns and thus lose thousands of votes. (For example, how many ordinary people know the name of their local Liberal or Labor candidates? Very few do – most people just vote for the party name).

Will you let Liberal and Labor win with dirty tricks? The Liberal and Labor parties added a clause to the Electoral Act whereby any party with a representative in parliament does NOT have to have 500 members to be a registered political party. This was a dirty trick to have the Liberal and Labor parties avoid registration requirements, whilst forcing the small parties to “jump through hoops”. Don’t let Liberal and Labor win with their dirty tricks – help us to register.

Why should patriots help APP? The Protectionist Party is the ONLY patriotic party to have an official policy of offering financial incentives to encourage Third World migrants to return home. Without this, Australia will become overwhelmingly an Asian country.

Other “patriotic” parties have members of Asian, African, or Arab descent, which creates a conflict of interest, whereas the APP aims to represent the ethnic interests of Australians of European descent, to defend the way of life of the Australian Nation. Just as there are organisations which represent the interests of Asians, Africans, etc. (often government-funded), Australians need a representative organisation too.

Naturally, we support a wide range of other policies – we promote democracy via CIR, protect traditional family values, defend local industries, protect the environment by reducing immigration, aid rural areas by decentralisation of government departments to regional centres, end government funding for political multiculturalism, and support teaching Australian culture in schools and the community.

We need your help now.
Australia needs your help.
This is urgent – we cannot waste time any longer.

We don’t mind if you are a member of another party or organisation, you are still free to join us. We don’t have to agree with each other on every single issue, as long as we help each other when it counts. This is all about getting a nationalist party registered to fight for Australia in federal elections.

To help, just fill in a membership form (make sure you sign the electoral part on the back) and send it to APP’s national office (P.O. Box 1452, Mt. Barker, SA 5251).

Thank you for helping us.

Welcome to our fight to win back Australia!

Download the membership form here
Or phone, mail or email us and we will send a form to you.


  1. I only found your existence by accident and agree with most of your policies. Why have you not advertised to inform people that you are here? I have passed your website onto family members who are extremely interested in your party. PLEASE ADVERTISE SO THEY CAN ALL SEE.

  2. Something Troubling:

    Seriously have a listen. I am beyond shocked.
    Where do they? How do they think stuff up like this?


    Stop the baby bonus after 3 children.

    No more mosques or hate preaching religious schools.

    Have an airport on christmas island and fly boat people straight back to where they came from.

    Make it illegal to arrive in Australia by boat.

    Cut immigration by 80% ,let Australia grow by itself and let our resource industry last for hundreds of years for our grandchildren to enjoy.

    If you or your partner havent had worked for more than 2 years then you cannot claim the baby bonus.We're creating a society of dummies draining the welfare system. Fourth generation welfare families.

    • mike monroe says

      Great to see some new names on the comments board. Well done fellow Aussies. Please tell your family and friends about this party, that's how we grow.

  4. Christian Keating says

    I'd like to join your party, but I don't have a printer, so it is no use me downloading the application form. Can you please email me the details?

    • Rethink some of your policies.

      You might find a bigger following.

      Listen to what people are telling you.

      • What policies are you objecting to? What policies should APP have?

        • Can you send me an form please. I am having trouble opening it.

          Also see my reference (ref) on my first blog.

          I just heard on 2gb (Jim Ball)that Australia is to give 7 billion foreign aid per annum to third world countries. Is this another UNCHR instruction.

          I recall viewing ABC TV "lateline" the German representative clearly stated to all the third world counties present. The foreign aid you receive from will not last forever. Therefore stop their corruption. 7 billion when we have numberous hospitals in desperate thirst of funds.

          I also spoke to some Swiz tourists and they said the Asylum Seekers have dropped immensely since their country changed their policies. If you get in parliment I would write to every Western Country who fell for this agreement and call a meeting to discuss the burden of these immigration policies.

          To enhance youre membership I would keep putting your site on the appropriate media facebook and blogs…

          In politics you have be assertive not aggressive. You have to be strong. Adding other policies like foreign ownership would be great. I hope you listened to my url podcast.

          Matter of fact can you email me personally I have had some experience in dealing with political issues. You need a advisors, reseachers, writers and a person with knowledge of the law. I say the last as lawyers are good speakers.

    • I feel a number of articles will have to be added so your party so the will not be labelled the worst. Us Aussies know you are correct politically and economically and share youre point of view. Therefore to achieve more votes add some other important topics such as the following as we need strong people to fight for the country our kin folk built.

      Ref: Jason Morrison speaking to Senator Bill Hefferman Selling our farms.

      Living in the rural division I am very concerned about Jason Morrison’s podcast. Apparently 54% of Australia’s dairy farms and products are owned by the Japanese and that is only one country. Singapore and the Chinese own a clump and coming down for more farm land next month. Australia is not permitted to buy any property in their countries at all. Landline ABC TV Agriculture show also had a special episode on this topic a couple of months ago. They showed a map of what land is bought. They displayed a map showing Belgium, Switzerland, Middle East and even the US owning a slice. Those countries have bought some of the best land to feed their future populations (Landline, August/September 2010).

