APP article in the Maitland Mercury

Communism creeping in

A resident is letterboxing for the Australian Protectionist Party and believes Australia is suffering under the yoke of a “creeping brand of communism”.

Retired policeman Terry said Australia was being sold out to vested interests and globalisation, multiculturalism and political correctness were hurting the national interest. He joined the APP last year and believed the party could be in a position to challenge for government in one and half to two years.

“Things came to my attention on which I felt something needed to be done. I don’t think the Government is looking after the Australian people like they should be, we are being sold out,” he said.

“If I happened to voice some of my opinions about what is happening to this country, I could be arrested. Our party believes this is a creeping brand of communism heavily fortified by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission.”

Terry said most people could not differentiate between the major political parties and current elections were decided on personality and not party policy.

“I also believe that Mr and Mrs Average know in their own hearts that the major parties no longer look after them,” he said.

He believed cross-cultural tensions in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and the United Kingdom would take root in Australia and said the APP wanted a referendum on targeted immigration. Terry also said Australia had sacrificed its economic independence.

“Australia has never given a choice as to who comes to this country, those that arrive are chosen by the Government and the United Nations. I just think that’s wrong,” he said.

“Once upon a time Australia used to make its own televisions, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and now we don’t even make light bulbs. The State Government is set to sell the power grid to the Chinese when 86 per cent of the people don’t want them to”

Terry plans to drop APP flyers in every letterbox in Maitland before the next federal election.

“I believe that once word gets around there will be a groundswell of people who would like to vote for us. We want to eventually throw the bastards out, not just keep them honest.”

On its website the APP claims “Islam is diametrically opposed and incompatible with Australia’s Western Christian society”. The APP also calls for an “end to Third World and Muslim immigration” and states Australian and Aboriginal peoples will be eradicated  due to immigration-driven genocide without an APP government.

The Maitland Mercury, 14 April 2008

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