Gillard’s manufacturing plan


Many would have by now heard of Gillard’s grandiose plan to “save” Australian manufacturing. The policy is clearly pitched to secure the support of what was once Labor’s traditional constituency, the blue collar worker – a constituency that the party ...
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APP policy: Families

APP logo

Income-splitting for married couples, enabling their joint taxable income to be reduced. To give support to families, especially larger families, by giving a reduced income tax rate to families with children, such as a 2% reduction in the income ...
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Cook’s Cottage vandalised in racist attack

Cook's Cottage, Melbourne

In what has been described by the Mayor of Melbourne as “an act of bastardry”, Captain Cook’s Cottage in the Fitzroy Gardens (Melbourne) has been vandalized, with a group of anarchists claiming responsibility. This was the second attack on the ...
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Asylum seekers – where will it end?

Asylum seekers/refugees 210x150

No one can deny the compassionate nature of Australians. The desire to support the underdog, the offence we feel towards obvious injustice and cruelty and our willingness to pull together when times are hard are hallmarks of our national ...
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The Black Swan Social Club, February 2013

Black Swan

The Black Swan Social Club is a friendly monthly get-together (in Perth) where Conservatives, Nationalists, Constitutionalists, anthropogenic climate change sceptics, compulsory fluoridation opponents, and Australians concerned about where this ...
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Australia has struck oil, but will we strike good policy?


The news of a massive shale oil strike in the Coober Pedy region of South Australia is very exciting news for Australia’s economic future. The strike is in a remote outback location away from farms. And further good news is that a Brisbane-based ...
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“Discrimination” is often perfectly valid


The Gillard Labor government has drawn very considerable fire recently from many sections of the community concerned about proposed laws to overhaul, and, it’s claimed, “simplify” Australia’s current “anti-discrimination” laws. Some believe these ...
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14 September 2013 election announcement is good for the democratic process


Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s announcement that the next federal election is to be held on 14 September 2013 is welcome news. The usual tactic of federal governments is to announce an election shortly before the election date, normally timed to ...
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