Suppose 200 bikies had brawled in the middle of Melbourne? But it was Africans instead.


[Contributed article] Picture the scene: Two hundred or so tattoo-laden and leather-clad, alcohol and drug-affected bikies engage in a massive brawl in Melbourne’s CBD on New Year’s Eve. Fists fly, machetes and knives are used, property is ...
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NSW Police deem free speech ‘unlawful’


According to the NSW police, Australians require a 'permit' in order to assemble, therefore we will be seeking 'permission' from the NSW police to assemble as Australians to protest against Rudd's invasion  otherwise to assemble as Australians and ...
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Australian youth targeted by police


Australian Protectionist Party officials have been advised of comments by a NSW police spokesman in a radio interview, where it was stated that police would "crack down" upon any Australian youths attacking foreigners on ANZAC Day. Whilst it is ...
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Government intimidation should not be tolerated


The Australian Protectionist Party has made an open commitment to register as a political party for federal elections. This is because we are committed to representing the majority of the Australian people who want to protect the Australian way of ...
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Australian Police – Protecting Australian Families


Media release Australian Protectionist Party National Chairman and South Australian Spokesman Mr. Andrew Phillips today welcomed news of the successful operations by Australian and Canadian Police in smashing an international drug ...
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