Protecting our community

Hundreds of these leaflets have been distributed in the Kirrawee area.

Letter to the editor, published in the Sutherland Shire Leader, 11/10/2007.


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More parks, less parking lots!
Supermarket slated for Kirrawee brick-pit re-development!

Does the Sutherland Shire really need another shopping centre? We already have large shopping strips like Westfield, Southgate and Menai with Stocklands buying in Engadine and Taren Point. Enough is enough already!


Do we really need greedy developers and corporates to put more of our “little guys” out of business? Small Business is the life-blood of not only “The Shire” but our nation as well.

Once small business has been eradicated by the likes of Woolworths and Coles, you’ll be finding out how much it costs to keep their share-holders happy.

The Protectionist Party believes that the Kirrawee brick-pit site should be rehabilitated into a green space. As we become more and more environmentally conscious we should be looking at ways to enhance the environment, not asphalt over it.


Imagine a 4.25 hectare parkland with BBQ facilities, children’s play area and perhaps a duckpond? Much more beneficial for the surrounding community and the Shire in general.

Write to the Sutherland Shire Council and say Yes to green space and No to greedy developers!


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