Political Correctness – The final nail in the coffin of the Anzac legacy


As we draw near to April, once again the thoughts of Australians turn to the sacrifices made by previous generations in past conflicts. In regional towns and cities around the country hundreds of thousands of Australians take the time to honour and ...
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Ex-politicians and pampered poodles‏


[Contributed article] Retired high flyers from the Federal Parliament are mounting a High Court challenge to win back “entitlements” that were stripped from them by Comrade Gillard’s regime. It appears that they can’t survive on a simple pension, ...
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Destiny Magazine Issue 9


Issue Nine includes: Free Trade Agreements — It can be done, but is it moral? Andrew Phillips looks at the impact of free trade agreements upon the future of the Australian fruit-growing industry. Quotes of note — Economic ...
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Destiny magazine, issue 8


Issue Eight includes: Wake up Australia! How egalitarians are leading us into a new dark ago The price of freedom is eternal vigilance The banking system and credit creation The problems of High Immigration: Overcrowded ...
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Destiny magazine, issue 7


Issue Seven includes: Australian Protectionism: more than just economics Identity theft Banking, free trade and fair trade Fighting for the survival of Australia Protesting to protect Australia An Aussie ...
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Destiny magazine, issue 6


Issue Six includes: Globalisation - At what price? Are our politicians aiming for an Asian future? Success can be achieved The Australian idea The Howard years from a nationalist perspective A social co-operative movement for ...
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Destiny magazine, issue 5


Issue Five includes: A festival of kindred spirits The Youth - The Movement! For the greater good (an interview with Richard Barnbrook, the British National Party's representative on the Greater London Assembly) Public health - Yet another ...
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Destiny magazine, issue 4


Destiny magazine, issue 4 released Issue Four includes: Rudd's 2020 Summit creates a drought of ideas Healthy communities in rural Australia The dereliction of democracy in Australia Some thoughts on the Second ...
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