Formation of the Australian Protectionist Party

Media release

National Chairman and South Australian spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips formally announced the formation of the Australian Protectionist Party today.

“The formation of the Protectionist Party came following an increasing demand by both urban and regional Australians for a party based on a solid principle of protecting the national interest in all areas of Australian life” Mr. Phillips said.

The Protectionist Party has been formed to fill the obvious void in the nation’s political arena for a purely pro- Australian party based on solid traditional values. The Party’s National Committee has vowed to speak in the interests of all sectors of the nation suffering from the ravages of economic rationalism, social engineering and globalization.

“Regional communities, the primary producers who support them, urban workers attempting to make a life for their families in the mortgage belt have all been left without a voice in today’s political climate” Mr. Phillips continued.

“The only time the major parties even attempt to give lip service to the concerns of their constituents is at election time. Protectionists recognise the need for an organization to truly represent the concerns of Australians in their own country, all the time” Mr. Phillips said.

Within a period of two weeks, the Protectionist Party has formed branches in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria and has two branches recently formed in NSW, with positive expressions of interest from other states.

“The response has been extremely encouraging” Mr. Phillips continued “There is little doubt the Protectionist Party will be in a position to fight for the interests of our fellow regional and urban Australians in future elections- the need is overwhelming” Mr. Phillips concluded.

Statement issued by Mr. Andrew Phillips,
National Chairman, Australian Protectionist Party.
10th September 2007

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