The collapse of the car industry could have been avoided


As news of the collapse of Australia’s automotive industry spread through the country, it comes as no surprise our nation’s politicians step forward playing the collective “blame game” and shedding their crocodile tears. On one hand, we have Joe ...
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The proposed referendum: Australia’s Aborigines should not become a divisive political football

Tony Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said he wants a “national crusade” to change the Constitution to recognise Aboriginals as the “first Australians”. He proposes to spend millions of dollars of taxpayers money to hold a public referendum on the matter ...
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“Racism” on social media isn’t the greatest injustice facing Australia

Genocide by immigration is racism

Australia’s new Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane stated his concerns recently about Australians expressing “racism” on social media. He was in Perth the other day to address students at the University of WA, and mentioned an ...
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Suppose 200 bikies had brawled in the middle of Melbourne? But it was Africans instead.


[Contributed article] Picture the scene: Two hundred or so tattoo-laden and leather-clad, alcohol and drug-affected bikies engage in a massive brawl in Melbourne’s CBD on New Year’s Eve. Fists fly, machetes and knives are used, property is ...
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Anti-Australian attack upon Cook’s Cottage

Cook's Cottage, Melbourne

In what must be one of the most moronic acts of the year, Anarchists in Melbourne have vandalised Captain Cook’s Cottage, by spray-painting their stupid slogans all over the historic building located in the Fitzroy Gardens, as some sort of infantile ...
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Australia Day Council, still in the firm grip of Cultural Marxism, rewards Adam Goodes

Cultural Marxism

Australia may have a new “conservative” government, but if ever there was a reminder of how numerous Australian institutions remain in the hands of activist social progressives, it would be the National Australia Day Council’s choice for the 2014 ...
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All the best for Australia Day

Australian flag

The Australian Protectionist Party would like to wish all our members and supporters all the best for Australia Day. Stay safe and enjoy celebrating everything that makes this country such a fantastic place in which to live! Never forget that ...
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Was Saudi Arabia behind September 11?

Saudi Arabia, flag

From our foreign affairs section: Ever since the infamous terrorist attacks on US targets on September 11, 2001, conspiracy theories have abounded. The internet is full of these theories, with claims and counter-claims about an “inside job”, ...
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