BNP chairman Nick Griffin to tour Australia

Media release

The Australian Protectionist Party has announced that Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, has accepted their invitation to visit Australia on a speaking tour.

Mr Griffin will speak to Australians on the experiences of the BNP in their fight to protect Britain and its people from the demographic genocide that is threatening their homeland, caused by the large-scale immigration of people from the Third World.

The British National Party now has over 100 representative seats in local governments across the UK, including representation on the Greater London Assembly. Nick Griffin, as leader of the BNP, has been successful in bringing nationalism into the mainstream of politcs.

Australian nationalists look forward to listening to Nick Griffin on how he has professionalised nationalist politics, taking it from the fringe into the mainstream. Australian nationalists will no doubt be able to apply some of those experiences and lessons to return Australian nationalism to the mainstream.

Mr Griffin will be addressing audiences across Australia.
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9th September 2008


  1. I though he was banned from entering the country after the Muslism had a hissy fit. Of course he doesn't preach anti-white hatred so he's not welcome as are the black Muslims cleric filmed on 'A Current Affair' Last year, preaching hatred towards white Australians, "You can pretend to like them and pretend to be friendly but they are the enemy and must be wiped out" AND this cleric was from AMERICA!

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