Government intimidation denies Australians freedom of speech

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips condemned the Federal government’s use of politically correct, taxpayer funded departments to intimidate and silence open debate on issues of national interest.

“What kind of country do we live in when a government with a clear globalist agenda can use government agencies such as the so called Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission to intimidate individuals and opposition parties into silence when discussing important issues such as immigration?” Mr. Phillips asked.

The Australian Protectionist Party defends the right of all Australians to openly discuss the future of our nation and the effects of all government policies on our citizens, including emotive issues such as immigration, foreign investment and labour importation.

“Only recently, the HREOC set it’s sights on Australian Protectionists following the complaint by a government employee of Islamic persuasion in regards to an educational leaflet freely available to internet users. This leaflet is comprised predominantly of tracts from the Qu’ran itself – yet the plaintiff apparently found the words of her own Prophet offensive!” Mr. Phillips continued “At least that much we have in common.”

“When one considers recent media reports of Mr. Rudd’s infatuation with China, his numerous gifts from Chinese businesses and the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to the Labor Party by Beijing AustChina Technology, it is clear that Mr. Rudd’s regime is beholden to foreign interests before those of the Australian people”.

“This being the case, one can only wonder how much more repressive legislation will be enacted to silence government critics at the behest of the myriad of lobby groups and foreign paymasters?” Mr. Phillips concluded.

HREOC letter

30 March 2008

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