Trioli caught mocking Barnaby Joyce?


John Styles writes - ABC2’s News Breakfast this morning ran the above grab of Nationals’ senate leader Barnaby Joyce just before crossing to Canberra reporter Hayden Cooper for comment on federal politics. But, as you can see, program ...
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ABC campaigning for asylum seekers


Mark Henderson writes: Nothing is guaranteed to bring out the ABC’s true colours more than a row over asylum seekers. The ABC has thrown away any semblance of objectivity and impartiality in its coverage of the Sri Lankan boat people ...
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Not Evil Just Wrong – Public screenings


Not Evil Just Wrong is the film Al Gore and Hollywood don't want you to see. It reveals the true human cost of Global Warming hysteria. Not Evil Just Wrong shows how Global Warming alarmism and the tax increases that go along with it are going to ...
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Arsonist immigrants should be deported


Media release The Australian Protectionist Party today condemned the recent declaration by the government of its plan to release into the community the illegal immigrants responsible for setting fire to their boat during their attempt to enter ...
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Tough on illegals? Who’s he trying to kid?


Mark Henderson writes Kevin Rudd unwinds the Howard Government’s tough but highly successful measures against boat people and almost two thousand illegal immigrants find their way onto Australian territory. Afghan boat people rescued from a ...
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Rudd government treat Diggers like illegal immigrants and illegal immigrants are treated like royalty


Reported in The Australian 1 comes the disgraceful story of wounded Australian soldiers being treated by the Rudd government like anonymous objects of shame rather then being treated with the dignity and respect they deserve: One Afghanistan ...
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Downer’s Dribble – “Size – it DOES matter!”


Despite having turned his back on politics and left local taxpayers with a ridiculous bill for a needless by-election, former Foreign Affairs Minister and MP for Mayo Alexander Downer just can't seem to keep his nose out of local affairs. One is left ...
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Political heresy at Fairfax?


John Styles writes There appears to have been an outbreak of political heresy at Fairfax. On Wednesday, Peter Hartcher, the Sydney Morning Herald’s political editor, confirmed what the Opposition has been saying and the Rudd Government has been ...
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Body Cavity Bombs: The Latest Threat from Islamist Terror Groups


Article from the BNP: Radical Islam’s worldwide war against the West has taken a frightening turn with the first reported occurrence of a suicide bomber using his body cavity to transport a bomb past metal detectors. The advent of “body cavity ...
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Tim Flannery socks it to multiculturalists


by TheRealists Professor Tim Flannery, 2007 Australian of the year and one of Australia’s best known scientists, has spoken out against both high immigration and the need for multiculturalism.  Whilst Flannery’s views on Australia’s population ...
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