NSW school children being indoctrinated with homosexual agenda

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party NSW chairman Mr. Darrin Hodges today called upon the NSW government to reconsider it’s decision to force homosexuality under the guise of “diversity” onto NSW school children.

“It is clear that the homosexual lobby has far too much sway in the NSW education system to the point that it can dictate compulsory lessons about homosexuality under the pretense of creating a ‘safe learning environment’.” Mr Hodges said.

While the Australian Protectionist Party supports the view that all children should have a safe learning environment free from “bullying”, it should not be at the expense of a well rounded education free from overt political agendas. The APP firmly believes in the traditional family unit and that is what our children should be being educated about, not about fringe “alternative” lifestyle choices.

The government has stated that ‘Our schools should be sanctuaries (for students)’ yet only recently a school in Sydney’s west was subject to a violent invasion and teachers are leaving the system in droves because of this type of violence. Instead of dealing with these issues, the NSW Education dept. in collusion with the Parents & Citizens Association would rather spend time and public money pushing the homosexual agenda onto our school children.

“The homosexual lobby is seeking to eradicate terms such as husband and wife from Australian schools, not only is this an attack on the family unit, it is an affront to our Christian values.”

“The breakdown of our traditional family unit is having all sorts of negative effects on our society and this pushing of the homosexual agenda is yet another attempt at weakening of the family unit. We expect our children to be taught things of value in school, instead they are to be indoctrinated with marginal issues of little value” Mr. Hodges concluded.

Statement issued by Mr. Darrin Hodges, Australian Protectionist Party

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