Suppose 200 bikies had brawled in the middle of Melbourne? But it was Africans instead.


[Contributed article] Picture the scene: Two hundred or so tattoo-laden and leather-clad, alcohol and drug-affected bikies engage in a massive brawl in Melbourne’s CBD on New Year’s Eve. Fists fly, machetes and knives are used, property is ...
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Protecting your property against home invaders should not be an offence


The recent news of a New South Wales man facing possible charges, for defending his home, brings again to the fore the ridiculous situation of people being charged by police for defending themselves and their property against home invaders. Azzam ...
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APP calls for submissions for a Crime and Justice policy

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Crime and Justice There has been a quiet revolution within the criminal justice system over the years which has until recently, gone largely unnoticed by the general public. This quiet revolution, via the dogma of the Human Rights legislation, has ...
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Norway Pays Bitter Price for Mass Third World Immigration


All 21 reported cases of rape with aggravated assault — the highest number since records were started — in the Norwegian capital of Oslo last year were committed by “non-Western immigrants” and 90 percent of all rape victims were Norwegian women, ...
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African crime rates are being forced upon us by multicultural extremists


The brutal bashing of an young man at Sunshine train station, in Melbourne, has once again highlighted the problems of crime associated with the immigration of large numbers of black Africans into Australia. [1] Professor Andrew Fraser warned us ...
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Al Grassby: Raising a statue for a criminal in Canberra


A recently-produced pamphlet, “The Grassby Statue: Crossing the Line” by Greg Clancy of Sunda Publications, has condemned the construction of a statue of Al Grassby in Canberra by the ACT government. Clancy says: “...the nature of Grassby's known ...
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