The Muslim terror issue – “but it’s only a small minority…” Right?

Islam will dominate the world

A common argument repeated many times by Muslim apologists, in the wake of the recent horrific murder of a British soldier in London, is that “it’s only a small minority” of Muslims who become violent political extremists, and that “we shouldn’t ...
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Ford closing its manufacturing plants, whilst the Liberal Party sheds crocodile tears

Liberal Labor = Libor

Was anyone fooled by Tony Abbott’s award-winning performance following the news that Ford will close its car manufacturing plants in Australia? With a somber look, mustering all the compassion he could wring out, Abbott intoned that “this is a ...
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Rivers of blood: Is Australia next?

UK Muslim with machete

The horrendous attack by extremist Muslims against a unarmed man (a British soldier) in full public view on a London street, should be a wake-up call to everyone about the inherent dangers involved in having a multiculturalist immigration ...
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Labor and Liberal working together to win the election

Banana Republic

The decision of the Labor and Liberal parties to double the fees for candidates in the run-up to the federal election is an outrageous travesty of democracy. One report in the media says that “The changes means that a minor party will have to ...
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Clive Palmer’s new party: Another nail in the coffin for Liberal and Labor?


The advent of billionaire mining baron Clive Palmer’s “Palmer United Party” should be a good thing for Australian politics. Not because of who Clive Palmer is, or what his party’s policies are (as their policies haven’t been released yet, they could ...
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The APP submission to the Senate inquiry into Citizens’ Initiated Referenda

APP logo

The following is the Australian Protectionist Party’s submission to the Senate committee inquiry into CIR: Submission on Citizens’ Initiated Referenda Citizens’ Initiated Referenda (CIR) is essential to the functioning of a healthy democracy. ...
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Birds of a feather


Contributed article from Bruce Boerseun I was born in the North West of England in 1965 to a working class family. Life was great. Society was safe and secure. We never locked our front doors and our communities were very supportive. We had a ...
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Christine Milne’s attack on gun ownership is yet another emotive attack on citizens’ rights


An opinion piece from Andrew Phillips One could never accuse the Australian Greens of lacking a sense of seizing an opportunity. In this weekend’s Sunday Mercury, Greens’ leader Senator Christine Milne used the anniversary of the Port Arthur ...
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