A silver lining in the federal election

The consensus among Protectionist organisers before the 2007 federal election was that a win by Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party would be a good thing for the patriotic movement, because the greatest obstacle to our growth for the last 12 years has been Johnny Howard’s phony nationalism. With him out of way, it will be much easier for the public to identify the government as the enemy.

Rudd won’t do a Tampa (as Howard did in 2001), Rudd won’t speak out against the level of Asian immigration (as Howard did in 1988); on the contrary, Rudd welcomes Asians and other Third Worlders with open arms and a smug grin, whilst beaming with a warm fuzzy glow.

There were many Australian patriots who believed that John Howard was being “clever” when he retracted his comments against Asian immigration in 1995, but that his fundamental beliefs were the same as ours. The fact is, Howard had them duped, just like Margaret Thatcher duped the British back in 1979 with a similar trick.

Rudd won this election mainly on workers’ rights, with a sprinkling of anti-Iraq War sentiment, on both of which we agree with him, as did many voters; however, Rudd will use his win as a mandate for his Sinophile One-World fantasy, and that’s where the public will wake up to him. There will be a honeymoon period for Rudd, but when it’s over he and his obsessive foreign fetishes and anti-traditional Aussie policies will soon show how out-of-touch and how dangerous he and his agenda really are.

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