Jones lumbers Abbott with Rudd’s mess


Mark Henderson writes, Kevin Rudd turns Australia’s immigration policies and border protection into an absolute shambles and who does the ABC’s Tony Jones demand solve the problem? The Coalition. Liberal frontbencher Tony Abbott was on ...
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Beersheba Day 2009


INVITATION YOU ARE INVITED TO Beersheba Day 2009 Come and join us to commemorate the 92 anniversary of the famous charge by the Australian Light Horse at The Battle of Beersheba. Celebrate the history altering exploits of these often forgotten ...
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No room for the facts on ABC’s Lateline


Mark Henderson writes- Two of the biggest criticisms of the ABC and its cohorts in the Canberra press gallery are that they are consumed by group think, and that they will only take up the cudgels on behalf of one side of an argument – the ...
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The asylum seeker issue says a lot about what passes for debate in Rudd’s Australia


Mark Henderson writes Let me be sure I understand this properly. The flood of boat people from south Asia continues, with yet another vessel carrying 32 people intercepted by the Navy near Christmas Island this morning. That makes it the ...
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BNP: Question time round-up


Message from BNP chairman Nick Griffin M.E.P - Fellow British Patriot "The man's got guts!" "At last, someone saying exactly what we all feel". "The hand-picked audience in the studio hated what Nick had to say, but we loved it". "I've never ...
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Just who does the National Farmers Federation represent?


Clearly not farmers, according to a report in The Australian1 under the misleading headling "Farmers reject Nationals on carbon scheme". Apparently the NFF has demanded that the Nationals drop their opposition to carbon emissions trading. Barnaby ...
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Trioli caught mocking Barnaby Joyce?


John Styles writes - ABC2’s News Breakfast this morning ran the above grab of Nationals’ senate leader Barnaby Joyce just before crossing to Canberra reporter Hayden Cooper for comment on federal politics. But, as you can see, program ...
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ABC campaigning for asylum seekers


Mark Henderson writes: Nothing is guaranteed to bring out the ABC’s true colours more than a row over asylum seekers. The ABC has thrown away any semblance of objectivity and impartiality in its coverage of the Sri Lankan boat people ...
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Not Evil Just Wrong – Public screenings


Not Evil Just Wrong is the film Al Gore and Hollywood don't want you to see. It reveals the true human cost of Global Warming hysteria. Not Evil Just Wrong shows how Global Warming alarmism and the tax increases that go along with it are going to ...
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Arsonist immigrants should be deported


Media release The Australian Protectionist Party today condemned the recent declaration by the government of its plan to release into the community the illegal immigrants responsible for setting fire to their boat during their attempt to enter ...
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