Darrin Hodges (APP) running for election

Darrin Hodges, the NSW state chairman of the Australian Protectionist Party, is campaigning for election to the Sutherland Shire Council.

Mr. Hodges has based his campaign on the need to protect the way of life currently enjoyed in the Shire.

Darrin is committed to a predominantly house-based standard of living in the area and will oppose permits for building large numbers of high-rise units, too many of which have been constructed. He has noted that building large amounts of high-rise housing is not only likely to decrease the quality of life for Shire locals, but is also linked to the Asianisation of areas.

Mr. Hodges will oppose the granting of permits for any Mosques, high-rise units, sex shops, or any other developments that will alter the traditional character of the area.

Darrin Hodges will need the support of Australian patriots for this important campaign. Will you help? This is not work that “Someone Else” will do – your assistance is urgently needed. Please volunteer to letterbox some leaflets or to help in any other way.

Contact Darrin Hodges at
P.O. Box 1281, Sutherland, NSW 1499
phone: 0431 739 260
email: nsw.protectionist@gmail.com

Help us to help you. Help us to protect Australia and the Aussie way of life.

Welcome to the official campaign site of Darrin Hodges

20 July 2008


  1. If you want to see discrimination, goto centrelink a feminist organisation all minorities get a free handout but for a male like muyself who slaved my guts out for years, nothing for me.
    Family law and any law a biased and in it for there own pockets
    It just goes on and on and far as i can tell there are hundred of thousands of people who are discriminated evryday because they can not have there equal say. There is no equal rights in this country and people like you who sit there and condone it make me sick, brainwashed by media and come on here and discriminate against policies that from what i can see are fair and for benefit of Australians, how about splitting income for tax, i think that would help a lot of people battling to stay alive. How about heloing the people who work here instead of sending it to China, I guess you can't see that we will be slaves like the Chinese if we don't stop. Hypocrites

  2. PIGS

  3. I guess thats what we call far left liberalists who destroy families. Send people to war, take all our money in tax but pretend its something else, let criminals from over seas come and rape our women and bash our children. But people like you are ignorant to these facts and listen to lie within the media and false statistics. Typical

  4. When are you people going to wake up that, we need a better government system and how do you call people referenda right wing or discrimination. I guess discrimination only fits one side. For instance i am not my own childrens father
    A lovely young lady doesn't get the say whether she is raped by some African black man
    We all don't get to speak our own culture anymore

  5. How may votes did you get mate? None … ha ha ha ….

  6. your policies are based on discriminaton and complete ignorance. your policies demonstarte no respect or appreciation for other cultures other than your own. right wing pigs.
    Your lack of intellligence is clearly demonstrated through your narrow minded policies.

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