To all our members and supporters…


The Australian Protectionist Party wishes all of our members and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year! " Silent Night" - Celtic Woman (Gaelic and English) "O Come All Ye Faithful" - Celtic Woman ...
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Monckton says COP15 could set up the mechanism for a world government


Australian Conservative writes - The big danger of Copenhagen is that there will be an agreement that will include the mechanisms of what could very easily become a world government, Lord Christopher Monckton said earlier this week. Lord ...
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Swan Valley (WA) Mosque development knocked back.


From The Australian: PLANS to build a mosque for the Bosnian Muslim community of Perth's Swan Valley have been almost unanimously rejected by the local council on the grounds it would not fit in with the area's rural character. The proposal for ...
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Greenshirts crash Monckton’s speech


Paul Joseph Watson at reports: Groups of agitant green youth corps invaded the stage during Lord Monckton’s speech at an Americans for Prosperity event in Copenhagen yesterday, attempting to sabotage the private meeting while ...
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Australians will not find political salvation in Tony Abbott


While the conservative establishment has been lauding Abbott’s ascension to the leadership of the Liberal party, it is always prudent to remember a little about what Abbot stands for, including the prominent and shady role he played in the downfall ...
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Send a soldier a care package


As you know, the Festive Season is quickly closing on us and it is asked that you spare a thought for our soldiers serving our country in harm's way in Afghanistan. Perhaps you may wish to send a soldier a care package. The idea behind this is ...
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Swiss referendum exposes hypocrisy of official Multiculturalism


Many readers have probably heard the results of Switzerland's recent referendum proposing the banning of future construction of minarets on mosques in the country. The referendum proposal, pushed by the Swiss People's Party was passed through a ...
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What a rort! Billions for corrupt regimes


Mark Henderson writes - Burma and Bangladesh are the two countries most vulnerable to climate change, according to a report on ABC news this morning. The report was published on the side-lines of the Copenhagen meeting – and presumably the ...
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The Ironbark Social Club – invitation


The Ironbark Social Club The Ironbark Club is a friendly monthly get together where Conservatives, Nationalists, Constitutionalists and Anthropogenic climate change sceptics can discuss issues of concern in a PC free environment. It’s a good way ...
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Lord Monckton on Climategate


Australian Conservative writes - Lord Christopher Monckton writes in a paper on Climategate: The whistleblower deep in the basement of one of the ugly, modern tower-blocks of the dismal, windswept University of East Anglia could scarcely have ...
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