Government Fails to Protect the Traditional Family

Media release

Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips today called upon the Federal government to protect and encourage the foundation of the Australian nation – the traditional family unit.

“The recent reports in the media indicating that Australian homosexuals are heading overseas to purchase ‘designer babies’ at a cost of $133,000 are as alarming as they are obscene” Mr. Phillips said, “particularly considering the homosexuals are utilizing the horrendous aspects of IVF technology available to screen the embryos for an ‘appropriate gender’.

The Australian Protectionist Party recognizes the traditional family unit as the cornerstone of a strong, healthy and stable society. The Party believes the family should be encouraged, nurtured and protected by a range of government measures – including income splitting for taxation purposes, education costs for children to be tax deductible, a widening of health services such as dental care available through Medicare and the teaching of traditional values in our nation’s education system.

“The loop-hole given to homosexuals to circumvent the nation’s laws and purchase children ‘like puppies over the internet’ is social engineering gone mad” Mr. Phillips continued “it degrades the whole concept of the family and the honour of child rearing, makes a mockery of our legislation and gives encouragement to the homosexual pressure groups”.

“If our government really is serious about ‘Going for Growth’, then it would enact policies which encouraged Australians to have larger families, policies which lifted the economic and taxation burden from the shoulders of the family bread winner and policies which would protect the nation’s children from the twisted philosophies of social engineers in the education system.” Mr. Phillips concluded.

Statement issued by Mr. Andrew Phillips
National Chairman and S.A. spokesman, Australian Protectionist Party
21st October 2007

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