Cenotaph should remain apolitical

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips today expressed regret at media reports of planned protests to be conducted at the Cenotaph in Sydney.

“The Cenotaph is a place of quiet reflection, a memorial to previous generations who have given their lives for our nation and its people” Mr. Phillips said, “I would urge those considering exercising their democratic right to public protest to choose another location”.

The Australian Protectionist Party supports the desire of Australians to voice sentiments of national pride and express their gratitude to our fallen servicemen and women.

“Considering our servicemen fought for the long term security and stability of our country, regardless of the political convictions held by those back home, it is important that political organizations respect the fact that locations such as war memorials such as the Sydney Cenotaph remain apolitical” Mr. Phillips continued.

“In this instance, those considering this political action would do well to consider the feelings expressed by the RSL and move their action elsewhere” Mr. Phillips concluded.

11 January 2008

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