Your aid dollar at work in Indonesia


Banda Aceh is the most devoutly Islamic of Indonesia’s provinces. In recent years it has introduced strict new Sharia-based laws, including a prescription for the stoning of adulterers — which has not yet been implemented. Transcript: 00.00 ...
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Norway Pays Bitter Price for Mass Third World Immigration


All 21 reported cases of rape with aggravated assault — the highest number since records were started — in the Norwegian capital of Oslo last year were committed by “non-Western immigrants” and 90 percent of all rape victims were Norwegian women, ...
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Monckton & Plimer Tour Australia: Dates & Venues


There is no one quite like Christopher Monckton, with his background in Latin classics, journalism, work for the Thatcher government,  and dogged persistence to analyze the numbers. Last year he spoke in New York, Washington, Copenhagen, and across ...
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The Carbon Market Blinks — $130b trainwreck slows


Joanne Nova writes - For the last five years the carbon market has been doubling year after year. But in 2009, the exponential growth trajectory paused. Point Carbon issued a report this week estimating that the world wide market in carbon trading ...
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John Birmingham (Brisbane Times) incites racial hatred against White Australians


In a diatribe against Australians posted in the Brisbane Times, John Birmingham incites racial violence against white Australians - "The Victorian police, and their New South Wales counterparts need to get out on the streets and kick the living ...
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Peter Spencer Rally a Big Success


Joanne Nova writes - Over 300 people have rallied in support of Peter Spencer outside Parliament House today, and the ABC* have covered it (at least on their website). Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce also addressed the crowd, calling for a Royal ...
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APP t-shirts! [NOW SOLD OUT]


APP t-shirts are now available for $27 (inc. p&p). Please send a cheque or money order (no responsibility taken for cash sent in the mail), and include your name and postal address and desired shirt size. [Now sold out.] Available sizes: ...
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Rudd’s hyprocrisy on homelessness in Australia.


In 2008 Rudd stated he was 'declaring war' on homelessness, “We can do better; we must do better” he declared and at the time there were 105,000 homeless Australians. He claimed that he would halve the homeless rate by 2020 and offer crises ...
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Wholesale theft in the name of carbon


Joanne Nova writes - Imagine a third world nation was mired in corruption so deeply that the ruling class were able to stealthily steal the rights to vast acreage of private property from landowners without paying any compensation. Imagine that ...
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Rudd government stealing private property from Australian farmers


This the story of Peter Spencer, who is holding a hunger strike against the Rudd government who have used the states to steal farm land without compensation ( in order to create 'carbon sinks')  thus circumnavigating such provisions in the Australian ...
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