It’s official: power prices to rocket under Rudd’s ETS


Working families across Australia can now confidently expect massive increases in their household and business power bills as a result of the Rudd Government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme, Senator Ron Boswell said today. Senator Boswell was ...
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Monckton & Plimer Tour Australia: Dates & Venues


There is no one quite like Christopher Monckton, with his background in Latin classics, journalism, work for the Thatcher government,  and dogged persistence to analyze the numbers. Last year he spoke in New York, Washington, Copenhagen, and across ...
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Australians will not find political salvation in Tony Abbott


While the conservative establishment has been lauding Abbott’s ascension to the leadership of the Liberal party, it is always prudent to remember a little about what Abbot stands for, including the prominent and shady role he played in the downfall ...
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What a rort! Billions for corrupt regimes


Mark Henderson writes - Burma and Bangladesh are the two countries most vulnerable to climate change, according to a report on ABC news this morning. The report was published on the side-lines of the Copenhagen meeting – and presumably the ...
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Lord Monckton on Climategate


Australian Conservative writes - Lord Christopher Monckton writes in a paper on Climategate: The whistleblower deep in the basement of one of the ugly, modern tower-blocks of the dismal, windswept University of East Anglia could scarcely have ...
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BNP: No Surprises as 48 Third World Commonwealth Countries Support “Climate Change” Payouts — to Themselves


It was no surprise at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) when 48 Third World nations enthusiastically agreed to the First World paying them out billions for so-called “climate change” damage. The $10 billion fund — taken directly ...
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Manufacturing consent


Mark Henderson writes - Frame an opinion poll the way you want and you will get the result you want. The Fairfax poll this morning on the Hockey/Turnbull machinations includes a side bar poll which found that two thirds of respondents back an ...
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Activists with size 12 carbon footprints


Mark Henderson writes - One of the many things wrong with global warming activists is their “do as I say not as I do” approach. Al Gore is an excellent example of someone who flies around the world with his massive carbon footprint telling us ...
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