      Can we get one of the politicians on line that might protect our assets and do something about this please? (Our Politician’s that is a joke, I am getting to believe they are only a puppet government to keep us calm because Australian assets and soil is owned by every other nation).

      Listen to following podcast and save. ""

      • Warung Discussion says

        Owned by every other nation.

        YES! We know. We have been sold up the proverbial creek!

        How in Heaven are we going to get Australia back?

        I read Indonesia owns big tracts of the NT. Guaranteed we cannot buy land in Indo. No way! If we could we would own it all! A two story mansion there in the middle of Java doesn't cost more than $30,000 in cities like Solo And YogyaKarta.

        So WHY can they buy ours? It's the principle of the thing! Its all a one way street everywhere in Third world countries.

        Even in India we are discriminated against in other ways. I once got a plane from Delhi to Goa. It cost me around 30% more than if I was a native.

        I loathe these political parties we have. They are little tin pot criminals most of them. How many have got a police record? How come they are in power? I certainly never voted for them. I can point at another 50 – 60 people i know who didn't vote for them.

        Oh yeah! PREFERENCES! They aint published before or during only after elections. Sometimes not even then.

        HEYYY. what a deal! Get in with the right crowd and you can commit daylight robbery morally and literally for the rest of your life!

        Now our way of life is up for grabs!

        I will fight to the death to preserve Australia for my daughter.

        Laws have to be passed to get rid of foreigners who do not belong here.

        Money is not everything

  5. I agree totally that multiculuralism does not work. As well as quotes from Churchill, there was also another Brit Poli called Enoch Powell who delivered his famous speech 'rivers of blood' way back in the 1960's when he was protesting about immigration (think Brixton).

    Islam is totally incompatible with Western values. I could at this point write a minimum 6 essays worth of reasons why (but I won't!)

    I also have to agree with Phil regarding homosexuals. It serves no purpose to alienate them, especially when we need all the help we can get. A gay person poses no threat to our way of life. How many straight people have been to and enjoyed Mardi Gras? I have!!

  6. G'day all. I just heard about this party on a forum and just thought YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

    Did ya all hear that? 🙂

  7. Terrence says

    The APP has my full support.

  8. I would love to join a party like this, but there is one major flaw in the primary policies.

    I do not see why a homophobic policy has to be in place for the 'protection' of Australia. Homosexuals have been part of Australian culture for many years and although it may be uncomfortable for some people to deal with, homosexuals do not do anything which degrades the lives of others in Australia.

    I believe strongly in policies to keep out Muslim and other immigrants who do not accept our way of life, as this has a huge negative impact on the whole community both socially and financially. However policies which discriminate against homosexuals who only ask for the same rights as other couples seems like it is in place only to appease the bogans who are unfortunately often associated with parties like this.

    • Homosexuality is the blind spot in all conservative/nationalist types. I find it so frustrating that people who are intelligent enough to see through so much baloney, yet still can't get past this one issue.

      It's like watching a hurdle race. Yes, yes, yes, omigod he's gonna set a record, Oh dear (Hides face in hands).

      Homosexuals are not alien foreigners, subversive agents of civilisational destruction. They are like everyone else except for that one little thing, which is probably genetic, and happens in private.

    • I compeletely agree, the fact that a party can't see that homophobic policies are political suicide, especially within the current calls for legalisation of gay marriage etc just shows that this party has a long way to go in finding a vision that will bring it any success, which is a shame bceause we need a party like this (minus the anti-gay attitude) so badly. Drop the homophobic stance and i could guarantee 20 memberships from my family alone!

  9. Why do we all kid ourselves here? no p*ss ant political party will stop the flow of these sub-humans while the wealthy profit from their cheap labour.

    The only way to curb the flow is to fight fire with fire = FEAR.

    Look at the Indians and how their country has stopped sending them here because "Australians" are violent racists when in fact it isn't Australians who are the problem.

    Muslims use fear and terror as their main weapon and it works……one day we will have to do the same and it isn't going to be pretty.

  10. Sgt. KoranFlusher says

    I would like to suggest that you make a sign up page to join the Protectionist Party available on line on this website. You'll get the 500 you need a lot quicker.

    I have devoted many years to studying the life of the supposed prophet Mohamed. He was no more a prophet and Islam is no more a religion than Charles Manson. Islam is not a "race"; it is not racist to abhor the ideology of Islam, it is simply good judgment. Read the quotes from Sir Winston Churchill on his observations of Islam. Post them on the website. Every country that has ever, in the entire world history, gone Islamic, has always become a very, very bad place to live.

    Go to this link and read Sir Winston Churchill on Islam:

    Here's Teddy Roosevelt on Islam, aswell.

    "The civilization of Europe, America, and Australia, exists today at all, only because of the victories of civilized man over the enemies of civilization—because of victories through the centuries from Charles Martel, in the eighth century, and those of John Sobieski, in the seventeenth century. …There are such “social values” today in Europe, America and Australia only because during those thousand years, the Christians of Europe possessed the warlike power to do what the Christians of Asia and Africa had failed to do—that is, to beat back the Moslem invader.”

