Perth: The Australian Protectionist Party proudly presents Graeme Campbell

Graeme Campbell

Graeme Campbell, the father of modern Australian nationalism, has agreed to be the keynote speaker at an event organised by the Australian Protectionist Party in Perth on Sunday 9th August 2015. Mr. Campbell has been politically active for a long ...
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Australia is “not yours to reclaim”? Oh, yes it is!

Reclaim Australia

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, a historic event occurred in Australia. Nationwide, thousands of ordinary Australians, very concerned about the growing presence and negative impact of Islam in Australia, marched around the country to “Reclaim Australia”. ...
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Anzac Day

Anzac Day

2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the landing of Allied forces on the shores of Gallipoli. Australians and New Zealanders played a significant part in this military offensive against the authoritarian and despotic Ottoman Empire, invading its ...
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Political Correctness – The final nail in the coffin of the Anzac legacy


As we draw near to April, once again the thoughts of Australians turn to the sacrifices made by previous generations in past conflicts. In regional towns and cities around the country hundreds of thousands of Australians take the time to honour and ...
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The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank: More than meets the eye [Why is the Abbott government giving away $3 Billion to China, when our people need it?]

Xi Jinping and Tony Abbott

By APP National Chairman, Andrew Phillips One can be forgiven for having a somewhat jaundiced view regarding any claims made by the Liberal Party in Australia. Particularly those involving concern for the national interest, defence of the ...
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Desperate Abbott takes baby steps — but still falls well short of the mark

Tony Abbott

One may have noticed in recent weeks, a few populist policy announcements from the Abbott government, that appears (on the surface at least) to finally be acting on a few issues that have long required addressing. With his Liberal-National ...
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Governor-General Cosgrove lets down Australia on Australia Day with Saudi Arabia visit

Saudi Arabia, flag

[From our foreign affairs section] It is extremely disappointing that Australia’s current Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove missed being in Australia for the 2015 Australia Day celebrations because of a trip to Saudi Arabia where he was to ...
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Australia Day 2015

Australian flag

On Australia Day we commemorate the beginning of European settlement in this great continent. On this day we should pause to remember all of the great men and women who strived hard and built our nation. It was on 26 January 1788 that the First ...
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Multiculturalism — celebrating the biggest mass murderer in history


[Contributed article] The image included below shows the two sides of a souvenir trinket commemorating Mao Zedong, the biggest mass murderer of the 20th century. I purchased this item while I was visiting . . . no, not China, not Hong Kong, . . ...
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Happy New Year for 2015!


Happy New Year for 2015! We would like to wish a “Happy New Year” to all of our members, supporters, and friends. A new year brings forth the prospect of renewed hope for the future of our people. We have new things planned for the coming ...
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