Kevin Rudd tries Big Brother tactics to censor your internet

The attempt by Kevin Rudd’s Labor Party to place government censorship upon the internet is a massive attack upon the rights of Australians to freedom of speech and freedom of enquiry.

If parents wish to censor the internet usage of their children, then various programmes are available to filter internet content, such as NetNanny or NetAlert (the latter is provided free by the government). It is the right of parents to have some control over the internet content that their young children view.

However, that is a far cry from the government forcibly imposing its views upon all adult Australians, as it intends to do with the proposed internet censorship laws. Anyone who keeps an eye on the machinations of politicians knows that they may well bring in some supposedly “well-meaning laws”, but these often have far-reaching consequences that affect the civil liberties of all Australians. They bring in laws against terrorism, but then use them to crush ordinary civil dissent; they bring in laws against internet porn, but then use them to silence political opinions on the net.

There are real concerns that the list of sites to be excluded from Australian internet service providers will not only include pornography sites, but will also include sites that are opposed to Political Correctness or which are critical of Liberal-Labor policies. According to the civil liberties organisation Electronic Frontiers Australia, there is not only a general list of sites to be banned, but also a secret black list of sites to be silenced.

Not only will government-enforced filtering lower internet speeds by 30% or more, but there is little doubt that the government’s laws will be used to block internet sites that criticise Islamification, Multiculturalism, and Third World immigration. Kevin Rudd’s laws are an attack upon the right to free speech for all Australians and they should be vigorously opposed.

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31st October 2008


  1. I thought that Australia was past this kind of abuse of power

    I mean serious invasion of privacy much?

    I think Rudd needs to read 1984 “Thought police” “Big Brother is watching you” is this ringing any bells?

    Yeah I get the picture Porn = Bad. But where will it end? Will the Gov be happy with just that? Or will they take it further until they are reading our emails and monitoring our online activities.

    “How to cope with a lost loved one?” will I even be able to search that without somebody watching me!?

    Dont we get the right to the whole truth? I want to be properly informed about what the other Gov Party is doing I WANT A CHOICE!!!

    Next they will want to take away the vote

    Just wait

  2. Censor the internet? Like they don’t censor the traditional media already?

    Look here and learn:

    Here is how the Americans (the singer) and the Brits (video) see it:

    You need to watch that past the Murdoch segment.

    What REALLY sucks is that they are absolutely right.

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