    —Teddy Roosevelt (1858 -1919) Twenty-sixth President of the United States.

    Write me if I can help in any way.

  11. Every one i talk agrees with APP and what it stands for but think it to late HOW can we get the numbers

  12. To everyone at the APP – thank you so much for having the courage to stand up for this country.
    Last Saturday at Lakemba mosque in Sydney muslim leaders announced plans to seek to bring about Sharia law in Australia. Not one politician or member of the media spoke out against such an absurdity. Why? – because of the backlash of being called a racist.

    Racism is violence and discrimination against people – you know like those attacks on Australian women by muslim men and the fact that only Australians are publicly criticised for defending their heritage and their beliefs.

    Again thank you so much for standing up for the rights and future of this country. You have my vote.

  13. This website and politcal party is a disgrace to Australia and everything that we as a nation stand for. Do we not remember that unless you are an indigenous Australian then you too are the relatives of immigrants. Everyone has the right to be considered an Australia and it is the mix of cultures that makes our great country what it is. I hope you never reach 500 memebers. Not that you will ever have an impact on the Australian politcal landscape anyway.

    • Everyone has the right?

      have you any ideas where rights come from? Not from your mouth thank god. they come from the people of Australia. There has NEVER been a referendum on multi-culturalism. The people of Australia havent wished this hell on themselves. I agree it is the mix of cultures that makes our country what it is … today and that is that it is going down the gurgler. Unless there is representation in the government for the people that do think along APP policy lines then it is not a democratic process.

      You mate, are the discrace. I pray to god that you are not an Australian because if you are then I do feel ashamed that our people have stooped so low as to not allow democracy to work.

    • Also. Even the indigenous Australians were immigrants. Get your FACTS right….

      • localyokel says

        Where did indigenous Australians come from? I thought they have been here for hundrends of thousands of years. They were meant to be the oldest and purest race in the world until we polluted their genes.

        • Guardian says

          Aborigines came from Asia.

        • Hi Localyokel,

          The term aboriginal is purposely ambiguous. The current ones you see today only migrated to Australia approximately 1000 years before white settlement and actually came from a part of the world near India (i.e. Asia). They killed off most of the previous inhabitants who were of Papuan descent, often only keeping their women for breeding purposes (hence the fuzzy hair of some aboriginals). Have a read of the book "Cape York – The Savage Frontier" by Rodney Liddell. It is one of the few books I have read where the author was brave enough to challenge the all too commonly accepted 40,000 year myth.

    • "Everyone has the right to be considered an Australian"?

      So anyone can be "Thai" or a "Turk"?

      If anyone and everyone can be "insert label", then "insert label" becomes a meaningless concept.

      The "Japanese" migrated to Japan. Native Americans migrated from Asia. Maori migrated from Polynesia.

      But the ethnicities of those people are specific to themselves. Everybody and anybody cannot be "Japanese", "Native American" or "Maori".

      People from outside an ethnic group can become part of it only when:

      (a) the outsiders want to.

      (b) the ethnic group wants them to.

      (c) they renounce their prior ethnicity (you can't be two ethnicities at once).

    • The previous generations of my family were not immigrants. They were pioneers. They built a nation where none had previously existed. They arrived in a land sparsely inhabited by disparate and nomadic stone age tribes, and created the Australian nation.

      The stone age tribes, despite allegedly inhabiting the land for 40,000 years, had achieved nothing. They had not even invented the wheel, metal tools or developed farming.

      Unfortunately most modern immigrants are just parasites, who will never contribute anything toward the country. They will just bring our nation down to their level.

      • 40,000 years is a myth. It was developed after a scientist carbon dated some carvings made into the wall of a cave. How can you carbon date a carved depression in a stone wall you ask? The answer is you can't. You can just carbon date the stone (that will onviously be old – I mean it was there when they carved into it). Current day aboriginals had only been around for about 1000 years before white settlement. Have a read of "Cape York – The Savage Frontier". It give a pretty blunt history of Australian "aboriginals". Other cave paintings have also been heralded as "proving" aboriginals have been here for tens of thousands of year. Interesting, most of these paintings didn't exist around the time of white settlement. They've only been painted recently and by mixing a little diesel in with the paint you can get super old reading when they are carbon dated (as old as the crude oil in the diesel in fact). Furthermore, most of these cave paintings are "protected" from the public by heretic academics. Partially because they are fading away (most paints tend to do that after a decade, let alone supposedly "40,000 years") and partially because the academics don't want there "40,000 year theory" papers to be blown out of the water.

