Buying Australian-made column oil heaters: an indictment of our nation’s industrial demise

210x150 Buy Australian

Contributed article (a personal story from an APP member) About fifteen years ago I bought a Vulcan column oil heater, which was made in Australia. Unfortunately, it stopped working last week. Oh well, no problems, I’ll just buy a new one. That ...
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Abbott government panders to ethnic minority pressure on 18C, backflips on restoring free speech


In what he describes as a “leadership call”, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has broken yet another election promise, and abandoned proposed changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, which may have gone some way to restoring freedom of ...
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What the “hate speech” debate misses


[Contributed article] The Abbott Government had taken a break from breaking election promises cheating the elderly of their pensions and pimping our country to Asia to announce, via Senator George Brandis, a couple of tweaks to the anti-free ...
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Can Tony Abbott be trusted?

Tony Abbott

Many Australians were, quite rightly, unhappy with Julia Gillard when she promised, before she won the 2010 election, that her Labor government would definitely not introduce a Carbon Tax, but then turned around and broke her promise once she got ...
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Hillary Clinton criticises Australia’s dependence on China; gives us the rap across the knuckles we deserve

Chinese flag

[From our foreign affairs section] It has taken the former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to do what many Australian policy makers, think tanks, and media commentators have so far failed to do - criticise Australia’s growing reliance on, ...
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Government resettlement policy of returning home asylum seekers should be expanded

Asylum seekers/refugees 210x150

It has been revealed that the federal government has been willing to increase its offer of payments and support to asylum seekers residing in Australia on bridging visas, so that they can voluntarily be returned and safely resettled in their ...
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Bendigo Council shows contempt for democracy, approves controversial mosque


The Greater Bendigo City Council recently voted 7-2 in favour of a controversial proposal to build a $3 million mosque in the east of the city. An artist’s impression clearly shows the mosque will be a substantial building. The mosque will be funded ...
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The Australian Defence Force Academy & sexual abuse

Australian Defence Force Academy

From the website of Bernard Gaynor. Republished with the permission of the author. 4 Corners ran a compelling and difficult to watch episode on Monday about sexual abuse in the ADF. It highlighted allegations that some middle to senior ...
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