“Discrimination” is often perfectly valid


The Gillard Labor government has drawn very considerable fire recently from many sections of the community concerned about proposed laws to overhaul, and, it’s claimed, “simplify” Australia’s current “anti-discrimination” laws. Some believe these ...
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14 September 2013 election announcement is good for the democratic process


Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement that the next federal election is to be held on 14 September 2013 is welcome news. The usual tactic of federal governments is to announce an election shortly before the election date, normally timed to ...
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Julia Gillard accused of sacking Senator “for being white”


Andrew Bolt, in the Herald Sun, has accused Prime Minister Gillard of sacking Senator Trish Crossin because she is white, to be replaced by Aboriginal athlete Nova Peris. At her joint press conference held by Gillard and Peris in Canberra, Gillard ...
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Australia Day 2013


The National Committee of the Australian Protectionist Party would like to wish members, supporters and the wider community all the best for Australia Day 2013. It is a time when Aussies come together to celebrate the lifestyle and freedoms we ...
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The Chinese Century – will we last that long?

Chinese flag

From Andrew Phillips, National Chairman I am far from being an isolationist. Like most people with a reasonable grip on reality, I recognise the need for interaction between societies and the need for international trade – very few countries can ...
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BlueScope Steel job losses are an indication of bad times ahead


The news that BlueScope Steel is laying off 170 employees and contractors came as a shock to many when it was announced. As a reminder of how bad this is, the Sydney Morning Herald has reported that about 1500 people have previously lost their jobs ...
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Queensland race problems are a forewarning of national problems to come


The mini race riot that took place in Logan, Queensland, is a pale shadow of things to come. With the importation into Australia of just about every racial group from around the world, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that there are ...
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Bushfires bring out the best in the Australian community


From Andrew Phillips, National Chairman: Very few could deny that one of the strongest traits amongst Australians is the ideal of “mateship” and the willingness to help when others in the community are “doing it tough”. This trait, although ...
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