  14. Aussie digger says

    I am all for any party that will stop and reverse islamic immigration, there is 57 islamic countries they can choose from who all have sharia law, let them wear their burka/najab there not here. islam and democracy are poles apart and totaly incompatible. We need to re-establish Australian manufacturing, Australian jobs, less importation of overseas labour. We need to stop the hemerage of awesome brainpower going off shore because this current and past govts have refused to back Aussie inventions and business ideas. We need Australian built military, stop importing US and Eropean weaponary and vehicles. We need to stop financial assistance to islamic countries and countries who refuse to follow human rights of free speach, assembly, religeon. My grandfathers, father and I have all served in the Australian army and proud to do so, we served during WW1, WW2, Vietnam, and first gulf war. This party says what the main two have forgotten, we need to stand up for Australia first, other countries second.

    • Well said,But i,m afraid if we don,t do something NOW it will be to late make registration easyer i know thousands of people who are like minded every day ozy,s who think they are getting pushed out of there own country ,this is our Heritage don,t be scared to speak your mind the time is Now for the sake of our gorgeous children,

  15. AUSSIE BLOKE says

    finally, a party worth enrolling to vote for, I would become a politician just to fight the cause. Pauline Hanson tried to be a patriot for Aussies and wasdragged accross the coals and innocently sent to jail, but its definitely time to take a stance, not just for asians but others races also, my grandfather fought for this country and became shellshocked as a result and yet I feel like a forigner in my own country, say anything and they call it racism…..but I call it patriotism and Im proud of it, I know many who feel the same way but are ashamed to show it or say for being labeled racist. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE…..OY OY OY!!!

  16. The world does not need another facist, racist and hate fueled bunch of losers.

    • Then get rid of the Labour, Liberal, and Greens….. they are bigger then us, and are accually facist, racist and speak hate in question time.

      • localyokel says

        Australians need to get of Lib/Lab land. Take the risk with any political party other than them as they just bounce the ball in the same court each time.

  17. Edmund Leigh says

    Just found your web site and I would like to help. Anyone fighting political correctness and multi-culturism is a friend of mine. If the trend continues over the next 20 years we will find ourselves without the ability to speak freely and we will have Sharia law so we must stand together and fight this nonsense. Look forward to the news forthcoming in Austrailia about your group.

  18. Thanks!

  19. Also up top is a button called Branches, try that also

  20. Angry up top on the right are sub divisions, ie South OZ, New South Wales etc. Addresses are in there. I think NSW is main head quarters then SA.

  21. Australians have been sold out by the traitors who call themselves politicians.
    I wouldn't bother to spit on most of them if they were on fire.

  22. Multiculturalism is BS!
    Anything else leads to division and conflict eventually!
    Whatever happened to CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION.
    People were taught about the history and cultural values of our society once!
    This HAS to be the case again!
    Not the BS that is taught at schools now like global warmning and how evil white people killed Abos and stole thier kids. What a load of CRAP!
    English must be a prerequisite for immigrants.
    I'm sick of walking down the street listening to people jabber on in non english.
    It shows no respect for Australians!

    • When you say Australian Angry, i believe Aussie and also Aboriginal dreamtime culture. It is great to see some of the very old artwork and things like digeridoos and carvings etc. I guess though, that is what you really meant, i just wouldn't want any Lefty to take things the wrong way now, although they will no matter what you say so i guess it doesn't really matter as long as the sensible Aussie knows what you mean.

    • When you say Australian Angry, i believe Aussie and also Aboriginal dreamtime culture. It is great to see some of the very old artwork and things like digeridoos and carvings etc. I guess though, that is what you really meant, i just wouldn't want any Lefty to take things the wrong way now, although they will no matter what you say so i guess it doesn't really matter as long as the sensible Aussie knows what you mean.

  23. I can't seem to find an email address for the website?
    Maybe I'm blind or something.
    Anyone help?

  24. sweetaussie says

    oh this site is brilliant!!! im am flabbergasted by how many immigrants are now living in adelaide, the city is full of indian/africans. great for economy/population according to the government but very scary and horrid for future australia. my mother was assulted by an african woman at the bus stop after her bloody chemo session of all times! the bitch came up to her and DEMANDED she get up and let her sit ( the bench was full) then said she wanted to kill all aussues who make life hell for her! oh my god! so pissed. i think they will all start to turn on us very soon. ausralia is such a peaceful country and if we could all live in harmony it would be great. wishful thinking these people are unfortunatly to damaged by there lives. dont bother calling me a racist its untrue as i have friends of all races and they actually agree with my views as they are totally correct!!

    • Sorry to hear what happened to your mother, I was attacked by three Africans nearly two years ago here in Perth who wasted no time in telling me that Australia was 'their country now!'
      Yet were the media interested? the lying p.c. politicans? No, but of course if I joined three other whites and attacked black Africans then it would be all over the news.
      These parasites are nothing but trouble and will seek to take over then exterminate us. And I have even been told this by an African taxi driver who bought the subject up, he told me there are now African gangs forming here in Perth calling themselves the 'AAs" (African Australians) mark my words, the streets of Australia will flow with the blood of innocent white Australians and it won't stop, all thanks to Labor and Liberal governments.
      Maybe the next time Africans go on a rampage, the police can get the likes of Bob Brown or David Saunders to calm them down!

