IVF and Homosexual “couples”

The APP was pleased to see the AMA (Australian Medical Association) issue a statement against two lesbians who are suing their doctor for $400,000 in damages over the “wrongful” birth of one child after giving birth to two perfectly healthy twins as a result of having access to the IVF process. In the Daily Telegraph (25/09/2007), AMA ACT president Dr. Andrew Foote said that the community was outraged and that a healthy baby could not be considered “a damage”. Dr. Foote also suggested that the suppression be lifted on the names of the lesbians since the doctor involved has been named, “there should be an equal playing field” he said. He went on to say that a successful “wrongful birth” suit could open a “Pandora’s box”.

However, it seems that the AMA has been hung on its own petard. In response to the federal government’s decision to re-introduce legislation to deny IVF access, AMA president Dr. Kerryn Phelps issued a statement in 2002 stating:

“Single women and gay women pay taxes too,” Dr Phelps said.

“They are entitled to equal treatment in the community.

“The AMA supports the protection of equal rights for women who want access to reproductive technology.

“There is no evidence that same-sex parents are more or less successful than heterosexual parents.

[AMA media release– 22/04/2002]

In a radio interview with Steve Price on Sydney’s 2GB, Dr. Kerryn Phelps indulges in some incredible Political Correctness to justify access to IVF for homosexuals:

PRICE: Surely, IVF was developed for women who have been unable to give birth through natural means, as in having sex with their partner, and they have been infertile.

PHELPS: Well, that would apply to women who are in lesbian relationships.

PRICE: Why so?

PHELPS: Well, because if they’re having sex with their partners they can’t get pregnant in that way, and so…

PRICE: But surely, lesbians having sex together are not doing so in a bid to produce a child.

PHELPS: Neither are most heterosexual couples who are having sex. During most of their relationships they’re not having sex for procreation.

PRICE: The key word there is neither are most of. I mean, two lesbian women can’t naturally conceive a child.

PHELPS: Well, they can. They can get donor sperm. But if they do that at home, then they are at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, and that the safer way is to go into an artificial insemination program which is supervised medically and provided by a clinic.

[AMA transcript – 23/04/2002]

While the APP welcomes the statements of Dr. Andrew Foote as being reflective of community outrage over the issue of homosexuals having access to IVF programs, one gets the impression it’s more about protecting themselves from similar lawsuits then anything about the morals and ethics of homosexuals “having” children. Under a Protectionist government homosexuals would not have access to IVF, adoption or fostering. Homosexuals do not conform to what constitutes a family unit and the APP see it as an attack against the traditional family unit, one of the most elemental structures of our society.

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  1. The hypocrisy astounds me. They enter into a relationship that can’t possible bear children even if both couples are completely fertile and demand that society grants them a child.

  2. Someonewhocares says

    I know this is an old thread but I will still comment anyway.This whole subject,the whole conversation we are having is unnecessery,missing the point of what this organisation we joined is all about and why we all joined it.Homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with politics.And you know why no one takes us sefiously? We INFIGHT.People WAKE UP.While we bicker about irrelevant issues we are getting screwed.Thank god,that there is only a minority of you amongst us who is not only backwards,uneducated and uninformed but also the very thing we want to eliminate..PREJUDICIAL.You sad hipocrites.But you see,you are given the opportunity to express your views.Untill you realise you are condemning your very own,educate yourselves and evolve with the times,you will be never ever taken seriously in anything you say and do.

  3. There are good and bad homosexuals just as there are good and bad heterosexuals. Given the drunken voilent slut I was landed with for a mother, I would have gladly gone with a lesbian or gay couple had they wanted to adopt me as a child and were responsible people. My mother was and probably still is, a typical leftie, never worked voted labor so she didn't have to, screwed as many darkies as she could, (they all abandoned her in the end) and cared more for the plight of the 'starving Africans" than she did her own kids, much like the Labour and Greens politicans of today!

  4. soLizzie, you want to push your sexuality on to innocent children that can only cop your veiw on what made society hey!
    Lets take a subjective look at it together….If you buy a pack of bolts only from a hardware store to put together lets say a shed,you wont succeed.If you try to connect either 2bolts or try to connect 2 nuts you wont succeed.
    You see Lizzie,you must use the correct coupling to succeed. Do you see reality at all here Lizzie?

    • Peter, you are definitely living in the old days. Have you seen how many gay/lesbian people there are?

      I wonder, how many of your friends that you find completely normal, are gay/lesbian.

      You're pushing your sexuality on everyone else. You're saying it's 'not normal' to be gay. However, to gay people, it's not normal to be straight. Having children is not pushing any sexuality on them. At all unless you are forcing them to like the same gender which is clearly not good parenting. But have you seen the families with parent's who disown their children for announcing their sexuality. How is that better parenting? Shouldn't parents love their children for who they are. You're so homophobic it's scary. You should probably stop being so idiotic and keep up with society. Everyone should have the right to be able to bear children. If 62 year old women who may only live to see their children get to the age of 15, gay/ lesbian couples should be able to access the treatment to bring up a loving family.

      See, you say "God" made us. However, if 'god' thought that homosexuality was a sin, why would he have ever created the possibility. How many fathers do you know about that have raped or molested their children. I know so many it just makes me sick. How can you think that's okay because they're a heterosexual couple.

      You also seem like one of those people who try and force YOUR religion on others. How is that better than homosexuals. Everyone has their different beliefs. If homosexuals can accept your religion and beliefs, you should accept ours. If 'god' made everything, why would he hate what he created?

  5. Obviously a same sex couple make a family in a different way to some heterosexual couples, but they are still making a family. In this day and age many things are possible, with adoption, surrogacy, fertility treatments and IVF. If society was made up of only those who refuse to accept change and to allow others to live in a way that they themselves would not live, then we would never learn or progress. Your God made Adam and Eve, but He is not my God. I understand that my opinions are outside your beliefs, and i did not mean to intrude, i just wanted to give another perspective. I don’t appreciate being belittled, silly Peter!!!

  6. Silly Lizzie!! If it was a homosexual based/loving society there would be no society.
    Think about it girl,if two homo’s tried to make you, do you think they could?
    GOD made Adam and EVE …… not Adam and George.
    Wakeup girl wakeup!

  7. What exactly is it that you are protecting? Homosexuals are not a threat, and the stereotypes and generalisations you make are completely unfounded.

    Some people make bad decisions and make bad parents. No doubt some same-sex couples may not be perfect parents, but the same can be said of some heterosexual couples. Bad decisions and bad parenting do not discriminate based on sexuality. Children should grow up in loving, stable families with the knowledge that they are appreciated, worthy and special and that their family loves them. Whether this love comes from heterosexual parents or homosexual parents is irrelevant.

  8. Im kristal im a homosexual and I belive we should have rights like every1 else to have a child and start a family a belive half the homosexual relationships and familys would be better than hextroseual realtionships we are just as equal as any1 else

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