Gains made in election campaigning

Congratulations are due to Darrin Hodges on all his work in his campaign for the local government elections, standing in the Sutherland Shire.

Major publicity was achieved by Mr. Hodges for the Australian Protectionist Party in general and for the Sutherland campaign in particular. Darrin was interviewed not only by the local press, but also by the Canberra Times and the Sydney Morning Herald – the latter article being published in 18 newspapers across the country (and even in New Zealand).

Where polling booths were fully manned, Darrin received 3.6% of the vote (with unmanned booths included, the overall vote was 1.6%); however, an initial potential of nearly 4% is a good starting base for a newly-formed political party. The lesson learnt here is how essential more volunteers are for election campaigns; it also shows that it is essential to register the party to give it an “above the line” presence (enabling the party’s name to be printed on the ballot papers), which would increase the level of votes further.

Overall, the publicity achieved has helped to position the Australian Protectionist Party firmly on the political landscape in Australia.

Our grateful thanks are extended to Darrin Hodges and those who helped him with the election campaign.

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Candidates – Sutherland Shire Council, St George and Sutherland Shire Leader, 26 August 2008
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16 September 2008

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