  25. Is the free membership still available?

  26. millstoneridge says


    It is fantastic to see people with balls, prepared to stand up for the rights of ordinary Australians. You don't have to agree with everything the APP believes in, just believe their good intent.

    I am a nursing student with the University of Newcastle, political correctness has gone absolutely mad there. We had to sit through a full day worskhop being run by racist white aboriginals with chips on their shoulders. They didn't stop to think that we white students may have aboriginal relatives (second cousins), Indian brother-in-law, Japanese sister-in-law, German mother-in-law etc and had the audacity to lie about what they are given by the Government ("we get nothing different"). All this created more friction and hatred against them than before. One student was told during the break not to ask questions as he was upsetting the guest lecturers.

    Australia is being destroyed by do gooders, people who worship at the alter of the Climate Change Cult etc. Great to see somebody make a stand.

    My husband and I will be joining your party, so that's two more for you guys.

  27. Quick update to my previous analysis of APP site statistics – it is a third week in a row that APP site has an absolute increase (apprx 50%) in visitors. Things are looking good!

    In the last 2 weeks I have been visiting various blogs and making comments re: APP whenever was appropriate. Do you, guys , think it is a good way to drive traffic to APP site?

    • Any publicity for us is good publicity! If you are a member of the APP it is to US that you may refer to, not you guys!

  28. The BNP get a lot of this crap, too.

    The 'fascism' thing seems to be part of the Jewish anti-free speech thug outfit. They seem to think Germany and Italy in the 1930s had large scale black immigration. Can they really believe that?

    It's probably true that there are risks in joining your party. I hope Aiustralia/NZ doesn't take the path here in the UK, where the police openly favour some anti-free speech screamers.

    And there's the hairsplitting stuff – my granddad was half black, that sort of thing. and the lies – I talked to a young woman at a sektop leafletting thing who was Irish, and she told me she was worried because she'd been told she'd be sent back to Ireland by the BNP!

    Bear in mind the 'precautionary' idea. There are billions of third worlders out there. If you decide in future you want them, it's unlikely there will ever be a shortage. If there's no certain advantage, why risk it?

    • Well put, Revisionist! I agree.

    • localyokel says

      Go drown in your studies and swallow that brainwashed drivel. Australians are sick of greed's insatiable appetite and this country should not be sold off for the almightly $ otherwise give the land back to the indigenous people of this land. They have a lot more respect for the land. Our polititians are a joke pretending that they care for this country when its only their pockets they are interested in lining.

  29. David Sanders, if you are a decent-minded citizen, you wouldn’t be beating people’s skulls in.
    “Fascism was smashed long ago.”
    Yes and it never even happened in Australia.
    You are fighting a phantom of your own creation.

  30. Still sprouting that Uni-fed claptrap about Fascism. Heard it all before, after I came back from the Vietnam War. Gutless and spineless "big words" anti Australian traitors should keep that left wing garbage to someone who is interested. People like you make me sick. God help you cobber if and maybe when Muslim/Africans are running this country, then we will see how faithful you are to your anti-Australian beliefs.

  31. David Sanders says

    "Facist" may be a boring old term but it's a real one, and a little more honest than "protectionist" when being used to describe "partys" like this one or "Australia First" etc. Protectionism is an economic policy restricting and regulating trade – it's not white supremacist. So have some spine and call a spade a spade – change the name to the "Australian Fascist Party". Surely just getting it out there and being honest will win you respect? The BNP thinks it's clever trotting out pro-worker rhetoric to cover its actual fascist policy, and so do the 1 or 2 creators of this lame website and its handful of braindead supporters. Still waiting for that fascist rally (all 3 of you).

    • We're still waiting for u to go to London and try and live there as a white person!
      Why aren't u on Bob Brown's website supporting him, u obviously have so much in common…
      Elderly woman got 'karate' chopped here in Perth by a Muslim just two weeks ago at a train station she begged him not to hurt her, but he bashed her to the ground anyway.
      Does that get u 'excited' idiot traitor? Now piss off to England and see the mess your kind have made you knuckle dragging left winged caveman.

    • Robert Edwards says

      Hi.. just an observation,,I am amused on your particular spin on facism, seems like it is a manipulation of words to highlight your personality or fears. It smacks of apathy if you fail to consider that down the track, no doubt some years away, but time does pass, if any group pushing there fundamental barrow is able to gainsay enough votes perhaps through " immigration" and breeding, to be able to influence our western style of life and values to create another type of society…. eg: Would you like to see our country have sharia law leglislated as law ?We no longer need a white au policy, but our democratic freedoms need PROTECTING !!

    • Listen up David – If multi-culturalism isn't the problem you claim it to be the BNP wouldn't even exist. Under our traitorious socialist left wing governments we are changing the face of the West irrevocably. They are sidelining people's genuine fears with NO debate on these issues. Left untouched they are going to foster fear in the mainstream community. It's happening in England and across Europe as well. Islam is set to dominate both within 30 years – Islam will take Australia too, eventually, because people LIKE you used dangerous terms like 'racist and fascist' to those that can see the writing on the wall for this country….and indeed the entire West. Get educated about Islam, and get a book called The Clash of Civilisations by Samuel Huntington. After you read it, get back to me……………no doubt, with more of your Kumbya, we are all one crap!

