A Crude Awakening – The Oil Crash


A 90 minute documentary on the planet’s dwindling oil resources

Our way of life is dependent on the availability of cheap oil. What will happen when that cheap oil runs out? Forget about global warming, the oil crash will mean the end of the world as we know it.

The meeting room
7.30PM, May 27th 2008
Taren Point Bowling Club
203 Holt Road, Taren Point

Call Darrin on 0431 739 260 for info and bookings.

Sponsored by the Australian Protectionist Party – 0431 739 260


  1. Aussie digger says

    The oil companies are already dragging the water crackers out of the cuboard, this is why the UN is trying/being forced by the oil companies to make water a commodity. this is why we are all now paying for water in our rates. soon water will be the most expensive household item. last year on the new inventors a fellow had a biodesal unit, which makes biodesal from an oil plant that is a desert dweller, we could green the outback without loss of food production land, remove our need for opec fueloil, the govt could get off their butts and put solar and wind power on every roof in Australia thus negating the need for coal and gas fired, nuclear power stations. Australia first opec and the IOC last.

  2. Ie produce a crop that is very oily in texture,. Harvest it to be milled for oil, refine it to run in engines and there you have it. Oil companies still in business, cleaner enviroment, more money to ourselves.

  3. Hell, we could even put the oil companies on farms producing this oil specifficially for that purpose.

  4. Don't believe me, look it up, It may sound like conspiracy theory. Let me explain water. It is the most explosive gas plus the one and only gas needed to burn anything. Together, it can put fires out because it makes water. When split just before ignition we have a high powered fuel that when exhausted, becomes water again. Fuel tanks of water are much safer then gas or petrol. Then we can also use our oils and fats from foods and probably use it as engine oil. That i am not sure about but it probably has been done already.

  5. There are so many simple ideas and i am not a scientist but thats my point. They won't listen to anyone even though most of our inventions were made by simple people without degrees. Oxygen is our most vital source. We need it to burn fuel, we need it to breath. It is in our water etc. The more water you drink, the healthier you are. Oxygen can burn bad cells in our body and is needed for good cells. Why do you think more and more people have cancer. Less oxygen and less water in our diets. There have been machines invented to cure AIDS CAncer and probably every disease. Oxygen is the key, the key to life. These inventions have been shut down because the medical institution will lose massive amounts of money. All the chemicals are making us sick and making us support a greedy medical system.

  6. Government will try to shut anyone up about such inventions because they will not make any tax from it. They do not care about the earth of the people, thats why Copenhagen, pisses me off. It is a waste of money and the agenda, they are there for is a lie. They ghave the knowledge in many areas but refuse to acknowlege because they lose money and power. It is that simple.

    The Japanese have a water fuelled car on the market, that can run off any water, ie sea water. Water will never dry up. There is always as much water on earth as was years ago. The only difference is population growth but i theororise that when nature ie animals and plants are eroded, then more population of people does not make a difference. i mention population because, we are approximately 68% water, more people less water on the earth surface. Less animals and trees, more water on the surface. Melting ice bergs could be reversed by planting more trees. So coulsd earth heating.

  7. The reason we don't have a plan is because oil companies have lied to us over the years. If we are running out, then why are they still producing so much. It is just another scare campaign so they can raise the cost of the barrell, the greedy bastards.

    If we are running out, then why have so many inventors been shut up, murdered and put on the shelf. The inventions they have would stop oil companies in there tracks, which means no money for them. They can run cars on water. More powerful, safer, no pollutants. Would cost us nothing. Would start to repair global warming, would have exhaust emmissions of steam, that would form clouds, helping with drought.

    The plan is to gradually over say 20 years fit cars with water fuelled devices. Gradually weeding out the fuel stations etc, getting them into new areas. This would see them remain in big business while also making it happen.

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