Extreme bias revealed in media propaganda against speaking tour by BNP leader

The nation-wide publicity recently seen over the intended tour by BNP chairman Nick Griffin, to address APP meetings in Australia, has been a great help in assisting many of the Australian People to realise that there is an active and organised opposition to the extremist multiculturalist policies of the Labor-Liberal parties and the anti-national Establishment.

Of course, the publicity included much of the typical media propaganda that is dished out to patriots by the destructive types that lurk in the ranks of the Rainbow extremists. The media’s anti-Griffin propaganda was desperate to portray the BNP leader as some kind of “bad guy”. However, as we all know – and to paraphrase Roger Scruton – there is a big difference between legitimate criticism and character assassination; it is the latter that the media love to deal in, as they are sorely lacking in the ability to successfully debate the ideals and patriotism of nationalists.

The Rainbow Extremists belong to a philosophy that wants to inflict immigration-driven genocide upon the European populations of the Western nations, but they then have the temerity to suggest that nationalists are “extremists”. If they are not having a laugh, then it is the height of media hypocrisy, at the very least.

That the media are extremely biased players in the political arena is shown not only by their words, but by their methods. For instance, Pauline Hanson was mercilessly attacked by journalists during her early election campaigning, with the media deliberately using unflattering photos of her as a method of psychological propaganda to discourage people from supporting her. Here too, the media have used similar methods of propaganda against Nick Griffin, not only deliberately using unflattering photos (many good ones are available) but they have also made snide remarks about his impairment (he lost an eye in an accident) – if anyone else made spiteful remarks about someone’s disability, there would be howls of outrage from journalists. These media tricks are slimy low-level tactics that reveal the mindset of those who will stoop so low in order to push their own Multiculturalist agenda.

Compared to the visit of Nick Griffin, any Asian or Black leaders who promote group rights for their own ethnic group would not have received the smears dealt out to a leader who promotes group rights for Europeans. This is another typical case of the media’s anti-White racism and extreme political bias, showing their willingness to smear and vilify well-meaning nationalists. If Nick Griffin is denied a visa by the Australian government, then that situation should easily be compared with the ability of Black leader Louis Farrakhan to visit Australia previously – and the government’s hypocrisy would be revealed as well.

This is a freedom of speech issue. There are those who will oppose Nick Griffin because they have their own political agendas. However, Australians have the right to hear political viewpoints of people who disagree with the anti-national Establishment. If the government deems that we may not hear opposition viewpoints, then that would once again reveal the fascist nature of Multiculturalists in general, and of the Labor-Liberal parties in particular.

Australians must defend their rights to enjoy freedom of speech – to express our opinions, and hear the opinions of others.

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20 November 2008

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