  32. As for the Taliban…isn't Labour importing them en-mass into the country anyway with the support of the far left?

  33. David Sanders says

    Hmmm another 3 neo-fascists with political aspirations calling themselves a "party". Haven't hit 500 regos yet? Maybe because your target audience hasn't discovered the internet, or reading for that matter. PLEASE come to Brisbane and parade those aspirations on our fine city streets. Be sure to advertise your fascist rally widely so every decent-minded proud Brissie citizen can come and beat your empty skulls in. No room for Nazi's in this democracy sorry. I'd tell you to go back where you came from but I'm pretty sure fascism was smashed long ago. Good luck finding a new home! Hey I think the Taliban's recruiting braindead haters, maybe try Afghanistan?

    • I don't know David, I think the good people of Brisbane might actually appreciate the APP. Queensland was afterall the home of One Nation. You might be surprised who gets their skull smashed in!

    • You can always tell a rabid left winged traitor when he runs out of arguments by using the boring old words 'Nazis' and 'facists'
      As Sir Winston Chruchill said 'The true facist's in the future will be the anti-facists.'

    • Why don't u be a big brave boy and go and live in Lambeka for a year or two David? Don't be a coward hiding behind your computer threating people, such a COWARDLY thing to do! Go on…put your actions to your words…or do you work for the ABC?

    • I'm from Brissie, and I think you're either in denial or full of crap, David (or both). There are a ton of people here who would support a party such as this, and who would derive great pleasure from watching the reaction of people such as yourself when it does inevitably get off the ground. Do you actually talk to anybody, you know, outside? The public sentiment since the Hanson years never changed.

    • Keep drinking the Kool-aid David – eventually the multi-cultural nightmare will find it's way to your door in the form of a policeman telling you that your son has just become a victim of a newly arrived Sudanese or Somali immigrant/refugee…..many of whom are ex-child soldiers !!! I won't even mention the rapes that are occuring to anglo girls in Melbourne and Sydney!! You pathetic piece of sh*t.!!

    • This isn't a democracy, it's a load of s*** for minorities and noone else, we starve, cop all the flack. It is s***

    • Everyone say good-bye David.

  34. How is the membership drive going? How many members are there now?

    • True Aussie says

      In July the APP posted an article saying that the party was expected to reach the 500 members in a few months time. We must be really close now, hopefully the party can achieve registration before 2010 and begin looking at candidates to stand etc…

  35. Re: 'We don’t mind if you are a member of another party or organisation, you are still free to join us.'

    Can someone explain, please, is it really OK to join APP being a member of another party or group? I thought person could be only member of one party.

  36. True Aussie says

    David, please explain how being against population growth and opposing gay marriage is a contradiction.
    Homosexuals make up a tiny proportion of the population and any suggestion that encouraging gay marriage would have any effect on population growth is simply a naive and ignorant comment

  37. David Fenwick says

    What’s an “average” Aussie? Is there such thing as “below average” or “above average?”
    APP have many contradictions in there policies. They are against the population growth, yet are opposed to gay marriage.

    • Depends which political party you're in.
      Labor, Greens, the same controlling arm. Neither mentioned.
      Liberal, well David, at the last "federal" election people couldn't tell the difference between liberal or Labor.
      If you remember thats how we got the current "mess", …..I mean "government".
      But hey they said it was gonna be "good". Yeah bloody dandy, I just love the fact that they scared the c*** out of my "duly elected" PM, on Australia Day I will add…. I aint gonna mention how they let a sixteen yo girl burn the Australian Flag, and where were the ones responsible???? Sitting back having a "coldie" and a "giggle" about the whole thing. Your rights at work what a crock of…….!!!!!!!!

  38. I wonder, where do I fit in APP’s definition of who is Australian and who is not?

    I am Caucasian, european but not English, can be considered Christian although never go to church, have a wife and kids, speak with some foreign accent; pay taxes, law abiding, just about to join Australian Army reserve out of patriotic considerations, not interested in beer or footy, very intereseted in Australian history, laws and art though;

    What if some variables have changed? E.g. “love beer and footy” but not interested in Australian history,laws and art? Do I get more points for that or less? ( I also have some homosexual firends.)

    APP website is an intersting read, there are some valid points made and real issues raised (finally). However, there is an uneasy feeling I had while reading as well. What if APP wins elections (it is possible) and start “encouraging” some groups of people to leave Australia? Am I next? Today asians and muslims, tomorrow jews and greeks, homosexuals….Or, perhaps, next to go those who do not drink beer and watch footy?

