Bendigo Council shows contempt for democracy, approves controversial mosque


The Greater Bendigo City Council recently voted 7-2 in favour of a controversial proposal to build a $3 million mosque in the east of the city. An artist’s impression clearly shows the mosque will be a substantial building. The mosque will be funded ...
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The Australian Defence Force Academy & sexual abuse

Australian Defence Force Academy

From the website of Bernard Gaynor. Republished with the permission of the author. 4 Corners ran a compelling and difficult to watch episode on Monday about sexual abuse in the ADF. It highlighted allegations that some middle to senior ...
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Women in combat roles? What do the politicians want, 50% females in the armed forces?


Are they mad? Political Correctness is now even running rampant in our defence forces. A recent report in the News Ltd. papers stated that of the 3,100 women currently serving in various roles in the Australian Army, only 2 had taken up the highly ...
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Anzac Day. Lest we forget.


On Anzac Day, we commemorate the lives of our military personnel and all the sacrifices they made on our behalf whilst serving in times of conflict. The men and women of our nation who laid down their lives in the line of duty should never be ...
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“End of the Road” for our car industry — a must watch!


Contributed article Four Corners, on ABC TV, have produced a show about Australia’s car manufacturing industry, called “End of the Road”. It aired on Monday the 14th of April 2014, but it will be repeated on Saturday the 19th of April, and it is ...
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APP vote recommendations for the WA Senate re-election, 5th April 2014

Western Australia, flag 210x150

The APP recommends a vote for any of the following: Rise Up Australia (Group Z), Katter's Australian Party (Group AC), or the Australian Voice Party (Group K). Or you may also wish to vote for the Smokers Rights Party, Australian Christians, ...
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Vested interests: Chinese investment making housing less affordable for Aussies


A couple of recent articles in the Fairfax press have revealed the extent of Chinese investment into Australia’s residential property market. According to Fairfax, “Close to one fifth of new properties in Sydney are being bought by wealthy Chinese ...
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Subsidy scheme shows blatant anti-white racism from the AFL


Australians have a long history of supporting the underdog and supporting the idea of a ‘fair go”. The deep regard Aussies have for their sport is also well known, and it is on the playing field we witness the great levelling of differences. This ...
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