    In other words, while some very serious demographic issues faced by Australia were raised, the framework for solutions seems to be somewhat immature. E.g. a) if APP is against multiculturalism – does it mean that British, French or Italian cultures are as bad as others? Or better? Or British culture is better than Italian?
    b) Does it mean that Australian in 5th generation is more Australian than someone who represents 3rd generation in this country? Is my son a better citizen than me because he was born Aussie and likes footy? Am I totally second class citizen (‘garbage from around the world as some APP supporters put it’)compared to my future grandchildren?

    I believe, this is the reason why APP did not (yet) get enough members to make the submission to Australian electorate commission.

    I’ll wait and see what APP will mature into. It may become Nazi like gang classing people according to their race and ethnicity or it may become a serious organization affecting political decisions related to saving Australia from various demographic deficiencies. I hope it is later.

    • Hi well put, I also hope it will become the latter of your points., so many arguments for tooing and froeing on all the maybes.Don Chipp had the right idea.

      • I hope the APP evolves into a multi-racial Party that wants to BAN multi-culturalism outright! All it does is promote enclaves and separatism, fuelling suspicion of 'the other'. There is NOTHING wrong with patriotic nationism if it is about being PROUD of the country, embracing it's laws and abiding by the Constitution. A country that panders to hundreds of different cultures is a country that will slowly lose it's national idenitity and eventually fall apart. Try asking muslim countries to accomodate world humanity like we have…..their answer would be a big fat NO!

    • localyokel says

      That's a bit extremist and hysterical. The Australian people are very humanitarian. We want our lucky country back instead of deteriorating to third world standards.

    • Hey listen up,
      I got something I wanna say:
      You're in the reserve? Joining? Well hello?
      You're supposed to be an Australian Citizen to do that. Or used to be. God only knows with this "government". Sorry but in the last 18 months there have been soldiers from Australia killed by "friendlies" in Afghanastan. So now they bring in foreign nationals to serve in the ADF! Bugger me!!! What chance do we have? Hey?

  39. I’ll join,

    But it’d would be good if i could find out how to.
    Make it a bit easier for us have the registration link on the first page.
    With hardly anything else. Lets face it by the time we read all these details we’ll be working for Africans and they’ll be dating our daughters.

  40. son of a migrant says

    the APP is a call to arms for patriotic australians using nationalism as a mask for blatant rascism. good luck.

    • True Aussie says

      What is racist about wanting to preserve our country and be proud of our heritage? Every single ethnic group in Australia is allowed to have some form of representation or organisation that looks out for its interests but as soon as European Australians want to do the same we're racist.

      The double standards in place in western society is disgusting.

      Well 'son of a migrant' I hope you are enjoying the benefits of living in such a great country which was built with the blood, toil tears and sweat of generations of European Australians.

      Why don't you do us all a favour and crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of.

      • he probably couldn't go back 'cause its been overrun with Africans and Muslims!
        Nah, better to sit behind his computer and be a traitor. Makes u wonder why he came on this site at all, shouldn't he be on the Labour website?

    • "rascism". Are you sure you don't mean "facism"?

    • localyokel says

      We are all descendants of migrants but we actually love our country and ways. They are the result nationalities that did like to assimilate and embrace the Australian way of life.

  41. Spiney, I agree. One of my poor ancestors stole some corn, and was sent to Tassie, to do his time, but he never went back, well I’m glad he didn’t, as I would not have lived in this wonderful country of Australia. He actually went on to live till he was 107.

  42. It is so great to see a party that is not afraid to speak up for the Aussie’s ty guys.
    My father and forefathers fought for this wonderful country, so we could have freedom of speech, but that has been taken away with all this rubbish about being political correct. I always speak my mind, I don’t care about who hears me either.

    I’m so happy to see a Party who is going to speak up for the average Aussie.


  43. Thank you…

  44. I agree with the APP’s protectionist ideas.

    While we have a large amount of natural resources to trade, that does not mean we need to import garbage from the rest of the world because someone says so. We should be trading our mineral and agricultural resources for as much money as we can get for them. And that does not mean we should buy other people’s rubbish if we can produce better quality products ourselves and create employment at the same time. China will not stop wanting our iron ore and coal just because we stop importing their bad quality clothing or all their other bad quality products. We should be trying to maximize our advantages wherever we can in an uncompromising manner.

    • localyokel says

      They should devising ways of creating industry within this country. I heard that the Chinese buy our products and prefer them to their own inferior stuff.

  45. Nicholas Folkes says

    Spiney, you are a brain dead foreign aplogetic. The convicts of British heritage who came here built this nation. If it wasn’t for the convicts and the free settlers we’d all be speaking Mandarin or Bahasa. The convicts came here to get out of gaol and your mob come here to get into gaol. Go down to Port Arthur and have a look at the database the Irish Republic have donated to the Museum. You will see that 90% of convicts had a trade and their offences were minimal; stealing a loaf of bread, Irish insurgents or causing so called anti-social behaviour. The blacks, muslims. and many asians on the other hand are the real criminals, this is no secret but the truth.

    The Kooris were lucky that the Indonesians or Chows didn’t come first becuase there would be none left. The Aborigines in this country get looked after very well and get preferential treatment. It is over 220 years since settlement so crying about past wrongs that were committed by both sides is childish. I’m talking about the wrongs now committed by foreigners against Aussies and their nation.

    You should take your racist comments somewhere else. The APP will be registered and we will become a force to be reckoned with, many true Aussies are behind us but traitors like you would prefer to support divisive Govt. policies. I’m tired of dirty xenophobic racist multiculturalists like you, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • I believe a lot of able-bodied Brits were deliberately transported just to provide labour. Any old excuse would do. There must have been powerful connections between the ruling classes in both countries, and if X in New South Wales wanted a new town hall I suspect the word would get back to magistrate Y or judge Z in Britain, who would duly provide the hands.

      • localyokel says

        That's right the Poms were sent here for cheap slave labour. Later they sent children here for the same purpose and more.

  46. joanne Gallagher says

    There are to many immigrants we are so sick of being bomb bared by these people enough is enough and what makes it worst when they do come here to live they should be made to talk our English not there language as many do if they want to talk there crap then talk it in there own homes not in public.

  47. Spiney Norman says

    I think that all criminal immigrants and their descendants should be thrown out of Australia. Imagine, CRIMINALS and people with no connection to the country coming in and STEALING the land from the people of Australia! Disgraceful!

    I mean, it’s not as if OUR ancestors were criminals who just barged into the country, against the will of those who already lived here… oh, hang on!

  48. This is a great initiative. It pains me to see the direction this country is taking. The fact that i can walk down the street of my own country and get called a f**king aussie , or a skip makes me sick to the stomache. These people have absolutely zero respect for this great nation of ours, and it is quickly snowballing. Trying to express how you feel about this will no doubt end up in yourself being labled as a racist. I love how minorities use this card to thier advantage.

    The fact that those Indian students are calling Aussies racist, when its not even Australian people beating them up makes me sad also. There were posters around the city of Melb posted by these Indians saying “is Australia a racist country?” Correct me if im wrong, but isn’t India one of the most racist nations, with their strongly implemented caste system?? The hypocrisy of these people is very humorous. Calling for police protection of thier race, isnt that racist?

    I believe Australia is one of the most patriotic nations in the world, especially evident by the number of people driving around melb with southern crosses on their car and such tattoos, but the fact is, if you state your allegiance to Australia, you are labled a “bogan”, and if you give opinions which upset minorities, you are instantly labled a racist. This is a sad state of affairs, and one which I know is the reason why alot of other patriotic Aussies dont speak up with thier opinions. The problem is the good nature of Australian people is used against them. Its about time people have said “no more” to the current environment.

    Be proud of this nation, for it is the best in the world.

    • localyokel says

      At least you can sleep with a clean conscious. Indians think Australians are stupid because of what our governments are doing to their own people. The International Student Industry makes billions each year for our government. Where does that money go? Certainly not our infrastructure.

  49. stewart jacobson says

    I agree wholeheartedly with the principles and agenda of this party,I for one can not see why we as our own culture,must bend and scrape to the beliefs of immigrants that enter our country,all this rubbish about Xmas that i see in the media were our kids can’t sing carols as it may offend some other cultures beliefs, and also when people come here they set up there own communities and drive out people not of their ethnicity,why leave their country in the first place.Oh for a life where our kids can grow up with the Aussie sense of mate ship and freedom and safety that our parents and grandparents fought for and died for. This country used to be safe.

  50. Check out the recent blog on 2GB website. Shows you how much support there is for the APP. Just got to get it to come out.

  51. Heidi Attwood says

    I can’t believe this party has not yet reached the 500 members mark – I mean, how apathetic can Australians be?

    A little reading, plus some research on the Internet will reveal the extent to which the Western world is losing its identity and values, yet the average Australian continues to adopt a ‘she’ll be right, mate’ attitude. To think that Australia will escape creeping Islam and a myriad of other multi-culti ills is to be living in a pipe dream. Unfortunately, by the time we realise we’ve lost our right to free speech (already happening) and choice, it will be too late.

    I hope the APP can make a difference it will likely be tagged as fascist, racist and ultra-right by those seeking to appease the un-Australian hordes and droves invading our country.

  52. I can’t sit around and see the very country that I first stepped foot on being sold off to foreign entities any longer. Sure, we’re in a time of major globalisation, but we do not need to flog off our main sources of income just to make a quick buck. We need to sell the ‘milk’, not the ‘cow’.

    Stand up for your country and fight for your future, and the future of the many generations of the future.

    Help out this cause and tell all of your friends. We need to stand united Australia!

  53. Darren Taylor says

    To me this is the best thing that can happen in Australia. Our country is being taken over by foreigners who have no respect for our culture and ways. Gone are the days of standing by your mates, beer and barby, looking after the little woman etc, that are (read were) the Australian way.

    Instead we have to give how ever many prayer times they require, can’t offend them with our traditional dry sense of humor, put up with their gangs etc.

    My membership application is in the mail, only wish I could email it so it was instant

    Thanks for being there and I would love to do my part to further the cause.

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